"Oh, okay." Tenma said with optimism. He didn't want Tsurugi to notice how down he felt but he looked at the puppy and it was enough to make him smile.

"And thanks for the puppy! Really!" he said happily.

Tsurugi just nodded. "It's fine. See you."

Tenma nodded and went back inside. He went back in, looking back as he saw Tsurugi off. He put the cage down and let puppy out.

"What should I call you?" Tenma wondered. The pup barked and started running around Tenma's feet. He laughed at the puppy's rambunctious nature and picked it up to it bring upstairs but as soon as he did it, the puppy gave a few happy barks before yawning and falling asleep, all curled up in his arms.

"I'll think about it tomorrow. You must be tired, poor thing." He said.

Once he got to his room, he wasn't sure but he put the puppy on Sasuke's old bed. He began sleeping so soundly in that he couldn't help but remember his old pet but Sasuke wouldn't want him to be sad! Especially not this time of the year!

He tucked it in Sasuke's old blanket before going to bed himself.


"..ngn.." Tenma moaned as he woke up. What time was it?


As he heard that, he got up, a little sleepy. That's odd. No one should be here now. What was all that noise?

He got up from bed with a torch and went down the stairs. He looked around with the light open but there was nothing around but the place did look a bit different.

He went to the kitchen and noticed that the chairs were a bit out of place.

"Strange. I'm sure I fixed those a while ago." Tenma wondered. He took a step inside to clean it put it back when he some a creak. Naturally he was surprised and turned and he saw a man standing there who looked as surprised as him.

You think he would yell but he was too shock to say a word. All he could think of doing was running to the telephone that was just a feet away from him which he had used enough to remember where it was but once he edged to get it, the man suddenly ran to him.

Frightened, Tenma took the phone but before he could dial, the man grabbed him, keeping arm around his mouth to keep him from making any noise and quickly dragged the helpless child.

He knew that the owner of the place was gone but he didn't think anyone was still staying here so he hadn't worn any mask. Since the kid had already seen his face, there was no way he could let him walk now.

Tenma eventually bit him, causing him yelp and loosen his and once he did, Tenma yelled and screamed and began putting up a fight.

The man had to shut him up quickly and grabbed the nearest thing he could find to stop him…


Tsurugi sighed. What a day yesterday was. He grumbled as he cursed that stupid puppy. Why did it have to an accident on him? It did it on purpose! He just knew it!

He passed by Aki's apartment, wondering how he and the puppy were doing. Hopefully Tenma liked the puppy because he couldn't return that thing now and he certainly wasn't going to take care of it!

He went to ring the doorbell but he noticed something on the pavement in front of the building. Some red splotches and a chill went down his spine and he quickly ran to the door but it was wide open with more splotches, each bigger as it led inside.

He ran in to check but when he got to the kitchen…


…after that, he called the police. He was no expert but even then, he knew it was worthless to call an ambulance. His body was already cold. While waiting, he wondered where the puppy had gone. Maybe it had escaped?

But after the police came, they found it in Tenma's room, shaken and whining as it was confused by what was happening.

Despite everything, Tsurugi took it in his arms and strangely enough, it let him hold it. There was now no longer any reason for him stay. He asked the police to catch the monster responsible for it and left with the puppy.

They eventually did. The man was the son of the neighbor nearby. He was bum, homeless and jobless. He needed some money and went there to rob it but Tenma had caught him off guard and when he did, he grabbed the first thing could to keep him from saying a thing; a knife.

Still, it didn't make Tsurugi feel any better. Every time he thought back to that night, he wished had accepted his just that single time.

He arrived home again, dumping his stuff down on the floor after a miserable day of soccer practice. A dog, white in fur with a few patches of blue came barking over happily.

"Hey there, Tenma." He greeted, making the dog bark. After some time, he took the small puppy in and cared for it and raised it with a strange tenderness and love that many found shocking. But whenever they heard its name, they would say no more.