Pairing → Helena•Ingrid

Word Count → 624

【Apple and Cinnamon】

She'd never expected this-not with her... not like this.

The whiskey burns her throat as she downs another shot. It seems less potent than usual, or is it just that her mind is preoccupied? A sigh deflates her chest and she skims her index finger over the lip of the glass absently.

"Helena," the bartender calls as he walks up to her. "What's wrong? You look like shit."

She scoffs. "Maybe it's because I have to see your ugly face every time I come in here, Ben."

He laughs, loud and echoing-a hardy laugh. "Still got bite even when your down. That's my girl."

Helena nods and raises her glass. "Then get your girl another shot."

"You might need to slow down, spitfire."

Her eyes cut at him and he grumbles something about stubbornness and women as he grabs her glass. Young and drunken laughter explodes behind her and she wishes more than anything that she hadn't parked her car so far away from the bar. That aluminum bat under her driver's seat seems like a very pleasant idea, at the moment.

What is that incessant pounding in her head? Oh, that's a head ache. She hisses under her breath. What the fuck? The past few months had felt so surreal, and the past week has felt like hell. She closes her eyes and massages her temples. After losing her sister, after all that hell-she'd been more than willing to allow her senses to be dulled by something unexpected, fresh, and dangerously comfortable.

"Fuck..." she mumbles, swallowing back tears. Ingrid... I don't even know what to make of us anymor-

"Here," Ben's voice startles her out of her thoughts and he catches the hint of wetness in her eyes.

Helena quickly looks down at the refilled shot glass and takes it from him, not allowing him to make eye contact with her again. Her actions are jerked and even a bit desperate. He lingers. She does her best to ignore his look of concern.

"Hang in there kiddo." He pats her shoulder and walks away, giving her some time to herself.

The drunken laughter rings throughout the bar again, but Helena unaware, her mind and her heart struggling against the barrage of memories. She downs the shot quickly, savoring the bitter sting on her tongue and throat.

You were always such a damn tease.

The first time she'd kissed her was just a typical double shift that she often volunteered for. Thing is, Helena didn't realize at the time just why she'd been volunteering. Her eyes wandering over to those long cinnamon legs had become so natural. She never even realized until that night.

How can I see right through Leon and his love affair with Ada and not see my own...? She sighs.

Neither of them had really expected it, but Ingrid wasn't against taking advantage of the situation. Helena smiles at the memory, her heart twittering in her chest despite all this time.

After that, Helena had been unwilling to give up the growing happiness she'd felt, even if it had been based on such a flimsy thing. They'd been lost in one another, delighting in the novel and delicious thrill of their game. Submerging herself entirely in those overwhelming sensations, Helena began to wrap them around her heart like armor. Though, the sudden pain of severing such an all-encompassing connection-she clenches her jaw. She'd become too dependent on Ingrid to make her... happy.

Glancing down at her empty glass, tilts her head to the side, a look of defeat crossing her features. She shouldn't have allowed something so foolish. She shouldn't have let her get so close.

"I shouldn't... have fallen in love with her..." Helena whispers.