Hello everyone, and welcome to a new series of one-shots. After having some deep conversation with Risque Tendencies about our favorite couple from the JR series, I've decided to write a series of one shots revolving around Shinobu and Miyagi. I adore this couple, so I am having fun.

This first chapter is dedicated to Risque Tendencies. Happy Christmas! It also has cameos from the Egoist couple, Hiro-san and his beloved Nowaki. The series title My Interest is You is taken from the last chapter of Terrorist I read when Shinobu tells Miyagi that his interest is him.

I don't own. That will remain the same throughout any and all one shots added to this collection.


My Interest is You

In the Old Man's Arms

Only one more day existed before, what Shinobu considered, the big day. He'd been meticulously planning for the occastion; after all, it was Christmas. Sure, he'd had a few Christmases with Miyagi over the course of their relationship, but this one was going to be different. Christmas in the prior years had usually ended with the younger showing up at Miyagi's apartment, burning something, and then the two of them having sex in various places throughout the apartment.

This year was different. This year he had moved in with Miyagi and he wanted their first Christmas as lovers who cohabitated to be memorable. Nothing was going to stand in the way.

Eventually the professor finally exited the bedroom they shared and walked into the kitchen. He sat down at the table and opened up the paper. Shinobu was behind the counter, doing a decent job of making the miso soup. It was the last day to find out what the old man wanted for Christmas. He'd been hinting all week, so finally he was just going to come out and ask.

"Miyagi!" he spit with unintentional harshness. "What do you want for Christmas?"

Said professor took a sip of the overly bitter coffee and looked at his young lover. "You're a college student, Shinobu, I think you should save your money for necessities."

Shinobu scowled. That wasn't going to work for him. He needed to figure out what to get for the professor, whether Miyagi wanted him to or not.

He walked to the table and dropped the bowl of miso in front of Miyagi's face. "I asked you a question, old man," he snapped.

"Honestly, Shinobu, there is nothing you can buy me that I want from you," he answered.

The look on Miyagi's face caused Shinobu to fall back a little. It wasn't often that he looked so serious and truthful. There was no way to even retort the older man's words, and this left Shinobu feeling completely inadequate. He recalled asking what he could do to bridge the gap of seventeen years that separated them.

An idea hit him as he just stood there watching Miyagi read his paper and drink his coffee. Shinobu was going to suck it up and ask the other people in Miyagi's life that he hadn't been a part of for ideas. That meant he was going to ask his sister and that idiot, Kamijou Hiroki.


Shinobu stood in front of his sister's apartment with a frown on his face and an aura of death emanating from his person. While he did love his sister, he still hadn't forgiven her for hurting Miyagi. No matter how many times the old idiot insisted he hadn't really been hurt, Shinobu knew that having someone you pledge your life to end up cheating had to have hurt his manly pride. Hell, it had hurt Shinobu's manly pride and he had just been the brother-in-law at the time.

Takatsuki Risako had answered a text message earlier saying she would be dropping by her apartment around noon. This had Shinobu pacing in front of her door about an hour before she was scheduled to appear. Every minute he had to stand there, in the cold, waiting for her to show up had just caused his mood to turn that much more sour.

Eventually he saw his sister making her way toward her apartment, looking quite a bit more stressed than normal. She eyed him, nodded, opened the door and let him into her apartment.

"What brings you to my place today, Shinobu?" she asked without even waiting for him to take off his shoes.

"I wanted to get something for Miyagi," he stated. Then he immediately added with a slight blush, "It's to say thank you for all the help."

He hated that he had to cover up his relationship. Yes, he had just hit the birthday that made him an adult in Japan, but some people would still look down on the fact that he'd been seventeen when he'd started having intimate relations with Miyagi. In truth, Shinobu would have happily moved to a new country with the man just so they didn't have to hide their feelings from other people.

Risako snorted and then laughed. "That's very kind of you, Shinobu. Why do you need to say thank you?"

A slightly darker blush flushed his cheeks before he responded. "I feel I owe him because he keeps helping me out with various…things."

He could tell his sister was more curious than he wanted, but there was no way in hell he'd admit exactly the reason. In truth he didn't really care what her reaction would be when their relationship became public, but he didn't want her retaliating against Miyagi. She may have said she wanted him back (no way in hell that would be allowed) but she wouldn't take kindly to finding out that the same cock that had dipped into her had dipped into her baby brother.

