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Our Children From The Future

Chapter: 1

[By: Fi Suki Saki]

"Mikage… Mikage! Yukari!"


"Tsuruhi? What's up?"

"What's wrong, Tsuruhi-neechan?"

"Hm? What?"

"Ah, Thanks godness Katsuki-kun here too!"

"What's wrong?"

"Right. I just want to tell you guys, right now the Juunen Bazooka is jumping-jumping toward here. Lambo-niisan and I-pin-neesan said we better not get caught by that!"

"Jumping-jumping? You mean the Juunen Bazooka malfunction again?"

"Hahi, YES! But Lambo-niisan said this is the worst one, so we have to be careful! He said if that thing come to use, we have to run! Just avoid doesn't help."

"Can't we just destroy that thing?"

"Wha- NO! Otou-san will get mad! And I guess even Kyouya-jisan object that idea too,"


"Hey guys, do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"AH! Tsuruhi-neechan, LOOK OUT!"




"Aaaahh~ today is tiring as well!" said the teen brunette in a tone of exhaustion as he stretches his hand up.

"Ahahaha… that's true. And we got a lot of homework too!" said the tall black-haired teenager who walking beside the brunette.

"I hope I can finish all of them today! Otherwise, Reborn will get angry. Hiiee…. I don't want to think about that!"

"No need to worry, Juudaime. I will help you!" said the silver-haired teen who walking beside the teen brunette too with sparkling eyes.

"Really, Gokudera-kun?" the brunette looking at him with full hope.

"Of course, Juudaime! Anything for you!" replied the silver-haired who called Gokudera-kun while nodding so hard at the brunette who standing beside him with bright smile.

"Uwaa, i envy you, Tsuna!" said the tall black-haired teen looking at the brunette who he called Tsuna. "I'm alone can't finish all of them in one day! You are so lucky to get help from Gokudera." He finish it.

Tsuna, Sawada Tsunayoshi the teen brunette who actually is soon-to-be Boss of Vongola Decimo, Boss of one of the strongest mafia grup, looking back at one of his guardians, the Rain guardian, while chuckling then smiling.

"Silly, Yamamoto. Of course you can come too! Right, Gokudera-kun?" Tsuna truned to his Storm guardian, Gokudera Hayato, who looking-err… glaring at the Rain guardian -Yamamoto Takeshi, while clicking his tongue.

Gokudera quickly turned to look at his beloved Boss to give the answer. "If Juudaime said so." He replied with half-hearted.

Tsuna smiled at Gokudera -satisfied with the answer , and Yamamoto just laughed nervously but felt grateful.

But suddenly, Tsuna's head ache. He quickly grab his head, felt dizzy but confused. Yamamoto and Gokudera noticed Tsuna's pain expression. They both looking at Tsuna with serious and worry-look.

"Hey, Tsuna, what's wrong? Is your head hurt?"

"Juudaime, are you alright? Are you sick?"

Yamamoto and Gokudera asked anxiously. But Tsuna just shook his as he take down his hand then quickly look at his two best friends. "It's alright, I'm fine." He said while smiling but not as bright as before.

"Are you sure, Tsuna? Maybe we should walk faster to your house and let you rest."

But Tsuna still shook his head. "I said I'm fine! It's just that… it's look like my Hyper Intuition warn me about something."

"Your Hyper Intuition, Juudaime? Is assassin or enemy of Vongola will come to attack us?" Gokudera immediately glanced around the street they are now.

"No…" the soon-to-be Boss of the Vongola Decimo frowned. "Not something like that! It's felt different,"

"Different? What the diff-" before Yamamoto finish his words, suddenly a pink smoke appear in front of the three of them.


"What happ-" Tsuna immediately glance at both his best friends. No one from there and himself get shot by Juunen Bazooka (Tsuna noticed only Juunen Bazooka can make the pink smoke appear without smeel of smoke or powder).

'If no one get shot by Juunen Bazooka, then why the pink smoke appear here? I'm sure no one standing or walking in front of us just now. And I'm sure I didn't see Juunen Bazooka landed here. Then from where is this pink smoke came from?' Tsuna confused and worried as well. But what can he do now is just waiting until the pink smoke become thin and gone.

After the pink smoke began to thin out, the brown eyes of Tsuna caught a figure of a soft brown-haired young girl with her hair head tied as pony tail, blinked, looking so confused.

"What the- a kid?" Gokudera gasped at the young girl in front of him while frowning.

"Wow, is that kid the one who come out from the smoke, Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked Tsuna, but his eyes still looking at the girl in front of him with confused-look.

