Credits are rolling on the TV when he wakes up, realizing that he is not at home, he looks around. He remembers that they settled into watch Casablanca with a glass of whiskey each. Before the movie got to far along she told him that the section of the couch he was in reclined so when she started sliding more into him as she got more relaxed he had kicked his feet up and leaned back. Shortly after she fell asleep he must have as well. She has nestled herself into him, with her knees almost to her chest and her face turns towards him resting her head on his stomach right above his hip, he doesn't know how that is comfortable for her but she is sleeping soundly. He is not about to wake her so he hits the power button on the TV and closes his eyes and slowly drifts off again.

"уйти от меня" (get away from me) is what he is woken up by next, he jumps as he is not sure what he has done. Looking down at Nell, he realizes she is still asleep and having a nightmare. She is tangled up in the blanket that is around her, trying to wake her and untangle her at the same time, is proving to be harder than he thought. Her legs are moving and making the blanket tighter and tighter around her lower body. She is twisting and wiggling so much that she has worked her way down the couch off of him. He gets up and moves around her so he can grab a hold of her shoulders hoping this will bring her out of it. In Russian she keeps screaming "Get away from me" and "No don't".

"Nell, come on, wake up." He says while shaking her gently. Realizing too late to duck or move, she hits him, hard, with a balled up fist. Making contact with his face, he is too concerned with her to worry about the black eye he is going to have. This time shaking her harder, "Nell" he yells "You have to wake up!" When that does not work, he tries Russian. "Nell, Вы должны проснуться." (You have to wake up.) This time she seems to at least register something as she turns her head towards him and he says it once more, louder. Her eyes pop open, like a deer in your headlights, she tries to back up away from him, not registering who he is at first, so he lets go of her and backs up himself. "Nell, sweetheart, it's me Callen, you are ok, you were having a nightmare." Holding his hands up so she sees there is no danger.

She deflates a little, "Sorry." And curls herself in a tight little ball in the corner of the couch, like if she hoping the couch will swallow her up and she can disappear.

"Nothing to be sorry for, I have had my own share of nightmares. Can I sit back down? Is that ok?" he asks approaching very slowly. She nods her head, yes, and scoots over next to him as soon as he sits down. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not right now, I just want to sit here."

"Ok, whenever you want to though, you can." He lifts his arm to put around her. And she gladly snuggles in and quietly starts to cry, he can feel her shaking. "Nell, you are ok, no one is going to hurt you. You are safe."

"I just never get use to him invading my dreams, I go a couple of weeks and I am fine and then he creeps right back in and scares me to death. Then I don't sleep for a couple of weeks again." She admits as much as to him as to herself "I know he can't hurt me again but that doesn't make it any easier sometimes."

"Is it one of the guys who took you?" He already knows the answer but is hoping she may talk if he asks simple questions.

"Yes, it is the one who liked to use his knife. He is the worst, I could take the beating, as hard as that is to understand, I was able to at least understand why they beat me. They wanted me to be an example, so that people knew they meant business. But there was no reason to cut me up, mutilate me other than to be sadistic." She says very quietly, almost too soft for him to hear. "You know had he dug just a little deeper, I would have most likely been paralyzed, he was so close to so many things when he was digging around."

"You don't have to talk about it, if you don't want to, I know it is hard."

"I have to talk about it, to make it have less of an effect on me, or at least that is what Nate says. she shrugs "I am just tired now, they always drain me when I have them." Her breath is starting to even out and she starting to relax.

"Wouldn't you be more comfortable in your own bed, Nell?" not wanted to let her go but she is going to need to get some good sleep after that.

"I like right where I am, unless you want to leave." She asks as she snuggles in a little closer. Hoping he will stay right where he is.

"Nope, I am good, I like it right here." Pulling the blanket around her shoulders and on to him a little, she is already asleep again and he is just watching her sleep, to make sure there are no signs of bad dreams coming back. Her face is relaxed and calm but he keeps watching her until he falls back asleep himself.

This time when he wakes up, he is colder than last time, he looks around and she is no longer sleeping by his side. She is not in the living room any longer; he gets up and to stretch and look for her. Not having to go very far, on his way through the house, he sees a note by his keys on the kitchen counter. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep again, thank you for staying with me, didn't want to wake you up again. I have gone into the office to have a run, feel free to use the shower and have some breakfast if you want. Just lock up on your way out. See you at the office. XX Nell I never even heard her get up and leave. He smiles and thinks about everyone and how they compare her ninja like skills to their boss. They both have a tendency to sneak up on people. He thinks to himself, that breakfast does sound good and he decides to make something and take her in some as well. She will need something if she has been up for very long.

In the gym, Nell is running and thinking about yesterday. She had a great time meeting Sam's family, his kids are wonderful and his wife and mom were so kind. I could get used to being around them. In some ways reminds her about her own mother. Then the nightmare comes into her thoughts, of all nights to have one, G probably thinks I have a screw loose somewhere. Pushing it out of her mind she turns her music and the pace up. By the time she has finished the run, she sees Sam in the bullpen, which means the others will be here soon, she needs to get in the locker room and take a shower.

