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As if a signal had been given the remaining Phantoms charged, only for the newcomer to put his sword away and pull out the gun. Once the gun was out he fired, hitting a Phantom in between the eyes with frightening accuracy, then without even stopping the figure fired again, hitting another Phantom between the eyes.

'Ok that's scary,' Megara thought as she hung back to find an opening to get some of the disciple's blood, only to see him put two more bullets through the skulls of two more Phantoms, 'the only way you get that good with a gun is if you were trained by Strife personally.'

Two more shots, and two more dead Phantoms later, the disciple quickly put his gun away and pulled the handle out from his belt. The minute the handle was in his hand it lit up, revealing a electric blue bladed whip.

'That weapon had to come from Fury,' Megara thought in amazement, as the disciple wrapped the whip around the weapon arm of the closest Phantom and ran towards the Phantom, only to jump over the shoulder opposite of its weapon arm, forcing the weapon to decapitate its owner as the disciple kicked another Phantom in the face, forcing it to barrel into its brethren. As soon as the disciple's feet touched the ground he spun the whip in a series of rapid circles, severing limbs from bodies, with the amputations either proving to be fatal and in some cases outright killing the victims. Megara then noticed where the disciple was standing at the bridge that lead to the portal, using the natural formation to bottleneck the Phantom's, rendering their superior numbers useless. Also, the area leading up the portal was quickly becoming a killing field, with the disciple in a rather particular display of brutality once again wrapping his whip around a Phantom's arm and then using that Phantom's weapon to decapitate one of its fellows before he forced the Phantom to drop the weapon, snatched it out of the air, and then used it to split its owner's skull. Then, almost moving as if it was a dance that had been choreographed beforehand the disciple quickly deactivated the whip and put it back on his belt, while simultaneously pulling out his sword and cleaving a nearby Phantom in half.

'For the love of the Fallen One how many of the Horsemen has this guy been trained by,' Megara thought as the disciple used a counter that he had to have learned from War. Then, in a rather impressive feat of strength, the disciple threw the sword into the chest of one of the few remaining Phantoms. Thinking that they now had the advantage the ten battle ready Phantoms left charged at the disciple. The disciple ran towards them, in a move that seemed liked suicide, grinning in sadistic glee the first Phantom to get close to the disciple swung at him, only for the disciple to move out of the way, jump up, wrap a arm around the offending Phantom's throat, and using the momentum he built up, performed a quick barrel roll, and threw the Phantom into its compatriots, knocking two of them over. Then the disciple ran at another and clotheslined the Phantom, caving in its windpipe and causing the Phantom to clutch at its throat as it coughed out its last breaths. Now that he had some breathing room the disciple extracted their sword from the chest of the Phantom they had hurled it at, and used it split a Phantom in half at the waist. He then pivoted and slashed another Phantom across the chest, splitting its heart in two. Using the momentum from that attack the disciple spun around severed an arm from one of the few remaining Phantoms. It was now that the four Phantoms still standing realized that it might be in their best interest to beat a hasty retreat, only for the disciple to pull out his gun and shoot all four in between the eyes. At this moment, the three he had knocked down earlier had gotten up and were about to attack him, when the disciple rammed his sword into one of them, kicked another off the edge, and used his whip to open up the Phantom's neck and sever its arteries, causing it choke on its own blood.

'Apparently all of them,' Megara thought, as she went over the entire battle in her mind, noting that he had used attacks or weapons associated with each of the Horsemen, 'well now is as good a time as any.'

With that Megara pulled out a mini-crossbow and took aim at the disciple, after all if the bolt killed him that she got some of his blood and he was one less headache to deal with. If it didn't then she at least had some their blood and it was still a mission accomplished. It was a win-win situation for her either way.

With Naruto…

"What a workout," Naruto said to himself as he rotated his right shoulder, "I'm gonna be sore in the morning."

With that said Naruto went and grabbed Crucifier and tore off some fabric from the pants of a Phantom that hadn't turned to ash yet and used it wipe some the blood off it. While he was doing this, he heard a peculiar whistling noise and felt something cut into his cheek. Retracing the flight path of the bolt he saw a figure in a maroon cloak running toward him. Quickly getting himself into a ready stance, only to be shocked as the figure ran past him for the bolt, which he had now realized had some of his blood on it.

With Megara…

Megara snatched the bolt from the ground, sheathed her mini-crossbow, pulled out the compass like device that Balthrier had given her, and began trying to shake even small droplet of the disciple's blood into the small indent on the compass. She then had to quickly dodge as the disciple swung at her, forcing her to drop the bolt, which fell into the canyon below. Looking at the spot the bolt had fallen into in shock, she almost didn't dodge the downward stab that would have ended her life. Quickly getting up she noticed that the cut she had inflicted from her bolt had a small stream of blood running down the disciple's cheek, making Megara feel some sort of relief. Only for her to dodge and unsheathe a twin pair of daggers that she had sheathed on her belt to block the incoming strike from the disciple. Straining from the force of the disciples strike and the fact they had gravity on their side in this case. Megara then looked up and noticed that the blood that had thus far traveled down the disciple's cheek was about to fall off. Quickly disengaging from the stalemate by pivoting on her left foot, sheathing her daggers, and pulling out the compass all in one smooth motion, Megara was able to catch the drop of blood while the disciple was trying to regain their footing. The moment the blood touched the indention on the compass a dull red light flashed before the compass started spinning wildly.

