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BY THE WAY I DO NOT OWN RUROUNI KENSHIN, OR SAMURAI X. WHAT I DO OWN ARE THE NUMEROUS OCS IN MY STORY, A FEW OF WHICH RE-RE-CREATED. i will explain that later. So to prolong your torture. The demon race is somewhat inspired by a mixture of my imagination and with the Cobra organization from GI JOE VS COBRA.



Kaoru woke up in the mid-morning hours of September 6, 1878 with a smile on her face, predicting another crazy yet peaceful day at the dojo. Kaoru rose from her futon, as she put her hand up to her mouth while letting out a silent yawn and stretched a bit to remove the kinks in her joints and muscles. She stood up lightly rubbing her eyes and walked over to her dresser and pulled out her training gi and hakama for later and a yellow kimono for the day and a pink ribbon. (You should all know this kimono, she commonly wore, first appeared in episode 2)

Kaoru dressed up in her yellow kimono quietly, so not to disturb her three female roommates: Misao, Omasu, and Ochika. Especially since Misao was happily dreaming about Aoshi, while Ochika dreamt about Kenshin's master Seijuro Hiko. Kaoru smiled softly in understanding, since she herself regularly dreamt about Kenshin, ever since she fell in love with him. She unconsciously watched them as they had their romantic dreams, while slowly tying her obi. Kaoru's soft smile turned into a sad a frown as she reminded herself about the current pace her relationship with Kenshin, as if there was any pace at all, was going at.

Kaoru slid open her shoji and stepped out of her room, and closed it behind her. She let out a quite sigh of uncertainty, and leaned against the shoji as she stared up into the beautiful blue sky.

"Six months going onto seven months next week of living together, yet were still so far apart." She whispered to herself with minor sadness. Kaoru clearly remembered of thinking the same thing a week ago. (watch episode 95)

Kaoru also clearly remembered the numerous events and incidents that have taken place this past month, starting in the last few days of July: The Tanabata day-wedding ring fiasco (watch episode 66), Shogo Amakusa, Fake Battousai that had a crossed shape scar on his left arm (episode 77), Hokane springs (watch episode 78, and you're gonna be in a world of surprise and awkward pity), Yutaro and the Black Knights from Germany, etc. In her train of thought, Kaoru's mind sneaked its way back onto the dream subject.

(A/N: I was mentioning some of the fillers from season 3)

"I wonder if... Does Kenshin ever even dreams about me? Or about us?" Kaoru gasped, covering her mouth with the tips of her fingers, as a streak of red appeared across her face, when she realized that was a little bit louder than what she planned on.

But that question did bring up an interesting topic that was full of good, yet random, questions about him like:

How did he get that scar

What was his reason, or reasons, for staying here?

Did he know how she felt about him?

Did he feel the same way?

"Thinking about the Battousai?" Asked a familiar emotionless low pitched masculine voice.

Kaoru's eyes bugged out of her head and she nearly fell over, realizing that she was caught red handed. She shifted her eyes down the partially outdoor hallway to her right and the saw leader of the Owniwanbanshu, Aoshi Shinomori, sitting cross-legged on the wooden engawa in front of the shoji that lead to Kenshin's room, where he spent the night with Yahiko and supposedly Kenshin. Aoshi was happened to be wearing a beige yukata.

"Good morning Aoshi." She sighed in defeat.

"Good morning to you too Miss Kaoru." He returned her greeting as he stood up and bowed to his hostess.

"So how long how have you been up?" She asked not looking at him.

"Hmmm... since past five." He answered also not looking at her.

Embarrassment flooded her cheeks, knowing he heard her most recent question she asked herself.

"I apologize for interrupting your thoughts about the Battousai and your... disappointment of the current status of your relationship with him." He quietly stated with a hint of sympathy.

The young female regained her posture as she heard Aoshi's observation of her being lost in deep thought. She was tempted to smile and say, 'I don't know what you're talking about Aoshi' or 'I'm not unhappy with my relationship with Kenshin.' But she knew couldn't lie about her feelings for Kenshin, no matter how hard she tried to tell people that knew her otherwise. Especially to Aoshi Shinomori, but she tried to lie anyway.

"There's no need to hide or correct in anyway your feelings for him Miss Kaoru." The male ninja said as if he just read her mind before sitting back down in a cross legged position.

