Desires of the Heart

Characters: Thranduil x OC

Songs: Two Steps From Hell- Meant to Be and Two Steps From Hell- Clair Voyant and Two Steps From Hell- Heart of Courage

Warnings: sexual situations, angst, etc.

Rating: M

Synopsis: Never before had he seen a beauty such as her, a mere human mortal having taken residence inside the halls of Imladris. Can the icy nature of the High King be thawed or will the bitter cold keep loving warmth from entering? Read the journey of Anolindë and Thranduil as they fall in love and feel the pressure of not only the family of Rivendell but the Woodland Realm.

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The next day as the sun rolled throughout the valley, Anolindë arose with a new sense of happiness. All night her dreams were filled with piercing blue eyes belonging to one amazingly handsome elf. Remembering how their eyes locked, she felt heat rise to her cheeks as a small giggle of excitement escaped her lips. Resting against a pillar and staring at the sunrise, the smile never showed signs of leaving anytime soon. Why was it with just one meeting she felt like her heart had lifted and soared high above the clouds? Eyes glistening, she failed to catch the form of said elf as he walked out of his own room, which just happened to be across from Anolindë's. Letting the sun hit his face, his eyes closed and enjoyed the warmth that spread through his limbs. As he finally opened them again, his breath caught. A warm breeze blew through, as he watched it grab at the woman's dress, giving her an almost unearthly look. Her blond hair, slightly ruffled from sleep, shifted around her form. Thranduil tried to keep from staring but it was almost as if she had put him under a spell. The way her lips rose in the most gently of ways, the color that the rarest pink roses, her eyes glistening in the sunlight like the waves upon the sea. He was entranced.

Anolindë stared for a few moments longer as a small song bird flew around her head. Raising a hand as if in hope it would land upon her finger. She was not as lucky though as soon the bird flew away, but only to the finger of someone she least expected to see. Thranduil stood with the bird perched on his outstretched finger, another rubbing the chest as he whistled small noises to it. Noticing her eyes resting on his form, he smiled gently before walking over towards her room, which had been connected by one of the many walkways the rooms shared. Standing beside her, Thranduil offered his bird covered finger out towards her direction. Entranced by the mere effect of the elves wondrous ties with nature, Anolindë lightly cooed at the bird before it took flight once more.

"A song swallow. Its a beauty wrapped in a small essence." Anolindë listened carefully to the lords words as they both watched the swallow rejoin his brothers and sisters. "They used to fly freely throughout the woods, but as of late it is merely a chance to see their beauty and listen to their songs."

"Why is that, my lord?" Thranduil dropped his gaze before taking in Imaldris as a whole. He could remember the times when his woods were filled with wildlife, the area surrounding his fortress as stunning as that which surrounding this amazing place.

"Our woods have grown darker. Something evil lurks within its trees and its infecting all. Its hard to find beauty around the palace anymore. Mirkwood, they call it. Its during times like now that I finally realize all that's changed and I too find myself uttering its given name." Feeling a small warmth upon his arm, the king looked down at the human girl whose eyes seem to hold all his hidden emotions clearly. "One day... One day I hope our lands are free of their curse and the swallows once again return to the trees. I have longed to hear their song mixing with our own."

Both grew quiet, neither one moving from their position before suddenly a knock brought them out of their inner banter. Arwen entered the room before Thranduil bowed towards the princess and moved off towards his own room, getting ready for the day. Back on the balcony Anolindë stared as he went, lost in her own thoughts. It must be horrible to live in your own home and never once noticing the darkness that creeps ever closer. A hand rested upon her shoulder as the young woman sucked down a startled gasp. Arwen only let loose a giggle before she helped her sister get ready for the day, managing to put in a few good placed teasing jokes.

Dressing a lightly green gown that hung lightly off her shoulders, Anolindë passed on breakfast and escaped back to her sanctuary, finding a few books she forgot to grab when she last had them. Shaking her head, she gathered them into her arms and sat at the edge before she began to read, though her thoughts mainly focused on the conversation that her and Thranduil had earlier. Down in the dinning hall, Thranduil could not keep himself from wondering where Anolindë had run off to this time. Elrond noticed his disposition and couldn't help but keep the smirk from his lips.

"I couldn't help but notice your other daughter is missing again." He was trying to play it off cool but it seemed everyone at the table knew exactly what was going through his head. Trying to regain an icy expression, Thranduil watched as Elrond placed a small hand cloth in his lap. Celebrain smiled towards her husband and guest before answering.

"She likes to head to the highest point in our home and read. She escapes there often when Elrond is not holding meetings with Lady Galadriel or the White Wizard Saurman." Thranduil nodded as he continued to eat his breakfast, trying to keep calm and seem as if he did not really care where she was located. Yet those around him knew, very well what his true thoughts were about. "If you are wondering My Lord, the great steps lead right up to the top."After this comment all went on as breakfast resumed. The twins joked and sprouted plans to ruin an unlucky elf's day while Celebrain and Arwen spoke of the ranger and his adventures.

After breakfast, despite the warnings that he was acting unlike his usual self, Thranduil found himself walking the steps. Watching as the sunlight soon covered the steps completely, he suddenly found his view obscured for a few moments. As it finally cleared he stopped and stared, in awe. Anolindë sat upon the edge, her hair glistening in the sunlight, her eyes skimming the pages of her leather bond book lightly. Thranduil moved forward some, not wanting to disturb her from her perch. She was intently reading, the pages making small sounds as she flipped through them. Lightly shutting the book, she stood, the sun now creating a halo of lightly around her body. That's when she noticed his presence, jumping slightly as his soundless appearance. Thranduil nodded his head in greeting, placing one hand above his heart. Anolindë walked forward, her eyes never leaving the form of the elf king as soon they stood only a few feet apart.

