Jinchuriki Rising

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Previously on Jinchuriki Rising

The Shinigami excursion team's confrontation to find the legendary members of the legendary Shinigami Black ops team, Bijuu Corps, resulted in an all out fight against them. One by one they have all fallen to the power of these legendary Shinigami. Even Ichigo proved no match against their leader, Naruto Uzumaki. Taken to their secret HQ, the fates of Ichigo and his comrades lie entirely in the hands of the Bijuu Corps.

Chapter 6: Aftermath part 1

Karakura Town, Kisuke's Shop

Yoruichi yawned as she stretched out her body in her cat form. She sighed in content at the sound of a few satisfying pops. Yoruichi was bored. No it wasn't just boredom. To be more accurate she was both bored and worried. The situation around Karakura had became unnaturally quiet. Sado and Uryuu reported zero signs of Hollow activity when they went out on patrol. Furthermore, they had not heard from Shinji and the other vizards in quite a while. Something was going on, but they had no idea what. That thought alone made very hair on her body stand on end.

'Maybe I should have gone with them. Ichigo may be strong but even I can tell that he and the others chances of winning against the Bijuu Corps are not very high.'

"Everything okay there Yoruichi-chan?" Yoruichi looked up as Kisuke came from out of his shop to sit down next to her.

"I am fine Kisuke. It's just that I am starting to regret not going with them. I mean I know that the group assembled to find Naruto and the others is quite formidable. It's just that…" Yoruichi would have continued but Kisuke, at that moment decided to scratch her behind her ears. This resulted in a satisfying purr from the black feline.

"No need to worry about it Yoruichi-chan. Like I told you before, Ichigo and the others will be fine."

"How can you be so carefree about this? Kisuke, they were sent to bring back the Bijuu Corps. These are not some run of the mill hollows we are talking about. We are talking about an elite unit that were specifically formed to handle massive outbreaks of Menos Grande and worse. Ichigo and his friends are probably in the middle of fighting them right now. They haven't exactly been known for being friendly with or seeing eye to eye with people working with the Seireitei. Especially after they lost Fu and Han."

"True, but I have a feeling that Ichigo's group are going to have a little more success. You seem to be forgetting that Ichigo and those who are affiliated with him aren't exactly considered normal either. A lot has changed since we were Captains Yoruichi. I am surprised you don't have more faith in them."

Yoruichi was surprised by his words. She gave a loud sigh and fell back down putting her paws under her head while Kisuke sat beside her. His trusty fan already out and fanning his face. She glanced at him to see the silly and amused expression she had become familiar with after spending years with him. "Besides, you and I both know what Naruto is like. I have a feeling that… no scratch that. I am certain that the moment he and Ichigo cross paths, something interesting is bound to happen."

Yoruichi frowned as she stared at her long time friend, "You seem pretty confident that Ichigo is likely to have some kind of effect on Naruto."

Kisuke chuckled and he took out his fan, "Well this is Ichigo we are talking about. He is bound to stir up some old memories in Naruto for sure. Personally, I believe that whether they succeed or fail, Naruto and the others are bound to get dragged into this conflict regardless of what their desires are. One thing's for sure though, adding the Bijuu Corps into the thick of things is bound to make things a lot more lively around here."

Yoruichi sighed as she sat back down on her haunches and looked up at the night sky. Bijuu Corps huh? Its been a long time. We haven't seen them since we left Seireitei.' A look of melancholy crossed her face as the image of grinning blond haired man with familiar whisker marks and a woman with blond hair and a cat like grin crossed her mind.

'Its been so long Yugito. I really hope you and the others have kept Naruto in check.'

Spirit World, Bijuu Corps Secret Base

'Where… am I?' Ichigo saw only darkness and his entire body felt heavy. He flinched as he tried to move but was surprised by the surge of pain that coursed through his body. He tried to think back to the last thoughts he had before falling unconscious. Memories of his fight surfaced in his mind as he remembered a certain whiskered face man, 'Last I remember is my fight with that Bijuu corps member… No wait he was their leader.'

