Hello there! This is my first LOTR fic. Hope you guys like it!

Disclaimer: I do not own LOTR just Morakai

Skin, pale as moonlight. Hair, black as shadows in the night.
Eyes, crimson as the blood which flows through your veins or black as the darkest depths of Sauron's heart.
A voice like an angel and beautiful as the rising sun.
A goddess to some and a demon to others, but to all she is Lady Morakai, daughter of Sauron.

When you are young you are told the story of Sauron and the ring of power. You are told of how a young hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins saved Middle-Earth by destroying the ring. How a ranger became a king and an elf a human. But the one story you are never told is that of a powerful and dangerous creature, more powerful than Sauron himself. You are never told that this creature helped save Middle-Earth. You are never told because no one remembers. No remembers because in their minds she never existed. Only a few remember, myself included, of how her betrayal caused Sauron's demise and won us the war.

No one remembers the vampiress that is Sauron's daughter. No one remembers her midnight black hair and crimson colored eyes. No one remembers Morakai. But I do. I remember her. I remember because i am her. I am Lady Morakai.

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