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Kim Possible


Chapter 9: How to Save a Life

Abandoned Monastery, Himalayan Mountains

Though Kim wanted to get back home as soon as she could, to reassure everyone that she was fine, she asked Shego if they could wait until tomorrow to start out. It wasn't hard to guess the reasons behind her request, and they brought a smile to the green-tinted woman's face. Shena got the teen some more soup, and put on a kettle of water.

"I'm afraid all I've got is tea, instant coffee, and some hot chocolate," she said, looking back at Kim.

"Hot chocolate would be fine," Kim told her. "I don't usually drink coffee."

"That's good to know." When she sat back down at the table, the red-head noticed something slightly melancholy about her.

"Is everything okay, Shena? I don't mind drinking coffee."

"Oh, um, it's not that."

"Then what?"

"I was just thinking that having a relationship with me isn't going to be easy for you."

"Nothing worth having is ever easy." That response brought a warm and unguarded smile to the ex-villianess's face.

"I suppose you'll be wanting to know more about me, right?" Shena asked nervously. Kim found that endearing, seeing the confident and slightly abrasive woman looking vulnerable like that.

"I want to know all about you," she admitted. "But we'll have plenty of time for that."

"You've got to be really curious, though."

"Shena, if you want to tell me about yourself just do it," the teen replied, smiling. "You don't have to try to coerce me into asking you to me about yourself."

"Remember when you met my brothers?"

"Yeah, you said you were evil; managed to convince them pretty well."

"So I'm guessing you didn't really believe that back then."

"Not quite, though it was pretty convincing."

"Yeah," Shena agreed. "But as we both know, I'm not."

"So why did you become a thief and a villain?"

"I knew you couldn't resist asking."

"Stop gloating and spill."

"It's not really all that complicated, really. I wasn't exactly the most popular member of Team Go, mostly because of my attitude and rather volatile temper. I tended to be a little . . . excessive with some of the guys we brought down, and I despised the whole 'groupie' thing."

"'Groupie thing?'" Kim asked.

"The hangers-on, the kiss-ups, people like that. Plus, you know, I had issues with Hego and Mego. Mostly with Hego. He had his not so bright head wrapped up in the idea of us being super heroes, and he had his own view on how it should be done. I've always been an independent . . . spirit, I guess you could say. And when I started expressing my bi-sexual tendencies, well, you can just imagine how he took that."

"About as well as you took the news of my injury," Kim suggested. Shena blinked, then smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, about that well. He tried to make me 'decent' and 'normal' instead of accepting me. Of course, the fact that I could kick his drunk, blindfolded, and with both arms tied behind my back meant that he didn't directly do anything. But, too make a really long story short, I got fed up with him and his self-righteous attitude, I got tired of the looks and behind-my-back snide comments from the 'average and everyday Go City citizens' and hit the road. Which, actually, ended up leading me to you."

"I'm sure we would have crossed paths anyway."

"Yeah, probably, but would things have turned out the way they have?"

"I'd like to think that they would have, but even I know that that's wishful thinking."

The rest of the day was spent in a part of the monastery that Shena had turned into a living room. Only a small part of the monastery had still been habitable after decades of neglect and abandonment, and the green-tinted woman had worked fairly hard at turning the habitable sections into something livable. There was actually a fire going in the living room, which had Kim worried for a moment until Shena pointed out the discrete ventilation ducts cut into the stone ceiling. They sat down near the fire, though it was mostly for Kim's sake since Shena's plasma power gave her a higher internal temperature as well as faster than normal healing. The raven-haired woman had brought their cups of cocoa with her, and after handing Kim hers, allowed the red-haired teen to snuggle against her.

"You're warm," she said, causing both of them to blush.

"Comes with the territory, Princess," she replied.

"What's going to happen when we get back?"

"I'm not going to spin you a fairy tale, Kimmie," Shena told her. "Chances are I'll end up as a guest in a Global Justice cell for a while. At least until I can work something out with Doctor Director."

"Are you okay with . . . well, with me one day becoming paralyzed?"

"No, I'm not okay with it. And I don't think you are, either. Nothing is set in stone, after all. But if it happens, I'll still love you."


"Until time itself ends." As they shared a kiss, both wished this would never end, even as they knew it couldn't last.

When Shena realized that Kim was asleep, she carefully disentangled herself from the young woman before picking her up and carrying her to the bed she had spent three days near death in. As she stood in the doorway to room, watching the girl sleep, Shena felt as though she had finally found peace.

And she would do anything to keep that peace, and the love Kim Possible gave her.