Ichigo had to hand it to the guy. He had expected the Bijuu Corps to pose a challenge, but he never thought that he could be beaten by them. He wasn't completely arrogant. He knew that he wouldn't come out of the battle unscathed. However, realizing that he was on the verge of losing opened his eyes to the strong types of opponents that existed out there in the world. Maybe this was a good thing. Ever since he beat Aizen, he had yet to find a suitable challenge. He was slightly worried that the lack of challenges would get to him and the last thing he wanted was to get a big head. It just wasn't in his character. Pride aside, Ichigo guessed he should be grateful that his opponent, Naruto, had not decided to kill him.

'Hold on a minute, if I am still alive then where the hell am I?' Ichigo struggled to open his eyes and a bright light illuminated his vision. He was stunned for a moment but he quickly adjusted to the light. The first thing he saw was a rocky ceiling. He felt that he was lying on a comfortable futon mat and he felt bandages around his torso and head. Ichigo sighed as he realized that these guys at least treated prisoners humanely. He attempted to get up and find the others, but stopped when he realized something. His chest felt heavy and he could feel some kind of liquid dripping down from it to his sides and it felt slimy. The thing that was really off putting for him was that he could feel the mass slowly move. Almost as though it was alive. Ichigo slowly lifted his head to see what was going on and he froze. Crawling on his chest were three giant slugs, each the size of a small dog. They were completely white and were sucking on his body, which caused their bodies to swell and deflate in a consistent rhythm. One of them looked up and he could see three holes that acted as its mouths with two antennae like eyes. The eyes stretched out and stopped a couple of inches from his own which were now the size of dinner plates. For a few tense seconds both the slug and Ichigo stared at one another, neither one daring to make a move. Then without warning, the entire HQ was filled with the sound Ichigo's screams.


The members of the Bijuu Corps were all sitting in their dojo. An area they carved into the mountain that served as their special training area. When those that weren't on patrol in the valley, or in rare cases the human world, they came here to train their minds and bodies. The area looked similar to the one used by Urahara Kisuke. However the training area had a more natural beauty to it. Instead of a barren wasteland, the training area had two unique landscapes. To the north, the training area was a large grassy plain with a large river cutting through it and stretched as far as they eye could see. To the south there was a mountain area with steam rising into the air indicating a hot spring. The two landscapes blended well together.

In the center of the grassy plain, was a giant slab of stone. On the stone were nine pedestals, each one carved with an ancient character from one to nine. The pedestals for five and seven were empty while the remaining ones were occupied by the rest of the members of the Bijuu Corps. Each and every one of them were in a deep state of meditation. That is everyone except for Utakata, who if one looked closely could be seen with a small snot bubble forming from his nose, indicating he was sleeping. Suddenly he was shocked out of his sleep when a loud yell echoed through the area. The sudden outburst woke up Utakata. He blinked a few times, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he gave a loud yawn. All around him the members of the corps came out of their trances as they looked up to the ceiling resembling a sky.

"Well looks like another one of our 'guests' has woken up." Utakata mumbled as he slowly got up with the others. "So who is going to go get him? Gaara or maybe Bee?"

Before either of them could answer, Naruto spoke up catching their attention. "I am the one who beat him. It only makes sense that I go get him and explain the situation to him." He spoke while stretching his limbs, releasing a sigh as he felt his joints pop. He looked to the ceiling and jumped towards the 'sky'. When he reached a certain height, an opening emerged in the 'sky'. He flew through the opening, which closed behind him and disappeared. The other eight former Jinchuriki all looked as their leader and friend disappeared into the massive maze that was their base. Then Roshi turned to the others and pulled out wads of cash.

"Okay so looks like Bee and Utakata win the pool. Looks like the substitute Shinigami did yell loud enough that we could hear him from all the way here and that Naruto would be the one to go see him." Roshi split the money equally and handed wads of cash to Utakata and Bee. The latter grinned as he received his payment while Utakata kept his expression neutral and stuffed his winnings in the confines of his kimono.

Yugito sighed as she crossed her arms under her breasts. "Here I thought that our little orange haired friends would react with a little more maturity. Then again compared to us, he is still a child. Well that's what happens when I get my hopes up."

"Don't judge the newcomers so soon Yugito. After all any one unfamiliar with Utakata's ability would react just as loudly." He then snickered in amusement, "Besides you of all people should not criticize others when it comes to acting mature." Yugito silently glared at the back of his head.

