Hello you beautiful readers! Guess what? The first one shot in Everyone Needs A Guardian One Shot Series is up! I Am sorry for the long delay, I have had family stuff and school work. But I finally got to work. By the way, I believe Jack and whoever the hell is in charge of the spring weather are dueling in Michigan. I have not had a full week of school since the semester started (so that is part of the reason I am typing the one shot series today, lol) It will literally snow, melt, then freeze over. We had a crap winter last year, so I think Jack is making sure the spring sprite doesn't butt in until it is their time. Oh well, I am getting off track. I would like to thank you all for all the support I have had since I have started this story, I seriously love you all *hands everyone cookies* So here are my stats for my first story:

Reviews: 102 Followers: 83 Favorites: 70 communities:1 Views: 16,126

Thank you all sooo much! This is what to expect from me in the future:

-One shot series for Everyone Needs A Guardian

-Man/RotG crossover one shot

-The winner of my story poll (Go vote!)

-Nurarihyon No Mago fanfic

I love you all, and again, thank you soo much!

XX~Lexi, VasHappeninTeam