Hey all! This is just a little something I came up with for the hollidays, it takes place shortly before the events of Unexpected Developments, but can stand alone. Hope you all enjoy!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and on the hellicarrier

Not an agent and hero had ever felt merrier

Workstations abandoned while eggnog was quaffed,

Because Nicholas Fury had given all a night off.


The personnel were having a great raucous bash

Thanks to 'nog from Tony Stark's personal stash,

When Fury slipped off, quiet as a snake

In the hopes of getting a well deserved break.


But when he entered his quarters he froze right in place

A look of pure shock spread 'cross his face,

The door closed behind him, the lock clicked as it shut

And Fury's brain finally choked out a whispered "Wh-what?"


Candlelight cast a warm glow all around

Showing rose petals scattered on the ground,

And Fury's wide eye soon caught the sights

Of champagne, chocolate, and other delights.


And in the center of the room, laid out on his bed

Was Nick's lover Loki, all decked out in red,

A smirk on his lips and a light in his eyes

The trickster reached out to his lover and sighed.


"Now Nicholas, Director, now Fury my dear!

What took you so long to get down here?

I have been waiting, so patient, so long,

For you to hurry up and come along."


Fury's mouth went dry, his pants went tight

As he stared agape at the marvelous sight,

Barely had his mind filled away what had been said

When Loki slipped gently off of the bed.


With a whisper of silk as the only sound

Loki slowly made his way across ground,

As he drew near he slowed his pace

Drinking in the wonder on his Nicholas' face.


He was dressed in red silk, with snow white fur trim

Sheer fabric accentuating a form oh so slim,

And lace stockings hugging long legs all because

Loki was decked out as a naughty Mrs. Clause.


His lips were glossed red, and his hair it did shine

His greens eyes glittered in a manner divine,

His flawless white skin gleamed in the candles glow

Reminding Fury of pure, untouched snow.


His skirt swished out as his hips swayed slightly

Stocking clad feet still moving slowly and lightly,

He drew near to Fury, and put a hand to his chest

And gave him a look that said nothing of rest.


Then, arms wrapped 'round Nick's neck, he made some soft sounds

That finally brought Fury's head back down from the clouds,

And with a wink of his eye and a twist of his hips

Loki leaned in and at last caught his lips.


Fury's worn heart was seized by the sweet, gentle kiss

And he pulled Loki closer, and they savored the bliss,

Of a moment together, where for a time they could be

Allowed to live for each other, and from all their cares free.


They spoke not a word, when their lips finally parted

But smiled for a moment, and then for the bed darted,

Falling down to the sheets, their bodies pressed tight

The two made the most, of their Christmas Eve night.

This is something of a Christmas present for everyone who reviewed, favorited, and alerted Unexpected Developments. Sharem, Alley Arlington, (unnamed) Guest, JuMiKu, Quantumphysica, HappyHateDay, Lost Reasons, MsRedrum, awakened-earth, and pschokitty, thank you all so much for your support! You all brought me so much happy! I hope you enjoy this as well. Be on the lookout for more Unexpectedness in the future!

Welp, Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!