Kazooie's Time To Shine

"Banjo, I'm getting stuffed in here!" a red breegull told her bear friend. She was in a large, blue backpack, but the bear wasn't letting her out.

"I'm sorry Kazooie," Banjo apologized. "I don't want you getting kidnapped, besides, it's Christmas tomorrow, and that would be terrible." Kazooie lowered her head in annoyance. A smaller bear came along, this one with blonde hair in pigtails.

"Banjo," she said. "It's getting late, we should get to bed." Banjo looked at his clock and gasped.

"You're right, Tooty," he replied. "Night Kazooie." the breegull didn't answer. Banjo smiled a bit as he saw Kazooie sleeping, head down. He turned off the light and went off to bed with his younger sister. Kazooie's eyes opened. She giggled at the fact that they actually thought she was asleep! She carefully and quietly climbed out the backpack, and flew out the window that was open next to the bed Banjo was in, making sure one of her feathers didn't fall onto the bear's head and wake him up. She flew up to the middle of Spiral Mountain, the actual spiral mountain itself, and looked down. It looked nice at night. She felt she was going to fall asleep, when-


Kazooie jumped in surprise. "What was that?!" she asked. She was fully wide awake now. There was clouds of smoke coming out of the large witch-shaped lair just across from the cliff that was the former home of Gruntilda Winkybunion, the witch that had stole Tooty many years ago. She ran in to see what was happening, just to see a certain Shaman running towards her.

"Bird must run," he shouted as he was running past. "Much danger in witch's lair!" Kazooie recklessly continued through. Despite being unable to see, she managed to navigate what was left of the castle. She got to where the Treasure Trove Cove entrance was, then noticed the smoke was at its worst here. Kazooie was coughing slightly. She noticed there was the most smoke at the treasure chest that lead to the beach. She jumped inside it, eager to find the cause of the smoke.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Banjo was frantically searching for Kazooie in every nook and cranny he could see.

"Oh where is she?" Banjo asked.

"Bird went in old witch castle," Mumbo said, who was helping Banjo out. "Lots of smoke in castle." Banjo leapt up.

"Why did she go there?!" he asked. The shaman shrugged.

"Mumbo not know why bird go in castle."

"Well let's get Kazooie back then, Mumbo!" the two opened the door and went off in search of their friend.

"And..." Kazooie said. "Cue something bad happening." as she predicted, another 'Bang' was set off. She started to look around. There appeared to be something rushing across the water just off the shore. Kazooie ignored it; it was probably just Captain Blubber on some weird doohicky again. But then it went into the air and hit a shape above it, causing the shape and the rushing thing to fall down into the sea. Kazooie decided that it was much too far for her to fly; it looked like the two figures were on the horizon by now, and she knew she would never be able to catch up. Then she remembered that she had brought a pair of Breegull Trainers along with her. She put them on and started running to where the things had fell into the water. A shark had appeared behind her, and started to chase her, but Kazooie didn't notice. She was far too engrossed in the things that fell in the sea than something that would eat her. The shark licked its lips.

"A bird for Snacker to eat," the shark said. "Perfect. Snacker's hungry." Kazooie jumped into the water when she reached the area that the things fell, using her tail like a submarine. There was something down there on the sand, trying to get out but not moving. It was moving its feet furiously, but it stayed in one place. It looked like it wasn't able to breathe very long underwater. Kazooie went down and, without thinking, grabbed the thing and brought it up with her. She started swimming as fast as she could when she was on the surface. When at last she got on the shore, she brought the thing into the sandcastle with her and laid it down. It was unconscious, but was as strange a creature she had ever seen. It was even weirder than the colliwobbles back in Spiral Mountain. It was blue almost all over apart from the chest, the arms and the mouth. It had large spikes on the back of its head. It started to open its large eyes. Kazooie took off out the sandcastle, leaving behind a pile of small red and gold feathers.