Jinchuriki Rising

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Chapter 2: The Bijuu Corps

Karakura town, Kisuke's shop

A couple of hours had passed since Ichigo defeated the evolved mutant hollow. They had arrived at Kisuke's house, where Orihime, Uryuu, Kisuke were waiting for them. While Orihime was healing Renji's wounds, Kisuke explained the reason why he called them.

Kisuke took out his signature fan and began fanning himself. "You've no doubt wondered why I called you here."

Ichigo stared at the slightly eccentric man. "Is it something to do about that weird hollow we fought?"

Kisuke answered "That matter is related, but no, that wasn't why I called you here."

As he said that he snapped his fan closed. "Some guests from soul society arrived earlier and need to talk to you." The door behind Kisuke opened up and revealed his mystery guests.

Standing behind the former captain was a young boy wearing a shihakuso with a white haori draped over his shoulders signifying his position as a captain of soul society. He had silver hair and was short in terms of height and his zanpakuto was strapped to his waist, beside him were two other shinigami. One was a male who wore a black shihakuso who had a bald head and had his zanpakuto attached to a string that he carried over his shoulder. The other one was a beautiful woman who had long orange blond hair that reached mid-back, she had a pink scarf around her shoulders and a necklace around her neck and her most noticeable feature was her incredibly large bust and voluptuous body.

These three were Toshiro Hitsugaya, captain of the tenth division, Rangiku Matsumoto, lieutenant of the tenth division and Ikaku Madarame, 3rd seat of the 11th division. Ichigo stared at the three allies before him. "Toshiro you're here too?" A tick mark appeared over the young captain's forehead. "That's Hitsugaya-taichou to you Kurosaki." He spoke through clenched teeth.

Orihime smiled and waved to Rangiku. "Hello, Matsumoto-chan". She spoke in a cheerful tone.

"Orihime, you look as great as ever" Rangiku replied in respectful manner.

Renji who had recovered thanks to Orihime's healing slowly stood up and addressed their guests. "Hitsugaya-taichou, not to sound disrespectful, but why are you here exactly? Is it about that hollow we fought?"

"Something about that. Anyways you guys have to get you're asses back to seireitei right away." Ikkaku snapped in his usual tone.

"First off show some damn respect to your superiors Ikkaku, second I was talking to Hitsugaya and thirdly don't order me around you bald bastard".

Said bald bastard glared at the red head. "What did you say!? I'll talk to you however I want and what do you mean superior?"He respondedasked

"WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP!" He yelled and earned the silence of Renji and Ikkaku, but they were still glaring at one another.

Hitsugaya cleared his throat before continuing. "Now then; onto the matter at hand. The reason we came here is in fact related to the strange hollow you fought. I need you to tell me as much as you can about your encounter with it."

And so Ichigo explained to Hitsugaya about his encounter with the morphed soul. How the hollows seemed to be attracted to it, how when one of the hollows devoured it and morphed and grew fact that it was immune to damage done by their zanpakuto's and that somehow only his zanpakuto managed to kill it.

Toshiro listened to the vital information. He went into a thinking pose, before he spoke again.

"You are not the only ones who have come across this new type of hollow." He said causing everyone's eyes to widen.

"For a while now we have been getting reports from everywhere about these hollows and their immunity to Zanpakuto. We have lost hundreds of men and no one was able to get enough data on them. Hell most were even killed before they could report back.

It's only thanks to Mayuri's unique method of surveillance that we have been able to find about these hollows." Renji and Uryuu frowned, having found out that they had the same surveillance implanted in them courtesy of the crazy scientist. "And even then our knowledge about them is still limited."

Ikkaku then addressed Ichigo. "So far as we know you are the only Shinigami who is capable of killing them. Though I would prefer to fight them and beat all those bastards into the ground. Even I got to admit that these hollows are better off dead and gone."

"Due to the severity of the situation, the sotaichou has called you, Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki back to soul society to help us deal with this new problem." Rangiku said.

Ichigo looked at the group in surprise. "Hold up I can't just leave, like you said I am the only one with the power to stop these hollows. Leaving Karakura wide open like that is something that I sure as hell can't do." He yelled at the group.

Kisuke's eyes suddenly shot up in realization. "I almost forgot to mention that Kurosaki isn't the only one here that can destroy the hollows."

