He wondered how long it had been there.

That crack in his ceiling.

It was almost directly above his desk, long enough and wide enough that he should have spotted it before now. Of course, it wasn't exactly a habit of his to lie on his shell and stare up at the ceiling of his room. So why was he chastising himself for not seeing it right away?

Better question: Why the hell was he worrying about it at a time like this?

At the present, Leonardo was splayed across his bed completely stripped of his gear. All of it now lay in a careless heap on the floor. Normally, he would have made the effort to put it away properly, but he had not been the one to remove it. That responsibility belonged entirely to Raphael.

Equally naked, the larger turtle was using his full weight to pin Leo to the mattress. Calloused hands, which moments ago had roughly forced him down and yanked off his attire, now roamed over the leader's body with a gentle curiosity. Leo mentally followed the trail that his brother's fingers traced over his skin. Slowly, they moved up over his biceps and then back down stopping at a point just above his wrists. After a brief pause, Leo felt his arms being lifted from the bed and placed onto a pair of strong shoulders. Automatically, he grabbed the edges of Raph's shell and the fingers released his limbs. He shivered as the appendages instead took hold of his exposed sides and began to journey south.

The touch was not unwelcome, but it hadn't been invited either. It had shown up unannounced. Again. And being the polite host that he was, Leo couldn't turn it away.

Intricate designs were being traced upon his thighs. Leo's grip grew tighter as the drawings moved inward. Another shiver rocked him, this one more pleasurable than the last. His eyes, which had been focused overhead, slid shut as a hot mouth leeched onto his neck. The combined sensations were causing pressure to build in his groin.

To say that Leo didn't want this guest would be a lie. He liked the company. Even if it was rude, obnoxious, and occasionally violent.

A thumb dragged across the slit in his lower plastron. The sudden move made the terrapin leader's entire body go rigid. At the junction between his neck and shoulder, a deep chuckle sounded.

"Awful tense tonight, ain't ya, Fearless? I can fix that…"

Leonardo said nothing as the pair of lips returned to his throat. The thumb was joined by the rest of its corresponding hand and together began to rub insistently. His body's response was almost immediate as he felt himself growing harder beneath his shell. Subconsciously, he eased his legs further apart, granting Raph the opportunity to better settle between them.

The thing was, his guest wasn't supposed to have come back. It should have only been a one-time visit– a temporary distraction for the both of them, something they'd forget about later. But it wasn't and they didn't. Leo had soon realized that he couldn't ignore it. Just like that damn crack in his ceiling.

He groaned at that thought, though the noise was more likely a reaction to a set of teeth biting into his flesh. Leo's eyes snapped open and his fingers dug into his brother's shoulders. Raph drew back, grinning impishly at the elder. With one hand, Leo cupped Raph's face, directing it until their gazes locked. There was a shimmer of lust in those honey-colored irises that the leader found irresistible. A second later, he was pulling that devilish smile down to his lips.

That crack shouldn't be there. Raphael shouldn't be in his bed. Neither one belonged in his room.

The resident hothead met the kiss eagerly. He barely hesitated to deepen it, pushing his tongue into Leo's mouth for exploration. Leo let himself be ravaged for a full minute before pressing his tongue back in response. The two pink muscles massaged together roughly as if determined to extract every bit of taste from one another. Leo's arms slipped around Raph's neck, bringing him closer.

Yet, there they were…the crack in his ceiling….Raphael in his bed….

Placing his hands on the mattress, Raph braced himself and ground his hips against his brother's, earning a muffled moan for his actions. There was now a distinct bulge in Leo's lower plastron and the feeling of Raph's own arousal rubbing his only intensified the desire churning within him. The younger turtle's musky scent was overwhelming his nose and the ache in his groin was becoming unbearable.

Raphael was in his bed…

Leo's head was spinning – a sensation that began to subside when the sai-wielder abruptly broke the kiss. Their heated breaths mingled together as they gasped for air. Raph nuzzled the elder's beak, placing a few more quick kisses on his lips. A hand sneaked between both bodies and Leo felt a pinch on his tail. Despite his efforts to free his appendage, it remained trapped. The grin returned to Raph's face as he stroked Leo's tail mercilessly.