"What's more..."

Yugito blinked as she looked at the shortest member. He did not even look at her direction and merely kept his eyes closed while keeping his arms crossed over his chest. "Naruto seemed pretty excited when he came back hauling that guy's limp body over his shoulder. He had that spark in his eyes that we haven't seen in a long while. So you should give that kid a little more respect."

Yugito gave a deadpan expression to Yagura, "What's up with you all of a sudden? Talking like that while trying to look all cool?"

A tick mark appeared on Yagura's head and his whole body shook, but he did not break his pose. "Go to hell tomcat!"

Yugito chuckled as she got up and stretched her arms over her head. "In any case that kid really doesn't strike me as special. So until I see it with my won eyes just how special he is… all I have to go on is your word."

Yagura frowned as he looked behind him. He then sighed loudly, "Do whatever I don't care."

Yugito gave him a deadpanned expression, "Jeez you are such a downer. You really should not take things so seriously… little man." She mad sure to emphasize the last part rather slowly. Next thing any of the former Jinchuuriki knew their special training area was engulfed in explosions of super heated water, spires of ice, Yugito's laughter and Yagura's screams of fury.

Back with Ichigo


Ichigo ran around the room flailing his limbs like crazy trying to get these giant slugs off of his body. However, the slime they secreted was like glue and kept them stuck to his body. So even when he succeeded in pulling them off their bodies, they would just stick to his arms. It also didn't help that his erratic movements actually seemed to aggravate the slugs. They began to swell up like slime covered balloons. In a matter of minutes, the slugs had grown large enough to cover his body and the combined weight mixed with the slime caused Ichigo to slip and fall to the ground. Ichigo groaned under the heavy weight. He was so distracted that he failed to notice that the door to his cell opened and in walked a familiar orange haired girl.

"Kurosaki-kun! Are you all right?" Ichigo blinked in surprise at the familiar voice. He was lying on his back so looking up he saw Orihime standing over him. In her arms was a large plastic container.

"Orihime? What are you doing here?"

Ichigo questioning look fell when he noticed the same slugs on his body pop up from behind Orihime's shoulder.

"Orihime look out there is one of them on your shoulder!"

Orihime looked confused and looked at her shoulder. She blinked at the little slug who blinked its antennae like eyes back at her. Ichigo was surprised when she merely laughed and looked back down at him," No worries silly. It's just Saiken-kun."

"Wha... How are you so calm about this? Wait, you named it?!"

His last question was met with angry rumbling, as the bodies of the slugs started to turn a faint shade of red and steam erupted from their mouths. Orihime noticed this and quickly defused the situation.

"C-careful Kurosaki-kun! They are all called Saiken-kun! He is very sensitive about his name." She quickly took the slug from her shoulder and placed him on the floor. She then opened the lid on the container. A sweet and spicy scent filled the room. For Ichigo it stung at first but the feeling was replaced by relief as a sweet odor quickly replaced it.

"Who wants sweet and spicy jalapeno, teriyaki and honey bean buns? They are fresh!"

At the mention of the unusual treat, the slugs, Saiken, lost their red taint and decreased in size, much to Ichigo's relief. The slugs all crowded Orihime, who poured all the contents of the container on the slugs. They greedily accepted the falling buns and began stuffing their bellies. While they were distracted, Orihime went over to Ichigo and handed him a towel. "I think you might need this."

Ichigo looked down and saw his whole body was covered in slime. He gratefully accepted the towel mumbling a few quick words of thanks to Orihime. Despite the stickiness of the slime, it was quite easy to remove. Ichigo muttered a silent thank you to whatever deity was out there that the slugs hadn't gotten to his hair. He did not want to think how messy that would have been.

"I am glad to see that you are allright Orihime. I don't suppose you happen to know where are we right now?"

"You don't remember?" Ichigo shook his head.

"Well the last thing I membered before being knocked unconscious was that Rukia-san and I were fighting against this really strong guy with a weird haircut in this stylish kimono who fought using exploding bubbles. It was really weird you know because its bubbles so no one would think they were dangerous, but really they blew up and everything melted, but then rukia pulled out her sword and then everything froze. Then bubbles the size of UFO's came crashing to the ground into millions of pieces. It was kind of pretty so…"

Ichigo placed his hand over her mouth much to her surprise and causing her to blush a little at the contact. "Orihime focus please."

