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I had been ambushed,and kidnapped by Jade and Tori.

They convinced me to go to some house party,which was at a frat house.

A frat house?

Are they trying to have Beck murder me?

"Come on Cat," Jade had said as she put on her infamous black boots. She was wearing a tight red tube top with lace,a short black skirt,and fishnet stockings. " Let loose for while. Be a wildcat!"Tori was wearing grey skinny jeans,a tie-die shirt,and a black leather jacket with brown uggs.

Me? Let's say that if Beck saw me in this,he would really kill me.

And that's no lie.

It was a bright pink dress,that didn't even go to my thigh,with pink high heels. Total turn-on,Tori had said.

Let's hope she's right.

We piled in Jade's midnight blue BMW and were on our way. When we got there,Jade told me to leave the phone in the car.

"But what if Beck calls?" I asked.

I had already faced the wrath of Beck when I hadn't answered my phone. I had ended up with a busted lip and a black eye.

'I feel down the stairs,' I had tole them.

They were stupid enough to believe me.

"Don't answer." Jade says simply.

Well she doesn't have an abusive boyfriend who will have a cow if she doesn't!

"But what if he gets mad?"

"Let him be. He can't control what you can and can't do."

"Yes he does." I mumble.

"What was that?" Tori asked,looking confused.

"Nothing! Let's party!" I said putting my ditzy,stupid mask back on.

Jade smirks. "That's the kind of stuff I like to hear..."

Not even 30 minuets into the party,Jade is drunk like hell,and is now in a tongue war with Andre.

Tori was getting ready to perform a song.

Robbie was mingling with some Northridge girls. I smile.

Good for him. Ever since he left Rex,he's been getting more attention from girls.

Including me...

Suddenly,a cute guy with wild blonde hair,deep green eyes comes up to me. He's holding a rootbeer.

"Hey cutie," He flirts."Why is a cute thing like you sitting here alone?"

I decide to flirt back.

Besides,Beck's not here.

He can't control me...

"I'm just getting into the mood." I said with a wink.

He smirks.

"How can I help out with that?"

I smile.

Maybe for awhile I can let loose,it couldn't hurt right?

'Hot and dangerous,

If your one us then roll with us,

Cuz we make the hipsters fall in love,

When we got our hot pants on enough..,

Tori's strong voice sings into the mic.

Everyone is either dancing,getting drunk or doing something illegal.

The party was a full blast! Cole,the cute boy's name made me forget all about Beck.

But that was a BIG mistake.

15 minuets later,I'm drunk and grinding on Cole. I'm having fun,and I feel free than I have in a long time.

Tori's voice is flooding out throughout the house singing 'Last Friday Night'

Jade and Andre disappeared to the back of the house,probably to do 'you know what'


It feels weird saying that word.


Cole,just as drunk as me,maybe even drunker agrees.

"You know what'll make it even more fun?" He asks,smirking.


"This." He grabs me by my waist and pulls me to him. It starts gentle,if you can say a drunk kid of gentle,but whatever.

Soon it turned into an all-out tongue war.

We pull apart and start dancing again.

'What Beck doesn't know won't hurt..."

But it'll sure as hell hurt me...


At 3:22 in the morning...me,Jade and a pretty sober Tori,stumbled into Jade's truck.

Before I could even check my phone,I was out like a light.

The next morning,after the worst hangover ever,I walk down to Jade's kitchen to see tori making Pancakes.

"Hey Cat!" She says. "Feel better?" She asks.

I moan and grab my head. "I've been better..." I lied. Not.

I walk over to my phone which was charging and turn it on.

My eye went wide.

31 messages, 13 missed calls.

All from Beck.

Oh shit...

8:30- Hey babe...what you doin? ;)

8:41- Hello...

9:26-Cat...you better answer me.

9:45-Where the hell are you?!

10:14-Cat...Im trying to be really patient here...

10:32-ANSWER ME!

10:59-I swear...be glad that I'm not here..I'd teach you not to ignore me.

11:07- You little cheating whore. . Just wait until I get back.

And so on...

I'm screwed...oh so screwed.

"Something wrong Cat?" Tori asks,looking up from putting butter on the pancakes.

I force a smile. "No...hey,do you think they have red velvet pancakes?"

She laughs and flips her long,chocolate curls. "I think they do."

"Yay!" I said,acting all cheery again. Acting really comes in handy sometimes.

"Let's make some!"

Jade drops me off at home around 5:00.

I go into the kitchen to get a coke,a note's on the fridge.

Hey Cat,

Went to the hospital to get your brother's special drink.

Be back around 9.

There's money for pizza on the table.

-Mom and dad

I sigh and go upstairs to my room.

Home alone again.

I go in my room and I go on the slap.

Jade West: Watching The Scissoring 2:The revenge of the blade.

Mood: Scissory. ;)

Tori Vega: Trina's practicing for some audition. I WISH I WERE DEAF!

Mood: Annoyed :(

Andre Harris: My grandmother thinks that the bathtub is gonna take her to another world...Oh Chiz...

Mood: Confused 0.o

Robbie Shapiro: Going out with some NR girls tonight.

Mood: Flirty

Beck Oliver: That moment when you find out someone you love is playing tongue with someone else...

Mood: Pissed.

I gulp. I'm in deep crap.

I need red velvet cupcakes...

I'm watching The little mermaid,eating a cupcake when the doorbell rings.

I get up and open it. Then my heart stops.

It's Beck.

And he does not look happy...

He's holding up a picture of me and Cole. Me grinding on him...Shoot...

"You have some explaining to do." He growls.

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