"I'm sure she is." Replied Tsuna without hesitently, because his Hyper Intuition tell him so. "But who?" he asked to himself.

He still looking the young girl carefully. He felt like he ever see her before. The young girl appearance felt familiar to his eyes. The color of her hair, the hair style, the shape of her face, and the color of her eyes.

The young girl who standing confused just now felt being watched. The he turned to look who the one who watching her so sharply. Then her eyes caught the three figure of teenager boy who so familiar for her. Her face turned brightly. She quickly walk –run toward the brunette -who right now look confused with her expression that suddenly changed-, then hug him tightly.


Tsuna frozen as well as his two best friend who stunned too(yeah, even Yamamoto).

There's a silence.

Still silence.




Right now, Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, and the young girl that called Tsuna with "Otou-san", were sitting on the chair of the dining table in the kitchen at Sawada residence -Tsuna's home. The atmosphere of the room is so awkward. Tsuna's eyes spining. He still shocked after heard the explanation about how and why he called "Otou-san" by the stranger -but felt familiar- young girl. Yamamoto and Gokudera just listen quietly. But somehow, Yamamoto can believe the story what he just heard just now without think that was one of a game. And the same like Gokudera, because his Juudaime didn't say anything like "liar" or "you must be joking" to the young girl, he should accept it like it or not. Because there's no reason to dislike it, right?

The young girl just smiled brightly, felt funny , staring at the teen brunette in front of him who too shocked with her explanation. She can't help but tell the truth because she already in there with three teenage boys more than five minutes. And because she accidentally hug the brunette and called him "Otou-san". Even if she try to lie, she sure that he will know. No one can againts the Hyper Intuition of Vongola. That's something good and well… bad at the same times. Depend on the situation.

"So," Yamamoto trying to break the silence. "You really are Tsuna's child from the future?" he asked. Just to make sure again.

"Yup, Takeshi-jisan! I am Sawada Tsunayoshi's only daughter from the future! And still the only child of him." The young girl smiled more brightly. For some reason, she IS so happy to got shot by the Juunen Bazooka and meet her younger father.

"Err… can't you drop the '-jisan'? I'm feeling like an old man right now! Ahahaha," said Yamamoto, felt uncomfortable called "-jisan" in his age right now. Who could feel comfortable when you called uncle at age 14 years old?!

"Hahi? Sorry Takeshi-jisan, I can't. Otou-san told me to call the older more polite! But I called you 'Takeshi-jisan' not because I have to be polite, but because I respect you! And not just you, I respect all people who got Otou-san's respect! Otou-san never wrong about that. All his guardians respect him, and vice versa. So of course I respect them, and you." She replied confidently in mature manner.

The three boys gasped. The matureness of the young girl in front of them is increadible. Maybe if Fuuta here, he will tell that she is one of the most mature child ever at her age. That's what the three boys thought at the same time.

"Ho-how? How can you be so mature?" Tsuna asked curious. But the young girl just smiled at her father without say anything.

"By the way, how old are you?" Yamamoto asked again.

"I'm 7 years old. Oh! I forgot to introduce my self! Introducing; my name is Sawada Tsuruhi. My father is Sawada Tsunayoshi, and my mother is Sawada Haru." She said while smiling again but in polite way.



"WHAT?!" Tsuna and Gokudera shouting at Tsuruhi.

"What?" Tsuruhi asked back. She confused.

"You said 'Haru'? Miura Haru?" Tsuna look shocked.

"Is there another Haru that you know, Otou-san?"

"That stupid woman?"

"Okaa-san is not stupid, Hayato-jisan!" Tsuruhi pouting. Disagree with what Gokudera called to her mother.

"Sorry," Gokudera muttering.

"But really, Tsuna. I thought you likes Sasagawa!" said Yamamoto, kinda nervous but surprised as well.

Then everyone's eyes drawn to Tsuna who already flushed perfectly. Tsuna trying to avoid the eye contact. He rubbing his neck nervously still glancing at other view.

"Well… Yeah! I had liked her! But… you know what?" he still rubbing his neck but still not look his best friends and his future daughter.


There's a silence… Tsuna mumbling about something in whisper so only him can heard his voice. Then finally, he turned and look at his bestfriends.(but still avoiding Tsuruhi's eyes)

"I ever did! Liked her, I mean. But… a month ago, i… just realised. Everytimes i look at her eyes, her face, I'm not that nervous like before. And even if I still liked her, well… I knew that she… will never look at me like I did at her." He sighed.