Of course, if that information came to pass, then she would hardly want to take the man back, let alone be intimate with him. Shinobu didn't let Miyagi's prior sexual escapades bother him, but his sister was one to hold onto grudges like that. Plus, Miyagi wouldn't be too thrilled with Risako finding out.

Risako didn't seem convinced. She eyed him with quite a bit of scrutiny and it made Shinobu rather uncomfortable.

"Can you give me some ideas, you were married to the man!" he spat when she didn't offer any suggestions on her own.

"I would think that by now you'd know more about him than I. We weren't exactly close when we were married," Risako said.

Shinobu immediately felt ridiculously uncomfortable in his sister's entryway. She hadn't even discarded her coat or purse. Instead she was glaring at him like he had a booger hanging out of his nose. His face became a deep shade of red and he looked anywhere but at her.

"If I didn't know better, Shinobu, I'd think you had a thing for him." She turned away and shook her head, much to Shinobu's relief because he was sure his reaction would have given the two of them away. "That's a silly idea, but still, you seem a little obsessed with him."

"I'm just trying to be nice to a friend!" he growled. The word friend left a horrible taste in his mouth.

By this time Risako had gone into her front room, leaving him still in the entryway.

"Then as his friend, I think you should be able to figure out what he would like," she called back.

Shinobu grumbled to himself as he walked out of the apartment. It was no use talking with his sister most of the time anyway. She was still hung up on the man he had worked so hard to snare. Not even a hint of remorse was felt by the boy when he thought that he had managed to do something his sister couldn't accomplish.


Well, that had been a total wash. Nothing came of speaking with his sister, other than making him glad Miyagi didn't have to deal with her anymore.

"What caused those two to get married anyway?" he asked himself as he trudged toward the second address. "They have nothing in common."

Kamijou Hiroki lived in a modest area, near the university where he and Miyagi worked. Shinobu had never been there and never wanted to go there, for that matter. The only reason he knew where the man lived was because he'd snuck into his lover's briefcase and taken one of the ten cards he'd had of Kamijou's. Why anyone would need ten business cards of one person was both annoying and just plain weird.

He'd put his disdain for the younger professor behind him if it meant he could find something out about what his boyfriend might like for Christmas. The whole conversation only need take a few minutes if Kamijou were a little more intelligent than his sister. Shinobu hoped that would be the case; anyone who was a professor had to have smarts. That and the fact that Kamijou was aware of his and Miyagi's relationship also made it easier for him to be truthful about what he wanted.

Shinobu glanced back and forth once he reached the door to the apartment. Tentatively he reached out and pressed the doorbell. Moments later he heard movement from within and the door opened. Shinobu wasn't prepared to be looking straight at someone's pecks; the professor wasn't that tall. The boy looked up and finally reached the face of a blue-eyed, dark haired man.

"Hi," the man said with a jovial smile. "Can I help you?"

"Uh…" Shinobu said dumbly. He shook his head and glared at the man. "I'm looking for professor Kamijou. I must have the wrong address."

The man smiled brightly and it almost blinded the poor college student. "No, you have the correct place. Just a moment," he said as he stepped back and let Shinobu into the apartment. "Hiro-san, someone's here to see you," he called.

'Hiro-san?' Shinobu thought. 'What kind of name is that?'

Moments later he heard the beast from within.

"Nowaki, I'm not expecting anyone. Who is it?" There was not a hint of happiness or acceptance in the way Kamijou spoke.

"A student, maybe," the man called Nowaki answered.

"You know better than to allow a student into our apartment, idiot!" This time it was with quite a bit of contempt, like the tall man was more of a slave than an equal partnership. Was Nowaki a servant? The apartment didn't look like anyplace that would have staff.

"Be that as it may, Hiro-san, there is a young gentleman waiting to speak with you," Nowaki called back, voice still as happy as it was before Kamijou had snapped back. "Please wait here," the man said to Shinobu. "I'll go get him for you."

The one who opened the door left the boy in the hallway and went deeper into the apartment. A bit of dialog was spewed back and forth between the Nowaki character and Kamijou. Shinobu listened with mild bemusement. Obviously Kamijou wasn't too interested in seeing people and the giant he lived with seemed to allow the professor all the leeway he wanted in speaking down to him.

