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Let's begin,


A pink smoke appear on the table at Tsuna's room where they study just now. The pink smoke slowly thinned. Four pairs of eyes caugh the figure of a kid –younger boy, who sitting(the position after someone falling is like sitting) on the table, with black-spiky hair and emerald-green eyes. Yamamoto can see it clearly, because when the boy appear, the younger boy position exactly looking at him and vice versa.

The younger boy blinked his eyes. He rubbing his eyes, look like to make sure what he looking at. Then suddenly his face beamed. He smiled brightly.


Then the younger boy jumped and hug Yamamoto tightly.

Our Children From The Future

Chapter: 2

[By: Fi Suki Saki]


Tsuna and Gokudera staring at Yamamoto who just got hug by the young boy who just appear on the table, so surprised.

"Papa?" Yamamoto himself looked surprised as well.

The young boy released his arm from Yamamoto's neck. Then he looking at Yamamoto's face that already so close to his. But something make him frowned, confused.

"Papa, where's your scar?" he asked innocently.

"Scar?" Yamamoto looked confused with the question submitted by the young boy on his lap. "What scar?"

The young boy frowned again. "The scar on your chin at the right side!"

"But I never had any scar before!"

"Err… Yamamoto,"

Yamamoto and the young boy turned their face to Tsuna who just called them.

"Maybe what he mean by scar is the scar that you got in the future! Remember, I and Gokudera ever saw your future version before, when we go to the future more earlier than you." Said Tsuna try to explain about something that he know. "And do you forgot something? That child, is from the future!" he finished it.

"Oh, right." Muttered Yamamoto. But the young boy on his lap more confused.

"Future?" he quickly glance at every single person at the room where he suddenly appear just now. He remember the room –he ever saw that before from video that showed by his father-, then he finally realised the different from everyone face and the different form of Reborn – since in the future Reborn already adult- who looking at him too.

He blinked. But rather than shock, his face more beamed. That's make everyone(except Reborn) surprised and confused with the unexpected reaction that the young boy from the future showed.

"That's make a sense! You ARE my younger Papa!" he hug Yamamoto again more tightly. "I never expected to meet you from the past! I'm so lucky!" then he released his arm again.

Now it's Yamamoto's turn to blinked. He kinda nervous, and confused. Thinking; what expression should he show right now? Happy or worried? Well… it can't be help. He still too shocked to found out that his future self really has a child. And the BIGGEST part is he just realised, that his child from the future is so much look like him. It's like meeting his younger self. But the different is his child's eyes color.

And not just Yamamoto, even Tsuna, Gokudera, and Reborn thinking the same thing. As Yamamoto's close person – friends - family, they ever saw Yamamoto's old photo album before. And of course they ever saw the photo of younger Yamamoto who smiled at the photo so brightly. And when they finally seeing Yamamoto's future child, they gasped. Who couldn't surprised? Even when they saw Tsuna's future child, they can tell many part of Tsuruhi who looked different from Tsuna's. But at the same time, still, so many part of her that looked same as his father. After all, they are still father and daughter. But seeing Yamamoto's future child, they almost can't tell the different between him and Yamamoto. Almost! Because the one part of him that so different from Yamamoto is the color of his eyes. The color of emerald green. Different from Yamamoto who has golden-brown eyes.

"Wait, you said 'lucky'?" Tsuna blinked. Want to sure if he heard right. And Yamamoto's future child nodded still beamed. "Are you not even worry if you can't go back?" Tsuna continue it.

"Oh, right." He said calmly. Feel like not even worried. "But I'm sure Papa and Mama, and of course Tsunna will do something about the jumping Juunen Bazooka!" he said it casually.

"'Tsunna'? You mean Juudaime? Tsk, even your kid doesn't know how to respect Juudaime!" said Gokudera while clicks his tongue.


"Maa… maa… Gokudera. I guess if he called Tsuna with 'Tsunna', means Tsuna accept it, right?" said Yamamoto then turned his face to look at Tsuna.

"I guess? I mean, Yamamoto is my best friend too Gokudera-kun –like you-, and I already think that you all my family too, right? That's mean his child must be close to mine, right? And I guess Yamamoto's child know me well. Am I right?" Tsuna just answered it with ease and smiling both to Gokudera and mini-Yamamoto.

