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Warning and Legal Notes: The following story contains excess nudity and copyrighted content. I DO NOT own the Pokémon series. All of the strange creatures and the world they inhabit are owned by Game Freak. The original story and concept is created by the Digger, the music by their original creators, while any original content is credited by me, Cory of PRIVATE Corp. Reading discretion is advised.

Chapter 01: The Start on a Naked Adventure


Caws from passing Wingulls and Pelippers echoed out in the open blue skies, with no traces of clouds to be seen. It was a peaceful spring day, with no breeze blowing and the open ocean free of waves. Along with the seagull Pokémon, various Water type Pokémon are swimming underneath the calm surface, with a few coming up to the surface to get a few gasps of air. It was a beautiful day for Pokémon and humans alike to be out, especially for one girl to start a new adventure.

A small-sized passenger boat carrying tourists and the like made its way across the blue watery surface. A few of the passengers are out on the decks, looking out into the horizon to watch the passing view. Two passengers, both of them males, were resting on the railing, watching the water with one of the males gripping onto a fishing pole. "Any luck?" an orange-haired male asked.

"Nothing so far," the other male, a brunet, replied, pulling out the line from the water. "I was hoping to get something before we make it to Pallet."

"Hopefully you'll get something," the auburn male commented. "There's gotta be some stupid Pokémon that'll take this bait."

As the two males watched the waters for something to bite, they heard the sound of splashing down below. They looked down and found a human body swimming in the water. By the shape of it, it was a medium-sized girl in her late teens, and she appeared to be slightly athletic from the tone of her arms and legs. The two guys watched in bewilderment as the girl swam by, going a little faster than the boat.

"Holy… are you seeing what I'm seeing?" the brunet asked his companion.

"I don't believe it…" the auburn male gasped.

The two males burst from their spot, running across the deck to the bow of the ship, keeping their eyes on the swimming girl. As they were watching, they ran by some of the others that were out, knocking them aside as they made their way front. Shortly, they got to the bow and they looked at the girl to find her swimming at the same speed as when they noticed her. The males leaned over the edge to get a better look and checked out her figure and motions.

"Wow, check her out!" the brunet stated. "She's got quite an ass there!"

"Yeah, she's fast too," the auburn male gasped in awe. "You think she's going to be at the station when we get there?"

The girl continued on with her swim, ignoring the two males calling out to her. The guys watched as the girl made her way towards the same direction of the boat which was yards away from where they were. As they were watching, they noticed something that wasn't quite right and they started smiling. The two of them then started making plans about what they are going to do about the girl they saw when they get off the boat.

After several minutes of swimming, the young woman found her footing and made her climb up to dry land. She found herself at a dock of a seaside transportation station, with boats lined up and ready to sail and an airplane unloading passengers. The teen got on top of the dock and looked back to find a few shadows in the water. From underneath, red carp-like creatures emerged to the surface and cried out to the girl, as she kindly waved at them as she walked across the dock and towards the crowded station.

The newcomer carried her wet being across the wooden surface of the dock, leaving behind small puddles with each step, as she got closer to where everyone is. The girl checked around to see where she needed to go, scanning her surroundings before finding a directory. A smile appeared on her face, knowing that she would need some sort of map to help her find where she needs to go. The girl made her way up to where the directory was, passing by a crowd of people, and she got up close enough to see everything clearly and understand where everything is.

A few people that were around the directory avert their attention away and locked their gaze on this new girl. They were surprised to see her, especially in her current state, and some of them began wondering why she is like this. One patron took the moment to get a security guard and ask what is going on, and to hopefully have him take care of the problem. The guard made his way to where the newcomer was, only to find her heading off from the directory and heading off to an open road.

"H-Hey, hold up there young lady!" the guard ordered. The young woman stopped in her tracks and turned around to find the security guard approaching her. "Excuse me, but where do you think you're going?"

The girl looked at the guard, studying his behavior and state before opening her mouth. "I'm heading to Professor Oak's lab," she casually answered. "I'm going there to get my Pokémon."

"And you… c-came here by boat, right?"

"No, I swam." The girl took a moment to think it over, having the guard stare at her, bewildered. "And no, I didn't swim all the way here. I had a few friends to help me out. They also helped me in getting around any Gyaradoses that might be in the area."

