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Chapter 20: Puck's Ultimate Prank

Puck grimaced. He supposed his punishment could have been worse. He woke up from having a fun filled night with his wife to find her laughing hysterically at him.

He looked in the mirror again and winced. He knew that women had a cruel streak but pink... Neon, flamingo pink! He wondered if he could get away with shaving his head.

He chuckled. Knowing what he knew it would just grow back. Oh well, he had the last laugh anyway. He smirked as he turned to his wife.

"Why are you so happy?" She asked eying him warily. She was working hard to keep a serious face but damn... That hair was really pink.

He grinned. "My work is done." He laughed at his own little joke. Taking pity on his confused wife he decided to explain.

"Tell me love... What would have happened it Jareth hadn't gone to Darious to prepare for war? What if I never put it into our fathers head that he needed a wife?

Ninare thought about it carefully. She watched as Puck hummed to himself waiting for her answer. Why was he so smug? Then it clicked. Surely not. He couldn't have known!

"If you hadn't almost started a war then Jareth and Darious would be... but how?" She gasped realization dawning on her at what her husband had set into motion.

Puck grinned mischievously. "I have seer sight my dear. You are the only person to know of this and it will stay that way." He said seriously.

Ninare nodded in surprise at her husbands tone. Puck was rarely serious, it was one of the things that she loved about him. However seer sight was a rare gift, though in retrospect she could understand why her husband would keep it a secret. It was a way for the damn imp to one up everyone. She always wondered how he always seemed to get the best of people. Then a thought struck her.

"Why don't you want them to know what you did? That you saved their lives... You saw all this happening didn't you."

He shrugged with a slight grin twitching at his lips. "I saw most of it. I saw their mates getting shot, the living death, and the outcome if Jareth and Darious weren't together." His face turned serious again. "If I hadn't had father back Jareth into a corner, we would have lost them both. I saw war my love. " He sighed and continued.

"War!" Ninare gasped with shock written a crossed her face.

"Darious would never have thought to go to mother and father for help if Jareth hadn't of been there reminding him that they were . He would have died. Jareth was in such bad shape that he couldn't even focus let alone muster the strength to teleport... I would have lost both brothers. Toby would have lost his mother and Maya would not have survived if I hadn't of contacted Aveta." He smirked at the surprised expression her face.

"Wait you contacted Aveta? How did YOU contact a goddess?!"

"Simple my dear." He smirked and preened. "Aveta knows about my ability and she and the other Deities keep a watch out for me. When I told her what was going on and what I saw for the future if this was aloud to pass she and the others decided to intervene. I never expected her to take the women as her own though. That was a surprise."

He frowned sadly as he gazed off into the distance. " Toby will grown even stronger then he is with time. The boy would not have listened to my father and because of the lose of his mother and my brother combined with his responsibility as the Goblin King, he would have eventually grown to hate the human race with such a passion that it would drive him to over throw my father and mother."

He sighed then continued. "Than alone would come a very abused and neglected child that would set his blood boiling to the point that he would make war with the humans. He will one day have the power to breach the barriers set by our gods and with that power he would have moved Avalon back through and the war would last a thousand years. Mankind would not survive and most of us would not have survived." He turned back to see the terror and sorrow that had crossed his wife's face before confusion followed.

Ninare frowned in confusion. "Why didn't you tell them ahead of time, Darious and Jareth... If you knew all along the severity of what was to come why go through all of this..." She trailed off as he wagged a finger at her.

He snickered. " For many reasons my dear. One: I saw many possibilities for future out comes if I intervened and told them. Most of which because of my nature they would not have believed me. Second" He held up a second finger. "I liked this out come better then the others I saw, and third I get to pull the ultimate prank and no one but you, Aveta and I know!" He crowed happily as Ninare smiled.

"What about the pink hair?" She snickered at the hot pink hair.

Puck frowned but admitted. "Well love, I did not foresee that. However, I do know when it will fade!"

"When's that." she asked warily, not liking the impish look on her husband's face.

"Nine months" He snickered. Puck grinned at the confused look that graced his blue haired fae's face. He relished knowing things that no one else knew. He liked to have to edge.

Like that he was going to be a father.


To tell his lovely wife or not to tell his lovely wife...

That was the question!

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