The mini-Yamamoto smiled back at Tsuna. He nodded. "Yep! Tsunna in the future said I can call him with whatever I want –as long as it's not rude. Though at first Mama said I should call you with more respect. But I really respect you, Tsunna! Like Papa and Mama and all your family did!" he said tried to look firm. But that make him look funny in Tsuna's eyes.

Tsuna chuckled. "You said the same thing like Tsuruhi! Am I really that respected by my guardians?" he asked, with wondering how his Dame-ness can accepted by his guardians especially Hibari who just interested at strong person. He thought.

"Yes, VERRRY! Ah, wait- you said Tsuruhi? Tsunna, you meet Tsuruhi? Where?" mini-Yamamoto suddenly look around. But he didn't find the figure of one of his friends . The first one who got shot by the Juunen Bazooka.

"Oh, Tsuruhi with my mo-"


Tsuna's word cut off by the loud sound of door being opened so harshly.

"Ah! I- I'm sorry Otou-san to opened your door without knocking first!"

Tsuna blinked. "Eh- oh, right. I-it's fine Tsuruhi! What's wrong?"

"Ah, iie… I thought I heard Mikage's voice."




Mini-Yamamoto who called Mikage quickly stand up from his younger father's lap, and walked toward Tsuruhi. He grab Tsuruhi's shoulder then smiling.

"Tsuruhi, you safe! And you here as well!" he said both happily and relieved.

"Yes! And you got shot too?! How? And where's Yukari?" Tsuruhi asked while looking around the room. Searching someone who she mention just now.

Mini-Yamamoto –Mikage just shook his head. "I got shot because I took Yukari's bunny that dropped when the Bazooka already close to me and the other. But I still can throw it to her before got shot!" he replied with Yamamoto's typical smile.

"Oh… Yukari must be worrying you right now!"


Tsuruhi and Mikage turned their face to look at Tsuna who trying to break their conversation just now.

"AH, I'm sorry Otou-san! I'm not trying to ignoring you! I'm just happy to meet one of my best friend from my present." Tsuruhi quckly bowing to her father and his friends. Apologize because she felt being rude right now.

"I'm sorry too, Tsunna! I'm just happy because Tsuruhi is safe." Mikage following Tsuruhi, bowing to everyone in Tsuna's room.

Tsuna's face flushed embarrassed. Why he felt like a bad guy right now?

Tsuna quickly shook his head. "Iie… I'm happy as well because you both worried each other. Wait- It's not really the reason why I called you before,"

"Hahi? Then what is it, Otou-san?"




"Call me 'Tsuruhi-chan' like your future self did, Hayato-jisan!" Tsuruhi pouted.


"And call Mikage with 'Mikage'! I got a feeling that Hayato-jisan might call him 'brat' –like Zio Squalo did- since he is Takeshi-jisan's mini version, right Hayato-jisan?"

"Why you stepped my foot, Tsuruhi?!" Mikage still groaning in whispered, but unfortunately Tsuna and the others can heard him clearly.

"To shut your mouth! Are you really that dense? Read the situation! Isn't your Mama already told you something a month ago?! I am there too, remember?!" Tsuruhi replied it with whispered, but still unfortunately, Tsuna and the others's ears is sharper so they still can heard it clearly. Don't blame them. It's not like they want to eavesdrop the two kid's conversation. But blame the bedroom that is not big enough and their training to make their self can heard any small voice or any sound.

"Oh, right! Sorry…"

Tsuruhi just smiled a little then patted Mikage's shoulder gently. Then Tsuruhi turned his face to look at Gokudera again who she ignored for a moment.

"I'm sorry Hayato-jisan to ignored you for a minute!" she bowing politely. Then it's Gokudera turn to felt embarrassed. Now it's his turn to felt like a bad guy?

"…no …it's …alright…" Gokudera's face flushed. He bowed his head. And that's make Mikage to cover his mouth not to laugh.

Tsuruhi blinked confused. She glance to Mikage then Tsuna. She confused why Hayato-jisan's younger version looked embarassed and flushed.