"So you swam in potentially dangerous waters all the way here?!"

"It's just something to overcome. Luckily there weren't any Gyaradoses, or Sharpedoes, so I made it here safely and hopefully on time."

"But y-you can't be serious going looking like that!" the guard barked.

The girl turned her head away from the embarrassed man and looked down at herself. She took a few seconds to study herself, wondering what the guard is asking about. "Yeah… I shouldn't walk into his lab all soaked. I should be dry by the time I get there," she answered, leaving the guard nodding nervously. "Say, do you know where the lab is?"

The guard snapped out of his spell and began processing the last thing he heard. He told the wet newcomer where she needed to go, and she thanked the man before heading off. The guard gave a friendly wave, feeling satisfied that he helped out, but then he remembered what he was supposed to do, and that he was supposed to bring the girl in for questioning. He could hear the sound of his boss yelling at him for allowing a strange girl to walk into town in her current state. "I'm so getting fired for this…" the guard mumbled under his breath, his head hanging low.

Getting away from the station, and the many eyes staring awkwardly at her, the young woman made her way down the path to her next destination. Collecting dirt on her wet feet, she let her body slowly dry under the slowly moving sun, feeling its warmth hit her flesh. She could feel a gentle breeze brushing against her, helping out in drying off her body, as she continued on her merry way without passing by any strangers on the pathway. After a few minutes of walking, she started noticing some buildings in the distance and she knew she made it.

"Well, there it is," she muttered to herself, "Pallet Town."

The girl picked her pace up and made it closer to the small town. She was only feet away from starting a new adventure and it was waiting for her in this town. The girl eventually made her way into the town, where she noticed a few people walking about. She put a warm and friendly look on her face as she got closer to the people, making herself look somewhat presentable to them. After all, there was that saying about making a first impression. However, those who were out and looking through their windows couldn't believe who was walking into their town.

"Is that girl crazy?!"

"What does she think she's doing, walking around in the..."

"Mom, why is that girl not...?"

"Don't look, son… just... just don't look at her."

The newcomer looked around the town, looking past the people gawking at her appearance. She noticed that they were looking at her, but that didn't bothered her. Instead she was focusing on something else: the one building that will make her a Pokémon Trainer. She checked every building she passed by, wondering which one of them was the one she's seeking. Even though the guard did tell where it was, he didn't tell her what it look like, other than "visually noticeable."

"Let's see, it should be around here…" the girl mused, looking around. She took a few steps before coming to a stop, taking a good sweep of the area before looking up and her eyes widening at the sight. "Ah! That must be it!"

She gazed up at a tall hill to find a handsome building with a windmill atop it. At least the guard was right about being "visually noticeable," and now she got her destination in site. Finding the path leading up to the building, the girl took off down the path and made the journey up to get her starter Pokémon and become a trainer.

Inside of the building, it was a combination of a house with a laboratory towards the back. A man, entering his fifties, was sitting in his living room with a cup of tea in hand and a book in another. He was sitting on one of his couches, a foot perched on top of the other, and his fingers were flipping through the pages, reading up on the various lifestyles of Grass-type Pokémon. Dressed in a white lab coat, the man waited there on his couch for the trainer to approach the front door and knock. Instead the sound of grunting came from a hallway and a male stumbled his way into the room.

"Tracey, do you know where our new trainer is?" the older man asked the newcomer, who was busy carrying a stack of heavy books.

The young lad, in his late teens, had his eyes locked up on the top of his stack, watching to see if he can keep the stack balanced. This young man came to the professor's home in hope of furthering his knowledge of Pokémon and improving his techniques of watching and drawing them. However he is placed in doing various chores around the lab and house, placing books and cleaning messes made, but he does get his chance to handle the Pokémon the professor is taking care of.

"I thought she was supposed to be here an hour ago," the boy grunted, putting the stack down on a desk for a moment to catch a breather. "Maybe something happened? She was coming from Cinnabar Island after all…" Once he caught his breath, he lifted the books again and carried them to the other side of the living room.

"I don't think so," said the man, taking a sip. "I'm sure we would know if a storm hit the Cinnabar Sea. All I know is that her boat she was supposed to hit a small delay, but she should be all right."