"How 'bout ya come out and play already?"

The attention his tail was receiving, combined with the seductive tone those words were issued in, was all the encouragement Leo needed. Groaning slightly, he dropped down and shivered as the cool air of his bedroom assaulted his member. He was forced to relinquish his hold on Raph as the other turtle leaned back to kneel between his legs. Through half-lidded eyes, Leo watched his brother wrap a hand around his erection and took up a stroke to compliment the one being applied to his tail.

Oh god, Raphael was in his bed again…

Leo's hips hitched, seeking the friction that could be had from Raph's fingers. Precome was starting to dribble from his cock. He groaned again as Raph rolled a thumb over the tip, spreading the fluid around. The red color creeping across his older brother's face amused Raph. It was rare that the leader lost his stoic composure. Knowing that he had put Leo in such a flustered state made Raph's dick throb. With a small laugh, the hothead let his member out of hiding and touched it to Leo's, gripping both in his hand.

This was real…

Gnashing his teeth together, Leo struggled to stay silent as the younger turtle jacked them simultaneously. The fingers on his tail crept forward. One reached out to circle his entrance, teasing the tight ring of muscle. Leo grabbed at the bed sheets, bunching them in his fists. His legs spread a little further.

How could this be real? How could Raphael get him to do this over and over?

The movement made Raph laugh again.

"Don't remember ya ever bein' this eager ta play…"

His commented elicited a glare from the leader. The look did nothing to quell the hothead's smirk. Those golden eyes flashed mischievously.


"Oh, you do speak…I was starting to worry…"

"Raph…keep going…"

The grin on Raph's face stretched to a width that would make the Cheshire cat jealous.

"If ya insist."

A low whine escaped Leo as Raph's hands left him. His confusion about their sudden departure was cleared up as the sound of lubricant squeezed from a bottle reached his ears. He hissed as the cold substance touched his rear. The discomfort was forgotten as a hand returned to his shaft, distracting him with long, even pulls. Raph glanced down to focus on his work as he spread the lube around his brother's entrance, gently massaging the tender area. With a tentative finger, he began to press inside and his eyes flicked back to monitor Leo's expression.

Though the leader had squeezed his eyes shut, he gave Raph no indication that he should stop. Still, it was with a great amount of care that he inserted his finger, slowing moving past each knuckle. The heat of his brother's body was inviting and his cock ached with longing, but he would not risk hurting Leo. He paused for a moment, letting the elder get used to the current intrusion before adding a second finger.

Focusing on his breathing, Leo did his best to relax. Reaching down, he placed a hand over the one Raph had on his cock, slowing the motion so as not to reach his peak too early. The release would wait until his little brother was deep inside him.

He didn't want that crack in his ceiling…he shouldn't want Raphael like this…

Leonardo grunted as the two large fingers stretched him. Sweat was beading around his forehead and he swiped it away with his free hand. Cracking his eyes open, he stared at Raph, fascinated by the muscles of his arms which were coated with a glistening sheen as well. Then his brother's probing fingers found the bundle of nerves buried within him. Head slamming back into the pillow, Leo let out an audible moan.

"Do…do that again…"

Raph was happy to oblige. Wriggling a finger, he brushed Leo's prostrate again, smiling when an even louder moan sounded. The leader's toes curled as the wave of pleasure rolled over him.

He shouldn't…

No more waiting.

But he did…

Leo pulled his hands off of Raph's. The other turtle gave him a look that had Leo wishing he could drown in those golden pools. He nodded silently at his brother. Understanding the signal, Raph removed his digits somewhat wistfully. He popped the cap on the bottle of lube and began to apply a generous amount to his cock. The coolness made him shuddered, but a few strokes had him rock hard again. With one hand he steadied himself on the mattress while he used the other to line his dick up with Leo's entrance. Touching the tip to the now loose ring of muscle, he paused and glanced up. As eager as he was, he couldn't resist the urge to tease his older brother.

