Vivian stops in to see Dani. "Vivian, please come in." Seeing Vivian always throws Dani for a moment. It brings her past rocketing into the present and stands it before her.

"Dani." Vivian walks into the kitchen. "Coffee, Tea?"

"No, thank you, I won't be staying. I came to tell you that I am leaving town but I will watch over RayJay. I promise he will be safe." Dani doesn't know what to say. She fears Vivian but that same fear could prove to be useful. She has no idea what RayJay has been up to or into. He has not called and he is with someone who could bankroll any misadventure she wishes without a thought and that scares the hell out of her.

She walks Vivian back to the door. "Thank you, Vivian… really… thank you." What mother wouldn't want the CIA keeping track of her son.

Nico arrived home in a state of complete distraction. Dani knows he needs time to deal with his sense of loss. She had only begun to realize how much a part of Nico's life belonged to Maggie. She needs to let him mourn in his own way.

Nico settles into the study lost in his thoughts and lost in the conversation with Vivian. He looks up at the shelf and pulls down a book. He sits in the chair looking at the pages. He is lost in the photographs. The book he pulled down was the gift that Maggie had given him over Christmas. He had never actually looked at the whole book. He thinks fondly back to Christmas and the memories the photos bring to his mind.

It is at that moment he reaches the end of the book. He realizes that the end of the book is not the end of the book. Maggie had included blank pages. Pages for his future… Dani enters the room to check on him. His future… time to get to that….