There was a knock at the front door, and hearing the gentle knocks from the living room, the old man got up from his seat to go answer the door. "Well, that must be her now," he said happily. "Come along Tracey, let's meet this new trainer!"

However, instead of answering the door themselves, they heard the door swinging open and closing quickly. This wasn't unusual for them since they regularly deal with new trainers and the residents of Pallet Town coming through the doors every day. They heard the new trainer make her way through the hallway, calling out to them to see where they were, and they noticed a head popping around a corner, finding a curious look of a young girl ready to become a Pokémon Trainer.

… Only for Tracey to drop the books he was carrying, cascading across the floor, and the Professor to stare blankly at the girl's attire. The two of them immediately thought of the same thing, struggling to get the words to describe what they are seeing. When the girl made her way closer to the two males, their eyes made their way down her body, seeing more than what they need to see. "Uh, did... something happen on your way here?" the boy asked awkwardly.

"No. The Cinnabar Sea was as calm and peaceful as I could ever hope for it to be," the girl replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Because, you're um…" Tracey blushed, turning away, "… naked."

Sure enough, the young soon-to-be trainer wore absolutely nothing. She was not even wearing shoes, nor was she carrying a backpack, as most trainers should; only a drawstring bag on a rope hanging around her bare hips. The two males stared at her young body, noticing every detail of her developed form, from her very small breasts and tiny pink nipples, to her moderate hips and waist, a crotch bearing a few blonde pubes, to tone arms and legs that were built for travel.

Her innocent face was staring at the two's confused and awed expressions, looking at them with rich brown eyes. Her short, blonde hair had some droplets of water hanging off a few strands, with some locks covering up her ears, and the two males noticed the girl had her hair tied up into two small pigtails. Normally they would see a hat covering her head, but not on her, leaving her forehead and her narrow eyebrows exposed. And her cute small nose is sticking out much like her nipples, filling out her cute and innocent look to her naked image.

The blonde took a look down and checked to see why the two males were embarrassed by. "Oh… Yeah, I'm a nudist," the girl answered casually as her attire... or lack thereof... "I'm Valentina, by the way."

"I see…" the professor muttered awkwardly. "A-At any rate, are you the trainer we were told would be coming to the lab today?"

"Yep," Valentina nodded. "Sorry if I'm late. I thought I would just enjoy myself and swam here, and I ended up playing with a bunch of Magikarp."

"You… swam here?" Tracey repeated, a bit surprised. "You came all the way here from Cinnabar Island... by swimming?"

The two males turned to each other in amazement once their guest gave them another cheerful nod. It was surprising that this girl made the trip all the way from an island far out at sea by herself, but they shouldn't be too surprise as they can tell this girl has a build meant for traveling. Then there were the droplets of water that are still dripping off her hair, so her story is holding. But instead the two of them reverted back to remembering this trainer's here for her starting Pokémon.

"Now then, I'm sure you're familiar with who I am," said the professor. "I'm Professor Samuel Oak, and this is my assistant Tracey. We have some clothes for you if you need them..."

"Thanks, but I don't need any," said the girl, shaking her head in response. "Like I said, I'm a nudist. That defeats the purpose of me being one!"

"Yes..." said Professor Oak, letting out a stern cough. "However, most of the places you will travel to, such as Gyms and especially the Indigo League Tournament, will not have much tolerance for your… nakedness."

"I can worry about that when I get to it," Valentina replied nonchalantly, a warm smile on her face.

"It might not seem like a big deal now, but that's only because Pallet Town is a small place," Tracey pointed out. "You might even be arrested if you're seen strutting around naked in places like Viridian City…"

However, his little speech was in vain, as he found himself talking to an empty room. The professor led the naked newcomer back into the lab half of the house while Tracey was trying to warn Valentina. In the laboratory, Professor Oak and Valentina were huddling around a large machine holding three balls, each marked with a different symbol to match the type of Pokémon that was inside of the balls. Valentina's eyes are glistening with excitement, knowing that one of these three potential Pokémon will be at her side and challenging various other trainers.

"Now Valentina, like every Trainer starting out usually has, you have a choice choice between one of the three Pokémon available here," started Professor Oak, motioning his hand over the red and white balls.

