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A little bit from her and a little bit from him. Not much romance yet, trying to build that relationship. This turned out different than I had expected, parts are long, I know but I just liked how it all went together. Please let me know what you are thinking of it.

Christmas Day, use to be a day that I couldn't wait to get here. I would lay awake in her bed, just out of the pure excitement of waiting to see my family. I couldn't wait, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles you name it, and they would all be there. Now I am just lying there waiting for the day to come and go so I can go back to work. Sighing and looking at the clock, it is 4 am. I can't sleep so I might as well get up. Hmmmmm, Chocolate Chip Cookies…. Those sound really good. I think I have everything I need to make them. Walking through the house, she thinks about it. It is a modest one level house that, of course, Hetty helped pick out. It has hardwood floors, a large kitchen for me to cook in, several decent sized bedrooms and the best part, the bathroom with a large tub, I love taking bubble baths in that thing. Hmmm… Cookies then a bubble bath. Turning on the lights in the kitchen, she starts up her IPod and starts getting everything out that she needs to make a double batch of cookies. I will take some into work tomorrow; sweets never go to waste there.

Listening to the music as she stirs, she gets a loop stuck in her head. Makes her think of something Hetty told her once, "Nell, you will let people back into your life, when you are ready, and when you are, you will find that you deserve to be loved. You are not broken, just bruised."

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second we're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

Maybe I deserve to be happy, if I can learn to live with myself and my flaws, someone else will be able to. I never realized how different I would feel just by telling my story. I feel almost normal again. Standing a little straighter and feels a little lighter, I just can't stop smiling. I wonder if Callen will come over, no G, he told me I needed to call him G. I really got him flustered; I have never seen anyone get the better of him. He really did seem interested in me at the range; just not sure what he is interested in. Is it me, or was it just because he wanted to know about what had happened. I am pretty sure they were all talking about me, after I came out of the gym. Oh well, time will tell, no use on wasting time wondering. Couple hours have passed; she has made her cookies, cleaned up most of the mess but is ready for a relaxing, hot bubble bath. Taking a couple of fresh cookies and a glass of wine, she wanders back down the hall and starts the bath water. Sinking in to the bubbles, up to her chin, she takes a bite out of a cookie and sighs.

Across town, G lays in bed thinking. Having been awake most of the night, out of anxiety. I had been looking forward to going over to Nell's and taking the day to get to know her but now, should I? Is it really a good idea to get involved with someone I work with? No, we are just spending the day together, we are two people without families and don't want to be alone today. That's it, that's all. Taking a deep breathe, though, I can't stop thinking of her at the range. She had such an intense look in her eyes; it was almost too much. Her eyes looked straight into me, not at me but almost like she could see into my heart, head, soul, didn't know what it was. She had stood in front of me, flushed, breathing hard, holding onto the gun she just fired and had just stripped off her shirt. It was almost like she was daring me to start something. Taunting me, trying to see what I would do. This could be a very long day, if she looks at me like that again. It made me want to grab her, bring her face to mine and give her a kiss that she would never forget. I want to feel her in my arms, want to make her feel beautiful because she is in every way. The story of her, just made her seem even stronger, not weak like she had feared. Anyone that can come back from that and still be as positive as she is, if anything more amazing in my eyes. I need to get up and get going, maybe a long run and then a cold shower.

Now for breakfast, I don't think cookies and wine constitute as a good breakfast. Dressed in a comfortable pair of shorts, fuzzy socks and an old t-shirt, she heads back to the kitchen for food. Eggs, cheese, ham and bread, check all of the ingredients for a ham and cheese omelet and toast. Turning the music up and dancing around, she doesn't hear Callen's car pull up outside.

I can do this; we can just relax and enjoy the day. He spent most of his run thinking of how not to screw up this day. He just wants to be there for Nell, if she needs him. He raises his hand to push the door bell, when he sees her, through the window next to the front door. She is dancing around just natural looking; he can see a frying pan on the stove and items out on the counter. Ready or not, he rings the door bell and it must surprise her as she drops an egg on the floor.

He is actually here, Nell thinks, I didn't really figure he would come over. He tends to be a loner. Smiling she goes for the door, stepping over the broken egg. Throwing the door open and pulling him inside. "Morning Cal... I mean G, come in. I have a bit of a mess to clean up, you surprised me." Leading him down the short hall into the kitchen.