Eventually a very disgruntled looking Kamijou was almost pushed into the hallway by Nowaki, who stood in the doorway so the professor was blocked. Shinobu was completely amused by this. Kamijou was all talk, but Nowaki seemed to be able to make him do things he didn't want to do. Shinobu was in awe of the other man.

"What in the hell are you doing here?"

Shinobu glared at Kamijou for a moment before speaking. "I want to get Miyagi a Christmas gift, but I'm not sure what to get him."

Admitting that was difficult for the college student. He wasn't expecting the reaction from the other man. Within a few seconds the professor was laughing.

"What are you laughing at you moron?" Shinobu screeched.

"This is highly amusing. The little brat my superior is dipping his cock into doesn't know what to get the man for Christmas."

"Now, now, Hiro-san, let's use some couth. He's only asking for help," Nowaki said softly.

"No, Nowaki. You have no idea how funny this is. Too bad that idiot Usami doesn't write his porn books about this imp and Miyagi."

Shinobu started to feel a little uncomfortable, but when the taller man came further into the hallway and put a hand on Kamijou's shoulder, he felt as if he had a friend in the room for some reason. Nowaki gave him a slight smile, which eased his embarrassment, slightly.

"It's Shinobu-kun, right?" Nowaki asked, keeping a hand on Kamijou, who had started to glare.

"Yes," Shinobu answered. Obviously his name had come up in conversation before.

"I think it's cute you are wanting to get him something memorable for Christmas. I love shopping for Hiro-san."

"I-It's not cute, it's a very adult thing to do," Shinobu stammered. Dealing with Kamijou was one thing, but this man's lover (?) seemed to be a completely different type of person. He was…kind. Miyagi was kind, so he decided he liked this man because of the kindness they shared.

"I agree, Shinobu-kun. I'm sure Hiro-san would be happy to give you some pointers. It's a very…adult…step, getting a Christmas present for someone you love."

Shinobu blushed and he noticed that Kamijou did as well. He couldn't speak, so he was glad when the professor spoke up.

"Listen, and listen closely kid. You can't go around asking other people for advice. You need to get something that you came up with. It won't mean a thing to that overgrown child if you get the idea from someone else," Kamijou said hotly. Then he turned on Nowaki. "And if you ever talk of this conversation with anyone, especially that idiot senior of yours at the hospital, so help me god Nowaki, you won't be walking anymore."

Nowaki grinned. "You never know, Hiro-san, I may like that," he said with a wink.

Shinobu shivered at the implications the taller man was getting at and lowered his head in embarrassment.

"Now get out of my house and don't come back," Kamijou snapped, before pushing his way back into the interior of the apartment, leaving Shinobu and Nowaki to stand in the entryway.

"He is all talk, so don't let his attitude get you down," Nowaki said with a large smile. "This may help," he handed Shinobu a card for a flower shop. "I used to work here and while it's a little late, you may be able to get some flowers to give to your boyfriend to go along with whatever else you find for him."

Shinobu thanked Nowaki and left the apartment, the giant standing in the doorway, waving. It hadn't helped too much with a specific item, but he did have more of an idea of what to do for Miyagi the following day.


Christmas morning came early for Shinobu as he hopped out of bed at the crack of dawn to make Miyagi a traditional breakfast. He had finally chosen a gift for the old man who had stolen his heart. It wasn't an easy decision, but after a while he needed to come up with something. Eventually he'd taken Nowaki's words to heart and visited the flower shop where he picked up a humble bouquet of flowers to go along with his other gift.

Less than an hour later, Miyagi came into the kitchen and a familiar domesticity occurred where he sat down and Shinobu served him coffee. After the coffee he noticed that his young lover wasn't leaving his side.

"Yes, Shinobu?" he asked, casually. Obviously it was Christmas, so he knew exactly what to expect.

"I got you some flowers and a gift, old man," Shinobu said with a blush. He handed Miyagi the flowers and shoved a present into his arms.

Miyagi's eyes bulged as he looked at the flowers and the present in his hands. He hadn't expected to receive anything. The last two years the kid had tried to get him something just ended up with the two of them fucking each other like rabbits. He'd never admit that he enjoyed those presents immensely.

After a while he opened the gift, slowly. He could see the apprehension on Shinobu's face as he took the new briefcase out of the wrapping. Face completely blank, he looked up at Shinobu.

