"Make sure you tell Bunny I said 'hi'," Sophie beamed as her brother prepared to go to the North Pole,

"Will do, Soph," Jamie turned his attention to his five friends, who were all standing in his room with Sophie, "Will you guys cover me until I get back, if my parents ask?"

"Of course!" Pippa smiled, handing him the jar of black sand from Stephanie's shoes to him. Jamie put the shoe sand in his backpack, along with the sand from the science lab and the newly found sand from the locker room. Sophie grabbed the snow globe from its place on the self, "Here Jamie," the thirteen year old tried to hand the snow globe to her brother, but he denied, " You do the Honor's , " Sophie whispered into the ball " The globe room, North Pole," and whined her arm, as if throwing a baseball, and the throw the orb. Soon a bright blue light appeared, Jamie gave his friends a small nod before walking into the light.

With a loud thud, Jamie landed on the floor of the globe room. He looked around to see surprised yetis, and even more surprised Guardians. Jamie quickly stood up, ready to explain himself when he heard his name shouted out from the Guardian's mouths before attack him with a massive group hug, and at the center was none other than Jack Frost. Once the hug finally broke Jack stayed close to his friend, but zoned in and out of their conversations,

"So Jamie, what do we owe the pleasure of you being here," Tooth chirped, Jamie took a deep breath,

"I wish I was here on a better occasion..."

"There is no way Pitch is at your school," Bunny snorted folding his arms in disbelief,

"Bunny is right. We all saw Pitch get destroyed by his own nightmares," North added on not believe the teen. The Guardians have been having monthly meetings since the battle to make sure it would not happen again, today just happened to be March's meeting,

"Trust me," Jamie began to unzip his bag, "I didn't believe in either until a tentacle almost attacked me after gym," Jamie pulled out the three containers filled with black sand and handed them to the Guardians,

"Sandy, could you look over these?" North asked, handing his jar of sand to the golden being. Sandy undid the lid and put a single fling into the jar, turning the once black sand into a small golden airplane,

"Der Mo," North whispered under his breath, they were right,

"But why would Pitch target high schoolers?" Tooth asked, Jack looked up from whatever he was freezing,

"The fear, of course," Jack looked as if the Guardians should have already known that, "the test, exams, bullies, fitting in, relationships, that sort of thing," the Guardians all gave the sprit a puzzled look,

"I have told Jack about the high school experience," Jamie said answering the Guardians unspoken question,

"Great! We found problem and now we just need to find solution," North clapped, clearly happy with the results.

For the next half an hour the Guardians argued about their plan of attack. During that time Jamie had accompanied Jack in the freezing and unfreezing of North's elves,

"Why don't we send Jack undercover to find reason behind Pitch's plans?" Tooth suggested,

"What?!" Jack and Jamie were all of a sudden paying attention to what the veteran Guardians were saying,

"Hmmmm" North stroke his beard, considering this idea. While Sandy gave the idea two thumbs up and Bunny snickered at the thought,

"He does look like the age of a normal high schooler," Bunny laughed,

"No, don't 'hmm' North! It is a terrible idea!" Jack protested,

"Yeah, besides this is High School not full of believer. So Jack couldn't just walk in as a new student. No one would see him! Even if there are the few that still believe, they will freak when Jack comes flying in," Jamie added on, trying to help his friend. North and Bunny quickly exchange glances, that Jack caught,

"What are you guys hiding from me?" Jack became very curious,

"North, maybe we should wait-"Tooth began before North interrupted,

"No it was your idea, and I think Jack has been Guardian enough to know. Bunny will you please go get Ad Credendum," Bunny was hesitant before responding,

"Alright mate," he was back in moments carrying a red pillow, on top of it was a gold color pendant; the same color as the lights on the globe,

"Woah," Jamie exclaimed nearly speechless,

"What is it," Jack asked, carefully poking the golden pendant.

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