Kazooie's Adventure: Chapter 2

"Kazooie?" Banjo shouted, his voice echoeing through Gruntilda's old lair. "Where are you, Kazooie?"

"It's just around here," a voice said. Banjo grabbed his shaman friend and pulled him behind a green rock buried in the rubble from the second time he had defeated the former owner of the lair. He peered to the side and saw Kazooie being held by the wings by a large, bloated up person. He looked like some warlock in pyjamas to him, with a huge, pink nose to top it all off. It looked like someone in a Halloween costume to Banjo. He gasped as he saw that Kazooie was unconscious. What had that person done to her? He wanted to find out, but he remained seated behind the rock. "Now where are those 'jigsaw pieces' that strange woman told me about?" the person was holding a small handhold, and the closer he got to the rock, the louder it beeped. Banjo gasped again. He had plenty of jiggies in his backpack, which he had brought along with him. It looked like the person was searching for them with the handhold, and who knows what would happen if he found Banjo and Mumbo behind there?

"Mumbo," Banjo whispered. "We need to find another place to hide, and then rescue Kazooie. Let's hide, quick!"

"...A-ha!" the person's head peeped behind the rock. Banjo quickly ran off with Mumbo. As they hid in the giant painting of Gruntilda in the main foyer, he heard a 'snap' sound and the person screamed. He peeped around to see Kazooie biting and clawing away at the person.

"Why did you take me from the beach?!" Kazooie asked angrily. "I was sunbathing after I rescued that blue thing, and then you just came along and grabbed me by my wings!" The person let go of Kazooie.

"Wait, did you say 'blue thing'?" he asked.

"Yes. And?" Kazooie answered. The person stayed quiet, until he said "Never mind." The breegull continued to thrash the person.

"I've got a bad feeling about that man," Banjo said. "And not a good one, either."

"Mumbo not scared," Mumbo said. "Mumbo brave, bear coward." Banjo was a bit annoyed at this, but he knew that Mumbo was just being silly.

"Well, you should be having bad feelings."

"Mumbo, was that you?" Banjo asked, looking around to find the source of the sentence.

"That not Mumbo," the shaman replied. "Sound like bird."

"I'm not a bird!"

"Okay Mumbo, you can stop pretending now." Banjo said.

"Me not pretending!" Mumbo said.

"Oh-kay, I don't wanna start a fight up, so I'll just slowly back away and GTHO..."

"Mumbo, I told you to stop pretending!"

"Mumbo told you it not him!"

"Banjo, what's going on in there?!" Kazooie asked as she came in. Something rushed past her, making her spin like a tornado. Kazooie landed on the floor beak first, dizzy as a moe foe.

"Kazooie!" Banjo said as he noticed his friend on the floor. He went over to her. "What happened?"

"Just when I came in, something went straight past me," Kazooie explained. "I couldn't see what it was, but it was blue, like that thing I saw before."

"Well, that's certainly strange and ominous..." Banjo replied. "Wait, what thing you saw before?"

"In Treasure Trove Cove, there was something that fell into the sea. I took the Breegull Trainers to run over there, and then I swam down to the bottom to see a blue thing passed out on the sea bed. I thought it drowned, so I picked it up and put it down in the sandcastle. Then I went to relax for a bit, and then that crazy person came along and grabbed me by the wings."

"Well, I guess we'd better go after that man, even if he's strange..." Banjo replied. "Come on Kazooie, let's go!" He opened his backpack up, but Kazooie had already taken off.