After packing some essential gear and supplies, Kim and Shena made it down the Himalays in record time; the yeti helped with most of that, though they wouldn't go anywhere near human settlements. Surprisingly, neither of the two were recognized as they traveled through Nepal; especially considering the news broadcasts of Kim's disappearance. Shena could tell that those reports were upsetting her, because she was worried about how her parents were doing. They were close to the border with India, so it wasn't hard to rent a vehicle with good mileage and drive across the border - especially since Shena used a little-known back road, earning a disapproving glance from Kim. Fortunately, the city they were closest to had a fairly large airport - and, coincidentally, it was one were Shena kept an aircraft in the airport's private plane section.

"You have your own plane?" Kim asked in amazement as they were escorted to the hanger it was in.

"I'm unimaginably rich, Princess," Shena reminded her. "I have a few private planes located at different geographical points."

"Spankin'," the teen remarked. When they entered the hanger, her jaw dropped as she saw the aircraft kept in it.

"That is a Bombardier Challenger Three-hundred," Shena told her as she stared at the green with black trim aircraft. "It costs about twenty million US dollars, though mine was about twice as much considering I had it extensively modified. Normally it can carry sixteen passengers, max, though eight is more common, and needed a crew of two. Mine has cockpit automation to allow one pilot to operate it, and I can still fit four other people in it; five if you count the co-pilot's seat."

"What happened to the rest of the space?" Kim asked.

"I turned it into a home, basically," she answered. "It's got a small kitchen/dining area, and a bedroom/den area. It's all compacted, of course, to fit into the space available, though I didn't skimp on the tv. It's also much more fuel-efficient than the 'standard' model, as well as possessing a marginally higher speed." The teen shook her head, amazed at the revelation. When she looked at the woman she loved, she saw her holding a hand out to her.

"Ready to go home?" Shena asked with a smile.

Somewhere over the Atlantic, Europe to America

Shena gently shut the door to the small sleeping/den area, leaving Kim Possible asleep in it. The distance needed to go from India to Heathrow Airport in London made for a long trip, even at the faster-than-normal speed her plane was capable of. The red-head had tried to stay awake to keep her company during the flight, but after the plane reached its cruising altitude she had noticed the teen was sound asleep in the co-pilot's seat. Smiling indulgently - and happily - she had carefully unstrapped her from the chair and carried her to the small bed in the back of the Challenger 300. Now that she was back in the cockpit, and strapped into the pilot's seat, she contemplated the communications panel. Reaching a decision, she punched in a certain frequency.

"Shego!" Wade said, so stunned his drowsiness and irritation at being woken up overcome by who was calling.

"Hey, Nerdlinger," Shena said. "Don't panic, okay?"

"Did Kim find you? Where is she? Is she okay?"

"Whoa, there, easy. Let me explain things before you overload your brain with questions," she said. Taking a breath, she went on. "Kim did find me, though she had a wreck with her snowmobile that caused her to lose her phone-"


"-and nearly killed her," she carried on, ignoring the interruption. "She's fine now, though I will admit it was touch and go for a couple of days."

"And neither of you thought to call before now?"

"Listen, kid, we're over the Atlantic now, on our way to Middleton Airport. There's no signal where I was at, and no way to communicate. So, in short, she found me, we talked, and now we're coming back. And . . . I need you to put in contact with Global Justice. I . . . have to talk to Doctor Director about something, and I'd prefer to do it before I get arrested."

Middleton Airport

Based on the call she'd received a small handful of hours ago, Doctor Director was waiting at the private aircraft section of Middleton Airport with a single squad of GJ troopers and one transport van. She could've had a lot more troops there, and might even have two snipers hidden somewhere, but she didn't. Only herself, Will Du, and five soldiers were there. Even though she didn't doubt Shego would turn herself in regardless, Betty Director had no reason not to keep her word.

"Ma'am, are you sure this is a good idea?" Will Du asked. "I could have another squad or two here in thirty minutes."

"One squad or three, it wouldn't matter, Agent Du," Director replied. "If Shego didn't want to come in the extra troops would only delay her by a few minutes. Plus, if she really didn't want to turn herself in, all she would have to do was stay airborne. And don't even think about suggesting bringing in GJ fighters to bring her down; she might survive a crash, but Kim Possible wouldn't."

"You could have at least brought a plasma cannon or two," the man muttered a little dejectedly.

"Those are still experimental, and require three people to operate. Not an option, especially when she's coming in peacefully." Betty turned her cycloptic gaze to her second in command. "According to our information, Shego may a thief and a villain, but she does have a code of honor. Look at her battles against Kim Possible, for example. She could've pulled every sort of dirty trick possible to win but didn't. And now she's offering to turn herself in."

"I still don't think you should have made a deal with her."

"It was the only way she would agree to come in without a fight - and stay in. We keep our word, she'll keep hers. In exhange for everything she knows about Drakken in particular and villains in general, we offer her amnesty for all previous actions as long as she spends no less than three years in prison."

"But a minimum security prison?"