"I did not mean to startle you." Placing a hand on her own chest Anolindë smiled slightly and shook her head. Thranduil moved to join her over the cliff and let his eyes wander. "Now I understand why you would come here. It's beautiful."

"I particularly like watching the sunset. It casts rays over the valley that would catch your breath. Not to mention the colors the waterfalls take on as the sun dies down." Even though the sun was still rather high in the sky, both found themselves wish it was setting just to see the beauty that was captured. Both were lost in their thoughts for a while before suddenly a small chirp brought their heads around to take notice of the swallow from earlier flying around the courtyard behind them. "Tell me more about your woods... if you would like to share of course."

For the next few hours Thranduil told her stories of his woods, his realm and the many people who lived there. He told her of great parties and of the spider hunts. He even went on to mention a little of his long lost wife and how his son Legolas came to be. Anolindë listened on, only commenting here and there, laughing along at the small jokes that king would tell. Together they merely enjoyed the others presence, being free to share whatever they wanted. Soon Thranduil questioned Anolindë about how she came to be the daughter of Lord Elrond.

"To be honest my Lord, I'm not sure exactly. I was a baby when I was first welcomed into Lord Elrond's home. Who I was before that, when it concerns my parents, is unknown." Thranduil ran a finger over his chin, thinking through what she had said. Underneath all his thoughts though, he constantly asked himself why he was always so interested in trying to figure out this human before him. "Is something wrong?"

"No my dear I was merely thinking." Anolindë nodded as they both lapsed into silence once more. The sun by this time was beginning to slowly set. A few more hours and they would finally get the pleasure of seeing the sun reflecting off the waters. Yet it seemed that neither would be granted that as a cough brought them both out of their thoughts and turmoils. Turning, Thranduil and Anolindë were both greeted by the image of Legolas, amusement settled deep within his gaze.

"I do not mean to interrupt father, My Lady. I'm afraid that Lady Celebrain is looking for Lady Anolindë. I was sent to tell you of her message as well as to gather my father for a meeting with Lord Elrond." Both nodded before turning their gazes to each other. Neither one knew of what to say at that moment. Would they ask to meet again for another mid-day chat? Or should they part for now and return on a later hour? Clearing his throat, Legolas watched as they both bowed in a parting.

"Would you allow me the honor of escorting you?" Thranduil dipped his head gracefully down as Anolindë curtsied back. Nodding her head, she wrapped her hands gently yet snug around the elf lord's outstretched and welcomed arm. Both made their way down the main stairs and finally arrived, quicker then Anolindë had realized. Pulling her hands away, she blushed a light hue of pink before tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Until we may speak again, My Lady."

"Thank you, My Lord Thranduil for escorting me to my mother. Maybe later tonight I might interest you in a stroll through the gardens?" Thranduil smiled slightly, not wanting to ruin his seemingly cold disposition in front of his son. Both parted then, neither one really wishing at that moment for their barter to end. Without another word, Anolindë slipped through the doors of the library where her mother waited patiently alongside a ever playful Arwen. Clearly both had been listening into the conversation held just outside the door. With a small roll of her eyes, Anolindë sat down and entered herself into a conversation, thoroughly trying to ignore both her mother's and sister's taunts.

Thranduil turned and watched the doors close as Legolas stood beside him, ever watchful. The king would not deny that he had greatly enjoyed the conversation both had. To be honest he looked forward to being able to speak to her again. Would they meet tonight? He never had answered Anolindë and now that he thought about earlier he wished to join her. Beside him Legolas walked on, ever innocent to what was going on, or so Thranduil thought. In fact, his son had picked up easily on the lightness his father seemed to carry with him now.

Chuckling, Legolas and his father headed towards the library were they were met with the strong and almost reprimanding gaze of an over protective father. Thranduil felt his heart stop and his palms get slightly sweaty as he met the gaze of Elrond. It would be a long night for sure. Yet the thought of being together with Anolindë, had the elf wanting nothing more then to get the meeting over with, for once. It was not often that he thought this way, but it had been long since he had a meaningful and wonderful conversation with the opposite sex. Most were married and focused on their husbands or young elf woman who wanted to please their King just for the hope that they might win his fancy.

Before long, the sun disappeared and the lights of Imaldris were lit, shinning eerily yet holding a hidden softness. Elrond broke their meeting as dinner was readied for the lord and his guests. Once having departed to change, Thranduil paused outside his door when his eyes met those of Anolindë who was also just returning from the meeting with her mother and sister. With a typical elven greeting the king went to enter his room but stopped short.

"My lady," With his voice she turned, eyes alight with questions. "I would very much like to join you later this evening." With a smile, Anolindë nodded her head before entering her room, Thranduil following her example and entering his own. Dressing his his clothing for the evening, he couldn't help but have his mind stick to the image of that smile. Placing a hand over his heart, his eyebrows creased. What had made his heart beat? Was it that she merely reminded him of his beloved in the small fleeting moment or could something else be at work here? Shaking his head lightly, he grew angry with himself. He was a king. He should not be thinking on these thoughts and focusing more of furthering peace with Imaldris and Lothlorien. With that he dressed and soon exited out for dinner, settling his inner turmoil slightly. Yet a nagging feeling in the back of his head would not go away about what had happened earlier. Only time would tell what happens next.

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