"Looks like you have already been busy this morning, smells like cookies and omelet." There are a couple dozen cookies cooling on the counter and the omelet is in the frying pan. Turns around to see her bent over and can't help but want to touch her. Slapping himself in the head with his palm and turns back to the counter to look at anything else but her. "So what can I do to help?" Walking to the fridge and putting the bag he carried with steak and shrimp inside.

"Pull up a chair and I will make breakfast, would you want some? I wasn't sure if you would actually come over or not. So I was just getting started making an omelet and toast. But we can have something else if you want?"

"That sounds good; breakfast is one of my favorite meals. Why wouldn't I come over, you invited me. I can go if you rather really be alone."

"No I am glad you came, really glad, I just know, you can sometimes be anti-social." With a small smile and a wink.

Laughing at her "I am not anti-social just sometimes don't have anything to say, so I don't say anything." Pulling his phone out and checking it because he heard it beep. "Really Sam? He is bugging me to come over to see the kids today. He thinks I will be alone." Sending a message back and closing it up, placing it on the counter and watches her work, she is very at ease in the kitchen. The counter wraps around the outer wall of the kitchen where the stove is and then there a small island in the middle with a breakfast bar and the sink. Moving from one spot to another without much effort then notices she is sliding back and forth on the floor. "Aren't you afraid you are going to fall, you are not the most coordinated sometimes Nell?"

"I like the feeling of it, makes me think of ice skating, which I can do well. It is easy things like walking I have issues with." Without even turning around to answer him and shrugs a little.

Another beep, G sighs, "Nell turn around." He aims his camera at her "Sam doesn't believe that I am doing anything today."

"Wait a second" she rummages through a drawer next to the fridge and gets out a piece of paper and a marker. Writing something on it and holds it up, "There now you can take it."

It says Marry Christmas Sam, stop worrying. Laughing and shaking his head, he snaps the picture and sends it to Sam. Nell had her head cocked to one side, with a goofy looking grin on her face, holding the sign with one hand and pointing at it with the other. If that doesn't make Sam laugh nothing will.

She is setting a plate in front of him; he didn't even notice her finishing up breakfast. She takes a seat next to him and leans over to him and says "Ready yourself for the best breakfast ever." She wiggles an eyebrow at him and digs in.

"You are really different, you know that? Are you always like this outside of work?"

"I think I have always been like this, I was always a little goofy but my parents said it was because I had too much in my head. My brains are always trying to find a way to escape. I just only let certain people see this side, too afraid that people won't get it. You guys found out the worst of me and still all seem to care, so if you can handle that, why wouldn't you be able to handle goofy me."

Picking up his phone to see Sam's response, he has to shake his head. Turns the phone for Nell to read, Ok I figured you were joking, I don't want to know why you are there and why she has bedhead. Merry Christmas to you both. She laughs and says "I do not have bedhead." Another beep Michelle says she is a pretty girl; you should bring her around sometime.

"Great Sam is showing the picture around, now his wife thinks I need to bring you around because you are a pretty girl. Between her and Sam's mom, Ellie, I can't catch a break. They both ask me, why you haven't found a good girl, to fatten you up a bit and settle down with." He looks up at the ceiling and shrugs "It's like they think I can't take care of myself."

"They just care about you, obviously and want you to be happy. It is a good question though, why haven't you?"

"Now you too! I just find that is easier to not get involved because then I don't have to worry about hurting them with the lies this job creates."

"I guess I understand that. I haven't figured out what I am going to say, you know, when someone asks about it. That is the nice thing about being the geek in the land of beauty, no one gets overly interested. I stay in the corner and I don't have to explain." She picks up her plate to start cleaning up as she has already finished eating.

He watches her, wrapping up food, starting dish water and just smiles. She has no idea how wonderful she is. She is the whole package; she just needs to let someone in. She is in her own thoughts and just does what he imagines is her normal routine, he watches as she stretches up, hands high over her head. Just a little skin peeks out between her t-shirt and waist band of her shorts. Just enough that he sees it… the beginning of scar and a tattoo, the scar looks circular, and the tattoo is the start of what he imagines is a floral design. She has gone back the dishes, not aware of what he saw. He thinks it is best to leave it be right now. "Do you want me to help? I can do the dishes since you cooked." He comes around and takes the dish rag out of her hand and puts his hands in the water.

