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Bunny sprung to his feet as North fell in front of him (he never got use to Bunny's tunnel). Tooth and Sandy floated up from the ground, surveying the school grounds for any sign of Pitch, but they didn't expect this,

"Oh my-" Tooth covered her mouth as tears threatening to leave her eyes, teenagers ranging from 13-19, clinging on to each other for dear life, sobbing on any open shoulder they could find. It devastated the Guardians, not once in their entire existence did they witness this much pain and suffering from children, or teens for that matter. It broke their hearts, but they were also confused. It looks like everyone that was in the auditorium was still on school grounds. Most high schoolers have cars and/or a license. Why wouldn't they just leave?

"Oi, mate!" Bunny called over to a group of boys standing in a circle, no doubt talking about what they just witness. The tallest of the boys turned towards the Australian,

"Yeah..." his voice trailed of a the six foot rabbit made his way over to the group,

"How come you're all still here? Why did you ankle biters get help?" The young boy gulped before pointing towards the black sand that was circling the surrounding the school,

"Oi, North look at this," Bunny crutched towards the black sand as the Russian joined him,

"Dis is not good," North stroked his beard, "SANDY!" The little gold man turned around from the young freshman he was comforting, and floated towards his comrades,

"Do you think you can use your sand to break barrier?" Sandy thought for a moment before turning to the other Guardians with a smile and a nod,

"How sentimental, you actually think you can leave,"

That voice was too damn familiar to the students and the Guardians, it was Pitch,

"I still don't see why you would want to protect these brats, in a weeks time they will pass of this experience as merely a bad dream," Pitch stood at the doorway of the school, he examined his nails as he talked, Pitch knows the Guardians are trapped, why not have some fun?

"It doesn't matter Pitch, we will protect all the children with our lives," Tooth splat, clutching her fist. She was going to make sure he lost more than a single tooth,

"Oh really? Because my information says that some of these adolescents are 18 and 19, legal adults. Are you really going to risk your life for theirs?"

"As long as they are a child at heart, and are will to believe we will protect them," The fairy was now a few feet in the air, eye level with Pitch, who was still standing on the front steps of the school.

The three remaining male Guardians watched in awe and their female comrade, she held her tongue for too long and now she is pissed, and Pitch gets to deal with her. Sandy began making images on how they should deal with Pitch,

"I don't know mate, you have to try and break the sand barrier and Jacks been out for what, an hour now? He would be our best beat in fight this bloke," Bunny pulled his boomerangs from their holster,

"He is right Sandy, you need to work on barrier, and we are not enough power to bring him down without you or Jack," Bunny and North saw sand moving around Sandy's head, it was a picture of the different high schoolers,

'That's it! We can use kids, only question is how?" North inquired, as Tooth and Pitch were still arguing.

"I got it!" Bunny exclaimed, "Even though Jack isn't here, it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun,"

North had to hand it to Bunny, even though he and Jack would go at it like a cat and dog, or a rabbit and greyhound, Bunny still manages to give Jack the respect he deserves. Like conjugating massive snowball fights.

By now all the teens with in the sight of Pitch knew the plan, and Bunny and North joined Tooth installing the Nightmare King. Even if that means taking a couple hits from some dark sand.

Pitch was getting frustrated, he didn't understand what the Guardians were doing, they were taking his attacks and not counter attacking them. Just what were they up to? He descended down the schools few steps, each time he took a step, Bunnymund put down a finger. At first Pitch believed the Guardians had gone crazy, but by the third step snowballs began flying from all directions, and he figured out their play, they had gotten the blasted children to throw snowballs at him. The snowballs were coming to fast, Pitch didn't have enough time to use his black sand to protect himself.

The Guardians could see why Jack enjoys snow ball fights so much, they last ones the Guardians participated in was the one six years ago, and oh how the miss it! The times for games was over, Pitch stepped on the last step, and he looked like he was going to charge the laughing Guardians. Each of them grabbed their weapons when something extraordinary happened, Pitch slipped! The Nightmare King stumped backwards hitting his head on the school's steps, knocking him out.