Everyone there just staring him, felt sorry. Felt like their throat is dry – want to say something, but hard to say it.

Tsuruhi felt her eyes heated. If someone notice, they can see the teary eyes of Tsuruhi. Then finally, a tears running down her cheeks. She truned her head to avoid everyone's eyes before someone notice. She sobbing softly, trying not to make everyone notice that she crying right now. She wiped her tears, but the tears still doesn't stop flowing againts her wish.

The three teen boys noticed something strange. They glance at Tsuruhi who already turned so they can only see her back. But they noticed, the body of seven years old is shaking, then slowly they heard the little girl's sobbing voice.

Tsuna stand up and walking away from his seat, toward his future daughter. Tsuruhi twitched, noticed her younger father already standing in front of her. She trying to wiping her tears again, but the tears still can't stop. She looking at Tsuna face with teary eyes.

"I- I…" she felt her throat is dry right now.

Tsuna just smiling softly. Then he-feel kinda awkward-hug Tsuruhi, trying to give his daughter the warm, to saying he was alright instead of saying with word. Tsuruhi hug her younger father back. Then her tears finally stopped.

"I-I'm sorry… I- you… never know…"

Tsuna realising his arm slowly, but his soft smile still showing on his face.

Tsuruhi trying to smile back. She always loves his father, especially her father's smile face. Tsuna's smile always comforting the others. Everytimes she crying, the big hand of her father will hold him tightly and the other hand will pat her head so tender. Even if her father tired, her father always give his best smile to his family.

The Tsuna in the past now do the same at her. Although the younger version of her father right now can't carry her like in the future did, but the patting and the smiling part is the same like her precious father did.

Tsuna chuckled a little, still patting Tsuruhi's head.

"I guess me in the future never tell you, eh?" Tsuruhi nodded.

"Well… that's not weird, isn't it?! I mean… you are still 7 years old."

Yamamoto and Gokudera understood what their Sky mean. But Tsuruhi still look confused.

"Why? Otou-san said I adult enough to know anything!" she frowned, pouted, and protest.

The teen boys just smiling heard the protest came from the mouth of seven years old girl who think she is adult enough to know anything she want.

After the tense moment already broken with the tears and the smile of them, they heard a door being opened.

"Tadaima~!" a women with soft-brown short hair walking toward the kitchen. After she go in to the kitchen, she seeing his only son patting a young girl, and glancing Yamamoto and Gokudera who looking at her too.

"Ah, Tsu-kun, Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto-kun! Are you two came to playing with Tsuna, again?" she said with her tender smile.

"Iie, Okaa-sama. I-and Yamamoto- came to study together." Gokudera answered with polite tone as he bowing at Tsuna's mother.

"Oh, I see." She smiled. Then her eyes glancing toward the young girl who sitting in front of Tsuna who standing in front of the young girl.

"And who might be are you, sweet heart?" Tsuna's mother asked again but still smiling kindly.

Tsuruhi quickly wiped her eyes again, then bowing politely toward her father's mother. "Sawada Tsuruhi, Sawada Tsunayoshi's only daughter." She said.

Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera just sweatdrop seeing how blunt Tsuruhi is daring to said she was the daughter of a 14 years old teenage boy.

Tsuna's mother just chuckling, "Ara… are you playing playhouse?" she said in naïve way.

The teen boys just laughing nervously, still sweetdrop a little with how naïve the women in front of them is.

"And you, Tsuruhi-chan… how old are you?" she asked again.

"I'm 7 years old, Obaa-chan." Tsuruhi answered, smiled. The boys choked.

Tsuna's mother just chuckling again. "Right, if Tsuruhi-chan is Tsuna's daughter, then I'm your grandma. Ahahaha… Tsu-kun finally grow up! I never thought to be called Obaa-chan at this age."

"Okaa-san!" Tsuna cried.

"Ahaha… Oh right, where do you want to study at?"

"In my room,"

"Then bring your friends to the upstair. Don't make them wait!" Tsuna nodded. But then he quickly glance at his future daughter.

Tsuruhi just smiling at his younger father. "Can I be here with Obaa-chan? I don't want to distrub your study group, Otou-san!"

Tsuna glance at his mother hesitently, but his mother just smiled.

"Just go, Tsu-kun! Tsuruhi said she want to be with me, and I'll cook something for her. Is it okay?" she glance at Tsuna then Tsuruhi.

Tsuruhi beamed. "Yaaayy~! I would love to, Obaa-chan!"