She takes this moment to finally look at him; she really didn't think he would come over. She figured he agreed yesterday but that today, he would find an excuse to not make it. She leans against the counter as he works at washing the dishes. He looks really good in those sweatpants she thinks to herself he normally just wears jeans, they hang just low enough on his hips that one good tug and they would be on the floor. And he has his signature plain grey t-shirt on, snug enough; you can see the muscles in his back move. Tearing herself away she moves to put everything away in the fridge. Pulling out a bag, she hadn't seen before. "What's this? Did you bring this?" She starts to open the bag and smiles "My favorites, how did you know?"

"Well, I am a secret agent, I should know these things." He peeks over his shoulder and winks at her.

"Hetty told you, didn't she?" with a huge smile, because Hetty knows everything.

"Maybe I will never tell. You did say to bring something to grill and I thought to myself, I need to get something good, it is Christmas after all. Why don't you open the packages and get it ready for the grill later." He tried to play it off but the fact is Hetty knows Nell the best and he wasn't going to not take that piece of information to use.

"I love this song!" she says as she turns up the radio on the counter, starting to dance a little and sing along. "California Love" swaying to the music "California knows how to party…."

He turns around because one he can't imagine Nell ever listening to rap, two she is rapping with and three she is swinging her hips in a very seductive rhythm, and she doesn't even realize it, she is working at opening the packages he brought over. All the while, gesturing and rapping and moving around. He is tempted to get his phone out and take video of it but he is just as content with watching her. Leaning up against the sink and smiling he just can't help it. She is infectious, makes you want to smile. She is just getting in and starts to roll her hips and turn around all at the same time, which was just heavenly to watch. Makes him think what else she could do with those little hips. Instinctively he turns back to finish the dishes, by the time he is done, so is the song. "So what else do you want me to do?" She has finished what she was doing; now she is watching him. "What?" he asks.

"I caught you, watching me; you looked like you were going to say something but then you turned around." With an impish smile.

"I don't think it would have been very appropriate it but I will tell you, someday." He rubs his hands over his head, reddening just a bit. He was caught, if she only knew the things he was thinking.

"Ok, you get a pass this time but just this once. What do you want to do? We can watch a movie or play on the Wii; I have a couple of action games that might be fun."

Grabbing his phone as he follows her, Sam has sent another message. "Mom says you have to come over. She wants to see you. She won't take No. I have tried. You know Mom. Bring Nell."

"Um, Nell, I hate to ask but Sam's mom is, I guess on a rampage that I come over today. She wants to see me. Ellie is like an adoptive mom, as best as anyone can be for me. Plus the kids are asking where I am too."

"That's fine, I understand, you can go, I will just do my thing." She says her smile fading just a little but G can tell she was disappointed. "I am use to being on my own."

"Sam invited you too, no being alone today. No arguing, I will run home and change while you do what you need to. It will be a good time, we can take the steaks over, and Sam normally grills out for family get together." Not giving her a chance to answer, he turns to go.

"Wait, G, um, here take this with you, so you can let yourself in, in case I am not completely ready when you get back." She thrusts a key into his hand and then turns to go take a quick shower. "Just lock it on your way out."

As G drove, I should probably warn Nell what she is getting into, Michelle and Ellie are going to quiz her. And we are not even together like that. Not yet, I don't know where it will go but I can help but feel comfortable and attracted to her. Quickly going in and pulling on jeans and a different t-shirt as he noticed the one he was wearing was wet from doing the dishes. Sending a quick message to Sam, We will be over, just getting changed. Thinking about it, I should give Nell a few extra minutes, I may take her sometime to get ready. Stopping by the local corner market that was open, he bought a bottle of wine he knows Michelle likes, which might help take a little focus off of Nell. Pulling up to her house, he pulls out his phone to call her, stopping, She did give me a key to let me in, she did say she might not be ready. Walking up to the house, he looks around to see if anyone is out, old habits die hard, always making sure no one is looking. "Nell." He called out, he can hear her blow dryer going, she must be finishing up. I will just wait in the living room. Looking around, he notices pictures, some of her, places she must have travelled, some of her younger, they have to be, one of her and Hetty, and she had a small cake that says Congrats on it. Then one that catches his eye, in the corner it is almost hidden by others, it is a picture of a couple of NCIS agents from Washington, Gibbs and Abbey, how does she know them?