"Come on come on," Megara pleaded, hoping to have it point to a portal that would lead her to the disciple's home realm before they cut her head off. As if to answer her prayers the needle pointed to the portal that was now starting to close.

'Go figure, he's a human who came from Eden,' Megara thought, before she broke into a sprint at the portal and dove in, the portal flashing showing that it had allowed her entrance.

With Naruto…

Naruto quickly ran to the portal, knowing that even with the one demon making it through the portal could cause a lot of damage and possible throw the balance into chaos. Quickly chasing the demon into the portal Naruto had no way of knowing how this event would shape the rest of his life. Once he had gotten through the portal Naruto looked around and noticed he was currently in the middle of a great forest with the trees having massive trunks and equally massive branches. Performing a quick scan of the area he noticed that there were no tracks from the demon who had attacked him. Sighing he began looking around for any signs of civilization he quickly found a well-worn path that hopefully to some kind of city, didn't really matter if it was the White City or the Black City, though the sheer amount of vegetation made a firm case against the latter. After twenty minutes of walking Naruto came to a large dirt road that lead to a large gate, blending into the crowd Naruto was able to get inside without raising any suspicion.

After another five minutes of walking Naruto came to the what must have been the marketplace, as evidenced by the various people hawking their wares, mostly food, the occasional jewelry merchant, and another merchant who apparently sold clothes. He walked in a little more than stopped and took a deep breath, smiling at the scents that tickled his nose. Currently, Naruto stood on a dirt path and inhaled sharply again, catching the scent of flowers and various food stalls as, he walked through the village.

"Feels like home," Naruto said to himself, just before he caught the scent of lavender flowers and fresh baked cinnamon rolls on the air, "what a curious combination."

Taking another sniff of the air and following the scent he soon saw two girls one with short cut indigo hair, pale pearl colored eyes, at least the eye he could see, wearing a dark blue crop top with a fish net shirt, dark blue capri styled pants, dark blue sandals, and she had a cream-colored fur lined coat wrapped around her waist. The other had shoulder length black hair, plain black eyes, and sharp facial features she was wearing a long sleeve light blue shirt, white pants tied off at her ankles, black sandals, and a pair of fingerless gloves with small metallic studs on the back of the knuckles.

'Why do they seem so familiar,' Naruto asked himself, raking his brain to try and figure out why it seemed like he should know them, 'a mystery for another time.'

With that puzzle filed away for later Naruto began searching for any clues as to the demon's whereabouts.

With the girls…

Hitomi Uchiha, one of the last remaining Uchiha loyal to Konoha after the Great Uchiha Massacre, was currently looking for flowers to put on both her mother's and Naruto's graves. Seven years ago, one of her few friends, Naruto Uzumaki by name or Foxy-kun as she liked to call him, had disappeared and after a year of searching tirelessly the Hokage had been forced to declare the boy dead in absentia, or in simple terms they assumed he was dead because they couldn't find any indication that he was still alive. When the Hokage had given that decree there were several silent celebrations happening all around the village, while she and her best friend Hinata Hyuga mourned the loss of one of the few people who didn't view them as either part of the Uchiha clan or the Heiress Apparent to the esteemed Hyuga clan. Hitomi's sorrow was only compounded later in the week when her elder cousin Itachi Uchiha had massacred almost the entirety of the Uchiha clan leaving only two survivors, her cousin Saskue and herself, though her survival had more to do with the fact that she had been spending the night at a Hinata's house.

"So are putting the same flowers on Naruto's grave we do every year," Hinata asked, already looking for the usual flowers they got for this time of year, the flowers in question were a rather unique breed called Phoenix Roses, the reason for the name was because the when the flower wilted it looked like it took the form of the firebird that was its namesake, the petals of the flower had deep red petals with orange spots. Every year around this time Hinata and Hitomi would put this specific breed of flower on Naruto's grave.

"Yeah," Hitomi answered with a nod, already spying the flowers. The reason they put this specific breed of flower was because they both remembered that it was Naruto's favorite and that he had always talked about starting a garden and having them be the centerpiece. With a nod Hinata carefully gathered five of the roses and paid the vendor before she and Hitomi made their journey to the cemetery.

After twenty minutes of walking they had arrived at the headstone, paid for by the Hokage himself and located in a back corner of the cemetery, and cleared away some of the grass, weeds, and dead flowers. Sighing they carefully placed the flowers in a make shift vase, which was little more than one of Naruto's bad attempts at making a clay pot, and filled it with water from a canteen they had been carrying.