Kaoru sighed. He easily saw through her lie. She figured it was best to come clean about it finally, "Kenshin and I are just good friends. And yes I do want to be in a... romantic," She said romantic quickly, "relationship. But while everybody else can see that my feelings for Kenshin are strong, Kenshin himself doesn't seem to acknowledge or see any hints that I want to be more than just friends. Thats probably because he thinks that I just want to be friends with him." She said as her sad sapphire eyes looked to the ground.

"That's where you might be wrong, Miss Kaoru." He slowly declared.

Kaoru looked up at him with hopeful yet nervous eyes as if had some sort of revelation about Kenshin and Kaoru's future.

"Kenshin Himura the wanderer may not seem to notice your feelings for him, at least the romantic feelings, as much on a regular basis, either whenever you want him to notice your feelings for him, or whenever you show it through your actions, such as shedding tears for him, tending to his injuries, fearing for his safety and his life, and waiting for him at the dojo gates to return when he's late getting back home from an errand. But Himura the Battousai, there is good chance that he probably acknowledges your feelings, however the wanderer is used as a mask and a shield, to keep Battou-."

Aoshi was interrupted when he heard a low a growling sound realized where it was coming from. Kaoru heard it too but couldn't pinpoint its location.

"You're hungry." He stated.

Kaoru sweat dropped and swore to herself under her breath.

"We'll continue this talk later Miss Kaoru." He said as he stood up. Kaoru sighed disappointedly an okay in response.

"For now I shall make breakfast." He offered as he started walking to the kitchen.

She snapped out of her embarrassment, "Oh is Kenshin still sleeping? Since he normally makes breakfast at this time."

"No. In fact he didn't enter his room last night."

"What!? Where could he be?" She asked with concern building up.

"Hmmmm... I think I know where." Aoshi thought out loud.

Few minutes later they found him in the kitchen... sleeping, in a sitting position up against the wall next to the sink, while his right hand held sword. A sweat drop formed on the back of Kaoru's head s's she stood hunched over at least three feet away from him. Aoshi stood in the middle of the kitchen with his eyes closed, as if he were in a trance.

"I knew it. I knew he would he fall asleep doing the dishes if he did them late at night. I told him to leave them and I would do them in the morning." She said as her irritation started to grow.

"Well... yes it was... unwise," He agreed, "to start a household chore less than two hours before midnight."

"My point exactly."

"However he did eat quite a lot as a compliment in regards of you cooking a delicous meal," He countered, "and thought that doing the dishes would be a proper reward."

Kaoru's irritation grew even more, "I know its in his character, but sti-."

Kaoru was interrupted by a strange noise, but it wasn't her stomach this time, but instead sounded like a... hissing noice... coming from Kenshin.

Aoshi and Kaoru refocused their attention on the man before them. Sweat started to form on Kenshin's face as he began to flinch erratically while making very quite yet strange noises.

Hiss. Hiss. Hiss.

"Is he dreaming?" Kaoru asked quietly.

Aoshi didn't respond, he just stood looking at him with a blank expression on his face.


"Is he dreaming about-."

"Peace." He made a barely audible whisper. Confusion started brewing in the girls head.


After about a minute, Kaoru's growing confusion was replaced by a slow but sure growth of concern for the man that she deeply cared about. Kenshin flinching was added on by wincing as his face became even sweatier, while he made silent hisses.

Kaoru started to worry that he might be having a dream about Kyoto. She lowered herself to the floor and sat straight up on her legs in front of him. Ready to wake him and provide comfort if it appears to get...

"Peace is impossible to achieve." He whispered calmly as he switched back to showing signs of fear and struggle on his face, while lightly gritting his teeth.

Kaoru placed her hand on his scarred cheek hoping to calm him down, but it didn't. She tried calling out to to him, "Kenshin," She whispered, "Kenshin if you can here me, wake up. Please wake up. You're not in Kyoto, you're living in Tokyo. The revolution is over. You're not Battousai anymore!"

"Peace is... flower... corrupt... hands of ignorance!" He lightly shouted in a staggered manner.


Kenshin's breathing started to become slightly more rapid, Kaoru didn't take that as a good sign. Aoshi stood in the same spot as he fixed his gaze with great curiosity and interest at his former adversary.

