Title: Friends & Family

Author: Shlane

Rating: T (no worse than is found in either series)

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in either Brother & Sisters or the Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega series, they belong to their respective creators. This applies to all subsequent chapters of this fic.

Spoilers: All five season of Brother and Sisters, all published work in the Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega universe.

Characters/Pairing: All the Walkers(cannon pairings), Warren/Kyle (with brief appreances or mentions of others including Mercy, Adam and Bran)

Summary: Kyle decides its time to visit his old friend Scotty in LA, what are the chances of this being a quiet peaceful visit? Does not require a knowledge of both series to be enjoyed.

Dedication: For Anduria Trianys, I got her into Mercy Thompson after she asked me if I knew a gay pairing from literature that she could use in her Masters dissertation, she also read the early chapters of my main Warren and Kyle fic before they were published and fell in love with the pairing. Then she returned the favour by introducing me to Brother and Sisters, and thus Kevin and Scotty (not for a dissertation though).

Background: Obviously this is a crossover so I had to change a little of the Brother and Sister background to accommodate the Mercy Thompson universe. In this the Fae (a supernatural group who can use magic called glamour to appear human) came out in the late eighties and after the subsequent trouble all moved to four large reservations (at least publically). The werewolves revealed their existence about six months before this fic begins but the majority are still hiding that they are. None of this affected any of the cannon Brother and Sisters plot line (everything happened as it did in the series). Pretty much everything you need to know about Warren and Kyle is given in the story (quick heads up though, Warren is a werewolf and Kyle knows it), what you need to know about Kevin and Scotty is also covered in the story (and the rest of the Walkers are a loving if slightly dysfunctional family)

Timeline: This first chapter has three parts, the first part is set directly after Scotty tells Kevin that he cheated in Brothers and sisters and during the end of Blood Bound for Mercy Thompson. The other two parts take place after Kevin and Scotty are back together and after Iron Kissed/Bone Crossed for Mercy Thompson. The rest of the story will take place after the end of Brother and Sisters and just after River Marked.

AN: This fic started when I made the mistake of telling Anduria Trianys that I'd had a random idea for a crossover (born of having one series on in the back ground while writing fic for the other), she then told me I HAD to write it. This is the result.

Chapter 1

When his phone started to ring Kyle reached for it with a frown, the ringtone was one of the ones he used a general one for friends who didn't call often enough to warrant their own. It was also late which made him worry; no good news ever came at that time of night.

Warren grumbled as Kyle's movement forced him to sit up from where he had been laying with his head on Kyle's lap. Kyle ignored him but frowned when he saw who was calling and quickly hit the accept button. "Hey Scotty, what's up?"

"Kyle I've done something terrible." His friend sounded like he was crying and had been for a good long time.

"Alright, just tell me and we can fix it."

Kyle had attempted to sound reassuring but his words just caused Scotty to sob. "Why did you have to say that? Do they teach you that at law school or something, he said exactly the same thing."

His references to a 'he' and law school helped clue Kyle in, at least a little, something must be going on with Scotty's partner Kevin. "Scotty, calm down and take a deep breathe." Kyle had plenty of experience at calming emotional clients. "And another, good, now tell me what happened."

"I cheated." Scotty told him. "It was just once, I swear, I would never do that again."

Kyle closed his eyes; it was hard to believe that Scotty, of all his friends, had cheated on the man he loved. Scotty took commitment so seriously, he was devoted to Kevin. Kyle pulled the phone away from his ear and turned to Warren. "I need to deal with this." He didn't bother explaining what 'this' was, there were no private phone calls around werewolves.

"Go on." Warren told him and reached for the remote, as Kyle walked out of the room he heard Warren turn the volume up on the TV, trying to give Kyle what privacy he could for his call.

"What the hell were you thinking Scotty?" Kyle demanded as he sat down in the kitchen. "You love Kevin, I know you do and I know you've had trouble with him but cheating, really? I would never have thought that of you Scotty! There's only a few people in the world I know who would be less likely to cheat!" And those were all werewolves. And Mercy

"I know, I can't forgive myself. I was stupid, so incredibly stupid."

"I'm not going to argue with you there." Kyle said and took a deep breath. "All right now I have that out of my system, what happened?"

"I've ruined my marriage." Scotty told him.

