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A/N: Just like I predicted, the one-shot "Everything" spawned a 'feature-length' story. I was asked by two people who'd read it what led up to the situation depicted and so I'm now writing it up. I've decided to start this fic after the film Kim Possible: So the Drama, completey rewriting the episodes and all that came after said movie.

Kim Possible


Chapter 2: Nothing's The Same


In spite of the calm they accepted the mutual break-up with, both Kim and Ron felt things were a little awkward right now and didn't hang around together after finishing their food. Saying a slightly strained good-bye, the two part ways; neither is sure of where they're heading but both know that they need some time to think about things - even though they kind of already did. Each was surprised that the other had also been thinking about breaking up, which made them wonder if there was someone else involved (neither of them really believed that, though the thought did cross their minds). Naturally, both wondered if they had done something wrong and hadn't realized it, but nothing came to mind. That sense of closeness they'd had during and shortly after Drakken's Li'l Diablo scheme had faded away, leaving the friendship that had always been there. Normally, Ron would go and see Kim if he was having problems or issues, and she would help him understand; but this time, he couldn't, since she (and himself) was the issue he was having.

"I don't know, Rufus," he said. "Did I do something that drove Kim away?"

"Nuh-uh," the naked molerat replied.

"Okay, okay, so we didn't drive each other," Ron added. "So why didn't things stay like they were after you freed us at Bueno Nacho's headquarters?"

Rufus chittered in that unique language he had that only Ron could really understand.

"No, I'm sure there isn't anyone else," he replied. "Kim would have said so if there was. You think we weren't meant to be anything more than friends?"

Rufus just shrugged and titled his head to one side.

"At least we'll still be friends, though it'll be a little awkweird for a few days."

Kim had called Monique on her kimmunicator and asked her to meet her at the mall (it was the other girl's day off from her Club Banana job). Kim was in the food court staring at a strawberry shake.

"You know it won't drink itself," Monique said as she sat in a cheer at the same table, startling her friend. "So spill, girl. What's got you mopin' at that shake?"

"Ron and I broke up today," Kim replied.

"Whoa there, girl! STB!"

"Well, I was already planning on breaking up with him, then earlier he called me to say he wanted to talk to me," she explained. "And it turns out he wanted to talk to me about breaking up, too."

"Get out!" the chocolate-skinned girl replied, slapping her hands on the table. "Is it another girl?"

"Who? Ron? No, he wouldn't do that. He couldn't keep something like that a secret, anyway."

"You got a point. So, that all that happened?"

"Yeah, pretty much." Kim sighed. "Things seemed like they were going well at first. But then, well, I noticed that nothing at had really changed. Except for the PDAs, we were still doing the same things that we did when we weren't dating."

"So you got boya, right?"

"I wouldn't say it like that, exactly. I was hoping for, well, that romantic spark that I see whenever I watch my parent's interact. It just wasn't there with Ron."

"Girl, I gotta tell you somethin'," Monique said. "You might not like it, though, jsyk?"

"Go ahead, Mon," Kim replied.

"Ron's safe for you. You've known him since pre-K, and he's had your back the entire time. He may be clumsy sometimes, but he's dependable. That's not what you need, girl."

"Shouldn't I have someone dependable? That I can count on?"

"Kim, listen to me. Dependable is good, but you? You need something more. You need someone who can not only keep up with you, but compete with you, challenge you. And that ain't Ron."

"He's got the Mystical Monkey Power," Kim replied, though they both could tell that the riposte was weak.

"And it comes and goes," Monique countered. "Besides, you know several martial arts styles - even if you haven't mastered any of them - and there's your cheerleading skills. I know we had a conversation kinda like this back when you were complaining about having no one to go to prom with."

"Weren't you the one pushing me about Ron then, too?"

"I wasn't exactly pushing you, but I get your point. Now get mine: just because your romance with Ron didn't work out doesn't mean something won't happen later on. You may even meet someone new. Besides, did he actually ask you out?"

"Well, no, not exactly," Kim admitted. "But we did go on dates, kissed, held hands, and stuff like that."

"But he didn't ask you out, girl. So, like you say, it's no big that you're breaking up. Can't really break up if you're not really together."

"Thanks, Mon," the teen hero said. "I do feel a little better."

"We're bffs, Kim," she replied. "It's what we do. You and Ron will always be friends, no matter what."

Middleton Advanced Research Center, later that night

"Hurry up, Shego! Before anyone comes!"

"You know, Doctor D, if you hadn't insisted upon coming along I would've already been gone," Shego retorted.

"But you don't know what I'm looking for!" Drakken insisted.

"You're looking for the same doo-hickey you used to make your last teleportation ray. Which, if I remember, teleported itself to who knows where."

"That was the fault of the buffoon," the blue scientist replied, the name of Kim Possible's sidekick escaping him again. "It wasn't my fault!"

"Uh-huh, sure," Shego said, finally finding the toolbox-sized device her boss needed (no thanks to his insistence upon directing the search). "You do realize that they'll be here in about five seconds, right?"

"Who will?" was the predictable reply. Right before the window behind him shattered as Kim and Ron broke through it. Whirling around, Drakken saw the duo and exclaimed, "Kim Possible! What are you doing here?" Behind Drakken, Shego smacked her forehead.