'I doubt he's dreaming about Kyoto.' He thought.

"Idea of... long peace... ruling... reality renouncing... power oppression."

Hiss. Hiss.

Kaoru felt confusion and worry battle within her, as she struggled to understand what Kenshin was saying... or rather dreaming about. Aoshi on the other hand was confused, yet deeply interested in what was going through Kenshin's head at the moment.

"Peace... desireable and achievable... sought by... determined to protect... costs them lives."

"Kenshin I don't what you're dreaming about, but whoever you're fighting doesn't exist. So just wake up! Kenshin!" She fearfully demanded as she shook him little by his shoulders.


"Kenshin please hear my voice!" She demanded, yet calmly this time, as she placed a hand on both sides of his face.

"Protect... peace... protect country... protect someone... you love."

Kaoru froze and blushed upon hearing those last four words. Aoshi raised an eyebrow and finally decided to speak, "Now I'm really interested in what he's dreaming about."

Kaoru didn't know what to say, think, or do now. She was still blushing, and she was unsure if that was meant for her.

"Peace... human race."

"Kenshin?" She asked scooting closer to him and lowering her hands to shoulders.

"Peace for the human... and demon race."

Aoshi raised both eyebrows after hearing that last statement, he was curios to what this man was dreaming about. Kaoru only stared at him with perplexity on her face, wondering what kind of a dream he was having, she noticed that in his sleeping state, his small thrashings, flinchings, and random reflexes had recided, and his breathing returned to normal, all sounds from Kenshin, except for his breathing, died. The room fell silent.

Kaoru could only breathe a sigh of relief, thinking whatever disturbing dream he had was over, 'Kenshin. I don't what you were dreaming about, but I want to know. I want you to tell me, so I can be there and provide you comfort if was that bad. I just only hope it wasn't-.'


Kaoru's thoughts were interrupted by Kenshin going back to his strange hissing, only louder and with a little bit more malice. She noticed he had a panicked look on his face and started shaking his sword.


Kaoru's fears came back in full force, she struggled to calm herself as she pleaded to him, "Kenshin! Kenshin! Wake up! Wake up Kenshin!" She began shaking him by the shoulders hoping it would help her in waking Kenshin up from a dream that appeared to go really bad.

"KENSHIN!" She called out in fear.



Kenshin was paralyezd in fear, as his eyes and face were filled with horror at the sight of his bloodless sword has taken on a life of its own in the ugliest manner.

Without warning, it used god like speed, shooting up at Kenshin ready to sink its venomous fangs into his face until...

"KENSHIN!" A familiar female voice called out.

All of a sudden the snake stopped millimeters away from its target, while the darkness flashed into a blinding light.


Kenshin's eyes flew open as he shot forward, but was stopped by for some reason and was somewhat restrained. His breathing was slightly rapid and shallow, his face and gi were a little moist from the cold sweat his body produced at some point.

"Kenshin?" The familiar female voice spoke again.

Upon hearing the voice, Kenshin managed to almost get his brewthing under control and slowly became aware of his surroundings. He blinked a couple of times and saw Kaoru, the woman who recreated his sole, sitting before him, with eyes filled with worry.

"M-miss Kaoru?"

"Shhh. Its alright Kenshin. It was only a bad dream, you're not in Kyoto." Kaoru said as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and comforted him like a mother would do for her child.

"Oro?" Kenshin was confused, "Kyoto? I wasn't dreaming about the revolution! That I wasn't!" He tried to explain.

"I guess my reasons for doubting that were correct." Interjected Aoshi

"Kenshin," Kaoru began as she pulled herself away from the redhead, "if you weren't dreaming about the revolution, yet you still had a bad dream, would you be willing to talk about it later?" She asked as she stared at him with hopeful eyes.

Kenshin flashed her with one of his rurouni smiles, "Of course Miss Kaoru. I can't keep secrets from you. That I can't."

"Really? Thats sweet of you to say that, even though you do!" She said through her teeth in a irritated tone as a small yellow vein pulsates a few times off of her head.

Kenshin sweat dropped and raised his hands as he tried to clarify that 'secret keeping habit' he has, "W-well I kinda have t-to k-keep secrets sometimes if-if-if it complicates your safety! Same goes for Yahiko! That it does." Kenshin nervously said as he struggled keeping his rurouni smile.

