Honestly, it was just a simple question. A thirst for knowledge. A teeny, tiny inquiry. Definitely not a reason for Coach to become so… aggravated. Well, to be honest, aggravated might have been an understatement. That is, unless aggravated only meant chasing one very scared half-blood throughout the Argo II with a baseball bat and horrifying expression.

Maybe 'severely pissed off' was a better term.

Yeah, Leo decided while taking momentary refuge in below the dining table, that seems about right. He'd been curious, very much so, to say the least. And after a careful analysis on how to approach Coach in asking, he came to the conclusion it was a perfectly reasonable thing to wonder. After all there were so many similarities and resemblances. He was surprised to have pieced it together before Annabeth. Or Hazel, even.

A breath of a laugh escaped as he thought on his obvious intellectual superiority. And, although harmless one second, it proved to be a crucial mistake the next. Not a minute later, the chair nearest to his left leg flew through the air, a battle cry mixing with its metallic crash against the walls.

He was dead. There was no denying it. He was going to die.

Scrambling and in a miraculous feat, managing to avoid the bat's next nearly-lethal swing, Leo scampered into the hall. Where would be safe? He thought, scanning a mental map of the floor. Annabeth would kick him out, Percy would be useless… Hazel might chicken out.. Wait! Nico! Coach was unnerved by him, at least from what the impish teen had seen. Maybe, just maybe he could find refuge in the younger boy's room.

Taking a sharp turn, he ran down the next hall. Behind him, the frantic clatter of hooves hit ehat he assumed to be a wall before following after him. He could tell time was running out, the following distance was shortening.

But the child of Hades' room was just yards ahead of him.

Putting all his effort into it, Leon sprinted, barely opening the door before falling in. He scampered up, slamming the still relatively new door shut. The sound of hooves slowly stopped, a click-clomp of pacing easily heard. But they didn't approach further, just continued to move back and forth.

Sighing, grateful for his life, Leo slid to the floor, gasping for breath.

"What are you doing?" A sudden voice asked, causing him to jump in surprise. He'd fully expected Nico di Angelo to be with his sister or stalking Percy or something. Not sitting on his bed, a worn book in hand.

"H.. Hiding from Coach." He answered after a moment of catching his breath, calming his heart. The younger hadn't been there as long, so short in fact, that Leo was just beginning to learn how death-like the boy could be.

Just the same, Nico had barely been there enough to learn much of Leo's, well, idiotic antics.

"What did you do?" Of course, he realized. The Coach might be hot headed, but something needed to light the fuse. Nico easily guessed, or decided, that Leo's loose lips had been the flame. Figuratively.

"I… Asked him about his family."

A brow raised, Nico's silent question for more details.

"If he had a cousin named Phil. Who trained Hercules."

And, with that, Nico finished his orientation to life on the Argo II.

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