Bunny called for a cease fire of snowballs as the walked towards the boogeyman, making sure he was actually knocked out,

"Out of all the ways I imagined the fight to end, Pitch knock himself out from an ice patch didn't even make the list," Bunny laughed, before realizing something, "This ice wasn't here a minute ago-"

"Well I couldn't let you guys have all the fun could I?" The Guardians looked up to see a very worn out looking Jack Frost leaning against the door frame. Then behind Jack, walking out of the school were all the believers that they had left in charge of watching their youngest Guardian, helping an also worn out Jamie down the school steps,

"Jack! Jamie! Everyone you are alright, no?" North's booming voice traveled throughout the grounds, as he through the unconscious Pitch Black over his shoulders,

"All be damned, you managed to bet Pitch without even being here. Good work Frostbite," Bunny nodded his head in approval, unlike Tooth who flew up to both boys examining them for more injuries,

"Tooth we are find, trus-" Jack grabbed his side, "-me" Jame began laughing before clutching his own side. Tooth raise her you brow at the two, obviously, injured teens,

"Oh really? What do you take me for I am not as easy to fool as-"

"Excuse me?" Tooth, Jack, and Jamie looked down from scolding/ being scolded at to see a few girls, ranging from freshman to seniors, who obviously been crying,

"Yes?" Jack asked, as he slowly made his way down the steps to the girls, hiding his pain, "Don't cry. everything is alright,"

"Are you all really Guardians? Will you all protect us?" A smile appeared on Jack's face,

"Of course we are!"

"So will you be able to get us out of here?"

"As soon as Sandy undoes Pitch's black sand trap, everyone will be able to go home," Tooth fluttered down towards the girls, who began to compliment her beauty. The remaining Guardians distracted the worried teens as Sandy worked towards breaking the barrier.

In less than 20 minutes Sandy broke through the barrier and all the teens were able to go home. Bunny and North took Pitch back to his lair, and made sure he wouldn't be able to leave for a while.

Jack was sitting on the railing laying across it, waiting for all the kids to go home before he and the other Guardians could go. With a wave of his staff, a light snow began to fall, Jack looked up at the sky as his snowflakes touched the tip of his nose,

"Jack?" Jack turned his head towards the voice, it was Jamie, Pippa, and the others,

"Oh, hey guys," Jack gave them a weak smile, he was still was in pain, but he put a smile on for his believers,

"We just wanted to thank you for...everything," Stephanie said in a low whisper, causing Jack to sit up just a bit,

"You know that is the first time I have really heard you say anything this whole time?" Jack joked,

"Yeah, sorry I am kinda shy when I am not on stage," she looked at the ground, while her cheeks turned red,

"Hey no worries. So what about him?" Jack pointed towards the quite Aaron,

"Oh Aaron is mute,"

"Oh okay, well I am glad everyone is okay," Jack lowered his voice, "Still Jamie, I am sorry you got hurt,"

"Hey, I guess thats the price I have to pay for being the best friend of a Guardian," Jamie winked, wrapping his arm around Pippa,

"What are you two?" Jack raised his eyebrow, pointing at the two. Pippa's cheeks became a dark shade of red, and so did Jamie's, a smile spread across the Guardian of Fun's face,

"I thought so," His expression became more sinister, "HEY TOOTH YOU WERE RIGHT! PIPPA AND JAMIE DID END UP TOGETHER!" Jack shouted before hovering a few feet in the air, so Jamie couldn't reach him,

"Jack you are going to have to come down from there eventually!" Jamie shouted after his best friend.

***********************One Week Later******************

"There is still no word on what happened here at Burgess Public High School one week ago. Many believe the school was a target of a terrorist attack, but no one can explain how the students were able to escape. All we know for sure is that the teachers were all knocked out by an unknown force, and there was no damaged cause to the school. Eye witness accounts state that five mysterious people, put Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, The Sandman, and Jack Frost at the scene and defeated the Boogeyman. My experts believe this students are going through post traumatic stress from this incident-"

"Wow, after 300 years of causing blizzards, not once have I made national TV," Jamie turned off his TV and turned to face the winter sprite that was sitting in his window frame,


"Hey kiddo, how are you feeling? Everyone is waiting outside for ya," Before Jamie know it Jack jumped from the windowsill, Jamie watched his friend as he floated down to the awaiting group; Pippa, Cupcake, Monty, the twins, Isaac, Stephanie, and Aaron, each with a snowball in hand, each of them with a childish look on their face.

"When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind."

Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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