"Come on, even I'm not clueless," Ron said. Then he looked at Kim. "Right?" Kim, though, put her hands on her hips and stared at the evil scientist.

"Again, Drakken? Didn't already make some kind of teleportation ray?" she asked.

"Is that the doo-hickey that disappeared when he used it?" Ron wondered.

"It wasn't my fault!" Drakken insisted, frowning at Shego's snicker. "Shego! Stop them!"

"Whatever you say, Doctor D," she replied, igniting her hands and leaping at the teen heroes. Ron yelled and scrambled out of the way, tripping over a cord on the floor and plowing into Drakken while Kim sprang at Shego and blocked the on-coming fist before letting loose with a kick aimed at the green-tinted woman's side. Dodging the kick, Shego spun around in a kick of her own, aiming at her rival's head. Kim dropped to the floor, avoiding the kick, and swept Shego's legs out from under her. That was her intention, at least, as Shego leaped over the kick and came down with a fist that smashed in to the floor as Kim rolled out of the way. Springing to her feet, the teen hero threw a fast series of punches at her opponent, which were blocked.

"What, no snarky comments, Shego?" Kim asked.

"You miss that, Cupcake?" Shego replied, but the taunt lacked her usual bite, something Kim noticed right away. She couldn't spare any time to consider it, though, as Shego threw a combo of punches and kicks her way, forcing her to dodge and counter. This time, having noticed Shego's tone, Kim also noticed that her fighting wasn't like it had been in the past, before Bueno Nacho and Erik. Something was off about Shego, but Kim couldn't figure out what. Kim fired a kick at Shego, forcing the older woman to dodge - right into Kim's second kick, which caught her in the ribs. Neither one of them expected that, and so both of them froze for a second.

"Shego! We're leaving!" Drakken said before the two could resume their fight.

"Gotta go, princess," Shego said. And, again, the taunt lacked her usual attitude. She took off after Drakken before Kim could react - leaving the device the scientist had been after behind. Kim just stood there, more than a little stunned, as Ron came up beside her.

"What was that all about?" the blond-haired boy asked. Kim shook her head, very confused by the whole thing - and her right hand twitching slightly, unnoticed by either her or Ron.

Possible House

Kim made it home that night at a rather decent hour - in comparison to other mission nights. Only her mom was up this late, though, since she didn't have to go in to the hospital until late in the morning.

"Everything okay, Kim?" Ann Possible asked as her daughter sat down at the kitchen table.

"Well, we stopped Drakken from stealing something he needed to make another teleportation ray," she replied.

"I hear a 'but' in there," her mom said.

"Something seemed different about Shego tonight, Mom," she told her. "She didn't seem like she was all that interested in fighting. At least, not like before."

"You mean before that whole robot thing?"

"Yeah, exactly."

"Well, you told me that you kicked her into an electrical tower."

"And I feel terrible about it now - especially because I got a feeling of satisfaction out of it when it happened."

"All I'm saying, Kim, is that something like that will affect a person. You can't expect things to go back to the way they were so fast. And I know it's been two months since it happened, but that really isn't a long time."

"Maybe you're right," Kim agreed. "But . . . I don't know if I want things to go back to the way they were before."

"You'll just have to wait and see how things turn out, dear. Now, what's going on with you and Ron?"

"Well, we sort of broke up," she answered. "I mean, I know we weren't really going out so it wasn't really a break up, but still . . ."

"I know it isn't easy, dear," Ann said, placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder, "but you and Ron have been friends for quite a few years now. Just because a more intimate relationship didn't work out between you two doesn't mean your friendship is going to end."

"I know, Mom," Kim replied, smiling. "Right now, though, we're probably not going to be hanging out much so we can work through our feelings on it."

Drakken's Lair

Shego sat back in one of the chairs in the control room of the lair, feet propped up on a console and a nail file in her hands as filed her gloves while listening to Drakken rant about the device they'd left behind, and how Kim Possible always interfered with his plans. What he doesn't realize is that his plans self-destruct on their own, she thought to herself. He almost doesn't need to build a self-destruct into his rays - or lairs. Shego didn't realize that the depression she was in would affect her fighting skills so much. Not that the cheerleader had never landed a blow on her before, but Shego had never been so sloppy as to dodge one attack and get hit with another like that. And seeing Kim again had reminded her of the guilt she felt about the manipulation of the girl - even though it was all Drakken's idea from start to finish. Listening to Drakken's rant come to a close, she knew that she would undoubtedly be sent to steal that thing again.

I just hope he stays behind this time, she thought.

E/N: And that's the end of chapter 2. Here are the 'translations' of Monique's acronyms: STB = spill the beans. PDA = public displays of affection. BOYA (boya) = bored off your ass. JSYK (jsyk) = just so you know. BFF = best friends forever (duh).

So Drakken's building another teleportation device - or that's what it looks like. Shego's game is a little off, and both Ron and Kim are trying to work through their thoughts and feelings about each other. Monique's given Kim some good advice, and some fairly deep insights. Is Drakken really building a teleportation ray? Is the Li'l Diablo thing really bugging Shego, or is it something else? And did anyone really pay attention to the sentence that ended the scene at the Middleton Advanced Research Center? The only way to find out is to read the next chapter, "Shattered Dreams."