Everyone stared at him before proceeding to punch the man in the head, well except Orihime who just stared at the man. All the shinigami in the room glared and yelled at the man. "WHY DIDN'T YOU MENTION THAT EARLIER?!"

"Well I wanted to see where this conversation would go." Everyone rolled their eyes at the man that was Kisuke Urahara.

Kisuke straightened out his hat before his voice took on a serious tone. "Even if I did say who it was, Kurosaki would have gone with you."

Ichigo snapped. "How so?"

"Because the only people who are able to kill these hollows, are sitting right over there." He pointed to Uryuu, Chad and Orihime.

Toshiro and Ichigo's eyes widened at that. "You three are able to kill those hollows?" Toshiro asked in amazement.

Uryuu straightened his glasses as he spoke. "We really didn't think much about it at the time as we thought they were just a more powerful type of hollow, but we didn't see any of the souls like Ichigo mentioned. They must have come from somewhere else."

Orihime then asked Kisuke the question that was on everybody's mind, "But Kisuke-san, how do you know that we are able to kill these new hollows? I mean they could have simply been like the normal hollows we faced every day."

Kisuke answered. "Orihime-san they answer to your reasonable question is that according to your and Ichigo's stories, both of your groups fought hollows that had incredibly strong reiatsu level and they both possessed strange markings on their bodies. From this I'm able to conclude that you three are able to destroy them. But until I do some more research I cannot confirm anything yet."

Toshiro and the others seemed to accept the answer for now.

Yoruichi then directly addressed Ichigo. "Ichigo, it would be best that you leave for the seireitei at once. You can't ignore a direct order, especially if it's from old man Yama. If he wants you to return then you must return now."

Ichigo looked hesitant "But.."


Ichigo then turned to Chad who had finally spoken after so long. "You don't have to do everything by yourself. Uryuu and I can handle any threat while you're gone."

Uryuu agreed with Chad. "Yasutora is correct Ichigo, but at the very least take Inoue with you. Knowing your tendencies you will no doubt go and get yourself beaten half to death."

Ichigo looked at his two friends and sighed in annoyance, "Damn you guys are gonna be the death of me. Just promise me that you both won't go and get yourselves killed, all right?" Chad and Uryuu nodded in response.

"Okay then!" Urahara exclaimed as he got up and directed everyone to the secret underground training grounds. "Let's get you kiddies ready for transport. The senkaimon is all charged and ready to go and it is best that we do not keep everyone in the seireitei waiting." He spoke in a sing song voice.

Everyone got up and followed the former captain of the twelfth division.

To say that the Gotei 13 was in chaos was clearly an understatement. Once they had arrived they could see that the entire place had just recovered from an attack. As they were escorted to the captains meeting hall they saw that a lot of destruction had been made to the surrounding buildings and bodies littered the streets. Further on into the gotei 13 they saw the inhabitants from the rukon districts, most likely from the ones closest to the seireitei.

Ichigo gripped his hands in silent fury. He was going to get the hollows that did this and take down their boss, Madara. From the looks that his comrades gave him, he could tell that they all felt the same way.

The group finally arrived at the meeting hall and quickly entered the building. As they opened the doors they saw that all the captains were present and awaiting their arrival.

Hitsugaya and the rest bowed in respect to Genryusai Yamamoto. Well Ichigo bowed after Rukia gave him a swift blow to the head.

"You are late", the old man stated to Hitsugaya."My apaologies Sotaichou", he bowed in respect.

Genryusai sighed, "What's done is done, so onto business. We must find a way to deal with these new hollows."

Mayuri Kurotshuchi soon spoke up, "If you managed to get some decent information, instead of fooling around in the world of the living, then please hurry up and share it with us already." He ordered rather harshly causing everyone to roll their eyes at the man's usual rudeness.

And so Hitsugaya started to resume the long process of sharing the information they had on the new types of hollows. When he was done the captains were all trying to decide what to do with the new information they had been given.

"If that is all the information you have then you may leave." He told to the group who all bowed in respect. However just as everyone was preparing to leave Ichigo eyes suddenly widened.

"Hold up there is something else." This got the attention of everyone in the room. "While we were trying to protect that mutated soul he said something about someone doing something to him and a bunch of other souls." Byakuya Kuchiki spoke up, "What type of information did this soul give you, Kurosaki?"