"I haven't actually met him, I mean really in the sense of me know who he is," Not hearing her walk up behind him, "But Abbey thought I needed a picture of him and the only way to get him to take a picture was to be in it. I have spoken with Abbey a couple of times on a few cases, not sure how she found out about me but she did. He was a part of the team Director Sheppard and Hetty sent for me. He stayed with me the whole time on the plane from Italy to Germany with me. I can't bring myself to talk to him, knowing what he saw." Quietly, she looks down. "Abbey told me once that when he got home from that trip, he drove straight to her door and just hugged her, kissed her and said he loved her and that he would always take care of her but really didn't tell her what had happened. At first I didn't understand what it all meant but soon I realized Gibbs was like a father to her. I need to, talk to him, sometime but I don't know what to say. I do remember him; he stayed with me and held my hand the whole way. Telling me that he was going to help me and that it would be ok. By the time I had come out of sedation he had gone back to Washington and that was that." She crossed her arms and hugged herself.

Not even thinking about it, he closed his arms around her and squeezed her tight. "Nell, as long as you are here, with us, with me, you will never be alone in anything. No one will ever hurt you again. Sam and I will make sure of that, if we don't Hetty will, okay?" Hoping this will not only get through to her but maybe make her smile.

"She can be kind of scary, can't she?" she said with a slight laugh, "Thanks G, I mean it. Now don't we have some place to be?" pulling back and looking up at him.

"About that," as they walk towards the door, "Are you sure you are ready for the interrogation you will get? Michelle and Ellie are probably going to give you the third degree, I mean, nicely, but you are going to get a million questions."

"It will be fine, I can handle it."

In the car, she fiddles with the radio, which would normally drive Callen crazy but he lets her do it anyways. She settles on a classic rock station and relaxes back into her seat. The song is very telling of her mood as she looks out the window.

How I wish, how I wish you were here

We're just two lost souls

"Are you sure you want to go over to Sam's?"

"Yes, just thinking, how much does his family know? I mean I don't want to say anything wrong."

"They know he works for NCIS, that he does some undercover work, they are pretty aware it is like being a cop. With a few perks, like awesome technology and even better computer whizzes and they are also aware there is a lot he can't tell them."

"Ok, so just be careful about the bad stuff but they know about all of us and kind of what he does. That's not too bad, was afraid they thought you guys worked at a bank or something." Her face relaxes and she smiles a little. As they pull in Sam's driveway, she tenses back up and she grabs G's hand and pulls it into her lap and says "What if his kids hate me?"

"That's what has you worried?" he stares at her, "Those kids are so awesome, Zoey will want to play dress up, most likely and Zack will want to do anything but that." He turns to look at her. "They will like you; you are showing up with Uncle G, which helps." Grinning at her, trying to make her relax again.

"Nice, you are just so humble aren't you? Come on let's go." She finally releases his hand, "Sorry didn't really notice I grabbed your hand and was basically crushing it. I tend to be impulsive when stressed out. Kind of like the kiss." Getting out of the car, pulling at and smoothing her shirt.

Walking up to the house, the door flings open and Sam is standing there with a dopey smile on his face. "Just in time, the ladies won't stop asking questions about you. I didn't really want to answer anything about anything, since I don't know what is going on." Looking at Nell "You ready for this? They are going to ask a million questions."

"Really, we all work with Deeks; I am use to him asking ridiculous questions. At least theirs will make sense." Nell states, laughing at the look on both Sam and G's faces.

Sam and G both laugh and look at each other, "She has a point" Sam says. "Just don't say I didn't try to warn you."

"Uncle G!" a small blur flies out the door at his legs.

"Nell, I would like you to meet my daughter, Zoey." Sighing and pointing at the little girl currently wrapped around G's leg, "Zoey, you need to at least let Uncle G, get in the house before you attack him. Plus you need to say Hi to Nell. She is a friend."

"Hi Nell," quietly comes from behind one of G's legs. She looks to be about 7 or so but it is hard to tell. You can tell she is Sam's the way she laughs.

Walking into the house slowly, Zoey still around one of his legs, G can hear the family in the kitchen all laughing and talking.

"Come on in guys," Sam calls, "Nell, this is my wife Michelle, my mother Ellie and my family Walter, Zack our son is around somewhere."

Walking into the kitchen, G hands over the bottle of wine to Michelle, with a kiss on the check and a hug for Ellie. Looking down, "Zoey, can I have my leg back for a while, I promise I will play with you soon." Giggling she lets go and runs off, G says with a smile "She is getting too big to do that."