Kaoru lightly growled in response, indicating she didn't like that answer.

"I'll just leave the room and make breakfast outside." Aoshi declared grabbing a few things in order to execute the task, before exiting the kitchen, leaving the swordsman of legends to his impending fate.

"ORO!? Uhh... i-if you want Miss Kaoru, starting today I can be a little m-m-more open about myself! That I can...WILL!

"Really?" Kaoru eyes turned glassy circular orbs that held two shining stars

"Oh Kenshin thank you!" She hugged him by his neck again.


Kenshin sensed that someone familiar was in the room. He looked past Kaoru, and sure enough, Hajime Saito was standing on the other side of the kitchen. Sanosuke told everyone he died in the flames at Mt. Hiei, but knowing Saito, he must've escaped. Kenshin scowled at him and guessed he was here for a fight. However Kenshin didn't sense an immediate threat from him, but was still

"Hello Saito. Can I help you with something?" He asked struggling to use a polite tone.

Kaoru froze for a second after the mere mentioning of Saito's name, she quickly pulled back and turned halfway around, still crouching, and shot glaring daggers from her eyes at the most despicable man, in her book, who was suppose to be dead.

"Uhhh... I'm not interrupting anything am I?" He asked with a surprised look on his wolf-like face with a cigarette barely hanging from his mouth.


The pair took immediate notice at the fact, that one of them, was straddling the other by their legs. You can guess which is which.

The two using god like speed stood up with embarrassment on their faces.

"No no no no! No Saito you weren't interrupting anything! That you weren't! Because nothing was going between us! That there wasn't!" Kenshin tried to explain.

"Just keep it in the bedroom next time Himura." He said blowing smoke from his cigarette.

"We will." He said.

Kenshin's eyes bugged out, realizing what he just walked into.


"What do you want Saito? What are you doing here?" Kaoru asked in a demanding tone, trying to steer away from the embarrassing incident.

"We'll discuss that during breakfast." He simply said walking out of the room. He stopped outside the exit and said something that surprised them, "Its about the demon race."

Just then Sanosuke's voice called, "SAITO I KNOW YOU'RE HERE! COME ON OUT SO WE CAN SETTLE THE SCORE!"

Saito, Kaoru, and Kenshin all sweat dropped at Sano's foolish demands.

"Orooooo. Sano."

Breakfast was slightly awkward at first due to the tensions created by Sano, over Saito's unwanted presence, and by Misao's attempts to win Aoshi's attention. Everyone ate outside, since Aoshi prepared the meal there.

"So Saito... what is this demon race you wanted to talk with me about?" Kenshin asked with a serious face.

Everyone, except for Aoshi and Kaoru, went silent after hearing what they thought was a random question.

Saito ceased eating his plain soba and looked at him.

"Well to start off, a couple months ago the Japanese Navy found a continent, that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere know in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, full of them... not just demons but humans too. Several skirmishes followed after, those demons can fight. So their king, Ebenezer Forrgon, is coming to Tokyo to sign a treaty next week. Yamagata is coming over with someone, to tell you the rest." He finished before drinking his tea.

"Oh... okay..." Kenshin said before sipping his tea.

"But what does that have to do with Kenshin? Act as security?" Sano asked suspiciously.

"That and their king wants to meet him."

Kenshin nearly choked on his tea after hearing Saito's last response. Everyone else gasped and stared with wide eyes at each other.

Just then a carriage pulled up the dojo gates, and out stepped Yamagata, following was a short, western style brown colored dressed... blue skin colored... creature.

"Good morning Mr. Yamagata." Kenshin said as he and the others bowed.

"And to you too Himura," He bowed in return, "I'm amusing your friend Saito mentioned something unusual."

Kenshin slowly nodded.

"Well let me introduce you to royal emissary, Mr. Kragas Varrooshka."

"That's certainly a strange name, that it is."

He gestured to the blue demon. Everyone turned to the small monster.

He or it.. Was rather skinny, his head looked like a blue skull, with horns sticking out from the sides. His eyes were red glowing bulges, similar to that of an insect. He had five sharp teeth sticking out from the upper part of mouth. Kragas, who was in a hunched posture, slowly looked up at them.

"Ekkota." The creature said in some foreign language with a slow, raspy voice.

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