Tsuna just smiling. "Gokudera-kun blushing because not accustomed when people are asking for forgiveness at him by their self." He said. And that's make Gokudera's face more red.

"Ohh!" then Tsuruhi glanced at Mikage. "You know about this?" she frowned.

Mikage controling himself not to laugh. Then he nodded. "You never know that? Papa and Tsunna ever told me about this before. Though his future self now can control his 'shyness'!" replied him, still smiling to replace his laugh.

Still blushing, Gokudera turned his face to look at Mikage and then glaring at him. Mikage who got death-glare from Gokudera quickly cover his mouth then nodded. He understand why Gokudera glaring at him. Tsuruhi who noticed about that, glance at Mikage. She snickering, "He got you~," then she grinning.

Mikage glaring at Tsuruhi, but she just ignore it. She still grinning. That's make Tsuna and Yamamoto who looking at their future child, looked speechless and sweatdroped.

Reborn smirking. Felt amused after saw how Tsuna's future child enjoyed teased Yamamoto's future child, and how Yamamoto's future child dared to glared at Tsuna's future child because of that.

"Well then Mikage, why don't you introduce yourself to everyone here who doesn't know you yet!?" said Reborn still smirking.

Mikage quickly turned his face to look at Reborn. Then he nodded. But he kinda nervous. Tsuruhi noticed the sweat that falling down on Mikage's face. She patted Mikage's shoulder again like before, gently. She nodded, to say 'it's okay'. He clenched his hand, then bowing. He lifted his head, then smiling to everyone there.

"Introducing; my name is Yamamoto Mikage. My father –as you can tell from my face- is Yamamoto Takeshi. And my mother is…" he clenched his hand again, more tightly. "…I'm sorry!" he bowing again. Make everyone there frowned of confused. Except Tsuruhi who knew why.

"What's wrong?" Yamamoto asked. His expression look worried.

"Is something wrong?" Tsuna asked too. His Hyper Intuition didn't tell about something wrong with Mikage's mother. So he simply confused.

Mikage shook his head. He then glance to his younger father. "Papa…" he not calling his younger father. So Yamamoto just keep his mouth shut, waiting for the next word.

"Papa… are you have a lover right now? Or someone that going out with you?" Mikage asked nervously.

Yamamoto look puzzled, but slightly shook his head. "No."

"Or by any chance, interested with someone?"

"…I'm not sure."

Mikage slightly smiled of disappointed. "I see… then I'm sorry!" He bowed again for the fourth time within a short time. Now Tsuna can't help but think; is the child from the future loves to bow so much?

"I'm sorry! Because Papa not going out or –maybe- not yet love Mama, I can't tell who is my Mama!" continued Mikage.

Gokudera frowned. "Why? Juudaime not yet going out wih Haru but Tsuruhi-sa- err-chan already can told us who's her mother. What's so different from you?" He asked, even though sound like demanded.


Mikage smiled gently at Gokudera. "Mama told me not to tell about that if I -by any chance- met Papa's younger self. I almost –or already- forgot about it if Tsuruhi not remind me just now. Ah, but…" suddenly he beamed. "I don't know why, but Mama said I can tell who's my Mama to Mama's younger self!" he said cheerfully.

"WHAT?" Yamamoto blinked. "Why can tell her but me?!" he frowned, his voice almost like sulking.

"Oh! Almost forget, I can tell Tsunna too!" Tsuna's eyes widened. And now Yamamoto really sulking or more like pouting.

Tsuruhi smiled. "It can't be help. After all Otou-san is the leader! The Boss of one of the biggest mafia group that trusted by everyone or at least, many people!" she said happily.

Gokudera's eyes sparkled. Reborn smirked.

"Dame-Tsuna, look like your future self is so promising!"

"I KNEW IT! Juudaime is the GREATEST Boss EVER!"

And Tsuna frozen. While Yamamoto still act sulking.

"Yukari-chan, please calm down."


"We should run again! The bazooka already close! We can't hide forever!"

"Katsuki, calm down to the extreme! Look at Yukari-chan, she is the youngest among us, and she still crying. After she calm down, we will run again."


"It-it's alright Katsuki-nii… I'm fine! W-we… should run again. I knew, Onii-chan will save! He is strong!"



