Bonus Chapter 3

The gang was assembled in the lobby.

"This is ridiculous," Wendy said, "They've been up there for two and a half hours. Alone. Together."

"Wendy, he's only been human for a day," Sophie said, "They've been through all this together, don't they deserve a little happiness?"

"Oh, come on! They've got the forbidden love of all time, now he's suddenly human? I'm sure they're up there just having tea and crackers."

Ironically, that's exactly what they were doing.

Austin looked at his girlfriend. "Did you want some more?"

Kelly looked at him in return. "No, thank you."

He put down his snack. "I'm sorry I kissed you like that."

"You are?"

"But not for the kiss itself."

"Good." He looked at her. "'Cause, you know…as kisses go, I'd say it was well above average."

"Look, I think we might be asking for trouble if we suddenly started rushing into things like this. Not that I don't want to rush…I do, it's just—"

"Right. Now that you're finally human, we have a chance to rush and…you did speak to the Oracles and they told you that you were all good, but how do we know that they really speak for the Powers that are supposedly giving me my visions? I mean, they could be…pranksters or revolting or…"

"Or there could be a loophole."

"Exactly. Right, 'cause then the two of us get even deeper and there's a 'grr' moment and—"

"It would be smart to wait a while, see if this whole mortal thing takes…"

"And even if it does, things are still complicated at least for my side of the operation."

"Right, 'cause you're still a superhero. And a locally-famous singer. And I'm not sure what I am now. I don't know what my purpose is in life and I don't want to just…wedge myself into your life right before you start college. I mean, if we got married and had kids too suddenly or something, then you'd have to drop out immediately after all that trouble you went to, not to mention you still have to constantly save the world and if you had to worry about me, you might not be as focused, which makes me a liability to you—"

"Are you gonna pull out a pie chart on me now?"

He looked at her.

"'Cause I get it. It's not necessary."

"I'm not saying I don't want you—don't wanna be with you. It's just that… Look, you know how much I…"

She stared at him.

He sighed and sat down next to her. "I'm just saying that it's worth the wait to know if it's right."

She smiled at him.

"I'm afraid you're gonna get hurt again."

"Wow. You know, it's a good thing I didn't fantasize about you becoming human only about ten-zillion times or this day would've been a real let-down." She got up from her bed. "So how's this mature plan go? I call you, you call me, what?"

"And we stay in touch." He got up and approached her. "Just until we know it's safe to…rush again."

She sighed. "OK. I'd better…"

"Right, remove the temptation."

Kelly started to walk off, then turned back to look at him. "So we'll talk soon." She rested her hand on his.

He looked at it.

She looked at it.

They looked at each other.

Before they knew what they were doing, let alone could stop themselves, they were wrapped up in another kiss. They wouldn't separate and fell against the wall. Kelly jumped into his arms. They fell onto the bed, knocking off their snack tray as they worked their way under the covers, never letting go of each other.

A half hour later…

They were lying in the bed next to each other, looking at each other.

Kelly laid her head against her pillow. "This has to be a dream. It's too perfect."

"We still have to work stuff out—"

"I'm over that phase. That time we just spent 'talking', that was enough time apart."

"Too much."

She smiled at him and kept kissing him.

"Well, this just works out perfectly," Nadine was ranting, meanwhile, "My best friend's about to get married before me. And I'm older than her!"

"Who said they were getting engaged?" asked Sarah, "They know not to rush into things."

"Well, whatever happens, at least some of us get our perfect lives." Lexi then heard something. Her ears perked up, slightly radiating a pink light.

"What is it, Lex?" asked Ace.

"I thought I heard something. It sounded familiar…" She then realized how she'd heard that growling noise when Austin and Kelly had first been fighting the Mohra demon. "Uh oh."


"We've got trouble."

Meanwhile, Kelly lay her head on Austin's chest. "It's a good sound. Thump, thump. Thump, thump."

"It feels pretty amazing."

"I'm so glad we didn't try to ration ourselves out of this. We'll make it work, right?"

"We will."

She sighed. "I'm so tired. But I still want…"

"What? You couldn't possibly—not that I wouldn't—"

"No, I'm spent. Pleasantly numb as it is. No, I just want to stay awake so this day can keep happening."

"Just sleep. We can make another one like it tomorrow." He kissed her.

She smiled at him. "You know…this is the first time I've ever really felt this way."

"What way?"

She leaned against him. "Just like I've always wanted to. Like a normal girl. Asleep in the arms of her normal boyfriend. It's perfect."

As she drifted off, Austin heard something. He got up and met the others in the hall.

Daniella pulled him aside. "We've got a problem, man. That Mohra demon regenerated itself!"


"Lexi heard it rising. I did a revealing spell, it showed it in some kind of factory and I thought I smelled salt."

"Yeah, it needs salt to live…"

"So what are we gonna do?"

Austin considered this and sighed. "I'm gonna have to kill it again."

Daniella blinked and stopped him. "No, no, no, no, no. See, this thing nearly tore you in half when you were a Vampire and now you're gonna take it on as a human?"

Wendy started nodding towards Kelly's room. "Maybe it would be better if we brought in something a little more supernatural?"

Austin looked through the door at Kelly asleep in her bed.

"Come on, tell me you don't wanna wake the girl."

Austin shook his head. "Not for the world." He walked off.

At a factory…

The gang (except Jack and Kelly) were walking through a factory searching for the demon.

Daniella was reading a book. "Oh, man. Every time it comes back, it comes back bigger and stronger."

"Maybe we should go get Kelly or Brenda—" Tech started.

Austin stopped him. "We can do this, guys. If things are gonna work out with me and Kelly, I've gotta be able to do this on my own. I can't keep risking her life every time some minion of hell—Danni, just tell me how kill it!"

"Uh…'to slay the beast, one must bring darkness to the 1,000 eyes.'"

"Funny, I only saw two."

"Well, that's the confusing thing about these books. But if we have a chance—"

Austin stopped walking and stumbled back at what he saw.

A few workers lay in a bloody heap on the floor.

"Easy, man," Duck tried to calm him down.

"The blood…"

"It's never an easy sight," Wendy said, "Part of being human."

"I'm gonna kill this thing."

They kept on, Ace and Austin holding their swords at the ready.

"Just remember," said Wendy, "It's big, it's mean, it's vicious, it's brutal, it's deadly, and it's—here!"

They all followed her gaze up just in time to see the demon jump at them.