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Ages of the characters:

Ebenezer Forrgon: 85

Cobra (Kovranius) 'Venomous' Forrgon: 78

Achilles: 73

Helena: 76

Nikolai Zakhaev: 435

Frederich Heissler: 187 going on 188 soon.

Jacques 100: Gargoyle-Human hybrid.

Ro'gurrak 'Roger' Uruz: 96.

Troggurak Uruz Warlord of the Yaartevzarns: 3000+

Mao De Rajahtar: Roughly over 2000. Chinese-Indian descent rumored to have some unknown Cobreinian blood. Rajahtar is Indian that's been Cobrenized.

Cobreiny has roughly 100 native tongues and dialects, other than the European and Asian languages.

Its capital is Zharans named after the goddess of war. I know I said Constantinople earlier but I'm retconning soon. Because of the influx of Greek, Turkish, Slavic and Italian immigrants being brought to the country before and after the fall of the dying it gained another name Zharans-Konztal'kharl. How outsiders are brought or find their way to the continent and why was able to stay hidden will be explained in the future.

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"Lets move it men! Get into formation you lot!" Aritomo Yamagata ordered, his arm extended out.

He was mounted atop of his horse directing his men prepare for a counter assault. Over 300 Japanese cavalrymen with an additional 150 Cobrenian soldiers of the 13th Eastern Zharans Cavalry Regiment, stood ready upon their horses... and strange creatures what could only be assumed to be from horses from Cobreiny. Many of them had horns, natural plate armor, and some of the creatures and a few horses had eight legs. As though they were from Viking mythology.

The 13th was part of the Zharanic Cavalry Corps. This branch of the army consisted of 5000 men and has been around for nearly a thousand years going back to the Great Civil War that began in the 175th year of the 14th Age, or 1086 A.D. to be more simplistic. 35 years of on and off terror and 2.5 billion lives lost to the conflicts with another 4 billion wounded, one eighth of those never fully recovered. That number does not include the near billion made homeless, nor the hundreds of millions who died of hunger and disease during and the decades after that nightmare.

Cobreiny's Great Golden Age, a time where technological innovation was at its highest to the point of... flying machines and space travel... came to an end and ushered in the New Dark Age of the Maja, Mik, and Zelik-Christo Dynasties or 15th Age, which began to end sometime during the reign of Maxkhrillverus Forrgon IV.

The country still bares the scars and there are those still around to tell the many tales, though not many. The average life expectancy for many of the various breeds dropped as did the population start from 10 billion in 1086 to 6 billion in 1121.

Police commissioner Kawaji was with Yamagata, also mounted on a brown horse overseeing his men, and also barking orders. The men were armed with a variety of weapons: rifles, revolvers, swords, spears and pole arms and bows. Ready to wreak death upon their enemies.

Shortly after the surprise attack, the Imperial and Hybrid Armies leaped into action. They had spent the previous day making preparations for an event such as this.
Less than twenty minutes later they were prepared for the counter attack just as Ebenezer and his men were meeting up with Kenshin at the wall the fight, a counter attack was underway.

A Japanese horseman galloped up to his superior and saluted him. "Sir! A runner has informed me that our artillery is currently being deployed from the north east, behind the enemy's flank. And it appears the enemy's artillery has ceased firing as their troops are currently engaged with our own."

"Excellent! Inform them to commence firing on the enemies rear when ready. And tell them to cease fire after 10 volleys."

"Yes sir, Lord Yamagata!" The young soldier said before he sped off.

A Cobreinian with pupils glowing as red dots in a bottomless abyss, face obscured by a thick cloth and a battered viper trooper helmet, mounted on a rich brown horse approached Yamagata and Kawaji, hooves clomping the ground below its body. Armed with a pole arm. The thick wooden shaft was five feet long and the thick, three inch wide iron blade was just over a foot long, serrated at the front and slightly curved backward into a hooked tip.

"Sir! Captain I'kor Nemegov reporting for duty sir!" The soldier saluted his superiors.

(A/N: Think the Cobra troopers from GI Joe vs Cobra. Look'em up.)

Yamagata nodded at him. "At ease captain! What do you have for me?"

"As you can see the northern flank is prepared, all we have do to for now is wait for the rest of my men on the western flank to give the signal."

"That being?" Kawaji asked.

"Black flares sir. They shall rise high enough for those Union Jacks in India to take notice of them. Perhaps even the Iron Chancellor in Berlin." He grinned under his mask.

"It hasn't been a week since your kind showed up with talks of peace and now we have army of your kind and these... creatures called orcs showing up in our country out of the blue." Kawaji glared at I'kor.

I'kor's red eyes flashed a couple times at Kawaji's words. "What are you insinuating Commissioner? That we organized this whole-"

"That's enough you two! We have a foe to defeat." Yamagata sternly reprimanded.