The others are starting to come in, chatting about the day before. Kensi and Deeks had a good time at the beach and then at Kensi's moms house. They had been there until late in the evening. Deeks even admitted it was nice to be around family for the holiday, even if it wasn't his family; it was a great day in his words. Sam makes no mention of G and Nell being over at his house; it is not his place to say. But when G walks in, he can't help but be surprised. "What the hell happened? You didn't have that yesterday!" Sam laughs because he can't wait to hear this story.

"Nice shiner, there boss man." Deeks comes over to look a little closer. "Ah you brought me breakfast, how sweet of you." Seeing that he had two cups of coffee and two sandwiches in his hands.

"Hey Kensi, I imagine Nell is in the locker room, can you take her this?" holding out a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

"Sure." She says eyeing him suspiciously "Why are you sucking up to her? What did you do?"

"Nothing, I just thought she could use some breakfast and I figure if I deliver it to her, she'll give me another black eye." He says waiting to see if anyone gets the fact that he just basically said that Nell gave him the bruise he has. Kensi just raises her eyebrow at him and grabs the breakfast and turns to go to the locker room.

"You mean, to tell me Nell did that?" Sam queries. "What did you do to her to make her that mad? That explains the breakfast."

"We were watching a movie; she fell asleep, had a nightmare and when I tried to wake her, she punched me. It happens, I just know now, I don't really want to piss her off. She has a hell of a right hook." All he can do is laugh it off. It was a hell of a hit, she gave him last night but she was fighting something fierce against whoever that was in the nightmare. "She doesn't even know she did it, I don't think, so leave her alone about it, Deeks." Callen turns to look at the young man.

In the locker room, "Nell, are you in here?" Kensi calls out.

"We have a case already? I am not even completely dressed yet, give me a few minutes and I will be right up." The anxiety in Nell's voice went up about 4 times what it normally is.

"No, no we don't have anything yet, I am delivering breakfast. G asked that I bring this into you." She holds up the cup and sandwich to show Nell as she comes out of you of the changing stalls. "Everything ok? He didn't say something to upset you, did he?"

Nell walks toward the older agent with a confused look on her face. "He brought me breakfast, ok. That's weird." She shakes her head. "We hung out yesterday with Sam and his family and then watched a movie last night. I thought it was a good day, minus the nightmare I had when I fell asleep during the movie." She admits, realizing by the look on Kensi's face, she didn't know they were over at Sam's.

"You guys were together yesterday? Callen normally tries to bypass any holiday get together, he doesn't like them. But he does have a soft spot for Sam's kids or so I have heard." She sits down while Nell is finishing getting ready.

Nell had come out with her jeans on but a towel wrapped around her upper body, so to finish getting dressed, she turns her back to Kensi and pulls the shirt up over her head. "We were just going to hang out at my place but then Sam's mom wanted G to come over so she could see him. He has a hard time telling Ellie no, I guess." After finishing getting dressed she turns around to see a very pale Kensi looking away from her. "Are you ok, Kens, what's the matter. You look upset."

"I am sorry, I just….. It's just….. I don't know what to say…. I didn't know…." Her eyes were glossing over.

"What, we were just hanging out as friends. Not a big deal." Laughing a little, hoping to take some tension of the conversation, not sure why it would upset her like that. Watching the expression on her friends face, she knows that is not what she is talking about. "I am sorry Kensi; I assumed you saw it the other day when the guys saw it when I was in the gym. I know it is bad but I have to tell myself it could be worse." Nell is starting to understand that the team does care about her and that they all take it to heart that she was injured "Trust me, this looks good to how I could have looked. Ok?" She gives Kensi a hug and says "Let's go, I am sure they are starting to think we ran away." Shutting her locker and grabbing her coffee and eating as they leave the locker room. As they walk into the bull pen, Nell about chokes on her sandwich, "What the hell?" as she sees Callen's face. "I didn't, did I?"

"Good morning Rocky, I mean Nell." Deeks says, as he gets the evil eye from both Sam and Kensi.

"It's ok; I just know now that if I piss you off, to stay at least an arms-length away from you." He says smiling as she walks over to him.

"Does it hurt? I feel really bad for that." She strokes the good side of his face with her hand. "Why didn't you say something? I had an ice pack, you could have used." Her face is getting redder and redder the more she looks at him. The rest of the team is just looking on, a little confused, not sure what they are seeing before them.

"Eh, I will be fine" he says changing the subject "How's breakfast? I figured since you left so early, you didn't eat."

"Thanks, you didn't have to do that. I should be getting up to OPS. Eric will wonder where I am." Smiling at him and turning to leave.

When she is out of ear shot, Sam looks at him "Ok, what is going on with you? Between yesterday and now that little display? Where is G Callen and what have you done with him?"

"Nothing, I feel asleep at her place, when I woke up she was gone, said she was coming in to run. Told me I could make myself breakfast, I figured she would need something too." He shrugs it off and sits down to get started on the paperwork that has been piling up on his desk.

The rest of the day passes relatively quietly, the occasional complaint out of Kensi or Deeks about being stuck in their chairs. They all have paperwork and leads to run down on the current case and on cases they are trying to finish up. Nell keeps working on backstopping her alias for when she gets to the club. As lunchtime approaches, she needs to talk to Hetty about a few things, so she drifts down to see if she is in her office.

