Final chapter: Now is time to set the score

A/N: (Welcome to the climax of the story!)

Full of anger, team Stax was on their way to the abandoned island where Locust queen Diara was hiding, she picked a good place to hide since nobody would check on an island where many experiments were tested including nuke warheads.

-"Let's get this over with already; I've got enough shit in this gun to fill Diara with holes." Ekayon said.

-"You'll get your chance." Boomer said.

-"Wherever that bitch's hiding, I'll find her and rip her apart." Maya commented.

-"The kid got us this far, let's make it worthy." Ky said and then he and his friends exit the chopper and approached inside the island.

-"Jeez, and this place is supposed to be abandoned?" Ky said when he saw that in the island there were structures that were undamaged and habitable.

-"I'm not surprised why that fucking bitch was hiding here." Maya said.

Later they were approaching the biggest building of the island and once they entered it, they spotted a Theron guard squad guarding the stairs.

-"Therons, take cover and be stealth." Ky whispered.

-"Ky, we ain't got all our way here to be stealth…we got a score to settle." Boomer said.

-"You're right." Ky said and everyone triggered their weapons at the same time ambushing the Theron guards.

-"Surprise bitches! Guess whose back!" Boomer exclaimed while he and Ekayon were killing many Therons with their Hammerbust rifles, Ky and Maya were doing the same with their Lancer and Retro Lancer rifles.

-"Incoming, motherfucker!" Maya shouted as she killed a Theron by Retro charging him.

-"Fuck you!" Ky shouted as he punched a Theron and shot him with his Gnasher shotgun, making the guard fly in four different directions.

After team Stax had killed all of the Therons, they went to find the elevator but in the middle of their way they found a suitcase full of experiments case files. Many were abandoned like the island but there was one that was still functioning.

The experiment that wasn't abandoned was a device that could destroy any DNA that wasn't human and it could be expanded all around the world and even better the device was in the top of the building.

-"You know what that means?" Ekayon said once he finished reading the file.

-"The solution to end this war once and for all is at the top of this building." Boomer said.

-"And that might be why Diara came here, to destroy the device!" Ky explained.

-"We can't afford to lose it, if we lose that device we'll lose everything we got." Maya said.

-"Right let's get there ASAP." Ky ordered.

Later team Stax used the elevator to get to the top of the building and they were getting frustrated by the sound of a recorded announce.

-"Welcome to the Paradise Hotel, the place where you can enjoy your dreams of having a beautiful vacation, we ensure a dedicated…"

-"Can't we kill this fucking noise!?" Ky exclaimed and Ekayon grabbed his Snub pistol and shot at the microphones where the noise was coming from.

-"Yeah, we can." Ekayon said.

-" Hey Ky." Boomer said.

-"What?" Ky asked and Boomer gave Ky the 20 bucks he owed him

-"The 20 bucks I owe you, I know I told I'll give them to you after the war but better late than ever right?" Boomer said and Ky laughed a little bit.

Later when team Stax had arrived at the top of the building, they found the device was still intact.

-"Whoa, it's huge." Maya exclaimed.

-"Let's get this over with already." Ky said and Ekayon found the device's terminal and programmed the device.

-"It'll start in 30 minutes." Ekayon commented.

-"Ok, head back to the chopper and patrol the sky for everything." Ky said.

-"You got it." Ekayon said and he left to find the chopper.

-"NO! I will not allow this!"

Then team Stax turned behind them to see where that voice did came from, ten seconds later Diara appeared riding her huge flying bug-like creature.

-"I will not let you destroy my people; we have our right to live in this world." Diara said.

-"To hell with you and your fucking grubs! You're all going down!" Ky exclaimed.

-"I thought you could become my king Ky, but now you shall perish with your pathetic friends!" Diara said and her huge bug started to spit fire out of its mouth.

-"God damn it! Why does the bad guys always get the good shit?!" Boomer yelled.

-"I don't know, but its bad shit!" Maya said.

Team Stax was having a not so good battle against Diara and her flying bug spitfire.

Luckily Ekayon arrived with the chopper in automatic pilot while he was using the machine gun turret.

-"Eat dirt and die, motherfucker!" Ekayon yelled and he was shooting at Diara's huge bug.

-"Take that, you bitch!" Ekayon said but the bug spitted fire and damaged the chopper.

-"Oh shit! Shit! We're on fire, we're on fire!" Ekayon screamed while he was falling with the chopper.

-"No, Ekayon!" Boomer exclaimed.

-"That tears it! Let's take that bitch down!" Ky yelled so he and his friends started to shoot at the bug's mouth, many shots made the bug internal fire to expand in its body and making it explode second by second.

-"Gotcha, bitch!" Ky yelled.

-"And keep your dead ass, DEAD!" Maya shouted.

Then the device was already charged and it expanded its power to destroy every Locust in the planet, with the enemy destroyed the war was finally over until Diara was revealed to still be alive with a few scars in her arms and one on her face.

-"You have not won! I will rise and kill you all!" Diara said.

-"You think so?" Ky said.

-"Of course, because you all are weak and yet the three of you fight for those weak humans, at the end you will die like that boy, how did you called him? Ha! It does not matter." Diara said getting closer to Ky.

-"It does matter…" Ky whispered and he stabbed Diara with Jimmy's combat knife, Diara was coughing blood and feeling the cold steel inside her.

-"His name was Jimmy." Ky said with venom in his voice and he stabbed the knife deeper until it perforated Diara's heart completely.

Five seconds later Diara fell into the ground with all of her blood staining the ground.

-"Gee, you had all the fun." Ekayon said revealing that he survived the chopper's crash.

-"Ekayon!" Maya said in happiness.

-"You're alive! You crazy motherfucker! Group hug!" Boomer said as he gave a group hug to all of his friends.

-"Yeah, I'll show you some hug with my fist if you don't stop hugging me!" Ekayon exclaimed.

Now the war was finally over but Ky felt way sad because of Jimmy's dead, he would've never allow a kid's death, later he sat on a stone of the beach outside of the building looking at the sky but then he felt a delicate touch on his shoulder and he saw Maya behind him.

-"Are you okay, Ky?" Maya asked.

-"What do we have left now, Maya?" Ky said sounding that he doesn't look at the end of the war.

-"A tomorrow Ky, we finally got a tomorrow." Maya said as she grabbed Ky's hand.

-"If we got a tomorrow, I hope I can spend it with you." Ky said.

-"You mean…?" Maya asked blushing.

-"Yep, I love you Maya." Ky said smiling.

-"I love you too, Ky." Maya said and with that she kissed him.

Behind them Boomer and Ekayon were staring at them.

-"I told you they'll end up together, you owe me 100 bucks." Boomer said.

-"I'll write you a check." Ekayon said and then Boomer headed his attention to Ky and Maya who were still kissing each other.

-"Hey guys! Mind if I take you a picture and make Ekayon puke with it?!" Boomer said and Maya only flipped her middle finger, that made everybody to laugh and to enjoy their new tomorrow, which for Ky and Maya could be better since they'll live it together.