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Summary: They warned her about him. They told her to stay away. But she didn't listen. Now's she's trapped. With him. Not your normal happy love story.


I avoided his gaze.

I felt like it could kill me any second.

If looks could kill...

He's pacing around me. His brown eyes are filled with anger and irratation.

''So Cat..'' He says calmly,''where have you been?''

I look at him my boyfriend of 4 months. At first it was a breeze.

'A match-made in Heaven..' They say. 'They were made for each other..' If only they knew...

I gulp,trying to ignore his creepy glare. When he had that look on his face, I knew what was about to happen.

''I-I was with Tori and Jade.'' I stutter.

He chuckled dryly. ''With them? He scoffs. ''when we had plans?''

I looked into his angry eyes. ''I-I tried to call you,but-''

''But what Cat?'' He's growing impatient.

''You didn't answer.''

He glares at me. Before I know it I'm pinned against the wall,and he's yelling in my face,as if I was miles away.

His grip on my wrist is tight. ''You listen to me,Cat Valentine. You belong to me. Not Tori,not Jade, not anybody. I am your boyfriend. I come first.'' His grip grows tighter. ''understand?''

I nod quickly. Not what he was looking for.

I found myself fighting tears,as I hold my stinging cheek. ''I told you to answer me! You have a voice,so use it!'' He snaps.


''Yes what?''

''Yes,I understand.''

He smirks. ''Good. Now go lay on the bed. I'll deal with the clothes.''


This is what usually happens when I anger him. He calls it my 'punishment'

''B-Beck I can't. I can't do it tonight.I don't feel good.'' I try to sound as sincere as I could. He doesn't buy it.

''You selfish brat.'' His fist makes contact with my cheek. I fall to the floor,in pain. I look up at him with wide,tearful eyes.

This is it. He's hurt me to much. With the strength I have left, I look up to him.

''I want to break up.'' I said.

The anger in his eyes vanishes,and it's replaced with a look of regret and sorrow. He pulls me into his arms,and I sob into his chest.

''Look Kit-Kat. I'm sorry. You know I love you right?'' He looks into my eyes. I can't help but melt.

''I-I know.'' I say. It's a total lie. If you loved someone,you wouldn't hurt them would you?

''Come on. I'll take you home.'' He grabs his car keys off the small table and we exit his RV.

I'm at home,in my bathroom. It's just me.

My 12-year old brother Frankie is at his friend's house for the weekend,and my parents went out on a date.

I peel off my clothes and I look at myself.


Bruises,new and old form on my pale skin. It's all because of him.

I love Beck Oliver. I really do. But he hurts me to much.

And when I wanna leave him,he somehow puts me back under his spell.

I'm stupid. So vulnerable. Like he tells me.

Tears form in my eyes,and I let them flow freely.

I've been keeping this a secret for how long? Maybe 2 months. Nobody knows. Nobody.

Not even my best friend Jade.

And she always tells me if anybody dares lay a finger on me,then they'll have to answer to her and her scissors.

And she has alot of them.

I'm getting ready to meet up with the girls for a sleepover at Jade's house.

Beck,(Thank God) is with his family up in Cancun visiting family for the week.

So I'm free.

I pack my bag,with PJ'S my laptop,my phone charger,and other things I'll need.

I look in the mirror.


The bruises are now covered with make-up.

My long,red hair is in a high ponytail,I'm wearing a long-sleeved pink shirt,with some white skinny jeans and pink TOMS.

Thank god it's chilly outside,or Jade will ask questions.

Suddenly,my phone goes off.

New message from: Jadey

Jadey: Hey Kitty,just got back from Andre's. U can cum ovr now.

Me: KK! I'll be over soon. :)


Thank God that Jade lives in the same street that I do. About 7 houses away.

I grab my things,and leave.

She never was and never will be,

You don't know how you betrayed me,

You know you've got everybody fooled...

Evanescence blasted loudly in Jade's room. She was a HUGE fan of them.

I go into her house,without knocking. She doesn't care.

She's in her room,looking at her scissor collection. Tori was already there,downstairs making some popcorn.

''Hey Cat.'' She smiles. Yep. Jade West smiled.

''Hi-Hi!'' I said. Well simply said it. Usually, I scream it.

But that's when I'm happy.

And I'm not.

She notices the mood change.

If there was anyone who knew me,It was Jade.

She reads me like a book.

''What's wrong?'' She asks,her normally hard blue eyes grew soft.

''Nothing is wrong.'' I try to sound sincere. My cheek is still hurting from when Beck punched me.

She doesn't believe me. ''Cat...''

I forced a smile. '' Nothing Jadey.'' I said in my usual childish voice.

I changed the mood. ''Hey! Can we make cupcakes?'' I ask.

Jade smirks and shakes her head,chuckling. ''Oh Cat...''

A/N: Okay...there's chapter one. This is a BAT story. But a darker one.