"He didn't give us much, only a name." Ichigo replied. "Well then spit it out already boy, what is the name?" Mayuri snapped rather impatiently.

"He said the man's name was… Madara."

The moment he uttered that name everyone in the room experienced different emotions. Soifon, Byakuya, Komamura, Kenpachi, Mayuri and Ichigo's group all had curious expressions, wondering who Madara was. But Unohana, Ukitake, Shunsui, Yamamoto and oddly enough Rangiku all had their eyes wide in shock at the mention of the name.

Seeing this everyone's curiosity only grew, anything that could surprise even the Sotaicho was definitely something worth knowing.

"Madara, that name sounds quite familiar. Shunsui isn't that…?" Ukitake turned to his old friend who merely nodded his head. "I think it is the very same one."

"What the hell is all this fuss about? Who the heck is this Madara guy and is he strong?" Kenpachi Zaraki asked for the first time during the whole conversation, most likely because of the mention of someone who was supposedly strong.

It was Unohana who answered his question."Madara is… a very powerful and dangerous enemy." She said with a frown on her face.

Soifon added her own two cents to the conversation, "Sotaichou give me the order and I will have the stealth force, along with myself, hunt down this Madara."

Yamamoto had his eyes closed in deep thought ever since Madara's name was mentioned. After a while he opened his eyes and answered the captain of the second division. "No, that will not be necessary. Madara is too powerful an enemy and you have little to no information about him whatsoever."

"Then how do you propose we go about dealing with him?" Mayuri asked.

Shunsui seemed to have caught on to what the old man was thinking, because a look of uncertainty crossed his face. "Old man don't tell me that you are thinking about bringing them here are you? I know the enemy is kind of strong this time, but to call on their help…Don't you think that is a little extreme?"

The sotaicho had a defiant look in his eyes, "Desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides, they know more about Madara than anyone we know."

Captain Hitsugaya cleared his throat, "Um… pardon me sotaichou, but who exactly are you referring to?"

The oldest shinigami stared at the young captain with a gaze that could melt even steel. "I am referring to what is probably the most powerful military unit besides the Gotei 13 itself." Everyone in the room was shocked at the idea of such a powerful group that was equal in strength to the Gotei 13.

"Let it be known that I, Genryusai Yamamoto, am hereby ordering the return of the former elite stealth and assassination unit… The Bijuu Corps"

Rangiku put a hand to her mouth in surprise to stifle the gasp which nearly escaped her mouth. An action which confused Hitsugaya, but he decided to ask her about it later.

"Pardon me, but what exactly is the Bijuu Corps?"

"The Bijuu Corps is a secret and extremely powerful group of Shinigami whose existence is known to only a select few. In fact, they were only called upon in moments of critical urgency. They were even tasked to eliminate groups of powerful Menos Grande such as the Vasto Lordes. In fact they are the reason why they are so few in number." answered Unohana.

"I..Incredible, I never knew that Soul Society had such a strong group of people like that." Hitsugaya said in amazement.

Soifon scoffed in doubt, "Please if these cowards are as strong as you claim, then why were they not there when we were fighting Aizen?

Ukitake sighed, "You see Soi Fon-chan, the reason for that is because the Bijuu Corps left the Gotei 13 a little while before Yoruichi-chan did."

"Why would they do something like that if the seireitei was in such a dire situation at the time?" Rukia asked.

"Rukia-chan… now is not the time to explain that right now." Ukitake said. "Let's just say that after a certain incident…the Bijuu Corps got into a disagreement with us and they haven't liked us since."

Rukia would have pressed on, but was stopped by Ichigo who noticed the sad look in the eyes of the three captains who knew the most about the Bijuu Corps.

"Not one to sound doubtful, but not once in the entirety of the Gotei 13's records has there ever been a mention of this Bijuu Corps. Even in the restricted files and documents, there is no knowledge of them."

"That is because on the day they left, they snuck into all the most secure locations in the Gotei 13 and deleted all knowledge concerning their identities, their unique abilities and even their zanpakuto abilities. They made it as if they never existed at all", Shunsui replied.

"You expect me to believe that this group of renegades infiltrated and bypassed our best security measures and destroyed incredibly valuable knowledge and it was all done right under our noses?"Mayuri yelled out in disbelief.

