27- Forever

Trunks was nervous, and he knew it was ridiculous to feel that way. He had taken Pan to her doctor's appointment earlier, and by the time they left the office, it was snowing hard. Roads were already closing, and Trunks knew it would be dangerous for them to drive to the East District, so he offered for Pan to stay with him for the night. Trunks knew his nerves were silly. Pan had lived with him before he had lost his memories. And he was glad she was there. It felt normal.

With a sigh, Trunks shook his head. He felt like he was going on his first date or something. It was just Pan, the person he was the most comfortable around.

Trunks picked up the ultrasound picture they had gotten earlier at Pan's appointment. Their baby was thriving, and Trunks smiled fondly as he looked at the picture. They had gotten a 3D ultrasound done so they could see the baby better. Trunks had been amazed from the very beginning at just how much the ultrasound picked up. They had caught the baby sucking its thumb and yawning. They were even able to find out the baby's sex.

Their little girl favored Pan a lot. Trunks could see it in the small nose and cheeks. It made him happy, and he used a magnet to put the picture on his icebox.

"I know Christmas is just in two days, but it's going to be so hard to keep what the baby is a secret," Pan said as she walked into the kitchen.

Trunks turned to look at her, and his eyes widened slightly as his cheeks started to feel warm. Since she would be staying over, she had decided to change into some pajamas. Pan still had some of her clothes there, but none of them would have fit her now that her stomach was so swollen. Trunks had found some of his clothes for her to wear, and seeing her in them made his heart drum in his ears. They were big on her, and she looked comfortable.

Trunks smiled at her. They had decided to reveal the baby's gender at Christmas when everyone would be together. "It's just two days," he told her gently. "You can do it. Are you hungry?"

"I'm always hungry," she grinned.

"Of course," he chuckled. "What are you hungry for?" Trunks couldn't make grand meals, but he did know how to make several quick and easy meals.

"Hm," Pan furrowed her brows together cutely. "French toast?"

"Alright," he nodded with a smile. "Go sit down, and I'll make us some."

"I can help," she told him with a pout.

"You've had a busy day today, and you walked a lot," Trunks told her. "Go rest," he motioned to the living room.

Pan let out a heavy sigh and nodded her head slowly. "Okay," she mumbled. "Dumpling and I will go cuddle then," she said as she walked into the living room.

Trunks watched her go with a fond smile. He felt himself growing jealous of Dumpling and shook his head with a chuckle.

Pan felt content. Extremely content. her back was against Trunks' chest, and he had an arm across her chest, holding her close as they watched a movie. It was growing late, but neither one of them had moved.

With a sigh, Pan rolled her head, so it was resting on Trunks' other arm. His hand had been gently rubbing her stomach, and it was making her tired. Their baby seemed to enjoy his touch too because she had grown still as if he had lulled her to sleep.

"Trunks," she spoke up softly.

"Hm?" His voice was gentle.

"Have you thought of any names?" Pan asked curiously. She had made a promise to herself not to start looking until they knew the gender of the baby, and now that they knew they would be having a little girl, Pan wanted to name her quickly.

"Didn't you tell me that I wasn't allowed to name our children?" Trunks teased.

Pan felt a flutter run through her. She turned slightly, and soon, she was lying in Trunks' arms as he looked down at her. He was smiling at her gently, and she could feel her cheeks growing warm.

"I did," she nodded. "Do you remember that?"

His brows were crinkled. "When I got Dumpling?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow. "You told me I couldn't name our future kids," he chuckled.

Pan beamed at him. Every day he remembered something new about her, and she couldn't wait for the day when he remembered everything.

"As long as you don't want to name our child something like Trunksette or Gremlin, I might be willing to listen," she said.

"Awh man, there goes my top two," he teased.

Pan started to giggle but yawned right in the middle of it. Maybe she was more tired than she thought.

"We can talk about names another night," Trunks told her gently. He reached over and turned off the TV, and the room went dark. "Let's get somewhere more comfortable."

Before Pan had time to blink, Trunks had scooped her up into his arms and was walking towards the bedroom. Pan could feel her face growing warm as she held onto him. It had been so long since Trunks had held her like this, and she couldn't stop staring at him.

Trunks walked into the master bedroom as he spoke, "I figured you would be most comfortable in here."

Pan didn't have to guess to know that he was planning on sleeping in the guest room. She held onto him tighter to stop him from laying her down, and he glanced at her curiously.

Pan let out a heavy sigh. "Would it make you uncomfortable if I asked you to sleep in here with me?" She whispered. Her heart pounded at the thought of sleeping in the same bed as Trunks again.

His shoulders relaxed, and he smiled at Pan warmly. "No, it wouldn't make me uncomfortable at all."

They got into the bed, and Trunks turned on the lamp on the bedside table before turning to look at Pan. He rested on his elbows as he grinned at her, and Pan couldn't stop her grin as well. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, or maybe that was just the baby waking up. Either way, it didn't feel bad.

