It has been so long since I updated anything I feel rather rotten. I do have an excuse called work and school, but since I'm going to be working overnight a few times in the next two weeks I should get some of my other series updated as well. Plus, I did write a rather long one-shot for another fandom that'll be posted on July 13th for my friend's birthday. If you'd like to know which fandom then send me a PM and I'll let you know. The birthday girl is not allowed since it's a surprise. (I am rather evil that way, LOL).

Anyway, here is a short bit of Terrorist for people to read. This is dedicated to SuzukiChiyeko since I am borrowing the idea from her story A Fruity Talk.


Venus Fly Cactus

All of those advertisements universities put out about creating a brighter future for those that attend read like some sort of poetry. Parents just ate up the idea that their child could be the next Einstein or Picasso if they attend such-and-such a university and get a good education. Students like the idea of getting an advanced degree, getting a high paying job, and having a lucrative lifestyle afterward. Especially when money was no issue on the matter; university was the way to go.

Of course what those beautifully written pamphlets didn't let in on was all of the other classes a student must take. Things such as language requirements, math requirements, writing requirements, and even science requirements were also part of the bargain for getting a law degree. And who in their right mind would require a paper to be written about oneself that compared a human being to a flower? Shinobu was not a happy person when the professor handed that assignment out. He'd never thought of himself as a flower, nor would he.

That of course didn't mean he wasn't going to do the assignment. If anything he could write a report on how he wasn't and never would be a plant, so it was useless to compare himself to something he was never going to be. He could follow his argument up with other things he could be compared to, such as the lawyer from down the hall, or even that quack doctor he'd run into with Miyagi the other day. But he'd never be a flower.


Miyagi walked into his apartment only to smell something burning. It wasn't just burning, but had a rank odor that about turned his blood to sludge with every breath he needed to take in order to stay alive.

"Shinobu!" he shouted, dropping his things and running into the apartment expecting to find the worst. Miyagi wasn't sure what surprised him more, the fact that Shinobu wasn't in the kitchen ruining the apartment or that the stench didn't seem to be coming from the apartment at all.

Shirt pulled up over his nose, the professor went in search of his little terrorist, but didn't find him anywhere. The brat wasn't even there. It made sense that if the place smelled as bad as it had then Shinobu would have gone somewhere else. Miyagi removed himself from the apartment and took deep gulps of air, trying to clear his lungs of the malignant stench. He could smell the stuff on him outside and he realized he must have smelled something earlier than just when he walked inside. Whatever it was had permeated the air with so much disgust he almost dry heaved on the walkway.


The raven looked up and saw his little lover walking toward him with the owner of the building. The heavyset woman looked about in tears as she toddled forward.

"The idiots in the apartment below left their fucking burner on and a god-damn cat roasted itself," Shinobu explained, eyes tearing from the smell. "It went through the vents into your apartment since you left the heater off," he added wryly.

Miyagi wasn't sure how to respond to that bit of information. Hearing about a cat dying was bad enough, but the fire hazards in his life were too much.

"I booked us a room to share at the hotel down the way for a few days until they can come in and replace what needs to be replaced."

The landlady shook her head. "I'm sorry, Miyagi-san," she apologized. "We have a no pet rule here for a reason and the ones below you don't seem to have any common sense. They are required to pay you to replace anything that needs to be replaced."

He wanted to say that it wasn't necessary, but then he realized that if the smell had been in there all day his clothes, furniture, everything was going to smell like charred cat and not even he was willing to put up with something like that.

"How long will the construction take place?" he asked, tiredness evident in his voice.

"That's hard to say," the woman explained. "I'm going to guess at least two weeks. We've foot the bill for you and a few others in the area of this one apartment. We'll let you know when it's done. I'd suggest letting us remove anything from the apartment you don't want, but if there's something in there that's really important, you may want to enter again and claim it so it doesn't get tossed as well."

Miyagi looked from the lady to Shinobu and shook his head, maybe it was time for the two of them to get new furniture and amenities together. "No, just get rid of everything. I think it's time to start over anyway." He could see the curiosity in Shinobu's eyes and he knew that if he explained further the kid would break down in tears, so he'd save it till they got to the hotel. "Come on, Shinobu, take me to our hotel room so I can take a shower."

Shinobu forced a slight laugh and rolled his eyes. "You do stink, more than usual, old man."


After the shower, which was proceeded by an explanation about why he wasn't going to save anything in the apartment (Shinobu was the only real important thing anyway), that ended up being a two person make-out and heated making love session, Miyagi was seated on the bed with his laptop pricing new amenities. Shinobu had seated himself at the table and was looking over his homework assignment.

"Miyagi, what kind of flower would you say I am?" he asked absentmindedly.

"Come again?" Miyagi looked up from his laptop and cocked his eyebrow. What kind of question is this, Shinobu?

"I have to do a paper on what kind of flower I am and I am not a stupid flower, so I have no idea." Shinobu was rather annoyed at the assignment. That, compounded with all the apartment crap, had really fucked up his day.

Miyagi nodded slightly and did his best not to laugh at the poor kid's expense. He recalled having to write a similar paper when he was in college, only it was about what kind of animal would he be. A flower was an interesting concept and Shinobu didn't exactly convey flower, more like a cactus.

