Transformers Rio: Characters

This is a story for what would happen in the Rio movie if a Cybertronian called Sideswipe participates in the adventure.

AN: I am new in the site and it is hard to start a story so I decided to write first about the characters and because I don't want to always say what the characters can do (especially for Sideswipe).


(I know that Sideswipe is another transformer in the film but his name is really cool so if you have problem just say and I will change it). Sideswipe is a Cybertronian/Transformer who has left his planet Cybertron and lived on Earth for a long time. But before he lives he is caught by the Decepticons who inject him Dark Energon. Because of that he can change in other Cybertronian forms and cannot be deactivated / killed. He also can understand animals, travel to another parallel universes or cloaking/becoming invisible.

Name: Sideswipe

Species: Cybertronian

Gender: male of course

Abilities: understand animals; change his robot and vehicle form; cannot be killed; parallel universe travelling; cloaking/becoming invisible

Other forms: space jet, Earth jet, car, tank with two canons (because in robot form he has one on each hand), helicopter and a pickup jeep.


(I am sure most of the people who are Blu, Jewel and the other Rio characters and I will write for them less than I wrote for Sideswipe). Blu is unconfident Spix Macaw bird who has been a pet for 15 years until he is brought to Rio and something happened – he met Jewel.

Name (full): Tyler Blu Gunderson

Species: dark blue Spix Macaw

Gender: male


Jewel is a very spirited Spix Macaw bird who lost her parents and used to live alone and hate humans until she went on unexpected adventure with Blu.

Name: Jewel

Species: light blue Spix Macaw

Gender: female

Sorry, that I didn't write about Rafael, Eva, Nico and Pedro but my time is limited and I had to finish so I wrote only for the three main characters. Also I am sure you know about them but if you want I will write a second Character Description and don't worry – the real Transformers Rio story will be published soon.

And tell me what you think.