Transformers Rio: Chapter 1

It was a cool sunny day in the city Moose Lake, Minnesota. A Cybertronian called Sideswipe was driving around the world hoping to see something interesting. While he was driving at Moose Lake he passed by a bookstore and immediately drove back. It was called Blue Macaw Books. Then he saw that inside were talking a man and a woman and a blue bird was watching them. Sideswipe switched his widgets to hear what they were talking.

"Oh no, no, no. She's in Brazil. Blu must come to Rio de Janeiro". said the man.

"He he… Rio… Brazil… No, no, I never left Blu…"

While he was listening he remembered something. He's already seen this. He travelled to a parallel universe some months ago and saw this. But it was a film made from the humans.

"It cannot be…" Sideswipe thought while continue listening and watching.

After a long conversation the woman kicked out the man from the bookstore. Sideswipe thought again:

"I must continue keep an eye on this. Everything is identical with the film…"

The next morning Sideswipe heard that the woman and the bird (now knows that their names are Linda and Blu because of his remembrance) decided to go to Rio. They called the man who came yesterday. (he was called Tulio) that they are ready to go. A taxi came and took them to the airport. Sideswipe was following them all the way. When the plane flew, Sideswipe changed his form into jet and continued following them.

When they arrived at Rio they went by a taxi to the aviary where there were a lot of injured birds. Sideswipe continued watching them through the windows cloaked. He saw how they put Blu into the chamber. Linda and Tulio left the aviary. Sideswipe didn't stop watching Blu even for a minute because he has X-vision too. He didn't stop watching Jewel too.

After a few hours Sideswipe saw how a kid takes the birds from the aviary. He knew what was happening but he didn't do anything because he knew that if he wants everything to end well he must leave the kid to steal the birds. So he started to follow the kid. After a few minutes the kid arrived at one dilapidated house. He knocked on the door and two men let him in. There was a third man in the house. Sideswipe continued watching. Those men were smugglers. They put on Blu and Jewel's feet a chain. Then the kid (called Fernando) put the cage with the Blue Macaws in the store where the other birds were. After Fernando left, Sideswipe decided to free the Macaws. He made a hole in the wall and went into the store.

"Don't worry, I'll set you free."

Then he sliced the cage on a half.

"Fast, get out from here." Sideswipe said again while disappearing in the shadows.

"What w-was that?" asked Blu a little fearful

"Who cares? Let's get out."

Then Jewel flew as fast as she could catching Blu in surprise. Thankfully he grabbed the hanging part of the cage with his month stopping Jewel from flying.

"What are you doing?" she asked confused.

"I can't"

"What? You can't what?"

"Fewn" Blu said not understandably.

Then two smugglers came in the room

"Aaah. I can't fly." Blu said releasing the cage and he and Jewel started to fall down.

After they fell the two smugglers started chasing them. Suddenly Sideswipe jumped in front of the smugglers and said them with angry tone.

"I recommend you to stop chasing the birds because if you don't, I'll show you how the chicken feels when people slaughter it."

They gulped and started to quail. Sideswipe approached them and one of them said.

"Y-y-you know-w what? I'm get-t-ting out from here."

Then both of them ran while shouting


"Hah. Fools." Sideswipe said laughing.

Then he drove away to catch up with Blu and Jewel who escaped in the jungle.

Chapter 2 coming soon…