"If I were to call you a flower, Shinobu-chin, it would definitely be a Dionaea Muscipula, the Venus Fly Trap," Miyagi said, scrolling down through sofas and tables on the computer.

Shinobu rolled his eyes. "What kind of ridiculous answer is that, old man?"

"You are just like a predator, lying in wait for your victim to come. Namely, me. You snapped down and trapped me."

The boy didn't know whether to be insulted or disgusted. He decided on the latter. "For all your knowledge old man you aren't very smart. I said a flower, not a plant. Venus Fly Traps are not flowers."

Miyagi nodded, slightly, but grinned mischievously. "True, but a flower is a type of plant, is it not? That makes all flowers plants, which means that you can broaden your search away from just flowers to any sort of vegetation," Miyagi explained, even though his explanation was making Shinobu grumpy. "But if you'd rather I can picture you as a flowering cactus as well. You do have quite the prickly personality, Shinobu-chin."

Shinobu glared and sucked in his breath before exhaling and speaking. "Last I heard, old man," he seethed, "my prick was enjoyed by your ass."

Less than a second after the smart comeback Miyagi threw back his head and cackled like someone on too much nitrous oxide. He could hardly contain his amusement at the comment and he laughed further when he saw his little terrorist blush after realizing what it was he'd shot off. Without further adieu he stood up from the bed and walked over to Shinobu and hugged him from behind. The little squirming brat wasn't getting away from him.

"Shinobu," he whispered in his ear huskily, causing the youth to calm down and sit stationary on the chair. "I understand that you need to compare yourself to a flower, but I think trying to compare yourself to anything is a waste. There is nothing else in the world that is you and I wouldn't want there to be," he breathed in the other's ear, causing Shinobu to shiver involuntarily.

"Then what the fuck should I do with this assignment?" Shinobu demanded.

Miyagi giggled. "You always think of something, Shinobu-chin. You're smart and while you're no flower, you're definitely something that grows," he added with a wink.

"Pervert," Shinobu mumbled.

The blond shook his head in annoyance and pushed Miyagi away so he could continue on with his report while Miyagi went back to looking at furniture. Eventually he thought of what to write and polished off the paper in less than twenty minutes. As much as he disliked the idea of comparing himself to a flower, he knew that the paper was what the teacher wanted, so that's what he didn't do.


Comparing myself to a flower is a ridiculous task since I am not a flower, nor will I ever be one. I am me and I cannot be compared to anyone other than myself without it sounding like I am something special. All that I am is a student taking pre-law classes with the hopes of getting into law school and making something of myself. I would rather be spending my time studying literature so I have more to talk about with someone who is important to me.

When I asked this person what flower I am he responded with a Venus Fly Trap or a Cactus. Neither are in the flower category, but they are the closest to a plant I could picture myself as. Had he not made that comment I still wouldn't have been able to picture myself as anything more than a mere human who is attempting to appease a teacher by pretending to be something I am not.

I can see my prickly exterior or attitude like a cactus. I can also see myself as a carnivore, lying in wait until what I want has happened upon me. However, I do not see the flowers as being part of who I am, nor the sweet-smelling aroma put forth by a fly trap to capture insects. If anything I, like any other person out there, could easily cherry pick parts of a plant and come up with an amalgam that better describes me, but since that wasn't the assignment we cannot do that.

In the future, if we find the need to compare ourselves to something that is not ourselves, then we should be given more free reign in choice. A flower is a narrow topic that some people might not see themselves as. Until that time I will compare myself to only me since comparing myself to something else is not important.


Shinobu returned to the apartment after classes were over to see Miyagi had furnished the place with all of the necessities. It was much better than sleeping on the floor or sitting on a cushion. Yes, he was Japanese, but he'd grown used to the western-style amenities his parents and Miyagi had, so changing was not something he'd been particularly happy with.

He'd have smiled with the memory of visiting the stores where he and Miyagi'd picked out the furniture. The grey color offset their personalities well. Miyagi'd insisted on some red and grey decorative pillows to add a little color to the room. The table was in the shape of a half-moon and set up against the counter like it was made to be there. True, it didn't really work well if they'd wanted to have people over, but Shinobu didn't want people over, so that didn't bother him all that much.

Shinobu's favorite purchase between the two had been the bed. It was slightly smaller than the prior bed had been, but he didn't care since that meant he and Miyagi would be closer when they slept. The thing that really made him like the bed though was there was only one. They'd decided against getting a second for the spare room and instead had decided to turn it into a study for all of their books and their respective computer desks.

He walked into the office space and put his bag on the coat rack. Miyagi had obviously put everything away while he was at school since there wasn't a single thing for him to unpack. Of course they still needed to go and replace the books, so they weren't done yet. Still, he'd have liked to at least help Miyagi with the process. Didn't matter anymore though, so Shinobu walked over to his desk an eyed the decoration. His paper was framed with the perfect marks and next to the framed paper was a small flowering cactus in a pot and a Venus Fly Trap in another. A note lie between the pots.

To my little terrorist, a Venus Fly Cactus who weaseled his way into my heart. I'll let you prick me later if you want.

"That dirty fucking bastard!"