"Right sorry" Orihime chuckled her hand rubbing the back of her head. "Well after we were knocked unconscious. I woke up in this really cool cave surrounded by these ninja guys. One of them, I think their leader, came in carrying you over his shoulder. The both of you looked really worn out so I was going to go and treat your wounds, but they offered to take care of you and instead asked me to treat the other's wounds."

"Okay that explains the slugs… I think. Now that you mention it, after my fight I would have expected to feel a little sore, but my body feels completely fine. Not one hundred percent but enough to move around"

A look of disgust marred his features, 'Now that I think about this also kinda feels like the time when Nel threw up on me.' He couldn't help but shiver at the thought of that unpleasant memory.

"Anyways how did you escape?"

"Escape?"Orihime seemed confused by the question which in turn made him confused.

"Well yeah, I mean they had you treating the other's right so weren't you held prisoner with them?"
Orihime shook her head and actually looked happy," Not really. Actually when I was done healing them they said that I was free to go about my business so long as I didn't leave their base. They are actually really nice once you get to know them."

Ichigo couldn't help but sweatdrop, 'They probably don't think of her as much of a threat. Then again... Orihime is the only one among us that isn't a shinigami. I guess that also must be an important factor in this situation.' Ichigo thought it best if he kept that particular thought to himself.

"Then do you know where the others are being held?" Orihime adopted a thinking pose, placing her finger under her chin as the gears turned in her brain. After a while she sighed and shook her head.

"Sorry Kurosak-kun. But I don't know where the others could be. The only place I managed to find was the kitchen which is how I made my bean buns." All of a sudden a thought entered her mind and she smiled brightly at an idea she just had.

"But I think I might know someone who does." She got up and made her way to the small group of slugs who had by now finished gorging themselves on her strange delicacies.


The slugs looked up at her. At the sight of her smile, the all crowded around her waving their stubby arms in the air. "Wait you are going to ask them?" The slugs, Saiken, looked in his direction and hissed violently which also made them hiss out drops of spit that melted the floor.

"I told you Ichigo-kun, Saiken-kun is really smart. I think that if anyone can help us find everyone then it's him."

The slugs looked at one another uncertain of what to do. One of them held up his hands in a time out symbol and then they all huddled together. The mumbled, or in their case hissed and spat, to themselves while giving quick glances to Ichigo and Orihime. Then all at once they all looked up at Orihime. She looked at them with her beaming smile and big bright eyes. At that moment, they knew they had lost. The next thing they knew, they all had hearts in their eyes. as they swarmed Orihime's feet. They then jumped up and to the surprise of the two occupants morphed back into bubbles. Floating directly to the door of the room, one of the remaining slugs stretched his arms up and twisted the knob, opening the door. The moment the door swung open the bubbles charged forward down the corridors of the base. Oddly enough, the design of the buildings interiror was quite similar to Kukaku's underground home. Ichigo watched as the bubbles flew at speeds faster than normal people could follow. However, while the bubbles may have vanished from view, the trail of spiritual energy they left behind made it easy to know where they had gone.

"We gotta hurry. Hold on tight Orihime."

Before she could ask him what he meant he had already scooped her up bridal style. The action caused an enormous blush to appear on her face. He shunpoed away following the trail of spiritual energy left behind by the bubbles. He flew through different hallways, as well as up and down several sets of stairs. As he was following the spiritual trail, Ichigo's eyes started to become heavy. He could not help but shake the feeling that he should go in any other direction besides the one the bubbles went to. He finally caught up to the bubbles who had reached a crossroads. Each road had a giant arch looming over them. He saw the swarm of bubbles turning right, however, before Ichigo could stop himself, he had already turned in the opposite direction. From Orihime's point of view it looked as though Ichigo's eyes had glazed over. Suddenly the air in the hallway before them split into four cracks. The cracks opened and to her horror and Ichigo's sudden shock they were heading straight into what appeared the maw of some great beast. It was complete with rows of serrated teeth, like some kind of demonic fly trap.