"Fine, then let's-"

"Shimatta! We have to take a detour NOW!"

"Na, Mikage,"

"Yes, Tsunna?"

"How old are you? You haven't told us earlier."

"Oh, I'm 7 years old. Like Tsuruhi, but a month younger!"

"I see… then, how old I am in your present?"

Mikage quickly glance at Tsuruhi. Tsuruhi just waves her hand and shook his head to telling no. Then Mikage turned back at Tsuna.

"Sorry Tsunna, secret!" Mikage grinning.

Tsuna just sighed of disappointment. It can't be help. He was too curious to know how old he is when he going to have a child in the future. The same like Yamamoto who secretly disappointed as well.

"By the way," Reborn looking at Gokudera who already confused because suddenly stared by him. "is in the future, Gokudera have a child too?" asked Reborn.

Mikage and Tsuruhi startled. Yamamoto and Tsuna blinked. Quickly Mikage and Tsuruhi exchange a glance. They looked nervous.

Gokudera's eyes narrowed as he frowned. The storm guardian felt the children from the future keeping a secret about his future self. But before he can ask, suddenly everyone in the room heard a voice –or more like a chirp, came from the window.

"Akambo! Akambo! Akambo!"

Their eyes caught a teen male figure with black hair, who already stepping his shoes on the floor. With a yellow fluffy little bird that already landed on his head.



The teen who called Hibari frowned and glancing at the two unfamiliar children who caught his eyes because called him with such friendly tone.

"Who are you two?" asked Hibari, still glaring at the children.

Mikage and Tsuruhi reflex stand back and quickly hiding behind Gokudera –because his position close to them right now- with a surprised-look. The Hibari Kyouya in this time felt so different from Hibari Kyouya in their present! Thought Tsuruhi and Mikage at the same time.

"Don't scaring them, Hibari! They are from the future!" said Reborn, warned Hibari.

"Future?" Hibari frowned again, but still staring them. "…stil, who ARE they?"

Tsuna twitched and slightly backwards after heard the forceful tone from Hibari.

"Th-the girl is my child, and th-the boy is Yamamoto's." answered Tsuna, quite nervous.

"Child?" now Hibari glaring at Tsuna and Yamamoto. Tsuna 'eep'-ing, and Yamamoto just laugh nervously while looking around as he rubbing his neck.

Gokudera who can't stand watching his beloved Juudaime being glared by the Cloud guardian, stepped forward and taking out his dynamite. "Teme! Why did you come here anyway?!" he shouted. But just received a silent treatment from Hibari.

"I'm talking to you, DAMN IT!" he shouted again and trying to attack Hibari. Thankfully, he retained by Mikage and Tsuruhi who still behind his back.

"None of your business, Herbivore! I'm here to take the promise," said Hibari finally.

"Wh-what promise, Reborn?!" cried Tsuna.

"To fight me and you, Dame-Tsuna." Answered Reborn as he smirked.

"USO! When you promised that?!"

"Two days ago."


"Why should i?"

"Don't yelling, or Kamikorosu!"


Everyone was there fall silent(yes, even Hibari. Though it's just reflex). Except Tsuruhi and Mikage who right now staring at Tsuna who showing a pain expression as he touch his head, they looked confused. Of course they both confused. Because they just saw Tsuna who groaning in pain when no one –especially Hibari- hit him. No one even touch him from what they just saw. Though the pain expression from the teen brunette not that bad, but it's as if he just got a dizzy treatment.

'What's wrong?' thought Tsuruhi and Mikage at the same time. Then both the children looking at Gokudera who doesn't even say anything yet. He frowned and showing a surprised-look. His mouth moving, but not making any sound. Tsuruhi and Mikage understand with the simple line that Gokudera said just now. "Again?" he said. And what's the meaning by 'again'? thought both the children.

Then their face turned to Reborn after they heard the sound of his smirk.(Reborn make a sound like 'hyuung~' when he smirked in baby's form)

"Again, huh, Tsuna?" asked Reborn. Though that doesn't really sound like question. More like statement.

"What he mean by 'again'?" asked Mikage, whispering at Tsuruhi's ears. Tsuruhi just shrugged as she looking his younger father again.