"ENOUGH!" Yamamoto snapped as he slammed his staff on the ground. "We are wasting precious time. Every moment we waste here is more and more valuable time given to the enemy." Everyone immediately stopped talking and listened intently to the Sotaichou. "Considering that we cannot spread our defenses too thin, we cannot send too many of the captains to find and bring back the Bijuu Corps. Mayuri, you will stay here and continue your research on these new hollows. If necessary call in Urahara for assistance, the faster we get information, the faster we may all rest easy."Mayuri nodded his head in acknowledgement, but he frowned at the idea of working with his former superior. "The captains of the tenth, seventh and second division will accompany Ichigo Kurosaki's group to bring back the Bijuu Corps. The rest of you are to remain here and defend the Seireitei from future attacks. Are there any questions?"

Ichigo raised his hand, "Yeah, I have one jii-chan. Why the hell do you need me to go and fetch these guys? Aren't Renji, the captains and the others you're sending enough?" Ichigo knew he shouldn't have yelled like that, but he did not want be used as someone's errand boy.

Everyone was shocked at the tone Ichigo used and Rukia along with almost all the Shinigami in the room quickly punched him on the head adding quick cries of BAKA.

The captain commander stared at Ichigo for a moment, making everyone think that he was probably wondering how badly to burn Ichigo. They were surprised when he answered without any rage or anger evident in his voice. "Ichigo Kurosaki… you are rash, headstrong, ignorant, hotheaded, quick to anger and you clearly lack respect for your superiors." Ichigo felt kind of embarrassed that the old man would say all that out loud." However, you clearly are the type of person who would never abandon their comrades, no matter how dangerous the situation. You would even become a demon if it meant to protect your comrades." Ichigo was surprised at the old man's words. "Thosee qualities are exactly the same as the leader of the Bijuu Corps. He will no doubt become more inclined to help us if you are the one who convinces him. Besides as a substitute Shinigami, the chances are even more in our favor."

"But even if I can convince this guy, what about the others?" Ichigo asked.

"Do not worry about that Ichigo-san. The members of the Bijuu Corps greatly respect their leader and will gladly follow him through the gates of Hell and back. If you can convince their leader to join us, then they will be convinced as well." Ukitake answered the orange haired teen.

Ichigo nodded in understanding. "Are there any more questions?" Yamamoto asked. Everyone was stunned when Rangiku raised her hand. Sure she was known to avoid her work, but she would never really ignore something as important a situation as this.

"Sotaichou… Is it really necessary that I accompany everyone on this mission?" she asked with a sad frown.

Unohana gently answered her question, "I understand your feelings Matsumoto-chan. But considering your… past relationship with the leader of the Bijuu Corps… it would probably be in everyone's best interest if you do." Rangiku blushed a little at that part, which did not go unnoticed by the females present.

Hitsugaya was surprised that his lieutenant of all people would know someone as important as the Bijuu Corps leader. He would have to ask her later on, what her relationship with the man was.

Rangiku sighed, "Guess I have no chance in the matter."

"Anymore questions?" Yamamoto asked impatiently. No one raised their hands.

"Good then you will rest up tonight and tomorrow you will all head for the Bijuu Corps last known location. 'The Gisei no Tani'. With that matter over with Genryusai slammed his staff on the ground and put an end to the meeting.

Hot Springs

Rangiku Matsumoto sighed in relief as she let all of her stress just melt away in the hot springs of Soul Society. She let the warm waters embrace her voluptuous body and eased her tense muscles while drinking some good quality sake. Her cheeks blushing red from the amount she had been drinking. However it seemed the arrival of some new 'guests' was about to bring all of her stress back. "Are you alright, Matsumoto-chan?" Matsumoto blinked as she turned around and spit out all the sake she was drinking in surprise when she saw that Rukia, Orihime and Soifon were in the springs with her. "Inoue, you scared me for a moment. Exactly how long have you been here?" Rangiku asked all flustered. "We've been here for the last couple of minutes, fukutaichou." Soifon answered abruptly, with Rukia nodding in agreement, though both had unconsciously crossed their arms over their chests in embarrassment. Feeling slightly self-conscious about the size of their assets in the presence of the busty beauties. A sly grin made its way to Rangiku's face.

