Niayhtwins: So I made this one-shot to my friends out in the world that i don't know, 235 words.

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"Will you?"

"I'll have to think about it Inu." Kagome said side stepping him.

"What ever woman. I don't even care anymore."

"That's what you say." Kagome said sitting down on her bed with Inuyasha right behind her tail.

Inuyasha looked at her, no he glared at her, and all Kagome did was stare blankly at him.

So~ the Hayou thought of a plan and acted it out as soon as it got into his head.

He grabbed Kagome and pinned her on the bed. But Kagome had no fear at all and just stared up at him.


"Don't what me." the hayou growled"

"Then why?"

No Answer

The hayou looked her in the eyes and they were laughing,

"What's so funny, Woman?"

Then Kagome laughed out loud.

"Don't tell me not to laugh" Kagome puffed out her cheeks.


Then Kagome thought of something.

"Only if you looked like a puppy with puppy eyes."

Inuyasha took no time to do the Puppy dog face and Kagome laughed.

"Okay get off of me, I'll make your noodles. Okay?"

"Yes woman."

And Inuyasha got to eat Noddles.

Niyahtwins: Cute right well I thought it was.

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