Transformers Rio: Chapter 2

After leaving the deadly scared smugglers, Sideswipe caught up with Blu and Jewel who were walking in the forest. They were watching for place to sleep. Suddenly two Decepticons appeared in front of them.

"Well, well, look what we have here, Swindle." One of them said

"Two lonely birds. Do you want roast chicken for dinner, Vortex."

"No thanks. It is too fat…"

He was interrupted by some voice behind him.

"Do you know, Decepticons, that killing endangered species is jurisdiction?"

"What the..."

They turned around and saw Sideswipe leaning against a tree with crossed arms. When one of them spotted the Autobot logo on his chest, he shouted.


They both started shooting him but he was too fast. He missed every shoot take his ninja sword. He pierced the one Decepticon while the other was made on two parts.

"I really hate Decepticons" he said while putting away his sword.

Then he noticed that Blu and Jewel were frightened.

"Hey calm down you two. I am not going to hurt you."

Sideswipe crouched on one knee to talk with them easier. Then he gave Blu a stroke on the head really, really carefully. That was understandable considering the size of his hand. Blu relaxed and said to Jewel.

"Don't worry, Jewel he really won't hurt us…"

"Of course I won't. Why would I do that?"

They both looked at Sideswipe with wide-opened eyes while he smiled a little bit evilly.

"You-you can understand us?" Blu asked very confused.


"But-but-but people can't understand us and…"

"But don't forget, Blu – I am NOT a human" Sideswipe laughed.

"But if you are an alien, what are you doing here?" Jewel asked.

"Well, I came here a long time ago and…" he started explaining them how he arrived on Earth, how the Autobots started to work with humans and how he followed them all day.

"So you were watching us all day?"

"Yeah. It is because…"

He stopped because he heard talking behind.

"Swindle and Vortex should be already in the base. Spread out and find them…"

Sideswipe looked back at Blu and Jewel and said.

"Decepticons! Let's get out from here!"

But when he turned around he saw two ugly faces watching him.

"Here, Captain. We found something interesting." They said with big evil smiles.

"What is it… oh an Autobot."

Sideswipe looked around seeing more and more Decepticons coming. The Decepticon commander saw the dead bodies of the two missing Deceptcons.

"So YOU killed two of my best soldiers… Ts-ts, what big mistake. Have fun boys but I want him dead at the end." He said walking off.

"Affirmative, sir." The Decepticons said in usion.

They charged at Sideswipe but he took his sword and started fighting.

"Blu, Jewel, get out from here!"


"There is no time for "buts". Run. NOW!" he looked for a second at them to see that they were running into a bush near to the battlefield.

When he looked back at the Decepticons, he saw a fist coming to his face. A Decepticon hit him and he lost concentration. Then all Decepticons flew on him while tearing him apart.

"NO! STOP! Aaaaaaagh!" he shouted while the Decepricons were dismembering him.

When the Decepticons finished they returned to their base. Blu and Jewel didn't see whole body. Only metal parts and remains. Although he said that he is immortal, there was no sign of life there. Blu knew that it is impossible to survive from something like this.

"He sacrificed to save us." Blu said sadly.

"I know, Blu." Jewel said while putting a wing on his shoulder. "He wanted us to be safe so let's feasible his wish and find somewhere to sleep."

"You are right. Let's get out from here."

Then both the Macaws walked away with sad faces.

Well, that was Chapter 2. We'll see what will happen next in Chapter 3.