"Tell me what ya want, Leo."


"Ya want this?" he asked, pressing forward just a little bit.


"Answer me."


"Well, alright then."

With deliberate slowness, Raph eased into his brother. The blissful sensations enveloping his cock made him close his eyes as if doing so made it all the more enjoyable. He continued until he was buried to the hilt. Giving Leo the chance to adjust to his girth, which was by far greater than two fingers, Raph leaned in close until their faces were only a couple centimeters apart.

"Not so hard ta say 'yes', is it?" the hothead asked.

Before Leo could reply, his mouth was covered by Raph's. As the two tongues resumed their former frenzied dance, Leo latched onto his brother's hips, trying to encourage them to move. Raph shifted, but only to place his hands under Leo's thighs and lift them so they wrapped around his waist. Getting frustrated, the katana-wielder ended the kiss, but was again cut off from speech.

"Damn, Leo," Raph breathed, nipping at the elder's neck. "Yer so hot…"


Leo's blush flared at the compliment. Before he could respond, Raph rocked him with a powerful thrust. Crying out, Leo arched his back and tightened his hold.

…but did…

Raph thrust again, gripping Leo's legs hard enough that his fingers would leave bruises. Sucking at the leader's pulse point, he pushed again. On the third time, Leo lifted his hips and met him halfway. The couple took up a passionate rhythm that they had learned not so very long ago.

"Raph…" Leonardo pleaded.

Without faltering, Raph moved his hands. One he placed on Leo's carapace to support him. The other he brought between them to capture his brother's erection. Slickened by precome, his fingers glided up and down the hard cock easily as he worked to jerk Leo off. The leader tried to thrust into Raph's fist and grind back on his dick at the same time, uncertain about which pleasure he wanted most to pursue.


"That's right…say my name…"


Leonardo was clinging desperately to Raph's shoulders. Through the haze of lust that seemed to hang around them, he stared into the hothead's eyes. They seemed to hypnotize him, pulling him closer so that Raph could sneak in a lengthy kiss. He moaned into his brother's mouth as his prostrate was struck again. Pulling back, Leo sucked in great mouthfuls of air as nerve bundle was hit twice, three times, then four.

The sounds coming from Leo, the fingers scrabbling at his shell, and the heat encasing him all contributed to the pressure mounting at the base of his cock. His release was impending, but he was determined to bring his brother off first. He increased the speed of his hand on Leo's stiff member, an action which proved to be too much for the leader.


Leo's shout as he climaxed was muted by Raph kissing him fiercely. The elder came hard and messy, splattering both of their plastrons with sticky white streams. Stars burst before his eyes. His inner walls clamped down on Raph's cock and the resulting friction was enough to send the younger turtle over the edge after a couple more erratic thrusts. Hips snapping, Raph emptied his seed deep inside his brother. The intensity of his orgasm blinded him as his eyes rolled back into his head. Breathless and sweaty, the two held onto one another as the waves of pleasure began to fade.

Carefully, Raph laid Leo back down, propping the pillow beneath his head. Caressing the leaf-green check, he kissed the leader once more. His softening cock slid free of his brother's body. Raph lay down next to him, hooking an arm across Leo's stomach to share in the afterglow.

One of the leader's hands settled on Raph's arm while the other circled his shell. Leo turned his head so that he was face to face with Raph. The sai-wielder smiled at him tiredly.

"Love ya, Fearless."

Having uttered those words, Raph huddled against his brother and closed his eyes. Not two minutes passed before the steady rise and fall of his chest indicated that he was asleep. Leonardo stared at him, his eyes wide and his face blanched. Raph's admission left him feeling like his stomach had dropped through the floor.

Out of the corner of his eye, something caught his attention. Leonardo glanced up and his gaze immediately focused on the crack that above his desk. He could swear that it had gotten bigger since the last time he looked. Sighing heavily, he rubbed at his tired eyes.

That crack wasn't going to go away.

And neither was Raphael.