'Crap don't tell me that this is all a trap from the start!?' Ichigo thoughts were frantic as he tried to correct his momentum. It proved useless as the jaws were slowly closing in around them. However before they jaws could close completely shut around them, bubbles materialized around them. The bubbles merged and expanding into a giant version of Saiken. It worked as the force of Saiken's expansion reopened the jaws and sent Ichigo flying back. The rebound sent him skidding across the floor and right through the opposite threshold. Ichigo shook his head and looked up as the Saiken slug burst into multiple bubbles as the mouth closed. The cracks it emerged from vanishing from existence. It almost reminded him off the garganta used by Hollows.

"What was that Kurosaki-kun?" Ichigo looked at Orihime and put her down gently on the floor and rubbed his head, which suddenly felt clouded.

"I... I am not sure. I am guessing it was some kind of trap set by the Bijuu Corps to deal with intruders. I think the deeper in we go, the more this base is designed to mess with an individuals sense of purpose and direction. The longer we followed the bubbles the more I felt compelled to go in any direction aside from the one they were going in."

"That's sounds really weird. I don't feel a thing."

"But why wouldn't it…?"

"Yeah we were a little surprised about it as well." Ichigo turned quickly and witnessed as a Naruto Uzumaki walked from out of the shadows created by the threshold. Behind him was a large set of doors. On it was a large plaque that read Wave in Japanese kanji.

"AH its you!" Ichigo pointed at the man. From behind them the bubbles advanced towards the man. Naruto watched as the bubbles morphed back into several Saiken clones. He smiled down at them. "You did a good job healing him. Go back to Utakata. You deserve the rest." The slugs nodded at him and with a satisfied pop, they turned into spirit particles vanishing into the air.

"You must be wondering what that thing was correct?" he asked looking towards Ichigo. "That little trap is something we like to call a Pitfall Garganta. It's purpose is to trick hollows into thinking it is a garganta portal to Hueco Mundo. When captured it slowly drains them of their energy and then spits them out allowing even the weakest shinigami to dispatch them. However, this trap is completely useless against individuals with power equal to Menos Grande. So even if Saiken had not intervened you would have eventually found a way to break through it."

Naruto's gaze then drifted more towards Orihime, who was ducking behind Ichigo. "I haven't officially introduced myself to you." He said to Orihime. He then bowed respectfully. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and as you already know I am the leader of the Bijuu Corps. The slugs that healed your wounds and guided you here are actually the manifested zanpakutou spirit called Saiken. He is the partner of one of my comrades. You know him as Utakata. Now to answer your questions from earlier. That feeling you had was the result of one of our bases many security measures. The entire base has been built with several traps and illusions designed to either impair, confuse or flat out mess with the minds, bodies and wills of intruders that make it this far. Even people we willingly invite in are not completely unaffected by these security measures. This is because that many of them were caused by our zanpakutou. Over the years, they have released a unique form of reishi and reiatsu that leaked into the foundations of this base. As a result, they can monitor and alert us to anyone that moves through the confines of this base. They can also determine the true intentions of intruders. Because our zanpakuto aren't trusting of outsiders, the people inside fall victim to their influence. I guess you can say that you and you're friends just walked right into the belly of the beast. In a way you guys are like viruses being attacked by the body's immune system."

"That's quite the lengthy explanation, but that still doesn't answer why Orihime was unaffected" Ichigo frowned as his grip on Zangetsu continued to tighten. Naruto noticed this and gave a tired sigh.

"You can take it easy buddy. I am not going to attack you, your girlfriend or the rest of your party unless you give us reason too."

Ichigo and Orihime blushed scarlet, "I AM NOT/SHE'S NOT HIS/MY GIRLFRIEND!"

Naruto sweatdropped, "… Of course not. Whatever you say." He muttered sarcastically. He then cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Back to our conversation. As for the reason why she was unaffected by the effects of the illusions… Well we have our assumptions, but we aren't exactly one hundred percent sure."

Ichigo face faulted, "Are you kidding me?! What kind of half-assed explanation is that?"

"Don't get picky with me. I told you that our zanpakutou are different than regular zanpakutou. They are far more sentient and are more active than the average spirit. Because of this, we can't always anticipate what they will do. You've seen firsthand how wild a zanpakutou spirit from our group can be."