Hibari's face turned to Reborn as he glaring at the mini Hitman.

"What is it, Akambo?" he asked with irritated and uncomfortable feeling.

But before Reborn can answer the question, Hibari's cellphone rang. Annoyed, but he chose to picked up his cellphone.

"Who? ….what do you want? …that's it?" then he hung up.

But everyone can tell who was the one who called Hibari just now. It's Dino, the boss of Cavallone Famiglia. How did they know? Because before Hibari cut off the conversation, they all can heard the voice of Dino that yelling Hibari's given name. The only one who dared to called Hibari with his given name is Dino, his only tutor. Though other than him, his subordinate called him with 'Kyo-san' and Dino's men can call him with 'Kyouya-san'(sometimes just 'Hibari').

"So Hibari, why Dino called for?" asked Reborn, while patting Leon's head.

"He's on his way to come here." was all Hibari's replied. And Reborn nodded understand.

After feeling a little better, Tsuna raised his head and took a deep breath and release it slowly. Still rubbing his head, he glanced toward the two small kid of the future who was looking at him with curious and full of confusion. Understand why, Tsuna just gave a small smile. Then he turned to look at the other two - his best friends - who looked anxiously.

Realising that he is being looked at by his Boss that one of his best friend as well, Yamamoto just chuckled nervously.

"So Tsuna, feeling better?"

While still holding his head, Tsuna smiled and nodded. Because of the pain in his head was already subsided.

"Juudaime," Gokudera began to speak. "Is another children from the future will come again?"

Tsuna sighed resignedly. "Unfortunately… yes. My gut feeling - and the Hyper Intuition of course - 'said' something like that."

Tsuna then glanced at Tsuruhi and Mikage again. Surprised, seeing the kids of the future was looking up at him with horror and dismay. No, it's more like they're feeling apprehensive. 'But why?' he thought as he frowned.

But Tsuna heard a small murmur came from his daughter. "Please don't let him come. One trouble is enough, don't make it double." Tsuruhi murmured as she lowered her head, unaware that she is being looked at by his younger father.

''Him'? Who? And what trouble?' thought Tsuna confused and curious.

Reborn actually heard the murmur that came from Tsuruhi's mouth. But he chose to remain silent. Wait about what event will happen soon.

"Really! Can't that thing be calm just for a minute?"

"The question that should be asked is; WHERE's the adults when we need them to the EXTREME?!"

"Where's Tsunayoshi-jisan's room?"

"Definitely not in this floor."

"Kyaaaa! The Juunen Bazooka jumping more faster than before!"

"Again? That thing is so EXTREME! Kaa-san will hate to know about this,"

"I guess Haru-obachan will blame Tsunayoshi-jisan to make us running in danger."

"Guys, the Juunen Bazooka take another road. We should take this chance to search the other! Chrome-basan and Zio Hayato should still in this floor. And maybe the others too,"

"I'm sorry, but which way should we go?"

"What are you all doing?"




"Yukari, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Onii-chan. . . Onii-chan was. . ."

"Hahi, what's wrong with your brother Yukari-chan? And where's Tsu-chan and Mikage-kun?"

"Your daughter and Mikage got shot by the malfunction Juunen Bazooka! But instead of their future self appear, they're gone!"


"HAHI! What Tsuna-san doing right now when his daughter is gone?!"

"Calm down Haru. My son is in the same state too!"

"Anyway, we should run again before-"


"Katsuki, it's jumping toward you!"





"So, another child will appear again, na, Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked with happy face, while Mikage sat on his lap.

"What actually is happening here, Herbivore?" Hibari narrowed his eyes to glaring at Tsuna who right now holding Tsuruhi on his lap, like Yamamoto did to Mikage.

The Vongola Decimo Boss almost want to shriek, but he trying to hold it. Doesn't want to make Hibari more irritated with this situation. Because right now, Hibari already prohibited by Reborn to walk away from the teen brunette's room. Tsuna didn't know the reason. Only Reborn and God knows why.

Tsuruhi and Mikage glance each other, then they turned their face to looking at Hibari who issued an extraordinary aura of anger. Everyone in the room(except Reborn and Hibari himself) shivering.