Michelle Hanna is a slender but tall woman, beautiful with big brown eyes, think hair pulled back in a headband. Extending a hand and shaking Nell's, "It is a pleasure to meet another one of Sam's co-workers." Playfully smacking Sam, "Sam you didn't tell me she was so pretty. Come on in Nell and let's get to know each other." All of the men groan and make their excuses to leave the room.

Sam's mother, Ellie, is a small woman, about Nell's size, smiles slyly. "So how is it you get Gregory to spend Christmas with you and we have yet to meet you?"

Laughing and blushing, "Neither of us have much family to speak of. I just, normally, spend the holiday whatever it might be, by myself, but this year I decided to invite G over. I need to get a bit of a life or so I have been told."

"We have been telling Gregory that for years. Why don't you have a family, I mean, we know Greg, was in foster care and didn't keep in touch with any of the families he was placed with." Ellie is very straight to the point but is very soft about it.

"You know what we all do for work, I had bad case, with some very bad outcomes and my family didn't believe me about what happened. They don't want to have anything to do with me." Shrugging her shoulders, "Not much I can do about it. G, Sam and the others at work remind me that they are my family now. I am trying to get use to that idea."

"Well, now you are a part of the Hanna family, if Greg is letting you into his life, you are good in our books too." Ellie states and Michelle nods along. Ellie puts an arm around her and they all decide to break into that bottle of wine.

The kitchen has grown quiet with the occasional laughter, Sam looks at G, "You going to tell me what is going on? Why were you at her place this morning? I am all for you getting a life but she is different G. Hetty will kill you if there is anything but good intentions here."

Walter excuses himself, something about this is a discussion for young men and he is going to look in on his grandchildren.

"We are just being friendly; she needs to know that she can trust us as a team. I think there is still more to the story about her that she hasn't told us yet. I want her to be able to come to any of us for anything."

"You are not interested in more? I can see how you looked at her when you first came in the kitchen. Plus one would say you two were holding hands in the car. Not to gossip but Zoey announced it to the house; she saw it out the window." Sam laughed.

"I want to be her friend first, if more comes about, fine, so be it, she is an amazing person. Just in the time today, you can see a difference in her demeanor. She has relaxed a lot and I think opening up to all of us has helped that. As for the holding hands, yes we were, she grabbed my hand, and she was scared. And do you know what she said" smiling "What if Sam's kids don't like me?" G starts laughing thinking about her dancing when he first go to her house and then when cleaning up from breakfast.

"What is so funny?" Sam can't believe his eyes, is G falling in love with the little analyst?

"When I got to her house this morning, before I rang the doorbell, I could see down the hallway into her kitchen and she was busting a move. Just so relaxed and carefree but then when I rang the doorbell, it was classic Nell, it surprised her, she dropped the egg she was holding and then looked around, like Oh crap, hope no one saw that. It was just incredibly cute. She is just that kind of person, a little goofy and surprising but still so Nell."

"Ok, man, I get it but I am going to say it, don't you dare hurt her. I would hate to have to beat you senseless. That would be after Hetty got through with you."

"I know, do you think we should see about rescuing her from your mom and wife?" Getting up from the couch.

Back in the kitchen, Nell is helping with whatever they will let her, Zoey is also in there, trying to entertain all of them. When she accidently knock over the glass of juice she was drinking, while Michelle attends to cleaning up Zoey, Nell gets down on her hands and knees to clean up under the table. "Ms. Nell what is that on your back?' she feels two little hands on her as she hears a small voice ask quietly. She comes out from under the table, face to face with Zoey; the little girl looks a little scared.

"Zoey, you do not ask things like that." Ellie scolds her.

"No, it's ok, Zoey." Still on her knees, she takes Zoey's hands and holds them "I had an accident a few years ago and after I healed up, that was still there. Have you had a boo-boo that left a mark after you were all healed?" the little girl nods real slow and puts her arms around Nell's neck and gives her a hug.

"Mommy always does that when I have a boo-boo." Then she was off again to the other room.

Nell stands up and tries tucking her camisole back in her pants, turning to face Ellie and Michelle. "Sorry, I try to make sure it is always covered but then again, little kids will always see what you don't want them too."

"No apologies needed sweetheart, Zoey is use to Sam and Gregory having scars and boo-boos but I think it was curiosity that got the better of her this time because you are a new person." Ellie said patting her on the hand as Nell took a seat at the table.

"How's it going in here ladies, we almost ready for the grilling to start?" Sam says as he enters the kitchen.