"She could escape out of a maximum security prison just as easily. This way, she can have visitors. I don't know what's going on between her and Possible, but I'm for it if it gets her to turn around. She did used to be a good hero once upon a time."

Will held a hand up to his ear, listening to a transmission from the airport's control tower. Betty stopped speaking, waiting for his report.

"Ma'am, the control tower reports that they have a flight incoming. It's data indicates it is a private plane, Challenger Three-hundred, and is requesting landing instructions."

"Give the air traffic controller authorization to allow the plane landing permission. Did he say the aircraft's flight tag?"

"It's S-H-Three-G-Zero, ma'am."

"Not obvious at all," the one-eyed woman said dryly.

A few minutes after the plane had come to a complete stop, a section of the fuselage opened up and down, revealing the integrated stairway. The Global Justice troopers tightened their grips on their weapons, but at a signal from Doctor Director lowered them again. Shego stepped out of the plane first, dressed not in her trademark green-and-black cat suit but a pair of black slacks and a green cashmere sweater. Turning slightly, she held out her hand and helped Kim Possible step out of the plane. Kim was wearing the same thing as Shego, though the colors were reversed. When Kim stepped to the ground, the head of Global Justice expected the two to let go; to her surprise, they began walking together, still holding hands.

Well, well, she thought, though it was benign rather than sneaky or cunning. Who would have seen that coming?

She stepped forward to meet the two women halfway, making sure to have Will and the soldiers stay back.

"Doctor Director," Kim said, surprised. She looked over at Shego, and a knowing - and very sad - look came over her face. "You're here for Shena, aren't you?"

"Yes," the woman said after a momentary hesitation; Shego's real name had been the one thing Global Justice had been able to learn; that, and her life before being a part of Go City's Team Go. "We've come to an agreement on this, so you don't need to worry."

"You talked to her while I was sleeping, didn't you?" Kim accused, looking at Shena, though her words lacked bite.

"Why would I do that?" the other replied innocently. Then she became serious. "It was the only, Princess, I could get the deal I wanted. I know you would've tried to help, and I would have appreciated it, but you would've gotten wired up about it all and then realize towards the end that everything was going to be okay."

"A full day to ourselves and you already think you know me."

"You're not that hard to figure out, Princess."

"So you think."

"As entertaining as this is," Betty interrupted, "there are some things that need to be covered. Kim, let me explain the deal Shego - er, Shena - and I made. She'll have to go to prison, but it will only be for three years in a minimum security installation. And visitations will be allowed. In exchange for that, she will give us all the information she has on Drakken and any and all other villains she knows of, as well as her word that she won't escape until her sentence is up."

"Three years?" the teen said questioningly, looking at both Shena and Betty.

"It could be reduced based on good behavior," Betty replied. She looked at Kim strangely. "Miss Possible, are you alright?"

It was then that Kim realized that she had lost all feeling in her legs; Dr. Director had seen the muscles in the young woman's legs trembling. The teen collapsed and would've hit the tarmac had Shena not moved and caught her. Director turned slightly and shouted, "Agent Du! Get an ambulance out here now!" As he moved to execute the order, Betty turned around and opened her mouth, but Shena beat her to it.

"Kim has a degenerating nervous system," the green-tinted woman said. "I'll save the details for later, but for now let's say that Drakken is indirectly responsible and that she'll one day be unable to move at all."

"Best case scenario," Kim put in.

Kim's parents learned that their daughter was back, but they needed to meet her at the Middleton Medical Center. When the ambulance arrived to take her there, Betty gave Shena permission to ride there with the teen - provided Betty went with her. She gave Will orders for him and his squad to arrive there in the van, but that only Will was allowed to come up and 'escort' the ex-villain. Because of Betty's presence, Shena was actually allowed to come to family-only waiting room; when the doctor in charge asked her what her relation to the teen hero was, the first thing she thought of was blurted right out of her mouth: "I'm her girlfriend." She blushed when she said that, and blushed a bit more when Dr. Director looked at her. When the doctor left, Betty said, "So that's what's going on between you two."

"Yeah," Shena said, a little defensively. The head of Global Justice looked at her for a long moment before breaking out into a smile.

"It's about damn time you two got your acts together," she said, making the other woman's jaw drop. She snickered at her expression. "Well, it was pretty obvious that there was something going on between the two of you, and that it has been going on for some time. It's just as obvious, now, to me, that it's pretty serious, too."

"Life-changing serious," Shena agreed. Just then, the Possibles came in and hurried over to the two of them.

"Betty, is she alright?" Ann Possible asked.

"Betty?" the raven-haired woman said in surprise, drawing everyone's gaze. "I thought her first name was 'Doctor?'"

"Shego? What are you doing here?" Kim's mom asked.

"She's the one who brought Kim home," Betty explained.