"Okay. Ah, by the way Kaa-san, can you make onigiri and juice to Yamamoto and Gokudera-kun?"

"It's my pleasure, Tsu-kun!"

"Thanks Kaa-san." Then Tsuna going to the upstair followed by Yamamoto and Gokudera.

Two hours passed.

"Yatta~! Our homework finally finished!" said Tsuna as he streatching his hand and let his back falling to touch the floor of his room.

"Ahahaha… right. I never know I can finished all the homework just in two hours. Usually it will take the whole day!" said Yamamoto too, streaching his hand like Tsuna did.

"It's because your brain is just for baseball only, Yakyuu-baka!" without take his glasses off after he finished helping his beloved Juudaime and –unfortunately-Yamamoto.

"Ahahaha, but that's not true, Gokudera. I still thinking the other too besides Baseball!" replied Yamamoto smiling cheerfully like usual.

"Yeah yeah… I forgot you become Sword-freak too," Gokudera rolled his eyes.

"Ah yeah. Haha… I don't realise that. But not just that too!"

"Then what? Though it's not like I care," muttered Gokudera.

"After I saw Tsuna's daughter from the future, I thought about my future child!" the rain guardian of Vongola Decimo smiled brightly at Tsuna and Gokudera who looking at him with surprised-look.

"Ya-Yamamoto… ya-you don't think that your child will come too, right?" Tsuna asked slightly stuttered.

"Well… it's not like I know if I have one or not. Am I even married in the future or have a lover?" Yamamoto asked, but to no one.

"You? Have a lover? You; the baseball-freak who loved by every girl(Exclude Kyoko, Haru and Hana) but always reject them, have a lover? Are you even think about it?" the storm guardian said while as he frowned.

"About what?" the rain guardian asked to Gokudera with innocent(but Gokudera think this is stupid)-look.

"GIRL! Or something like romance! You don't think you will have a child from someone's without liking them, right?"

"But Gokudera-kun, there's so many people who didn't have any lover but want a child so they adopted them, right?" Tsuna said nervously, trying to correct something.

"Ah, right. Juudaime is right! Sorry!" trying to kneel at his Juudaime, but Tsuna quickly stop him.

"No, Gokudera-kun. Please don't! You will hurt yourself!"

"I'M SORRY AGAIN JUUDAIME!" he quickly stand up and bowing so hard then sitting down again.

Yamamoto just chukled seeing Gokudera's usual behavior at Tsuna if he think he did something wrong. Then Yamamoto thought about something.

"What about you, Gokudera?" Yamamoto asked, took the orange juice-that delivered by Tsuna's mother a minutes ago before they start study-from his right side.

"About what?" Gokudera frowned at Yamamoto.

"About child and well… lover –girl. You always devoted at Tsuna (-"ahaha," Tsuna blushing), are you even thinking about yourself? You futureself? Since Tsuna has a daughter, I guess he will want you to have one too, right Tsuna?" Yamamoto look at Tsuna with curious look.

Gokudera uncomfortable with Yamamoto's question. He hate to admint it, but what the rain guardian said is true. If the Juudaime's future has a child, surely his Juudaime will think about himself and his future family to have a kid or not.

"You asked a good question, Yamamoto!" a familiar voice came from the window.

Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera turned to see someone who talking just now.

"Reborn! Where have you been?" Tsuna asked after Reborn jumped to Tsuna's bed.

"Just doing my job."

"What job?"

"None of your business, Dame-Tsuna!" said Reborn, hit Tsuna with Leon who already transformed as Hammer.

"Itte.. tte… tte… ITAI! Stop it, Reborn!" groaning Tsuna glaring at Reborn, but that make the baby Hitman more hit him merciless.

"By the way," Reborn glancing at the three teen boys in front of him. "I heard Dame-Tsuna's daughter came from the future, eh?"

Everyone(Yamamoto and Gokudera while Tsuna still groaning) nodded.

"Only her?" he asked again.

Tsuna frowned. "Are you expecting the other child come too, Reborn?"

"Are you? What your Hyper Intuition think?"

"Hah? What with- OUCH!"


"Yukari, run! Katsuki, we should run faster!"

"I really think we should destroy it!"

"NO! Tsunna and Kyo-jisan will disagree with that idea! Tsuruhi already warned you, remember?!"

"Hn, but I still want to."

"Katsuki-nii, the Juunen Bazooka already jumping more faster than before!"

"Seriously?! Why that thing chasing us?"

"I hope I borrow Papa's bat before!"

