Chapter 4 (part 1)

'Judging by your expression I would say you are no closer than I to discovering what happened?' The face of Lord Refa's stared back at him for several long seconds before he was able to reply.

'No Londo, we are not here. I feared you would be in a similar spot.' He put his hands up to head rubbing a small headache. 'It gets worse. We have lost contact with two Vorchans on patrol in the Narn system. We found the overall wreckage of one but it looks the other moved on in pursuit. That however is…' he trailed off not wanting to say it.

Londo knew it didn't need saying. 'I have not heard from Mr. Morden and been unable to find him. I feel as thou he is ignoring me on purpose… How is his majesty?'

'Congratulations Mollari we are for now not in his path. Several members of our intelligence have been made examples of. Their heads line a small path in the gardens.' The usual arrogance Refa displayed was gone, he tried to hide it but Mollari could not be fooled.

Einstein 8

The centauri vorchans system was revealing a considerable amount of intelligence after the two days it took to translate the language and additional day to crack its code. While the engineers at the three star heavy industry ship picked apart the ships mechanics the scientist were having a field day experimenting on alien technology.

Going through all the data was time consuming to say the least but the chief scientist of the fleet was eternally grateful for a competent and plentiful staff to assist in this. He thanks Allah every day for the blessings he had bestowed upon him especially with his staff. Currently devouring all the info about the Centauri he could was fascinating.

A few moments later and a "Walla" moment happened as he found the information on other sentient races the centauri encountered or deal with. His face grew more focused as he began taking in the information and saving certain aspects for more detailed study later. He had spent hours going over the information on the Narn. It seems that they may have brought this war upon themselves.

He sighed they were committed now regardless. Looking through some of the files seeing that some species had very little data not surprised thou except by the number of species apparently inhabiting this sector was, abundant to say the least. However the next file caught his eyes and he froze.

Titled Earth Alliance! He stood up and frozen in movement and began muttering an Islamic prayer for strength. Taking several minutes he composed himself and began delving into the file. After an hours' worth of reading he sat back and called for an emergency session of the fleet leaders.

One hour later in a meeting room aboard the scientific vessel. The leaders of the colony were once again gathered for what was promised to be information of paramount importance.

Babylon 5 far side of the planet a Narn heavy cruiser had just left hyperspace was in contact with the station. They needed help and Sheridan would provide just enough help so as to try and save lives. However it didn't take long for others to find out and for the centauri to be notified.

Suwon thirty six hours later=

'Gents we have a mission!' Back spoke the words to the men his squadron.' Several eye brows went up with those words. 'It turns out there is far more than just the Centauri and Narn species in this sector of space. We are going to be the ship that announces our presence to the neighborhood. The Suwon and the Zentradi Northampton Corvus will be leaving in three days after we've all had a chance to run through the simulator a few times on centauri craft. Now sometime in the next twenty four hours or so we are going to receive a brief on the other races in this sector but for now focus on our preparations for the centauri.'

'You have all seen the specs on what we have so far so now it's time to start training. Remember they have no known mecha but that doesn't mean that the fighters are not dangerous. We must never underestimate our opponents.' Pausing to ensure no one showed signs of overconfidence.' All right with that all nice and done Alpha wing you are up first. Get at it.' With that the men went about awaiting their turns to enter the combat simulators.

As the men made their way to the simulators a call to alert came over the intercom. "Attention all personnel prepare for space fold in three hours. All section heads to your briefing rooms.

Authors notes:

Drinker: I am well aware of Macross mecha manual but as I stated I am using information from the RPGS. Found at /Macross

Ok putting Veretch in was a mistake thanks for pointing that out. VF= variable fighter. Valkyries were the VF-1 models. VF-4 lightning, VF-11 Thunderbolts ETC. I will not use Valkyries as a general reference to all VFs unless its for that specific model.

I am well aware of REACTION weaponry. The silent night missiles were not them, but rather a new type of anti-ship missile. Trust me they will enter the story at the appropriate moment. Page 6 of the United nations government source book states that use of a reaction weapons requires approval from the top of the flagpole, IE HQ back on earth.

Seal on Weapons of Mass Destruction

After Space War I, the UN enforced strict regulations on all weapons of mass destruction. This limits the use of heavy particle beam cannons and reaction warheads from being used without strict permission or orders from the top of the UN Government. Furthermore, only the New Macross Carriers are built with a heavy particle beam cannon, so that there are minimal such weapons in any given fleet. All refitted Zentraedi vessels that incorporated a heavy particle beam cannon were allowed to keep them, however, they were mostly deployed as part of the EDF that protects Earth or with the now-lost Megaroad 01 fleet. Each colony fleet is allowed a limited supply of reaction warheads. Biological weapons are strictly forbidden. This is the second point that is canon to the storyline. This seal may be waived under the "exceptional circumstances" clause, which allows a colony fleet to use reaction weapons if faced with a threat that is guaranteed to destroy the entire fleet.

So as we can see in the fleet has yet to enter the "exceptional circumstances".

Page 5 of the Sourcebook the galaxy on space fold

Space Fold Generator – Space folding is a form of superluminal flight, or more

commonly known as hyperspace travel. Because the Protoculture who developed this

technology were considered to be TL10, all such space fold generators are capable of

traveling at up to 5.25x10^10 kmps, or 1 light year every 6 minutes (as Misa Hayase

stated "one hour in super dimensional space is ten days in real space"). What the fold

drives does is push the ship into hyperspace; a dimension adjacent to our own dimension ,but one where distances are far smaller. Thus the travel time between distant places is shorter due to the shortened relative distance. Most capital ships extend their space fold "bubble" out 100-1000m around the ship, allowing them to take large groups of mecha and smaller ships with them.

With this in mind I will say that I could have made it seem instant but chose not to for overall story reasons. Plus at the time the crew of the Yestood have no idea just how well the centauri are at tracking hyperspace fold jumps. So they executed a multiple jump on different vectors, to cause some confusion for any possible trackers. Think Cole protocol from halo.

That's all on the notes for now.