"Are you calling me as your friend or as a lawyer?" Kyle asked with concern, he knew Scotty and Kevin were domestic partners so if they split up things could end up as messy as a divorce.


"Then you haven't ruined your marriage yet." Kyle told him firmly, when people started getting lawyers involved it was usually a sign the marriage was not going to recover. "Tell me what happened, because I know you Scotty, you aren't the type to get drunk and have an affair, so something must have pushed you or encouraged you to it."

"Kevin came in from work and he was so excited about the idea of adopting, and I couldn't go through something like that without telling him. He could hardly bear to look at me afterwards. He refused to sleep in our bed or even the apartment; he's sleeping in his office down stairs. And it was so stupid Kyle, it didn't mean anything to me, it was just this waiter from the restaurant." Scotty started to cry again.

"Okay, first thing, you sure this was just once? It won't happen again?" A marriage could recover from a one-time affair if both parties wanted it to; Kyle knew from a professional capacity that multiple affairs were pretty much the kiss of death.

"Absolutely." Scotty replied and he sounded very certain of it. "I love Kevin more than anything, it was just a stupid mistake."

"Right then, second you need to get yourself tested Scotty, I'm going to assume your lapse of judgment didn't go that far but you need to be sure."

"I already did Kyle, this happened months ago, the night my restaurant opened and Kevin wasn't there. I'm clean. I just couldn't keep it secret anymore."

"Good." Kyle sighed and rubbed his temples, his job was divorce lawyer not marriage counsellor. "Does the guy still work for you?"

"No, he was just extra help because we were so busy, I haven't seen him since and I never plan to." Scotty paused. "I didn't plan any of this, I love Kevin more than anything but he wasn't there and this guy was, and he said stuff that made me feel so good, stuff Kevin wasn't saying. And I knew as soon as it was over that I'd made a huge mistake and I tried to forget it ever happened but I couldn't keep on lying, not when Kevin was talking about starting a family. I've seen what secrets like that do and I couldn't put some poor orphan kid through that."

"Scotty stop." Kyle said firmly, his friend was rambling. "I know you and I know this was a mistaken."

"How do I convince Kevin of that?" Scotty asked helplessly.

"You aren't going to like the answer." Kyle warned him. "Give him space and time. Right now he's angry and hurt, that's going to take time for him to get over, trust me I know that."

"I know, I know I hurt him, but it was just after we were in this huge accident and then our surrogate miscarried, and he pulled away from me and buried himself in his work."

"I understand Scotty, you were hurting then and Kevin is hurting now but you need to give him time. You run the restaurant with his uncle right? So he can't cut you out of his life completely."

"We're trying to keep this from his family for the moment; the last thing either of us want is for this been dragged through the Walker gossip mill."

"So he won't cut you out of his life." Kyle reminded him. "Now you just need to give him some time, don't push him or you might push him away completely. Time and space, that's the only thing I can advise."

"I don't know how I'm going to sleep alone in our bed tonight." Scotty admitted sadly.

"Hug your pillow." Kyle suggested. "And I speak from experience, it doesn't help a lot but it's better than nothing. While I would love to help more, I'm in Tri-Cities, you're in LA and my boyfriend might not understand."

"No." Scotty said with a shaky laugh. "I don't think it would help things with Kevin either."

"Probably not." Kyle said.

"Thanks Kyle." Scotty told him. "I just really needed someone to talk to, and normally the person I talk to is Kevin."

"Glad I could help." Kyle told him. "Now go to bed Scotty, you need to at least try to sleep."

"Good night Kyle."

"Good night Scotty." Kyle ended the called and looked down at his phone for several long moments before he went back into the living room.

Warren was still sitting on the couch watching TV, his damaged ankle was propped on a pillow on the coffee table. Kyle sat down next to him and then lay down so that this time it was his head resting on Warren's lap. "Warren?"

"Yeah Kyle?"

"If I ever got caught up in work to the point where I started neglecting you, you'd tell me right?"

"What's brought this on?"

"My friend cheated because his husband was so caught up in work that he ignored him completely." Kyle turned so he was laid on his back. "You know I tend to be a bit of a workaholic but you'd tell me if it ever got that bad, wouldn't you?"

