"I saw it, you moved!"

"No, I did not! I'm still standing right here."

"I know you did! Okay, I'll let it pass. Just don't do it again."

Sweet Tooth stared closely at Candy, as she glared back at him. Both stood completely still; hands by their sides and feet together, about a metre apart.

"You know you're only saying that because you're afraid you'll lose."

"Me, lose?! I haven't moved a muscle, but you've been fidgeting ever since we started this silly game."

"It's silly, huh? Then why don't you end it?"

He grinned at her, as she put on a smug expression.

"Oh, you're not getting me that easily. I have a lot more self-control than you; that's obvious to everyone."

"Strange that you feel that you have to prove it, then."

"Hey! This isn't my fault!"

"It's not mine, either!"

Both looked at each other suspiciously, as they tried to remember exactly how this had all come to be.

"So, I guess it just...happened."

"Great, Candy. We've been testing each other for weeks by using a game that we both randomly started playing."

"Hm...Actually, I think it was you who created it. All that talk about how I kept pestering you while you were working, and then you wanted to see if I really could hold back."

"It was interesting to know that you couldn't."

"Stop it! I'm calmer than you. Look, you're shaking."

Candy pointed to Sweet Tooth's hand, which had indeed started to tremble.

"Well, you're finger just moved again! You really need to think about what you do before you do it."

"I think a lot more than you do!"

He merely snorted at her protest. They continued to face each other in silence for a few more minutes, until Gob knocked on the office door.

"Uh, Boss-"

"I'm busy. Go away."

"But, err, the Bat's just been seen near the docks and you said you wanted to speak to him."

"I said that I'm busy! Can't you see that?!"

"You've just been standing still for-"

Sweet Tooth suddenly raised his hands in frustration and annoyance spread across his features.

"Fine. Fine! Right, I'll go."

He quickly crossed the short distance to Candy, and roughly grabbed her waist.

"Don't think this means that you win."

She didn't get to reply, as he pushed his lips against hers. After a few moments, he pulled away to scowl at her.

"There, happy now?"

Candy smiled up at him as she nodded.

"Very, very happy."

Sweet Tooth leaned back in to kiss her again, but was interrupted.

"Boss, we need to go before..."

Gob trailed off at the look his employer was giving him. However, Sweet Tooth then sighed and took hold of Candy's hand as he pulled her towards the door.

"Round up the men, and then we'll go. I wonder what surprises the Dork Knight will have for us this time!"

As they all left the room, he didn't notice Candy turn around to Gob and mouth to him.

"Thank you."

I guess you can make meaningful observations from this about their relationship and the power Candy has over Sweet Tooth which he doesn't realise, but I admit I wrote this purely for the feels. I initially wasn't going to write this and keep it in my head, but it wanted to be recorded.

That's two CF stories in a row about games, but that's just a coincidence. I have lots more ideas to come.

Favourites are like hearing Jeff say a candy pun, and a review like a mind hug.