"Onii-chan! Mama said that silver bat is similar to Shigure kintoki's Papa, so we should not borrow it!"

"But Papa already teach me how to use sword, so it should be fine!"

"Mama said 'No' means 'No'!"

"She is right, Mikage."

"Look at yourself then! Kyo-jisan said not to borrow his old tonfa, but you still borrow it, right?!"

"And what's wrong with this?"

"Tsunna said we should not borrow any weapon the his base, right? Kyo-jisan agree with that too."

"Otou-san will not angry. I borrow this for situation like this!"

"Ah, hey, what's wrong with you guys? Why you all running?"

"Extremely what happen?"

"Shouko-neechan! Shuhei-niisan!"

"Yukari-chan, Mikage-kun, Katsuki-kun, what is happened?"

"Jumping-jumping, the Juunen Bazooka!"


"The Juunen Bazooka is malfunction again! And this is the worst! That thing got Tsuruhi and make her gone!"

"WHAT? Tsunayoshi-jisan will not like this!"

"Extremely dangerous! Whe should run now! That pink think already close!"



"Yukari, stand up! Hayaku!"

"No, Bunny!"

"Here, catch."

"Mikage-kun, LOOK OUT!"



"So, other child from future will appear again, Juudaime?" Gokudera asked. Somehow he felt weird and worried.

"Urgh, probably." Tsuna frowned, his head felt hurt and dizzy again. But not as bad as before.

"Ahaha… I hope this time is mine." Everyone(exclude Reborn) look at Yamamoto with 'are-you-even-serious' look.

"But maybe this is a good thing! Maybe I will know who's my future wife, right? I mean… you always said something 'am I not interested with anyone' so maybe my future child will tell me that, right?" Yamamoto just give them his trendmark(smile).

"I see… so you are curious too, Yamamoto."

"Ahahaha… actually yeah, Kozo. I want to ask my future child-if I even have one- is he or she or them happy to have me as their father? Well… because I never really thought about this before. My mind is full of baseball and mafia game."

"Mafia indeed very hard live. Actually I even surprised that Tsuna chose to has child. Since many mafia Boss thinking that having a kid is a burden." Reborn patting Leon's head gently. Tsuna look at him with shocked-look.

"A-are you saying that my future self is stupid to having a child, Reborn?"

"No. Why would I think like that? What I trying to saying is, maybe your future self is so strong so he dare to has one. Then I'm proud of you, Dame-student!" Reborn smirk. Tsuna look at him with unbelievable look.

"Wow Tsuna, my heart beating so fast! I'm curious who's child will appear? Maybe Gokudera's?"

"As if…"

"Maybe Onii-san's or Kyoko-chan's? Or maybe Reborn's?" Reborn frowned.

"What if Hibari's or maybe Lambo's?"

"I doubt about Lambo's. But if Hibari-san's… his child must be as scary as him! Hiiee…!"

"What if the child is Aneki's child? I hope that child not as crazy as her!"

"Thinking about Mukuro's or Chrome's?"

"There's no way that damn pinapple-head have a child!"

"I guess the next child will be Yamamoto's,"

Yamamoto and Gokudera looking at Tsuna with surprised, frowned(Gokudera), and beamed(Yamamoto).

"Seriously, Tsuna/Juudaime?!"

"Well… just feeling."


A pink smoke appear on the table at Tsuna's room where they study just now. The pink smoke slowly thinned. Four pairs of eyes caugh the figure of a kid –younger boy, who sitting(the position after someone falling is like sitting) on the table, with black-spiky hair and emerald-green eyes. Yamamoto can see it clearly, because when the boy appear, the younger boy position exactly looking at him and vice versa.

The younger boy blinked his eyes. He rubbing his eyes, look like to make sure what he looking at. Then suddenly his face beamed. He smiled brightly.


Then the younger boy jumped and hug Yamamoto tightly.

-to be continue-

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Sawada Tsuruhi. 7 years old.

Child of Sawada Tsunayoshi and Sawada(ex-Miura)Haru.

Tsuruhi (Tsu from Tsuna, Ru from Haru) #not thinking much about her name#

Soft Brown hair(like Tsuna's hair colored), Dark-Brown eyes(Haru's eyes colored), Hair's style from TYL!Haru but she tie her hair like Present!Haru.

About Clothes she wear right now, she wear jacket like Tsuna's when Tsuna first time come to the future. The different is, her jacket is not orange, but pink colored. Not wearing long pants, but short pants. At least the pants touch her knee. Wear white shoes.

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