"Ah darlin', I'd drag you home and tie you to the bed." Warren said with a laugh. "Honestly though, I knew you were a workaholic about five minutes after I met you. I also know that if you can accept that I'm a werewolf then I can accept that you think there are six days in a working week and that the average working day has ten hours in it." He leant down a kissed Kyle. "I'll wait for you for a long time Kyle, I'm patient like that."

"Must be from all that hunting as a wolf."

"Nah, comes from herding cows when I was a boy." Warren told him with a smile. "But if you'll have me then I'll wait for you for as long as I need to, I already waited a century to find you."

This time Kyle kissed Warren. "Love you too." He told him as he settled back onto his side so they could both watch the TV.

"Do you think your friend and his husband will be alright?" Warren asked as his fingers absently played with the ends of Kyle's hair.

"I hope so, Scotty is a great guy and been with Kevin has been so good for him." Kyle looked at the screen without really seeing it and then whispered softly. "I really hope they're alright."

" " "

Kyle didn't hear from Scotty again for nearly a month, a month during which there was so much trouble for his friends in the Tri-Cities that he hardly spared Scotty a second though. It was only after things settled down a little that he realised it had been several weeks since Scotty had called, and Kyle wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

He was debating whether he should call or give Scotty another week when the friend in question called him. "Scotty, finally." Kyle greeted his friend, trying not to sound too annoyed but it had been nearly a month. "So do I need to crack open my law texts on dissolving domestic partnerships?"

"No." Scotty said and now Kyle had finally let his friend get a word in he'd realised that he sounded happy. "We're working through it, he forgave me and I forgave him for pulling away from me like that."

"That's good." Kyle said with a relived grin. "Took you long enough."

"Long enough and some help from our niece, my sister-in-law's daughter. She forced us to talk, tricked us into it really, something she defiantly inherited from her mother's family."

"That's good to know." Kyle said. "So you're better?"

"Not yet, but we're getting there." Scotty admitted. "He's moved back in, something his sister Kitty is very happy about. I got myself tested again too, just to be sure, especially after he accused me of tramping about."

Kyle winced, he'd heard that one before a few times, thankfully not directed at him. "I'm happy for you Scotty, I really am. It's good that you got back together, and that it took less drama than Warren and I did."

"Oh god, I completely forgot seeing that on Facebook, how is he? You mentioned he'd been hurt."

"You're excused for forgetting him, given the givens." Kyle assured him. "He's good, everything has healed well, he's even thinking of working for my firm as a PI."

"Probably not the safest career choice but you do live in the Tri-Cities not LA." Scotty said, then added with a laugh. "Actually it's probably no more hazardous to his health than working at a stop 'n' rob. Still makes me glad Kevin has a nice safe career like law."

Kyle wished he could tell the truth but he didn't tell any of his friends or family the truth about Warren. "It is nice that Warren's not working the night shift anymore and I get to fall asleep with him beside me."

"I totally agree, I think these last few nights have been the best I've slept in a month." Scotty sounded so much happier and Kyle was glad of it, one mistake shouldn't ruin the best thing in a man's life if it could be avoided. "You and Warren should come down and visit some time."

"Maybe." Kyle hedged thinking of the fact that Warren would have to get permission from the local Alpha to visit LA and everything his lover had told him about other werewolf packs and gay wolves. "But I'm a little snowed under with work right now and a good friend of ours was recently attacked, she needs us here for the moment."

"Oh God!" Scotty exclaimed. "Is she alright?"

"She was raped." Kyle told him bluntly. "But her boyfriend is helping her deal with it, as are the rest of us. I think she'll be just fine."

"Did they catch the bastard?"

"No need, she killed him in self-defence." Kyle told him, leaving out the Fae enchanted cup and everything else magical that Warren had told him about, Scotty did not need to know about any of that and the police had ended up classing it as a self-defence killing.

"It's good to know he didn't get away with it." Scotty agreed. "But you're right, you should defiantly stay there for now, maybe you can visit later?"

"Maybe in a couple of months." Kyle allowed. They chatted for a while more before they hung up and Kyle went to boot up his laptop, he needed to send a young lady a present.

" " "

"Mom, why are we going to Uncle Scotty's?" Paige asked her mom as she pulled up outside the restaurant.

"I don't know Paige." Sarah replied. "Scotty called and asked me to bring you over after school, so here we are."