"Hetty, you have a minute?" She asks when she sees her boss behind her desk.

"Always Ms. Jones, I was going to compliment you on the job you did on Mr. Callen's eye. Whether you meant to or not, I am sure there are a few people here that would have loved to have done that to him."

"I didn't mean to, he was just trying to help me out. I feel kind of bad about it really." Nell answers, wringing her hands as she looks down.

"I know you didn't mean it, I just have to joke with you a little about it. Now what can I help you with?"

"Well, I have almost gotten my story backstopped for the undercover assignment but since no one else really knows about it, can I give it to you for you to look it over? I want to make sure I have everything I need in there. According to this, I am a young woman who recently lost my parents, to an unfortunate accident. When they passed they left me a lot of money because they were successful business owners. I have decided to take some time off of my studies in Moscow to travel and see the world on my own. I am rich enough to be able to do what I want, mostly, but not so rich that they would know who my family was."

"Sounds good, my dear, leave it with me and we can discuss it in a few hours. I will call you if I have anything that needs to be added. Go on to lunch tell the team they can take an hour and a half for lunch. They have been doing well with the paperwork; I have hardly heard Ms. Blye or Mr. Deeks complain. I know they next couple of weeks are going to be hard on you especially." Hetty picks up on her phone as it rings and smiles at the young woman as she walks out the door.

"I have good news guys" as Nell walks into the bullpen "Hetty says we can have a long lunch. We get an hour and a half, since Kensi and Deeks have been on their best behavior while doing their paperwork" She giggles at the look on their faces. "So who wants to go out? I can get Eric and we can go down the street to the new Mexican place?"

Kensi is the first to agree, she can always eat and if she says yes, so will Deeks. Callen and Sam figure, why not. So as Nell walks upstairs to get Eric, the others all discuss logistics, 6 people will not fit into one car. Sam will not get into a car with Kensi driving and she hates being in the backseat of any car. So the partners will ride in their respective cars and it is just up to Eric and Nell to decide which car they are riding in. Eric wants in with Deeks so they can talk surfing, so Nell agrees to go with Sam and Callen. The lunch is uneventful, normal everyday stuff. Kensi keeps smacking Deeks for making stupid comments, Sam and Eric are talking about a game system that Sam thinks he wants to get his kids for their birthday's so that leaves Nell and Callen to each other.

"I still feel really bad about your face G, plus I am a little embarrassed that I don't remember hitting you." Dropping her head lower and lower.

"You need to stop apologizing, it is ok. I am sure I have probably hit a few people in my life as well coming out of a nightmare, it happens to us all. I do have a question, do you always dream in Russian? You kept screaming Russian."

"I am not sure; sometimes Russian comes to me as easily as English, for whatever reason, it is the language that I had the easiest time learning. My teacher thought I was joking when I said I had never heard it spoken before I joined the class. I took 4 college level classes in a year and a half. It just clicked."

"Мы должны использовать это в наших интересах когда-то. " (We will have to use that to our advantage some time) Callen suggests.

"Это было бы изгнать их с ума, если мы говорили на русском языке перед ними." (That would drive them crazy if we spoke Russian in front of them.) They both turn to look at all of them staring at them. "Told you so." Nell laughs and smacks Callen on his arm.

"That's not very nice; you guys should speak in a language that no one else understands." Eric whines.

"Just practicing" Nell says "I don't get to speak it very often. Except when I am talking with my old professor, it's nice to be able to. I promise, I won't ever say anything mean about you, Deeks maybe but not anyone else."

"Time is about up, we should probably get back to work. So Hetty doesn't regret letting us out." Sam says, as he is always the voice of reason in the group.

After getting back to the office, Nell checks in with Hetty on her profile. "Very well done, Ms. Jones, have you given any thought to your approach to how to get into the group of friends at the club?"

"I think I may go there tonight, to scope out the place. It shouldn't be too busy and I can see how the dynamic of the place is with less people there. I would like to do this before we tell any of the others that I am doing this. I don't want any of them to worry about me and try to help out."

"Are you sure you are ok with this? I can have Tara put a tracker in some of your clothes so that I can always see where you are."

"I figured you would have had her do that anyways, as well as hide a button camera on me too."

"Well, I did but I wanted you to have some say in it as well. You know me well, Ms. Jones. If you do this, though please be careful; do not put yourself in harm's way. I would appreciate it if you checked in occasionally with me as well." Handing her a phone, that looks quite similar to her personal phone. "This is just like the one I gave you before; it will track your position as well as send all messages and calls here to be recorded as well. This way we can have a trail of information if they do let you into their circle of friends."

"Thanks Hetty, I know signs to look for now. I will be fine. I will trying and keep you up to date if I go out." Leaving the office, heading over to Tara's wardrobe room to find out what is hidden where and to have her make a few alterations to items she made for her. Trying to decide how she is going to approach this and what she is going to do once at the club.

What will Nell do? How is she going to handle going undercover? Also how will the team take it once they find out what she is doing?