Chapter 1

Lin hated it when emotions take control of her. Last time she had paid a hefty price. She's got the scars across her face to prove it. If only she wasn't so caught up with her own feelings as she fought the gangsters, she'd have locked them up 'without' letting them tear her face with water daggers.

It was happening again. This time, for a different reason, a different emotion was taking control. She hated it. Last time it had been rage and disappointment. This time it was, if she must name it, fear. She sat upright on her bed at Katara's, suddenly wide awake and gasping for breath. The nightmare had been so real that she could almost feel the soft pressure of a destructive thumb on her forehead, again. She was soaked in sweat despite the cold South Pole weather. Her breathing was hitched, pulse irregular. She was thirsty, so very thirsty.

She reminded herself that now there was no reason to panic, that it was all over and they've won. It was only a nightmare. But the problem was she couldn't move past the eerie feeling it left. She was bad at moving past things, so to speak.

Even after the Avatar restored her bending, Lin's discomfort did not ease. She decided that she needs a walk, or some fresh air, a more comfortable place to mull things over and overcome her fear, a place of earth. Lin got off the bed, pulled a cloak over her pajamas and found her boots. Not wanting to wake anyone up, she tiptoed to the pantry and silently poured herself a glass of water, and another, and another. Not bothering to look for the keys, she metal bended the lock open and crept through the front door, locked it again and set off towards the Stupa few miles away, the only place at the entire South Pole that was made of earth. Steady, sturdy, comforting earth.