"Oh I get it, you brought Rukia-chan and Soifon-taichou so you can all learn my secrets to seducing men, riiiiiight?" she ended the last part with an extension, due to her drunken state. Immediately all three women blushed with their faces turning red. "O…o… of course not!" they all screamed. A curious and slightly ditsy look made its way to Rangiku's face. "Huh?! Then why did you three come here then?" Rukia and Orihime were trying their best to come up with the right question to ask for such a delicate situation, but Soifon blurted it out , "We want to know what your connection to the leader of the Bjuu Corps is."

The effect was instantaneous. All at once Rangiku's emotions did a complete one-eighty as her joking smile was replaced with a look of shock and quickly replaced by sadness. All three girls noticed the rather hurt expression on the women's face. Rangiku turned away from the other women and rose to her full height. Just when it seemed like she wouldn't answer, Rangiku she uttered, "…W...w...we had an...extremely consensual relationship, allright." she said blushing heavily.

Rangiku then got out of the springs and quickly wrapped herself up in a towel before entering the barracks and closing the door rather harshly behind her.

"An extremely consensual relationship?" Soifon repeated, "Did you see how much Rangiku-chan was bushing?", Orihime said. "I have never seen Rangiku-chan so private of her personal life. Normally she would enjoy rubbing something like tha in our faces, but she seemed quite embarrassed. I wonder what kind of person that man was for Rangiku to feel so private." As multiple perverted thoughts went through their heads, all three women were blushing so much that their entire upper bodies were red. Whether it was from the heat of the hot spring or the heat from their bodies was not known.

Orihime asked the other women, "D…Do either of you suddenly feel ashamed and embarrassed?", Rukia and Soifon answered by sinking into the water leaving their heads barely visible, causing the orange haired girl to sweat drop.

Meanwhile, as Rangiku left the girls section of the hot springs she passed by Hitsugaya who had been patiently waiting. "Matsumoto, how are you this evening?" She let a big sigh, "Not bad taichou, is there something you need?"

"Yes there is actually. I was wondering if you could tell me what your connection to the Bijuu Corps …" Before Hitsugaya could even finish his sentence, he was grabbed and lifted off the floor and soon came face to face with Rangiku, who had a very angry expression on her face, causing him to sweat in fear.. "HAVEN'T YOU EVER LEARNED THAT IT'S RUDE TO ASK A SOMEONE A PERSONAL QUESTION YOU LITTLE BRAT." She yelled. She dropped him rather harshly and then stomped her way towards the door and closed it with so much force that the sliding door's handle was smashed to splinters. Hitsugaya could only stare in bafflement at the direction his lieutenant had left and for the first time in his life, he finally understood why men feared women so much.

Hot Springs, men section

While Ichigo, Renji, Ikkaku, were relaxing in the hot springs, they were slightly startled when loud shouting came from the barracks, followed by a huge bang. Not long after Hitsugaya came out and entered the hot springs. He looked up and glared at them, "Not… one…word", he said in a deadly whisper. They were all suddenly startled by the voice of a new comer. "Come on Toshiro, it's normal to get chewed out by women once in a while. Think of this as a new step for you in your experience with dealing with women."

"Kyoraku!" Toshiro yelled in surprised.

The older man was relaxing with them in the hot springs, drinking from a sake gourd. "What the hell are you doing here?" Ichigo asked rather bluntly. Shunsui simply laughed, "I just came here to wish you guys luck for your mission tomorrow… and to enjoy the beautiful sights here in the hot springs." Ichigo could only stare at the man with a deadpanned expression. Shunsui's expression soon turned serious, "All joking aside, there is something important I came here to tell you. It concerns some very important information that just might keep you guys alive."

Ikkaku spoke up, "Does this information have anything to do with these Bijuu guys?"

The veteran captain nodded, "Yes, but it isn't information that regards who they are and what their Zanpakuto can do. While I can certainly tell you, I'm sorry to say that I won't."

"Excuse me for my rudeness, Kyoraku-taichou, but why the hell not?" Renji asked his superior.

He took another sip of sake before answering, "Cause with the Bijuu Corps already not liking us as it is, I figured giving you sensitive Intel wouldn't really help you guys in gaining their trust. The information I am going to give you is info concerning their main technique. It's called the 'Kage Suterusu'."

