Lin picked up the phone and dialed a number as Tenzin watched. "This is Chief Beifong," She said to the mouth piece. "I need you to get to the Beifong manor and collect councilman Tenzin immediately. It appears he's missed his ride back to the island." She smashed the mouthpiece on to the dial, left the door open, threw her overcoat on the top of the corner stand, left her shoes unceremoniously of the floor, grabbed the instant noodle bowl and flopped on the sofa. She opened the lid of the bowl without so much of a single word to Tenzin. He watched her ignore him patiently before he turned the cooker on. "Jasmine it is" He said aloud.

Lin ate from her bowl as Tenzin brewed jasmine tea for them. He poured two cups and sat in front of her. "It was a horrible thing to say, really." He said to her, hoping that she'll look up and listen. She did not. Her bowl of noodles seemed much more interesting than his explanation. "I was angry that I had to make a choice Lin. But I had to make a choice." She finished the last of the noodles and looked up. "Good for you!" She said setting a foot down to get up.

Tenzin bit his lip. He reached over the stool and grabbed the empty bowl from Lin. "Let me get that." He quickly added before Lin could open her mouth. He stood up and went to the pantry as Lin glared behind him. Tenzin started talking again while he washed the empty bowl. "You never let me finish my say Lin."

Lin observed her tea with dull interest. "Did you put any sugar in this?" She asked casually. Tenzin turned to face her with a look of disbelief in his eyes. He was pouring his heart out and she was worried about sugar?

"A spoon, actually." He said. She got to her feet, leaving the tea cup on the stool. "I like it plain."

"I- I'll make another." Tenzin offered.

"Cut the garbage and go home Tenzin." Lin said starting to walk towards her room. "I need to sleep. Close the door behind you, it cannot be opened from outside."

Tenzin threw the clean bowl back to the sink and air-bended himself in front of Lin, blocking her way. "You can sleep all you want after I finish my say." He said dragging her back to the living. Lin had had enough. With alarming speed she avoided Tenzin's grip and pushed him against the nearby wall. In a flash he found his wrists and ankles trapped in rock that built the walls of Beifong manor. He couldn't move.

"I am not you play toy. You don't get to play with me at your convenience." Lin hissed, taking few steps back from him.

"THERE'S NOTHING FOR ME TO STOP. BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEEM TO WANT ME TO STOP" Tenzin shouted. Blowing wind around him so hard that Lin toppled on her feet.

Lin stared. "What part of 'I do not care anymore' don't you get?" She asked angrily. "You made a choice. We both had to live with the consequences. I don't care about your apology; I don't care about your reasons. Actions speak louder Tenzin. I've learnt to live with it. I've learnt to cope with it. May be you should do the same."

"What do you think I've been doing?" Tenzin shouted back. "I'm not here to play with you! I'm here because I'm concerned about my friend."

"You are here to clear your conscious." Lin said in a tired tone, letting him off the wall with a simple wrist movement. "You need not to explain anything to me Tenzin. I've moved past everything. Forgive me if I cannot entrust you with my troubles any more. I cannot help it. Please go home, your ride is here." She gestured towards the door. Tenzin stared. He was at a loss of words. A moment later Korra and Mako peeped around the door frame, Oggie's massive head right behind them.