` Paige didn't say anything else but got out of the car and went into the restaurant, leaving her mom to follow. She stopped dead when she saw the huge bouquet of flowers that were standing on the bar, the last time she had seen anything like that had been at a wedding. Probably Kevin and Scotty's come to think of it.

"Ah Paige, is your mom here?" Scotty asked as he walked in from the kitchen.

"I'm here Scotty." Sarah answered for herself as she pushed the door open. "And what are those for?" She asked pointing at the flowers.

"They're why I called you, these are for Paige." Scotty explained.

"But Scotty, you and Kevin already gave me flowers." Paige protested, the flowers her uncles had given her as a thank you were the biggest bouquet she had ever seen. Until this one.

"But these aren't from us." Scotty told her. "There's a card." He pointed it out, tucked amongst flowers Paige couldn't name and doubted her mom could either. She had to climb on one of the bar stools to reach it without risking crushing any of the flowers.

She sat back on the chair and pulled out the card. "'To Scotty's Niece.'" She read. "'Thank you, from Kyle Brooks.'"

"Paige? Scotty?" Sarah asked. "Does one of you want to explain why my daughter is getting flowers from a strange man I've never even heard of?"

"Don't worry Sarah." Scotty reassured her. "He's a friend of mine from out of state and he's perfectly safe. There's a longer note too." He added to Paige. "And I don't know what it says, so why don't you read it aloud?"

Paige nodded and opened the envelope. Taking a deep breath she unfolded the sheet of paper inside. It was typed and whoever Kyle Brooks was he had probably dictated it to the florist. "'Dear Scotty's Niece. I'm sorry I don't know what to call you but your uncle was so busy singing your praises that he forgot to tell me your name.'" She read with a laugh. "Scotty!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He held up his hands in mock defence. "Please continue."

Paige smiled and did so. "'Thank you for what you did for Scotty, you helped save the best thing that has ever happened to my friend. I am so glad that you got involved and fixed things before he had to call me professionally. If this is any indication you must be an amazing young woman and good luck to you. From Kyle. P.S. I love a happy ending.'" She looked up at Scotty. "So who is he?"

"He's a good friend of mine who lives in the Tri-Cities, you might not have heard of it since it's up in Washington State." Scotty told her. "I called him right after I told Kevin everything, I needed to talk to someone and he was the best choice. He gave some good advice too, thought I wasn't so good at following it."

"What did he mean by been involved professionally?" Sarah asked as she took a good look at the flowers Kyle Brooks had sent Paige, and wondered how they were going to get them home intact.

"He's the top divorce lawyer in the Tri-Cities." Scotty explained.

Sarah stared at him in shock. "The first thing you did after telling your husband was call a divorce lawyer?" She asked incredulously. "I wasn't even that bad with Joe."

Scotty held up his hands defensively. "I did not call him as a lawyer, I called him as my friend. I needed someone to talk to and I couldn't talk to anyone in LA because neither of us wanted it getting around, especially Kevin. Kyle was far enough away that he couldn't get involved." Scotty shook his head. "And I think I wanted him to tell me that I could still have hope, that I might not have completely ruined my marriage. In his job he's seen the end of enough that he'd know if I had a chance."

"Did he tell you to hope?" Paige asked.

"He did." Scotty agreed. "Right after shouting at me for been an idiot and then reminding me that I needed to get myself tested."

"Oh God, Scotty I never even thought of that!" Sarah exclaimed and she should have done seen as how her own uncle was HIV positive. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Sarah, I got myself checked the very next day. If I was stupid enough to get myself infected that was one thing but I wasn't risking Kevin's health."

"So what else did your friend say?" Paige asked.

"He told me I needed to give Kevin time and space, right after he warned me I wasn't going to like his advice." Scotty laughed and Paige grinned.

"You know I think I'd like to meet this Kyle." Sarah said.

"I have invited him down but he and his partner can't get away at the moment, he did say that maybe they could come down in a few months."

"Well, let me know if they do come down because I defiantly want to meet him." Sarah said. "Come on Paige, we need to pick Cooper up from soccer practice." She looked at the huge bouquet of flowers. "Can you manage those?"

"I'll get them." Scotty offered, he could just about see over the top, unlike Paige. "Lead the way."

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