Merry Merry Christmas


I am and always be a loyal fan of Coderra FOREVER I am making this for someone (Ellie2498) because she is awesome :) Also check out her stories if you love NoCo because trust me she will not disappoint lol so without further ado here is another NoCo Christmas story :).

The fireplace was warm and the hot chocolate was hot beyond the fire itself, And as the two boys sat by the tree on Christmas Day they thought to themselves "This is what Christmas is all about" they drank there sugar filled joy and opened there presents who they beloved were brought from Santa Claus.

These boys were not ordinary at all, one was a sugar addicted geek while the other was a sarcastic bookworm, I speak of none other than Cody Emmet Jameson Anderson and Noah Cameron Zachary Nair. These boys had a special bond with each other one that couldn't be broken by anything, Not a fight, not a crowd, and especially not a girl. The two boys had a secret kept hidden for over 13 years and they planned to keep it that way until they were at least out of high school. Although people already knew they were people the two boys trusted for Cody it was his best female friend, Sierra Baxter and for Noah he trusted none other than his "girlfriend", Courtney Mendez.

It was important that one of the boys had a "girlfriend" so that no one got suspicious. Noah "dated" Courtney because she also kept a secret, she had yet to tell her peers about her secret relationship with Duncan Cole and she refused to ever admit she ever cared to keep it that way. There was no one in the world who could understand there situation better than Courtney, it wasn't because of being ashamed or the constant harassment they would get at there school, it was because of how there parents would react.

Noah was of a religion where Homosexuals were strongly disowned and his parents respected that almost as strongly as there own marriage. Cody's Dad had been a homophobic since the day he was born but, his mother said "she could tolerate them she just doesn't approve." The boys would be kicked out or worse killed if there parents ever found out. And so they kept there relations secret in hopes of there relationship lasting longer than expected.

And on that very special Christmas was when Noah and Cody planned to move into there college dorms it was also the Christmas they would tell there parents. Nervous and Scared weren't enough to describe how they felt that day but, one thing they did know was that they were sure of there decisions and there parents would just have to except.

Noah took his boyfriends hand and brought him to the kitchen where the dads were eating and the mothers were cooking. Noah slowly walked toward the center and hid there hands behind there back. He stood tall but one the inside he shook with fear, and when the words were ready to leave his mouth Noah would probably leave as quickly as possible just to throw up. And so they got there attention and were ready to clear the air. "Mom Dad, I- I'm g- Gay." Noah stuttered, ducked, and screamed as the dishes crashed and the silverware flew as they yelled and screamed the awful things as in the nature of being gay was worse than anything in the world. And on that Christmas Noah did something so brave and courageous that not even superman himself would dare do. Noah turned Cody around and did what there parents thought of as "A cursed sin as which those who commit shall burn in hell!" And he kissed his boyfriend then and there. They left shortly after, never looking back or returning and as they walked down the driveway hand and hand Noah shouted at the top of his lungs "MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!"

A/N: AHHHH IT BURNS! No JK but, that did take a little bit out of me whew, we'll merry merry Christmas!