Tsuruhi gulped, one drop of sweat running down on her right cheek.

With great nervous, Tsuruhi begin to speak.

"I-it's the Juunen Bazooka's fault, K-Kyoya-ji. . . san, urgh," Tsuruhi trying to look around, avoiding Hibari's gaze, when his eyes fixed on her.

"Teme! Don't you dare glaring at Tsuruhi-chan!" Gokudera growled as he glared Hibari.

"Hn," was all Hibari's replied.

'Kowai! Remind me not to anger him in the future…!' thought Tsuruhi and Mikage at the same with nervous laugh. Even though they both know how different Hibari Kyouya is in their present than his past.

For five minutes, the entire room went silent. Until the door of the house being knocked by someone.

"Arara… Dino-kun~! You came," the voice of Sawada Nana heard up to Tsuna's room.

"Konbanwa, Maman. This is a little present for you. Ah, is Tsuna home?" Dino's voice audible too.

It's confirmed that Dino Cavallone, Hibari Kyouya's former tutor and Tsuna's big brother-figure, already arrived to Sawada residence.

"Yes. Tsuna is in his room with Yamamoto-kun and Gokudera-kun. OH! And with Tsuruhi-chan, too,"

"Tsuruhi-chan? Who?" Dino's voice sound confused.

"Ara… you don't know too, Dino-kun? Tsuruhi-chan is Tsu-kun's daughter!" her voice sound happy.

"His- WHAT?!" and Tsuna now feel like want to hit his head to the wall for the naïve of his mother.

"Romario, come with me!"

"Hai' hai', bossu."

The rush and noisy sound of footsteps at the stairs sounded loudly in the ears of Tsuna and the others.


And for a second time, the door of his room being opened harshly. And Tsuna know, if another person will open his door harshly again for a third time, his door have to be fix it. Because he can tell, the knop of the door looks begin to bend.

"Otouto, WHERE IS SHE?!" Dino shouted as he looking at Tsuna's room. Then his eyes widened with shock and confusion.

"You're noisy, Haneuma!" Hibari looked at him with deathly glare.

"Don't shout to Juudaime, Baka-Haneuma!" Gokudera glared to at Dino. But not so deathly like Hibari has.

Dino ignored the glare from both the teen boys. His brown eyes still widened as he saw a young girl who sit on Tsuna's lap and a young boy who look so alike with Yamamoto and sit on Yamamoto's lap.

"Wh-wha? Wh-who?" as he pontied at the young girl and the young boy with tremble body.

"Boss, it's rude to point at someone like that!" scolds Romaria who already standing beside him.

Dino just mumbling "sorry" as he lower his hand and looked at Tsuna; he need an explanation!

But before Tsuna try to open his mouth with an explanation, his head began to aching again.

"Ouch!" he almost bite his own tounge because of that.

Dino looked at his little brother with a frown of worried. On the other side, Reborn smirked as he waiting of something –or more like someone. Hibari narrowed his eyes to Tsuna. Yamamoto and Gokudera just stay silent. Tsuruhi praying on his head to god for not bring anymore trouble to her in this age. And Mikage just smiled full of confusion since he still doesn't really understand what (will) happen, and he just know about Tsunna not really hurted.

"What's wrong Tsu-" before Dino finish his question,


a sudden pink smoke appear exactly in front of him.

The pink smoke slowly thinned. The brown eyes of Dino caught a figure of a kid –younger boy, with a dull-blonde hair with messy-short hair and brown eyes. His eyes widened at him with a pair of silver tonfa on both of his hand.

The boy walked one step closer to Dino. Without any warning, with narrowed eyes, the little boy in front of him trying to attack him with the tonfa. But Dino more faster than him. Before the tonfa can reach his waist, he already catch the tonfa with his right hand.

"Hey, what are you do-"

"R-real?!" the eyes of the little boy widened again. "You- you are Papa!? Younger Papa!?"

And only Mikage seems the one who noticed Tsuruhi's eyes widened in horror.

-to be continue-

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Yamamoto Mikage. 7 years old.

Son of Yamamoto Takeshi and Yamamoto –secret-.

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Black hair, Green emerald eyes (Kinda Yamamoto's mini version)

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