"The 'Kage Suterusu'?" Ikkaku asked

"Exactly. It is considered as the perfect stealth and assassination technique and it is only known to the members of the Bijuu Corps. It allows the user to hide their presence within the shadows."

"How exactly does this put us in danger?" Renji asked, "If they hide in shadows then they can't attack us without exposing themselves…Right?"

"You're thinking too simple Renji. The technique is much more complex than that. Even some of the more intelligent people in seireitei do not completely understand how they manage to make the technique work. Basically if one of the bijuu corps members were to use it, they would not be hiding in the shadows rather they would become the shadows."

Everyone one present was surprised about such a technique, so simple yet difficult at the same time. "Think of it like this, instead of sinking into a sea of darkness, they use the shadows as a veil covering their forms. They exist on the same plane of reality as us, but are completely hidden from the eyes of the enemy. Thanks to the 'Kage Suterusu', anyone can mask their rieatsu and remain hidden from the eyes of the enemy, so they can easily sneak up on their targets and deal a lethal strike. Whatsmore, even if someone were to strike the exact spot the person is in, their attack would simply hit air."

"Is there any way to counter such a technique?" Hitsugaya asked.

Shunsui paused to take a sip from his gourd, before answering," While impressive as it sounds, using the technique does leave the user with a few handicaps. One handicap is that it can only presented whenever there is darkness. Light reveals them and doesn't allow them to maintain the technique. So if there are no shadows or not enough shadows, the technique cannot be used. Another handicap is that the use of ones zanpakuto is extremely limited and they are not capable of using kido while using the technique. Certain types of shikai cannot be used while using the technique and there is no way for a person to use bankai. Basically if too much spiritual pressure is used while using the 'Kage Suterusu', the enemy risks revealing their presence to their targets. The entire basis of this technique is to be perfectly balance in mind, body and soul."

"So all it takes is for us to reveal them is to raise our reiatsu to high levels?" Ichigo asked.

Shunsui shook his head, "Unfortunately no. No matter how much you raise your spiritual pressure it won't reveal the enemy to you. That only applies to anyone who uses the 'Kage Suterusu'."

Shunsui rose out of the water and draped a towel around him. "I think I told you enough information. You might want to get some sleep; your wakeup call will be before sunrise." Having finished what he came to do, the captain of the eighth division took his leave.

Ichigo stared at Ikkaku, Renji and Hitsugaya and they all shared a silent agreement, that this mission would be very difficult and that the slightest mistake could cost them their lives.

Ichigo yawned and rubbed his eyes of fatigue with one of his arms, while the other supported the sleeping form of Orihime Inoue. Shunsui hadn't been kidding when he said that they would be leave very early. When he woke he saw that it wasn't even dawn and now they were travelling via shunpo to their destination as quickly as possible. If what Shunsui had said about their opponents was true, then they had to arrive at their destination as early as possible. If they did not find and return with the Bijuu Corps, by nightfall then they would be wide open to an ambush attack thanks to the power of their 'Kage Suterusu' technique. On the horizon he could see the faintest of sunlight illuminate the dark sky.

He spotted out of the corner of his eye, Hitsugaya near Rangiku. Ichigo sighed knowing exactly why the silver haired boy was trying to do.

"Rangiku", he called getting her attention, she glanced over her shadow. "I understand that you will not tell us about your connection to the leader of the Bijuu Corps." Soifon and Ruka blushed slightly, "But could you at least tell us why they left the seireitei? Every little bit of information we have counts."

Rangiku was silent for a while before she answered him. " It happened a long time ago, around the time Kisuke Urahara was made captain. The Gotei 13 had asked the Bijuu Corps to investigate about a possible coup d'état that was brewing within the central 46. Two members took up the mission… but they were discovered after having their identities revealed by an anonymous source. After they were discovered… they were killed." Rangiku looked on with a sorrowful look, but she continued with her story. "While most people would have moved on, the Bijuu Corps didn't. To one another they were not just simply soldiers, they were brothers in arms who had literally been through hell together. The thought of losing either one of their teammates, was a devastating blow. They were angry and blamed the Gotei 13 for what happened, claiming that they did not try their hardest in saving their comrades. So they left and wiped all information concerning their existence."

