A lot of people wanted a sequel to the previous chapter, so here it is!

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Percy had been walking to the kitchen for a cheeseburger and Coke when Leo found him.

"Hey, Percy!" Leo called

"Hey, Leo." Percy called back "What's up?"

Leo looked excited and serious at the same time. Up until now, Percy didn't even know Leo could look serious, let alone actually be serious.

"Listen, man, I need a favor."

"Okay, what can I do for you?" asked Percy-the-overly-helpful-panda

"Can you set me up with your niece?"

"Excuse me?" Now Percy was really confused. He didn't have any siblings so how could he have a nieceā€¦?

Leo, seeing Percy's confusion, decided to explain.

"You know, Percy your niece. Don't tell me you don't know who she is! Heck, she's like the most famous mermaid ever!"

Slowly, Percy began to piece things together. Unfortunately, Percy's slow thinking gave Leo time to say more.

"I mean she's so awesome and I'm sure she'd love all my tools and I am soooo much better than that Eric guy."

"Leo, are you talking about Ariel?"

"Yeah! So do you think you can set us up? Please, I promise I'll be good to her!"

Percy simply answered "Ariel's not real" and went out in search of his cheeseburger, leaving Leo in shock.

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Yay! So that's chapter two of Tales on the Argo II! It's amazing what you can come up with during classes! I wrote this during my Spanish class xD

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