Narn home world Centauri mass driver bombardment

UN SPACEY ship Northampton Stealth frigate Ryan Yestood was observing the devastation with ever mounting fury. None more so than her captain, oh they all were survivors of space war 1 however the captain had fought in the war. The rest of the crew had been too young, even her XO (executive officer) was a teenager at the time. Now here she was again watching a planet being bombarded. This time not by the Zentradi but these strange haired humanoid aliens, and they were using mass drivers to propel meteors to the surface, as opposed the powerful beams of the Zentradi armada.

The tension aboard the ship could have been cut with a knife, after almost twenty minutes of their observance she could take no more. 'We have enough information on their capabilities. I want a firing solution ready to lunch three of our silent night missiles. Target the ships bombarding the planet. Any other ships damaged or destroyed will be a bonus. Also prepare fold for our departure to coincide with the detonations.'

Those bridge bunnies that were required to carry out the orders began the preparations. One spoke up, 'Ma'am with the stealth field still engaged and activating each missiles stealth capabilities will take ten minutes."

Anybody who did not know her well would have missed the venom in her voice. 'Understood…just make it so!' Her command was acknowledged as the XO walked over and spoke in a soft tone.

'Ma'am you are starting a war. You know this?' He was young and frustratingly correct and not afraid to speak his mind, but had the decency to not do so in front of subordinates. She always appreciated his subtleness and character it was why she kept him after his last CO (commanding officer) transferred him.

With a tense nod of her head she replied 'Yes. I have watched one world turned to a wasteland and could do nothing to stop it. Here we can reduce much of the damage, and good Lord willing the number of innocent lives.' The fury was there in her eyes. He knew she wanted nothing more than to go in guns blazing but would, not could not risk anymore then she had already committed to. Their job was to observe not fight openly.

The ten minutes had passed and the order was given to lunch the stealth missiles. Without hesitation the order to fire was given and the three silent killers left the launch tubes and made best speed for their targets. It would take forty nine minutes to reach their targets. It mattered little they would be gone. To record their progress a drone was left to observe and then report on the damage that would be done to the proud Centarui who had no idea that they were being watched by a secret new comer to this section of the galaxy.

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