"This is a very practical gift, Shinobu, thank you," he said evenly.

"You don't like it?" Miyagi could see the disappointment falling from every word the kid said.

"No, Shinobu, I do like it, I just wasn't expecting something this useful."

Shinobu could feel his heart fall from its place in his chest. After all that thought, he'd managed to get him something he didn't really like. Sure, he'd pretend because that was the way Miyagi was, but that didn't help Shinobu feel any better. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"I just thought you could use a new one. You've had that other case for as long as I've known you. That's over six years."

"Don't get me wrong, Shinobu-chin. I appreciate the gift and the gesture, but it doesn't have any of you in it."

"How was I supposed to put myself into a briefcase?" he asked quietly. "Did you want me to wrap myself up and give you me for Christmas this year? It's something you can use for work, I picked it out for you." Inside he was getting ready to explode like a volcano, so he did what he could to keep from showing it on the outside by turning away from Miyagi and wiping at his eyes so the tears didn't leak.

Miyagi sighed, stood up, and ruffled the boy's blond hair. He loved the kid more than anything else in the world. Especially when Shinobu let everything in his life revolve around him. That needed to stop at some point.

"Shinobu-chin, you are proving your age with things like these," Miyagi said tenderly as he pulled Shinobu onto his lap and placed a kiss on the other's cheek.

"Stop it, old man," Shinobu stuttered as he tried to escape the iron lock around his waist.

"No, you need to listen to me," Miyagi said softly. "I know you love me, and I know you know I love you, but I want you to do things for yourself every now and then."

"Of course I love you stupid, do you think I would have asked my sister and that ass-hole assistant professor of yours for something you want if I didn't?"

Miyagi chortled at the idea of Hiroki being cornered by Shinobu and badgered for information.

"I understand what you were trying to do, but I don't need a physical item for Christmas to be happy, Shinobu," Miyagi crooned in his ear. "You are the only thing I need to make me happy."

By this time Shinobu had stopped struggling and allowed Miyagi to all but squeeze him into nothingness.

"I want you to promise that you start to make yourself a priority in your life too, Shinobu," Miyagi continued once the young man was settled in his lap. "It's fine to have only one interest, but my interest is now you, and I want you to do things for yourself and not just for me."

A lone tear streaked its way down Shinobu's cheek and landed on the front of his shirt. This man, this old, ugly man, had him so trapped he would never be able to leave.

"Okay, Miyagi," he said softly. "I'll start to think more about myself…but you have to talk to me when I'm not paying enough attention to myself."

Miyagi chuckled. That was an easy matter to accomplish.

"By the way, I got you a gift too, Shinobu," he said. He reached for his briefcase and pulled out an envelope.

Shinobu looked at the envelope and then slowly opened the thin piece of paper between him and the gift. When he pulled out the contents his eyes bugged from his head. In his hand he held two tickets to the town he'd lived in while studying in Australia.

"Miyagi?" he asked, not quite comprehending the gift in his hand.

"You've mentioned a few times about wanting to learn more about me. I want to learn more about you too, and I figure this is a good start. You can show me where you lived for those years."

Shinobu couldn't even think at that point as he looked at the plane tickets in his hand. They were for two weeks during his vacation. This was the first vacation that they were going to take together. Why in the hell had he not thought of such an idea?

"Now, now, Shinobu-chin, don't let me catch you sharing that manly cry of yours," Miyagi teased.

That was enough for Shinobu to huff and stand up without another peep.

Miyagi grinned and stood up behind his young lover and blew on his neck. This caused the boy to shiver and spin around, only to have his lips captured by the smarmy bastard he'd fallen in love with. But no matter how cheeky Miyagi acted, he couldn't help but feel wonderful in the old man's arms.

"B-b-bedroom," he asked, breathless once he had his mouth back.

"You know it," Miyagi said, as he picked up the boy and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Hey, wait!" Shinobu snarled. "I can walk you know!"

Miyagi patted the cute little butt near his face. "But there's no fun in that, Shinobu-pon."

The use of his name with that added suffix caused Shinobu to blush in mortification. Was Miyagi a little girl with pig-tails in his hair? That question was answered as the last time they'd had sex popped into his mind. No, Miyagi was definitely not a girl. And as he was dropped onto the bed, he knew he was about to be shown just how not a girl Miyagi was.


Happy Christmas Everyone!