Side-Story: Chemistry/Science Project PART 1/2

"You'll work in pairs"

The teacher said with calm voice, but inside she would be laughing evilly to the mixed-grade-class students. She knew that they can't work together in this class, it would be a disaster. Since she put all of the trouble-makers together also, she opened the document that wrote down all the pairs she paired up. As the projector light up, a girl with violet hair stood and exclaimed.

"YOU PUT ME WITH KIDOU!?" Sayori Mitsuki, a smart-ass of the class. Whose hate Kidou so bad, like really bad that she could punch him. (but that's what we only saw anyway)

Kidou snorted "Not her" He turned away.

And then …

"I'm with Toramaru!?" Zuko shocked blushing red; the girls stared at her with smirks on their faces. Haruna and Hikari smiled, she's lucky after all.

"Ray-kun, I'm with you" Haruna smiled towards the spike hair boy next to her, he signed in relief. He lucky he didn't have to do this project with his sister again after that Math Linear Project which she threw the graph there were working on right in the fire place of the house and burn it.

Martini sweat-dropped, he was paired up with Fudou. Fudou for god sake, the guy who wouldn't do anything, NOTHING! He had a bad feeling about this from the start when the evil teacher came in to class today.

"Um … Ms. Cheng, what about Shion-chan?" Ryuu raised her hand as the teacher looked at the new student, Shion Kishimoto. A shy little girl that always had the word Tokyo at the end of the sentence, with that same greenish pair of eyes that Aoi has their look like each other.

"She will be paired up with … Angel"


Shion looked around in confusion, she doesn't understand what's happening, the others were shocked. Some of them had fainted down already. She still doesn't get it, what's wrong with Angel? She seemed fine to Shion.

"Good luck dude" Aoi patted the girl's shoulder and sat down next to Ichinose and sighed.

Hikari sweat dropped, this won't be good at all. Angel was the last person you would want to pair up with in any KIND of projects and assessments, because…

She always wanted good grades in anything 'and' she always use force to the partners when she worked in a pair/group.

"Welcome to hell my dear" The blonde hair girl smiled evilly to the raven girl, she grab Aoi's baseball bat (that she always brought with her). How does she got it? Who knows and it's not Aoi who gave her. Who would anyway!?




'Good luck my friend, we will meet you in heaven… some day'

"No!" Shion got dragged outside by Angel, the others just pray for their dear friend. Still, Rumei was curious about what will the older Starling would do. "Nagumo-kun, what will Angel does?"

Nagumo stared at her for a moment "She had a method of researching that everyone's scared of" Rumei stared at him back with the same confusion.

"Choose a famous Chemistry Scientist and research about that person history and theory. This assessment will be due on the 14th of March"

The gang went silent again …


"Shit, what could be worse than an assessment due on White day?" Aoi grumbled as she open her tablet to start her research, as Ichinose nodded and Ray sighed. Ray doesn't like White day that much, but he's fine with it. He was about to open his tablet also, but then a girl said something from behind his back.


"GGAAAH!" the spike hair boy jumped out of his chair, making Ichinose choked his drink because of the sudden actions.

Aoi raised her eye brown "Haruna, you need to stop pranking people, you're just like Kogure now"

The blue hair girl giggled slightly as nodded her head. "Gomen, but I will take Ray-kun now, we need to do our research about Dalton" And there they went off the library.

That's what we know about Aoi/Ichinose and Haruna/Ray.

Then what about Sayori and Kidou? Nagumo and Rumei?

It's another mess I would say.

Outside in the garden section.

It was an intense glare battle.

We could guess who there are.

Kidou and Sayori.

"Guys seriously you have to stop, we have the whole research to do right now." Nagumo glared at them deathly, Kidou's group haven't even started anything yet.

"Haiz, let's just choose Bohr anyway" (people who have learn Chemistry before, you probably know him and his diagram) Sayori sat down and open her tablet; Kidou just looked away and open his. Rumei felt bad for the violet girl, the blonde knew about her secret feelings for the dread-lock hair stagier.

Kidou just nodded his head, but inside his mind. He swears that he saw the girl next to him blushing red. Now that caught his eyes, why would she blush? (one thing, Kidou's an idiot when it came to romance)

Rumei sigh and shook her head, Sayuri make it too obvious that she like Kidou but then why does the game maker doesn't recognize it anyway?


She does recognize something weird about Nagumo, he's avoiding her.

'Why?' She asked herself, feeling hurt because of the rejection she's having from her crush BUT what she doesn't know is that …

'Dammit why I couldn't look at her at all?!' the red hair boy thought in annoyance. He tried to concentrate on his work, but he always ended up staring at Rumei at a certain point of time.

What about the others?

Well, it was something more normal I guess?

But I was wrong ….

To Be Continued …

I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR LIKE … months? I couldn't think up of anything but this! So hope you guys enjoy it and wait for new chapters!