"Hard to believe he has been gone for seven years," Hinata stated, smiling sadly at the headstone.

"Yeah," Hitomi replied, before letting out a sorrowful chuckle, "seems like only yesterday he was loudly bragging about how he was going to be Hokage."

As the both of them began to reminisce about the times they shared with their blonde headed friend a loud explosion was heard. Immediately the two Ninja-in-training bolted to figure out what the cause of the explosion was and if they could help in anyway.

With Naruto…

Naruto had been walking through the village for the past fifteen minutes, idly noticing and not really caring about the looks of surprise directed his way. It was at this time four people in thin looking grey breastplates, greaves, and gauntlets each wearing a mask designed to look like a different animal's face, black short sleeve undershirts, black sandals, and black pants with pouches strapped to their sides appeared in front of him.

"You're coming with us," the apparent leader stated, this one having a mask that was designed like a cat's face and having long purple hair.

"On who's authority," Naruto asked, knowing that if they were agents of the Charred Council he would have to go to report on his progress or lack thereof, though he noted that didn't bear any markings that showed they were the Charred Council's agents, still one can never be too careful.

"By order of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi," the leader announced. Naruto then scratched his head, wondering again why he felt that name should mean something to him.

"That name supposed to mean something to me," Naruto asked, crossing his arms over his breastplate.

"He is the leader of this village you insolent gaijin," shouted another one, this one wearing a mask designed to look like an ox's face, "and you will show him the respect he deserves."

"And if I decide that it would be a waste of my time," Naruto stated, his training immediately kicking as he evaluated the potential enemies in front of him.

'Four-man unit, armed short swords, possibly used to quick in and out conflicts, thin armor on the chest, arms, and legs, possibly ceramic most likely meant to deflect thrown projectiles,' Naruto thought to himself, already formulating a strategy, 'in a crowd of civilians need to finish the fight quick to minimize causalities.'

"You will come with us even if we have to drag you there," the ox masked one shouted.

"Ox we are not here to start a fight," the cat masked one stated, trying to defuse the situation.

"I'd listen to your boss," Naruto said, a strategy ready to be implemented in case of conflict.

"Why you little," the ox masked one said, weaving his hands into various hand signals, "Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb."

The minute he finished that sentence a draconic looking head appeared out of the street, causing the civilians to take cover behind stalls or inside buildings, and shot out various stone projectiles at the blonde, who dodged each of the projectiles and made to punch the ox masked individual in the face, only for the cat masked individual to catch him by the wrist and move to throw him.

"This should be fun," Naruto stated, just before he countered the cat masked individual's throw by grabbing her arm and pivoting, colliding into her hip with his own, and throwing her over his shoulder, only for her to stick to the wall he had thrown her at.

"Neat trick," Naruto said, honestly amazed, just before he pulled out his revolver Perdition and shot a rat masked individual, who had been attempting to sneak up on him, in the knee. He then pulled out and activated the bladed whip that his mother gave him and wrapped it around a dog masked individual's right arm and gave it a sharp tug that made the dog masked individual to him, who he then clothes lined. It was now he noticed a pair of hands that had sprouted from the ground and had grabbed him the ankles. Just before they dragged him into the ground.

"Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu," the Ox masked one announced.

"Cool trick," Naruto stated, "but I got one too."

With that Naruto focused and gave a mighty roar as a fox-shaped shroud appeared around him, just before he jumped out of the hole the ox masked individual had tried to trap him in. He then grabbed the ox masked individual by the throat and with great strength lifted the fully-grown man off his feet, just before he savagely slammed him into the ground. It was then he deactivated the shroud and collapsed to one knee.

"Damn forgot how much that took out of me," Naruto stated, his breath coming in heavy pants. Shakily getting back to his feet Naruto unsheathed his sword and prepared to fight off the last of the masked individuals, when he noticed that eight more had appeared seemingly out of nowhere along with a red and white robed individual with pipe in his hands and a shocked expression on his face.

"Naruto," the robed man said, looking like had seen a ghost.

"How do you know my name," Naruto asked in anger and surprise.

"Because I know the people who gave it to you," the old man answered, still looking like he had seen a ghost.

With Hitomi and Hinata…

The two girls were currently on top of a building overlooking the place where it looked like a fight had taken place. Currently the individual was surrounded by no less than nine Anbu black ops shinobi and the Third Hokage. The individual was wearing armor that didn't look anything like a samurai's, for example the individual only had armor on his chest, hands, and shins, whereas a samurai's whole body from the top of their heads to their shoes were armored. He also carried a strange sword that looked like it was made from the darkest shadows that absorbed all alight that went anywhere near it and on his hips hung a strange black of metal formed into a L shaped and some kind of handle with leather wrapped around. However, they immediately gasped in surprise when they recognized the spikey blonde hair.

"Foxy-kun/Naruto-kun," Hitomi and Hinata said at the same time.

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