"Hmph, true assassins would never be phased by something as small as that. They should have simply moved on." Soifon replied with an apathetic tone.

Kommamura reprimanded her, "Soifon, you should not say such things about those who you know nothing about. Especially those who hold such strong bonds of camaraderie. Besides, you are one to talk concerning your relationship with Youruichi-san. As I remember you were devastated by her leaving"

Soifon looked like she was about to argue before, Hitsugaya ineterbened, "Enough both of you, this is not time to be arguing amongst ourselves", he snapped before resuming conversation with his lieutenant. "Matsumoto, I sense you are still withholding something from us."

"Taichou with all due respect…", Rangiku stopped speaking when she noticed something in the distance. Immediately her eyes steeled. "We are here."

She stopped in her movements as the sun was beginning to rise, the others following suite. As the sun rose, more and more light illuminated the scenery before them. Ichigo noticed that before them stood two spires that rose up into the sky before curving like horns. As the sun rose, everyone's eyes widened in shock at what they saw. Most of them were dumbstruck; some were horrified while some simply frowned at the sight before them.

Rangiku broke the tense silence, "Before one of you asked why this place was called The Ginei no Tani, correct? In the past central 46 would send small forces to find and bring back the Bijuu Corps in order to condemn them as traitors… and they always told them to bring them back by force. After a while they put these up in order to send a warning to the members of central 46 and eventually they stopped sending people all together. "

The sun had by now completely illuminated the morning sky. "That message was 'Send anymore soldiers and they will die'."

Before the entire group, hanging from the curved spires was a large mass of skeletons. Skeletons, wearing the familiar shihakusho that was worn by all shinigami, were being suspended with ropes that were tied around their necks in a fashion similar to that of a person being hanged. Crows and other forms of carrion birds circled and landed on some of them.

At the ground beneath the spires was a large mass collection of rusty and broken zanpakuto that no doubt belonged to the victims above.

"Welcome to the Valley of Sacrifice!" she announced.


A group of seven people were amassed beneath the shadows of the trees, sitting in a type of meditative position. Then as if they were all synchronized, they opened their eyes and stood up picking up the sheathed swords that lay next to them.

The smallest figure spoke up, "Do you all sense that? It appears we have company".

The figure next to him a woman replied, "So the Gotei 13 decides to send us more of their dogs for us to put down, huh?"

The tallest member of the group said, "Damn, them fools are too uptight, sending people who just want to fight!" He said in a sing song voice, moving his arms in a rhythmic movement that mimicked his tone.

"I at least hope that this time they at least sent someone who can put up a good fight. All these years of dealing with weak shinigami and sparring with all of you has left me feeling extremely bored and at my age that isn't a good thing." Another figure spoke in a rough voice.

"No!" a strong tone replied, catching all of them of guard. One of the figures stepped out of the shadows and into the sun, revealing the familiar form of Naruto Uzumaki. "Something feels different, about whom they sent this time. Among all the people sent, at least four have captain level reiatsu, I am curious to know why they would send someone so strong this time instead of the usual small fry. So this time make sure you take prisoners and bring them back to HQ." He said as he lazily put his sheathed katana on his shoulders.

Another figure steeped out from the shadows and revealed the red haired man known as Gaara. He spoke with a monotone voice, "You almost sound like you are looking forward to fighting them."

Naruto simply gave a small smile and chuckle before giving his comrades the order they were all eagerly waiting for.

"Bijuu Corps move out!" he shouted and in a flash they vanished within the shadows, heading to intercept Ichigo and his friends.

Unknown Location

In a room, far away Ichigo and the bijuu corps, a man was sitting on a throne and appeared to be in a transe like state. Torches illuminated the entire room and he had his eyes closed and breathed very slowly, as if he was some great beast that was in a deep slumber. Suddenly his eyes opened and a great wind blew through the room and the torches extinguished from the force of the wind and bathed the room in darkness. The figure simply snapped his fingers and the torches instantaneously illuminated once again. The man's eyes shone in the darkness, each had a blood red eye with three coma shaped marks in a ring circled the pupil, he chuckled to himself and spoke cryptically to no one in particular.

"Finally things are about to get interesting."

Chapter end!

Translation: 1) Ginei no Tani= Valley of sacrifice

2) Kage Suterusu technique= Shadow stealth technique

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