The professor removed the balls from the machine at once and he tossed the balls up to allow them to open up. Three beams of light erupted from the inside of the ball and landed on the ground, revealing the Pokémon that were resting within. When the light cleared, there are three Pokémon of three different types resting at Valentina's feet, getting excited that one of them was going on a journey. Once they noticed who was in front of them, all three of them curiously tilt their head and wondered why this new girl isn't wearing any clothes, but they ignore it for now as Valentina eyed each one of them.

The first Pokémon is the first Pokémon in the national index and a Grass type, along with a dual-typing of Poison. It is a small blue-green dinosaur-like Pokémon with dark green spots across its body, standing short on its quad legs. It's a bit pudgy, giving it a slight cuteness to it, and its wide head with its large, mischievous-fueled red eyes does help in aiding that factor. And on its back is a large bulb, holding all of its nutrients inside of it to feed it if Valentina feels neglectful.

The second Pokémon is a Fire type, obviously with its fiery-tipped tail. The Pokémon is an orange lizard, with a cream colored belly and standing upright on its bipedal legs. Its head takes up the same width as its body, putting a happy smile and showing off its small and very cute fangs, and its large green eyes staring up at Valentina in hopes of being chosen. And right behind the lizard is its tail bearing the everlasting burning fire on the tip, burning brightly for everyone to see.

And the third and final Pokémon is a Water type, rounding out the elemental triangle between the three Pokémon. It is a cute light-blue turtle with a playful appearance, although it is looking at the nude girl with a nervous gaze. On its back is a brown shell with a white rim, and a cream underbelly, while a club-like tail with a spiral tip is protruding out from its rear. And it is looking up at the nude girl with its red eyes, trying to present itself as a cute pick beyond the other choices.

The nudist trainer got a closer look at her new companions and she let out a small chuckle at them. "You don't seem to have a problem letting your Pokémon strut around in the nude," Valentina teased. She disregarded Oak's argument against such 'nudity,' causing the professor to flush red.

"Well now, it's not like normally you'll have your Pokémon dressing up unless you're competing in Contests or the like," said Professor Oak, still feeling flush from looking at Valentina's nude body. "We do have to abide by what our society's standards have set and wear the appropriate clothes to make everyone happy."

Another chuckle emitted from Valentina's mouth and she turned her attention back on the three Pokémon. She began her choice, thinking hard over which one of the three who will be by her side. The three Pokémon are great choices, but she has to choose one and it was a hard pick.

"I know that the first three Gyms aren't going to be good on Charmander, so sorry buddy," she said, making the fire lizard feel miserable that she said those things. Valentina gave the Charmander a pat on the head and told it that it'll get a Trainer eventually. Her eyes focus on the tiny plant and turtle and began to think which one of the two she will choose.

"Now I really want to go with Squirtle because he's cute and really effective against Ground and Rock," Valentina muttered, "but Bulbasaur is effective against those two and Water, and he'll evolve into a Venusaur later on and he'll be perfect shade…"

Valentina let out a small groan, her mind trying to figure out which one of the two she wants. Her finger hovered over the Grass and Water Pokémon, and she tried to decide on the right pick. Eventually she made up her mind and aimed her finger at her pick, making the Pokémon vary happy. "I'll go with you," she started, pointing at the blue turtle, "Squirtle!"

The tiny turtle grew excited with the others feeling a little disappointed. Valentina picked up her new Pokémon and gave it a gentle squeeze, having the turtle feel the embrace of nude flesh against its scaly form. Professor Oak has a smile of his own, as he takes the two Poké Balls holding the unlucky Pokémon and put them away for the new two trainers to come along and pick them. He let Valentina get to know her newly-picked Squirtle as he walked up to the new duo with six Poké Balls, one with a water drop on the red half, and in his other hand was a small yellow device that is like a book.

"Valentina, now that you chose your Pokémon, your journey as a Pokémon Trainer shall begin," the professor started, beginning his speech for the young woman. "With Squirtle at your side, you'll encounter hundreds of Pokémon and fight alongside these various Pokémon and the trainers who own these Pokémon. I give you these Poké Balls to help you catch more Pokémon and build your own team, while I want you to use this Pokédex to help you record the various Pokémon that you meet along your journey."