"Whenever you are ready, I was just apologizing for our daughter." Michelle says shaking her head. "She really says whatever she is thinking you know."

"No apology necessary, kids ask questions. No harm done." Nell declared. "Let's see those grilling skills that G was telling me about." Looking at Sam, quickly changing the subject. "I think I need some air, excuse me." Walking out on to the deck, she takes a deep breath, just a little overwhelmed; she doesn't like it when there is that much attention on her.

G walks up behind Nell, putting his hand on the swell of her back, "Are you ok?"

She jumped not hearing him come up behind her, "You scared me. Yea, everything is ok, just needed a little air. It is weird being the center of attention. I have never been completely comfortable with new people. They are all so nice, just overwhelming." She shivers a little, leaning into G, "Zoey knocked over her juice and I was trying to help clean it up, my undershirt must have come up, she put her hands on my back and asked me what was on my back. She didn't mean anything; she is just a little girl. Still caught me off guard."

"What did you tell her?"

"Just I had an accident, a boo-boo and that was what was left after it healed. I could tell Ellie and Michelle were concerned and wanted to ask but they really didn't." She turned towards G, now his arm was more around her and she was almost chest to chest with him, "Yesterday was the first time, I talked about it with someone other than my doctor or Hetty."

"They won't ask you about it, they may quiz you about me but they will leave that alone. Let's get you back inside, it is chilly out here and you don't have much on." Pulling her in for a quick squeeze and starts to turn to guide her back in.

She stops him and pulls him in for a quick peck on the cheek, "Thanks G." Grabs him by the hand and starts walking to the house, pulling him slightly, knowing that if they stand there much longer, things will get much warmer and she doesn't want that. Not quite yet.

The rest of the afternoon went by without any more issues, Zoey decided she wanted to sit between G and Nell, declaring she wants Nell to babysit her the next time Mommy and Daddy go out. After dinner, Nell helped Ellie and Michelle clean up and do the dishes while the guys played with the kids. They decided it was time to go, when G helped Sam carry the two kids upstairs to their respective bedrooms.

"It was wonderful to meet you Nell; I meant it, when I said you are part of the Hanna's now. You call me if Gregory starts to give you any problems. Mama Ellie knows how to deal with him," Pulling her in for a hug and then G too. "You be good to her Gregory, she is a catch. I expect to see her at the next get together."

"You call if you need a babysitter for Zoey; I think we would get along just fine." Nell says with a smile, "I can take her and Gregory can take Zack."

"We might just do that." Michelle laughs "Glad to have finally met you Nell, nice to know who is behind the computer helping these two out." Squeezing her arm and leaning into Sam. "You know they need all the help they can get."

In the car, on their way back to Nell's house. "That was an eventful day, not how I figured it would go but I think that was the best way I could have spent it." Nell says with her eyes closed, leaned back in the seat and a wistful smile on her face.

"I am glad you came. Ellie loved you and now maybe she will let it go for a little while about me needing someone in my life. She will expect you though at the next family dinner, just so you know."

"It is nice to be wanted again. Thank you G. This is the best Christmas present I could have ever gotten." Pulling up at her house, "Would you like to come in for a drink and that movie, I don't think I am ready to go to bed."

"Sure." Putting the car into park "What are we going to watch?"

"I don't care, as long as you are there." She blushes "I mean, today felt so good, I just don't want to be alone quite yet."

Settling into the couch while Nell changed into something more comfortable, looking at some of the movies she has, and trying to decide what sounds good to watch. He thinks he has narrowed it down to a couple. She walks in, sweats and a sweatshirt and hands him a glass. "What's this?"

"Whiskey, I like it, it warms me up. I have beer if you would rather." She picks out a movie and puts it in, walking back to the couch, settling in about a foot from Callen.

"No this is good; Gibbs would like you even more now." He says laughing "Except he drinks his out of mason jars. Someday I will introduce you to him but only when you are ready. What did you decide to watch?"

"Casablanca, it seems like a good choice."

"Works for me, you can come closer if you want. I won't bite and I promise I will be a gentleman." He holds his hands up.

Sliding over and into the crook of his arm, "I know you will be, thanks for being my friend G. Here's to us working on our issues together." She holds up her glass to toast their new friendship.

"Merry Christmas Nell." And pulls her close, drinking from the glass she gave him, as they both settle in for the movie.

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Just Give Me a Reason – Pink

California Love – 2Pac

Wish You Were Here – Pink Flyod