Ichigo was puzzled at first, but then his mind wandered to the image of a certain profane and psychotic looking monk.

"Are you telling me that that crazy monk we ran into earlier was a zanpakutou spirit?"

"Correct. He is called Shukaku. He is the zanpakutou spirit of my corps second in command. He wasn't supposed to go after you or dump you into our valley. However, even among our spirits, Shukaku is a special kind of crazy. He is so volatile that the moment Gaara takes his eyes off of him, he goes off to cause trouble. If it weren't for a special seal he uses, Gaara wouldn't even be able to sleep… Not that he isn't used to not sleeping for long periods of time, but that's beside the point."

Ichigo and Orihime couldn't help but sweatdrop at Naruto's blunt description of his comrade, 'He makes him sound like he is messed up or something.'

"Anyways, I would have attributed her immunity to the fact that Saiken guided her, but even so it would not have prevented the illusions from affecting her. Yet, she doesn't feel anything. The only explanation that I can give is that our zanpakutou do not see this girl as an enemy. Thus have no need to feel defensive around her."

Ichigo relaxed a little and his grip on his zanpakuto lessened, but was still poised to strike if necessary. "Well now that we are here I take it that our friends are behind this door?"

"You are somewhat correct. We healed their wounds, but we had to take extra measures against them. Security reasons you know." Naruto spoke as he walked pass them.

"Then why aren't I with them? I hardly doubt its because you guys don't think that I am a threat."

Naruto stopped walking and without looking back he answered, "I am not really sure. I guess it could be because you gave me a good fight and I wanted to give you a chance, but I don't think that's the right answer. I suppose it's because you strike me as the type of guy that can rouse the fighting spirit of you allies when they are at their lowest. You remind me a lot of myself in that regard."

Ichgio and Orihime were surprised. It seems that every time they learned more about the enigma that was Naruto Uzumaki, the less they knew.

"Hold on what do you mean by…?"

Naruto cut him off, "Sorry about this but I have other things to deal with. You can find your friends through this door, but you still have to deal with our bases built in defenses. Navigating through them will be difficult."

Before they could question Naruto further, he walked into some shadows and they could feel his presence vanish. "The hell is wrong with that guy?" Ichigo couldn't help as a heavy sigh escaped his body. Why was it that he always somehow managed to attract the weirdos?

"Well we've come his far, might as well take a leap of faith."

Ichigo pushed the doors open and immediately his eyes flew up in surprise. He and Orihime walked through the door the landscape changed. One moment they were in a traditional Japanese building and now they found themselves somewhere different. Their new environment was surrounded by thick fog so they could not see long distances but their nearby vicinity was clear to them. They were on some kind of bridge. The bridge stretched on for miles with the calm ocean surrounding either side of them. They turned around and saw that the door they came in through was now gone.

"I guess we are meant to go forward? What do you think Kurosaki-kun?" Ichigo looked at Oriime and sighed. "Well we have come this far. I guess all we can do is go on ahead. It's not like he is giving us much choice to begin with."

Orihime nodded as she and Kurosaki walked side by side. Neither knowing what trials would await them in this trange new place.


Rangiku slowly opened her eyes. She looked around to see that she was in some kind of hospital room. The room was decorated with sky blue wallpaper and had five other empty beds besides her own and some windows. She looked to her right and saw that one of the windows was opened. She slowly got up, surprised to see that she was now wearing a hospital gown instead of her usual clothes. She lifted up her shirt to see that her waist was bandaged. As she walked to the window, she was careful not to aggravate the injuries she received in her fight with Gaara. She walked over to the window and she was surprised to see that the valley she was in previously was gone. In its place was a large village. The village was full of buildings designed with a mix of modern and oriental architecture. However despite its size, it was eerily quiet. She looked down from her window and could not find a single person walking its streets. The only sound was the wind that blew through the open window.

"Where… am I?"

"My home."

Rangiku's eyes widened at the sound of the familiar voice that she hadn't heard in a very long time. She slowly turned around. When she saw who spoke she was speechless and could only stare at the entrance of her hospital room. Standing there was someone that had forever earned himself a special place in her heart. He looked at her with a mix of melancholy and happiness.

"Hey… it's been a while Rangiku. Its good to see that you haven't changed one bit."

"… Naruto?"

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