The blonde grabbed the Poké Balls from the professor first, placing them inside of her drawstring bag, before grabbing onto her Pokédex. She flipped the cover open and reveals a dual-screen interior, its interface having various buttons all over and the new duo look in awe at the new device in the girl's hand. "Surely if you're going for the Indigo League, your first stop will be Viridian City," Professor Oak added, "although I do advise that you get some clothes first before going to compete against…"

Valentina takes the Poké Ball with the water sticker on it and placed her Squirtle inside, getting it ready for travel before giving the man a reassuring smile. "No worries, Professor," she answered. "I got something in mind when I get there."

With that, Valentina and Professor Oak made their back to the front of the home. Tracey noticed the duo heading towards the front door, and he headed out to say his farewells to the nude girl. Professor Oak noticed that the young lad has a sketch pad in hand and he found an incomplete image of Valentina, but the blonde didn't notice the image. He told Tracey to place the image away as Valentina made her way out and start her journey to begin her Pokémon training.

"Uh Professor, this girl… are you sure she'll be all right going around naked?" the assistant asked.

"I can see that Valentina is a smart girl and should know when the right moments are," said Oak. "However knowing that she is going to be facing the Viridian Gym first, it's more than likely she's going to need some clothes first before she challenges the Gym Leader…"


[New Entry Acquired!]

#007: Squirtle – The Tiny Turtle Pokémon

"In times of danger, it pulls its arms and legs inside its shell to protect from enemy attacks. When it conceals its neck, it also shoots a powerful stream of water from its mouth. Its shell not only protects its body, but also reduces water friction when in the water."

And now the beginning of a new tale!

OK, first and foremost, I'm not going to be doing pun-based titles for this series. Sure it'll be keeping with what they do in the anime, but I can't think of any puns. And second, I wasn't really thinking about a pun here. I was hoping of making it something to think about, beyond the obvious fact that our lead is a frakking nudist! Really if you think about it, the chapter's title does make some sense.

And now I would like to say… actually this isn't my first adopted fic. My first is the Combat Racing story… but I have that written as a sequel. This is more or less me just taking an incomplete concept, following some guidelines, and then I'm free to create anything I want in terms of a story and characters. I was kinda thinking about this being a side-story to another story I have, but I was shot down by it, so I'm working in an original universe. But that doesn't mean I can't share elements between the same worlds…

By that, I mean I have some ideas of what I think the Pokémon world operates. There are so many things that make up the various mangas, the anime and the games that I feel like I can combine them and create this beautiful broth full of goodness. And while I'm more likely to follow the anime's universe and physics, I'm going to take a few keys in terms of the games and maybe the mangas that are out there. And maybe you might get a few references here and there!

One thing that you will notice between Shadow's Resurrection and Cinnabar Nudist is how I'll handle the Pokédex. I know people have ideas of their own way of handling the Pokédex, but I got this weird idea of doing an entry in that particular style. Not only you won't be seeing a whole lot of it (I'm simply testing that part out), I'll try something else that mixes things from the anime where one idea is a translation option (mentioned in $Kids' dub of Pikachu's Vaction. Remember that?), while others will go into further details about moves and what can a Pokémon do. Also pay close attention to the entries. I might come up with my own original entry while some are from different generations (and games)…

And you know how you have problems deciding on a starter, and sometimes when you're writing a story your character gets an Eevee as a start? Yeah, I didn't do that because I want to be different from everyone else. And speaking of, I couldn't decide on choosing between Bulbasaur and Squirtle, with Bulbasaur winning three different coin toss, but I chose Squirtle on the fact it is 1) cute and 2) Valentina is a swimmer and she has a liking for Water-type Pokémon.

So hopefully you like what I did with the Digger's concept here. And I hope he likes it too. If I get a warm reception, I'll continue on with this and hopefully will have Valentina start collecting her Gym Badges in Viridian City (and yes I'm starting with Viridian first… and you're going to love the new Gym Leader!)

All credits go to the Digger on this, and as I always say at the end of my chapters, please review thank you very much! Up next: the return of those two guys en route for Route 01 (cue that classic battle theme!)

P.S: When writing, I had Professor Oak's old voice of Stuart Zagnit playing in my head. And while I don't exactly have any problems with Jimmy Zoppi as his VA, I feel Zagnit sounds better and a little wiser (despite when the series was dubbed by $Kids).