"My apologies Lord Yamagata, but it bothers me that the fact that Tokyo was under martial law not too long ago and now we have an army on our doorstep and a public on the verge of a great panic!"

Yamabata pinched the bridge of his nose before responding, "I understand your concerns Kawaji, once the day ends in our favor you can make your case to King Ebenezer. But right now we must focus on the task at hand."

"My apologies Lord Yamagata." Kawaji bowed his and conceded his argument for the time being.

"If I'm not mistaken you had your army on our doorstep not too long ago." I'kor muttered moving his beast away from the two men to get into his position.

Yamagata understood how Kawaji felt about this whole affair. Earlier this year Japan was on the verge of fire and anarchy brought on by Makoto Shishio when one of his men assassinated Secretary Okuba of the Interior Ministry. It nearly cost the lives of two of his swordsmen.

A Japanese soldier from a high point above the cavalry units, a tower, stared out to the west with his binoculars. Then he noticed a black smoke trail heading up tot the heavens.

He fired his flare gun into the air...

I'kor looked up and saw the flare. "Kor'chika sa'tul'nora't yoppo Czokara-Allmother yerzu tah Odin-Allfather strazolak maygarnar br'alsh Hardox yettu'rator-ka'kosmpo-yator'rettu tachaorik Valhalla." 'May Czokara the Allmother and Odin the Allfather give us strength and protect us from the armies of death but secure our places in Valhalla with the best ale in the Void.'

"Begin the charge!"

"Form up on Lord Yamagata!"


Back on the front.







"Fight on my brothers! FIGHT MY BROTHERS!" A Cobreinian Officer yelled before firing his revolver.

"Allah Akbar!" A soldier cried.

"God is dead!" Said another.

All along the front both sides fought with as much might as they could muster. The armor of the enemy was rather basic. Plated chest pieces, leather harnesses and bracers.

A Japanese soldier fired his rifle felling a foe, and a another before being cut down from an Orc from his side and then that Orc was killed when a bayonet got him in the neck and then that soldier... got his head cut off by a Tiger Hyrdan...

... And that Tiger was stabbed in the stomach and... transformed into a skinny bald, human.

An Orc swung his large sword, felling four men as it cleaved their flesh... before a bullet struck him in the eye.

Cobra blocked a crusader's sword with his Zovorium claws and slashed him across the abdomen sending blood and bits of chain mail flying.

An Orc held a wounded Japanese soldier down with his short leg so he could finish him off with a spear when a fist collided with his gray ugly face, shattering his skull.

"Aku! Soku! Zan!" Saitou chanted as he cut down one foe after another. He came across a heavily armored opponent with large yet crude shield. Saitou went into his Gatotsu stance, he sprung forward and his sword came out the man's back.

A Cobreinian was beating a crusader to death with his own severed arm before a spear got him in the back...

"Rarrgh!" Nikolai swung his Bardiche sending several men flying...


"D'AGHH!" Nikolai roared out in pain. An enemy had thrust his spear piercing Nikolai's chest armor under his rib cage, blood poured out from his wound. But Nikolai fought through the pain and cut down the one one stabbed him.

Kenshin saw this and shouted in concern, "Sir Nikolai!"

"Don't loose focus! He'll be fine!"

The Russian's wound slowly healed up as he stared down the wall of spears pointed at him.

Back of the small spear formation officers started ordering their respective troops to regroup push forward while some were ordered to collect the wounded and fall back. Kaoru walked with Ebenezer, her bokken ready to defend herself. Looking around her she took notice of those who had fallen on both sides feeling slightly nauseated yet interested.

She got a good look at the creatures called Orcs and was immediately repulsed by their appearance. Physically, they were short in stature and humanoid in shape. They were squat, broad, flat-nosed, sallow-skinned, bow-legged, with wide mouths and slant eyes, long arms, dark skin, and fangs. Their armor and weapons looked crude and clumsy yet menacing.

"Horrific creatures aren't the?" Ebenezer spoke nonchalantly as he casually walked behind among the running soldiers and behind his own men laying waist to the enemy lines, slowly advancing.

"T-they are, but I can't let my HAHH!" Kaoru cried out as she struck an attacking Human-Tiger in the jaw knocking out a fang, "get distracted by that."

Ebenezer briefly gazed down at her shorter figure. "Kudos to you for your focus. He had a great charge yet you dodged and made short work of him." He said as dozens of soldiers ran past them to form up.

"Come, Miss Kamiya we are losing ground." He added before lightly running to the group.

Just then they heard a roar of pain come from Nikolai. Kaoru's eyes widened and stopped for a second for her mind to register.

"Uncle Nicky is hurt, more reason to move!" The King shouted briefly turning around as he kept moving back.

"Right!" She sped up to him.

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