They held each other's stare in the dim light. Pan's cheeks were growing warm as Trunks looked at her gently. His blue eyes were sparkling in the light, and his lips were curved into a faint smirk. Slowly, Trunks started to lean down, and Pan felt her heart racing. She parted her lips, her eyes almost closing-


Pan gasped loudly as she leaned back and opened her eyes. She held her forehead where Trunks had flicked it as she looked at him with wide eyes. He was laughing! Seemingly all too amused.

"Sorry," he said between his laughs. "For the strangest reason, I felt the urge to do that."

Pan pouted, "you still like to tease me." He had done that to her often, so she shouldn't be surprised. "Do you at least remember what you used to do afterward?" Pan asked gently.

Trunks was quiet as he reached up and grabbed Pan's hand to move it away from her forehead. He leaned down and brushed his lips against her forehead. Pan's cheeks were growing warm again as she smiled.

Trunks' kiss lingered for several seconds before he pulled away slowly. His eyes caught Pan's before he leaned forward again. He kissed her forehead again before he moved down and kissed her nose. He kissed both of her cheeks and her chin too, causing her to giggle. And finally, he kissed her lips.

Pan was no stranger to Trunks' kisses, though it been months since she last had one. The spark was still there, and tingles ran through Pan's body as they always did when she was kissing him. She kissed him back feverishly as her hands reached out and grabbed his shoulders.

Trunks' hand reached up and cupped her face. His thumb was rubbing her cheek and causing her to grow even warmer. Pan was t sure how long they kissed, but she soon had to pull away to catch her breath. Her lips were buzzing, and she felt light and giddy.

"Are you okay?" Trunks asked. His cheeks were a soft pink.

"I'm okay," Pan assured him with a smile.

Trunks smiled back at her and pulled her close to him until her head was resting on his arm. He kissed her forehead as his other hand started to run through her hair.

Pan let out a content sigh and snuggled closer to Trunks. Her body was warm, and for the first time in months, she felt comfortable and at peace going to bed.

"Trunks," she mumbled as her mind grew heavy. Sleep would overtake her at any moment.

"Hm?" His voice sounded just as sleepy, and she wondered if he would even be able to hear her next words.

"I love you," she whispered with a small smile.

"I love you," her voice was so gentle that Trunks almost didn't hear her. The words echoed in his mind. His body was starting to buzz. An invisible force rushed past him and made him breathless.

Trunks' heart banged against his chest and drummed in his ears. He leaned back to look at Pan with wide eyes, but she must have been exhausted because she was sleeping soundly. Still, he couldn't help but stare at her.

He remembered everything. He choked on a sob and covered his mouth as not to wake Pan. His shoulders were shaking as everything came back to him.

It took several minutes for him to calm down, and he was still finding it hard to catch his breath. He trembled as he leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered. He had promised never to let Yuri hurt her again, but he had hurt her in one of the cruelest ways.

How could he have ever forgotten Pan when she was his entire world? He had felt so empty when he couldn't remember her. The feeling like he had lost something, without knowing just how precious it was to him was so maddening.

Trunks let out a shaky breath as he pet Pan's hair. She let out a soft sigh and cuddled closer to him. His hand trailed down her face, and he stroked her soft cheeks. He had made her cry, and it broke his heart. He could still picture her face the day he had lost his memories and how she broke down when he didn't recognize her. His hand went down her arm before it rested in her stomach.

Their daughter. Trunks' lips curled as he rubbed Pan's swollen stomach. In just a few more months, Pan would be giving birth. He couldn't wait to hold their child.

Trunks glanced around with a small frown. He and Pan hadn't talked much about where they would all live, and he assumed it was because of his memory problem. Trunks' apartment was not small by any means, but it was still an apartment that he shared with a few more other tenants. He wanted their child and any other future children they might have to have a backyard to play in. He would need to start looking at houses soon.

With a sigh, Trunks wrapped his arm around Pan and held her close as she slept soundly. She had been so brave and understanding the last several months when dealing with him, she had never given up that he would remember, and he couldn't wait to tell her he did. For now, though, he would let her rest. Then, in the morning, he would make up for ever forgetting her, and he vowed that he would never forget her ever again.

Pan woke up feeling refreshed. She was half tempted to close her eyes and sleep for a little while longer, but her bladder wouldn't settle. She turned around and frowned when she saw Trunks was already awake and out of bed. She wondered where he had gone off to.

Carefully, Pan got out of the bed before she wobbled to the bathroom. After washing her hands, she was pleased to see that her toothbrush was still there, and she brushed her teeth quickly before deciding to find Trunks.

Pan listened for Trunks as she walked towards the door. The apartment sounded quiet, so she wondered if he was busy in his study. She opened the door and went to walk out, but some invisible force seemed to stop her. Pan gasped as she looked up and saw one of Bulma's mistletoes hanging above the door. How did that get up there?!

Pan glanced around with a frown. "Trunks?" She called loudly. He would be the only way she would be able to get out of it.

"Oh, you're awake," Trunks smiled as he walked up the stairs.

"Good morning," Pan told him with a smile. It was so nice seeing him first thing in the morning again. "Um, I need your help," she said. "I'm not sure how that ended up there-" she pointed to the mistletoe. "But, I'm stuck."

