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"Okay, we're all set!" Shindou said. Everyone cheered.

"Hey... but (F/n)'s not here yet..." Aoi said, "It's weird, she's usually the earliest." She added as she looked from left to right; but there were no sign of you anywhere.

"Tsurugi, do you know where she is?" Tenma asked. Tsurugi shook his head, "I'm not sure... she was at school this morning, we went together." He said. "Hmm, that's weird."

"Anyway, it's almost the opening. Get back to your positions!" Kidou said.

The festival started and the Soccer Club's Cafe started to get a lot of attentions (mainly because Kirino and Shindou—and perhaps Tsurugi), and it's been a while since the opening, yet there are still no signs of you.

Tsurugi's a bit worried now.

"...Where is she?" he thought as he served a plate of omelette to the customer.

Then, just when he was about to serve another plate of omelette, you walked inside calmly.

"...(F-F-F/n)... what are you wearing?!" Tsurugi said.

You wore a short, black and white maid uniform, and on top of your head was a headdress. You smiled at Tsurugi.

Tsurugi blushed madly. He realized he was about to drop the omelette, and he balanced himself, regaining his calm.

"...(F/n), is that you?! What are you wearing?!" Aoi said.

"Eeeh? That looks great on you!" Akane said as she took a few pictures of you.

"Thank you, Akane-chan!"

"Hey, we're making the customers wait! Tsurugi, get back to your job! Stop staring at (F/n), would you?" Amagi said.

"A-Amagi-senpai, I wasn't-" Tsurugi said.

"Just go!"


So, even though he wanted to confront you about your clothing, he couldn't, and he frowned when he saw Amagi laughing, seemingly making fun of him.

"Funny," Tsurugi said sarcastically as he went back to serving the customers.

After Festival

Tsurugi called you to the classroom, he said he wanted to talk, just the two of you. What might he want to talk about? You mused.

"(F/n)..." He said.

"Yes?" You asked.

"This might be sudden, but..." He stopped, hesitating.

"What is it, Tsurugi? It's not like you to hesitate, is it not?"

Tsurugi inched closer, as he pulled you into a tight hug. Your eyes widen, but his warmth was no lie.

"I love you."


Extra optional ending

"By the way, why are you wearing those clothes?" Tsurugi asked, irritated by the fact that people stares at you too much.

"Well, Kyousuke-kun, Kariya told me that..."

"Kariya? What did he tell you?"

"Kariya told me that you'll love it!"


"Kariya, should I kill you, thank you, or should I just crush you?" Tsurugi thought.

Kariya, somewhere, sneezed.

"Did someone just made fun of my naming sense?"