Hey guys! So I was in the Christmas mood and wanted to share some Christmas cheer with you. I was also in the mood for some Bering&Wells shipping, so I did this. It's a little thing I whipped up. It's my first draft, but I wanted to get it up so y'all could possibly read it before the all-nighters get up for Christmas Day.

This is your present from me!


Disclaimer: I, sadly, do not own Warehouse 13, but will gladly take the credit for this story. :)

Warehouse 13: A Very Merry Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the place,

not a creature was stirring with an uneven pace.

The artifacts stored, sorted so careful,

In hopes that HG and Myka would snuggle.

The agents were nestled all snug in their beds,

While HG and Myka lay down, touching heads.

HG with her cat, and Mykes with her ferret,

Had just entered sleep, dreaming of carrots.

When out in the desert, there arose such a clatter,

That halted the agents, who couldn't be sadder.

They stood up from bed, sensing some trouble,

To the window they raced, and on the double.

The new fallen snow lay on the Prius,

The sparkles of nighttime small wonderful pieces.

When what to their eyes, the women looked on,

But a strange coming sleigh – and reindeer it donned!

With a grumpy old man, so slouched and so down,

Myka's breath caught, spying the man with a frown.

He halted the reindeer, when the warehouse they found,

And he called out to all, with a verbal rebound:

"Myka, and Pete, Leena, Claudia, too!

Steve Jinks and Artie and Trailer, you too!

Bring HG, the visitor tonight,

I have something for you that will bring such a fright!"

So HG and Myka left the warehouse's warmth,

And Claud, Artie, Steve, and Leena came forth.

And Trailer, not waiting, ran through the tunnel,

Called the umbilicus, the overground chunnel.

They all came outside and saw Old St. Nick,

Who had no cheer in his face, he looked almost sick.

"What happened?" asked Artie, concern on his face.

"You look like you've just escaped a very fast race!"

"Oh, just the same," said the big man in red,

"I came straight from the Pole with an infected sled!"

Artie looked at him as if we were nuts,

And Santa looked back, confirming his ruts.

Artie left his gaze, and Steve did approach,

And said, "This sled now looks like a big large roach!"

Santa heard this with his magical skills,

And said to Steve, "To the artifact should you send bills!"

"What artifact did this," asked Pete curiously.

"It's something from the Pole," said Santa furiously.

So Claudia asked, who was getting so sleepy,

"How can we rid it, so it doesn't look creepy?"

"We find the artifact that did this wrong,

and burn it so I can get back to my pong."

"Santa," said Pete, so incredulously,

"I didn't know you had Christmas fury."

"I'm sorry," said big red, looking down to the snow,

"I guess it's the artifact, no kindness it shows."

"That's okay," said Leena. "We'll figure this out."

Trailer licked him with his dark and wet snout.

So through the big bags of the sleigh, they did go,

And tossed everything with no sparkle or glow.

Dollies, and movies, and game stations, three

All nearly hit reindeer, but instead hit a tree.

Finally, when they reached the last bag,

They all felt ill at the sight of gift tags.

They found an odd-looking artifact thing,

Shaped like a key that made a mysterious Zing!

"Gotcha!" said Myka, high-fiving HG.

"Rock on!" shouted Claudia, fist-bumping Jinksy.

"Let's get this thing gone!" said Santa with glee.

"I need to hurry and put gifts under trees!"

They all rushed inside, and looked for some goo,

And Claudia found a bag in aisle two.

With a minute to spare before he was due,

Santa was off, him and sleigh, all cheery and new.

The agents waved bye after a late night well spent,

The artifact stored near a rare forty-cent.

While Pete, Leena, Claudia, Artie, and Steve,

Slowly crept to their beds on that Christmas Eve.

And in their own room, HG and Myka gossiped

About who all they knew assigned to the bad list.

Surely they're fine, and in dreamlands they play,

Waiting for tomorrow, their own Christmas Day.

So there ya go! I hope it was of considerable length and you enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed writing it! :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa!

- Chinagirl18