"Oh, I put it up there," Trunks said with a grin.

Pan's eyes widened slightly. "You did?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Mhm," he nodded. "Remember a few years back how you thwarted all my attempts to catch you under one of these? I've finally caught you, Panna."

Pan grew warm as she smiled with a small laugh. "You remember that huh? Well, I-"

"I remember everything," Trunks told her softly.

Pan looked at him with wide eyes as her heart started to grow frantic. "You, what?" She whispered. Maybe she heard him wrong.

"Everything," Trunks' voice was gentle as he stepped over to her. "I remember it all. Like the first time I met you, and my Mom made me hold you. I didn't know what the fuss was about," he chuckled. "I remember when Goten chased you and made you run into a hornets' nest, and you got stung because of it. You had cried for hours, and I beat up Goten because of it."

"I didn't know you had done that," Pan whispered as her eyes grew wet.

"I guess, from an early age, I've always felt this need to protect you. Like that night all those years ago when that man tried to kidnap you. Something invisible led me to you that night," Trunks told her. "And months ago, it led me to you again, but I think I know what it was this time." He smiled fondly as he placed a hand on her stomach. "She was calling to me for both of you. I'm so sorry, Panna." His hands came up to cup her cheeks now, and he wiped away her tears. "I will never forget you again," he promised.

Pan let out a cry as she grabbed Trunks' shirt and pulled him down to kiss her. He kissed her just the way he always did that made her toes curl. He ran his fingers through her hair as his other hand stroked her back. Pan clung onto the back of his shirt before she moved her hands to his chest. Something on her left hand got caught, and she pulled away from Trunks curiously.

A gasp escaped Pan's lips as she saw the diamond ring on her finger that had been caught on Trunks' shirt. When had that gotten there? Trunks chuckled and helped her untangle it before he kissed her knuckles.

"I had gotten it just before I lost my memories," he told her gently. "I love you, Panna," he squeezed her hand.

Pan felt her legs trembling, and Trunks leaned forward to kiss away more of her tears as he held her so she wouldn't fall. "I love you," she held onto him tightly.

"I know," he said with a hum. "That's what made me remember," he kissed her cheek as he pulled back a little. "Will you marry me?" He asked softly.

"Yes," Pan cried before his lips were on hers once again.

Pan wasn't stuck under the mistletoe anymore, but it didn't matter, because Trunks pushed her towards the bedroom. She smiled against his lips as he shut the door behind him and picked her up to carry her to the bed.

Four years later:

"Quick! Quick!" Trunks laughed as his hands gripped the steering wheel. "Just one more sharp turn!" The car skidded loudly. "Straighten it out!" He shifted the gears quickly. "And boom! We won!" He declared as his hands tickled the sides of his three-year-old daughter. She laughed with delight as her lavender twin tails bounced.

"Ugh!" Pan said from the seat beside them. She had a deep frown on her face as she glared at Trunks. "You always win," she muttered.

"Ohime, what do we tell Mama?" Trunks grinned at the little girl.

"We win!" She giggled at Pan.

"Oh, you!" Pan grabbed the little girl and began tickling her again.

Trunks smiled brightly as he watched his wife and daughter. They were his entire world, and he didn't know what he would do without them.

"Hey, are you girls hungry?" Trunks asked.

"I am!" Ohime said as she wiggled on Pan's lip. "I hungry!"

Trunks grinned and picked her up before he held out a hand to Pan. "I guess we do have a few hours until we have to meet Bulla and Goten to get measurements," Pan said.

Trunks opened the door to the arcade for them. He felt himself groaning, "why do we have to get measurements again?"

"Because your sister has been planning her wedding since she was six," Pan laughed. "You know Bulla, Trunks. She wants her wedding to be perfect. It'll be all over soon."

"Thank goodness," he chuckled.

"You know, I spoke with Marron the other day, and she said little Toshiro was starting to sit up all by himself!" Pan gushed. "He'll be walking before long, and if he's anything like Ohime, Marron and Gohan better watch out."

Trunks snickered. Ohime was a curious toddler. As soon as she learned to walk, she was into everything, and poor Dumpling had to find new hiding spots to find some peace and quiet.

"You know, Toshiro is a cute little kid," Trunks commented. He had the Son's dark hair and noses, but he had Marron's dark blue eyes and smile. "Makes me kind of want another one."

"What?" Pan laughed as she looked up at him. "Do you want another child, or do you want a son?" She asked.

"Both," Trunks chuckled. "Wouldn't you like a baby brother, Ohime?" He asked the girl.

"Yeah!" Ohime clapped her tiny hand together in excitement. "I want baby!"

"Do you hear that?" Trunks grinned at Pan.

"Hm," she pressed her lips together as they twitched. "You might have to convince me more later tonight," she told him with a flirtatious grin.

"Oh!" He let go of her hand so he could grab his chest. "It's a deal," he promised as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders to pull her to his side.

Pan smiled up at him, and Trunks knew everything was going to okay. His two girls were at his side.

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