"You mean . . . she found you?"

"She did," Shena said, nodding. "She . . . well, she almost died finding me, which is why she was gone for so long; I, um, did everything I could to help her get better. She lost her phone, too. She didn't mean to worry you. And I'm sorry. For, you know, everything." To her surprise, Ann hugged her.

"Thank you," the woman said softly. To both her and Shena's surprise, the green-tinted woman returned the hug.

"She means a lot to me, too," Shena said after they ended the hug. "I'll do whatever I can to help. Or I will, once I serve my time."

"Do you know what happened?" James asked, as everyone sat down in the waiting area.

"Betty and I had just explained to her about the deal I'd made with Global Justice when . . . well, when she lost all feeling to her legs. I guess that's what happened," the younger woman replied. Both of the Doctors Possible could tell she was upset. "I shouldn't have just run away like that," she went on. "She wouldn't have had to come after me if I hadn't."

"But if you hadn't," Ann told her, "then neither of you would have realized just what you mean to each other." When Shena looked at her, she added, "It still might have happened, but who knows how long it would have took? She was really upset and depressed after you . . . disappeared, you know."

Just then, the doctor came in, stopping all conversation.

"Ann, I wish I had better news for you and your family," he said.

"Is Kim okay, Frank?" she asked.

"For the most part, yes. There's evidence that had suffered from hypothermia recently, but someone who knew what they were doing must have taken care of it. Unfortunately, the hypothermia accelerated the degeneration of her nervous system. She won't be walking with any certainty anymore. I'm sorry. She has said that she has some feeling in her legs, but I don't think it's enough to risk her walking."

The news floored everyone, even Betty Director. She stepped back, activating her earbud to begin talking with headquarters to see what information they had on any doctors appropriate to the situation. James held Ann as she tried to compose herself, and Jim and Tim just sat there, staring at the floor. Shena was just as stunned as everyone else, but the news didn't affect adversely; rather, it started thoughts bouncing around her mind. Then her eyes widened as everything clicked together. She hurried over to Doctor Director.

"Betty," she said, getting the woman's attention. "I've got an idea, but I'll need you to trust me."

"What do you have in mind?" the woman asked suspiciously.

"I need to go back to Drakken's last lair," she replied. "I'll give you the location later, but right now I need you to trust me."

"Alright," she said. "Do what you have to do, but get back here in less than four hours or our bargain is off."

Drakken's Lair

Fortunately for Shena, one of Drakken's hovercraft was nearby - the one from the mission where she had left - and it only took it a few minutes to reach the hospital. Getting to Drakken's lair took about an hour, so she had just under three hours. As she had expected, the only 'people' at the place were the syntho-drones; the henchman had taken off as soon as news of Drakken's capture had reached them. Bursting into the main chamber, she ripped the place apart. Literally. It took her an hour, but she managed to find where Drakken had put the neural network core processor - as well as the data he'd taken from Dr. James Possible's mind. She hurried back to the hovercraft and took off before everything was ready, trying to get back to the hospital before her time was up.

Middleton Medical Center

Shena made it back with just minutes to spare, and she was panting when she made it back to the waiting room. She held out her hand, revealing two computer chips on her palm.

"What are these?" Betty asked as everyone moved over to her. The woman held up her other hand, then closed it until her index finger was still up. When she'd caught enough of her breath, she looked up.

"One is the data on that cybertronic technology he created," she said, pointing to James Possible. "The other . . . the other is the neural network core processor Drakken had me steal several days ago."

And right then, it dawned on everybody just what she had brought them.

The scientist who created the chip was brought in by a Global Justice VTOL jet, and met up with the Doctors Possible. The idea was explained to him, and he readily agreed to help. James would have to assist since his cybertronic technology would be essential; Ann wanted to help, so Shena offered to watch the twins in order for her to do so. She gratefully gave the woman a hug, and hurried off to get ready. Betty was impressed with the woman, and in more ways than one. It was obvious to her that Shego (Shena!) really cared about Kim Possible, and would do anything for her.

Middleton Medical Center, five hours later

Shena had actually fallen asleep in her seat when the Doctors Possible walked in to the waiting room. They were very surprised - and rather pleased - to see that Jim and Tim had fallen asleep, too; one in the chair next to the green-tinted woman, the other on her lap. Ann walked over and gently shook the woman's shoulder, so as to not wake up her sons. Shena blinked her eyes open and yawned. Then she saw Ann and would've leapt up had it not been for the hand on her shoulder and the boy in her lap.

"How is . . . did everything . . . is she . . ." she tried to say, unable to complete a thought. But Kim's mom knew what she was trying to say. She smiled at her.

"It worked," she said, tears coming to her eyes and falling down her cheeks. "My baby's going to be alright now."

Shena couldn't hold it in anymore; she started crying, too.

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