"Wait?!" Jack shouted, "You are telling me that for 300 years you guys have had a magic pendant that allows non-believers to see us?" as Jack shouted a wild wind began to blow around him, " 300 GOD DAMN YEARS OF ISOLATION AND THERE WERE AWAY FOR PEOPLE TO SEE ME!" The wind around Jack's fee began to mix with snow, and soon enough elves and toys were flying around the globe room. The Guardians, and Jamie, have never seen Jack this mad before, even when they were battling Pitch.

"JACK!" Jamie was trying to get his friends attention, "They may have a good reason, please calm down,"

"Jack, please calm down!" Tooth begged, "Only Guardians know about it, or can wear it. That is way you haven't heard about it in the last 300 years," Jack looked at Tooth, he slowly began to calm down,

"But I have been a Guardian for six years. Why haven't I heard about it before," Tooth gave him a smile, glad to see her sweet tooth acting normal,

"Because only Bunny and I have only used Ad Credendum," North butted in, "We only use it around our holidays, we personally visit towns where the believer count is lower than normal, and we try and fix it,"

"So like the Mall's Santa or when you can take pictures with the Easter Bunny around Easter time. That is really you guys? I thought they paid someone to do those?" Jamie inquired,

"You are right Jamie; we do those jobs in towns with low believer counts. The malls hire someone, not knowing if it is the really Easter bunny or Santa Clause," Bunny explained, " so when we do go to these towns the Ad Credendum allows parents and other non-believers to see us," Sandy began to shape images above his head explaining how he and Tooth work at night so they don't use the pendant. Jack wasn't satisfied with the answers he was getting,

"Why haven't I heard about this before?" he repeated the question,

"We were not sure if you were ready to know about pendant," North began, "But you have proven your worth as Guardian and if what Jamie said is true, you are only one who can find out what Pitch is up to," North placed one of his enormous hands on Jack's shoulder, "Will you do it?"

"Ok, I am in. It will give me a chance to hang out with my friends," he gave Jamie a wink,

"Good! Now listen Jack, you must not give up identity of Guardian, Ad Credendum wears off after 10 hours and 14 hours to re-charge. So you must be at Jamie's or Pole after 10 hours. Pendant runs on children's belief in Guardians, so you must be in present of believers for recharge," once North finished give him the warning, Bunny handed Jack the pendant, he looked at the pendant uneasily,

"Don't worry Jack, Sandy and I will check up on you during the night," Tooth re-insured the winter sprite, while Sandy gave him two thumbs up. North had redirected his attention back to Jamie,

"Jamie, will you be able to keep Jack with you in your house for the time being? He won't were pendant so your mother won't see him,"

"I am not worried about that, but how will you get him registered and in school tomorrow?" North let out a low laugh,

"Don't worry my friend, I have it all under control," North said with a sparkle in his eye.

North through the snow globe, on the other side, Jamie's room, where you would find with his awaiting friends; Bunny had just finish giving Jack the finally details of the plan, so the two teens were ready to finally put the plan in to action. Tooth gave each boy a peck on the cheek and Sandy gave each boy a small shack of dream sand,

"Oh Bunny, Sophie says 'Hi'," Jamie smiled, giving everyone their finally goodbye, before stepping in to the portal,

"Tell the little ankle bitter, I will see her next month," Bunny winked as the teens waved goodbye, while stepping through the portal.

The anticipation in Jamie's room grew as they saw the familiar blue light as it began to glow, everyone wondered what the Guardians were going to do, but they were not expecting what happened next: Jamie stepped through the portal first, but before the egger teens could ask him their questions, Jacked stepped through the portal,

"Jamieeee, why could we just fly? I hate going through the por-" Jack stopped once he realized him and Jamie weren't the only ones in the room, " Oh hey guys," Jack scratched the back of his neck,

"JACK!" The teens jump Jack giving him a giant group hug, similar to how to Guardians jumped Jamie. After the group hug, Pippa was the first to speak,

"Jack, it is so good to see you! What are you doing here?" Jamie, being the leader of this group, answered for Jack who was enjoying the attention,

"He is going undercover to help us get to the bottom of the mystery events," suddenly the room went quite; all eyes on Jamie and Jack, each teen had the same question on their mind, 'how?'

That night both Jack and Jamie tried to explain the plan to the teens, along with the Ad Credendum. Their plan would officially go into effect the following morning.

*Thew! That was a long ass chapter! But it took me a while to explain Ad Credendum (Which means 'to believe in Latin') this one is kind of fluffy and I believe the following one will be fluffy, but I put several things in there that will be important later on. So the next chapter is about Jacks first day and his thoughts. Also this story mainly revolves around Jack, Jamie, and his friends, you will see the Guardians here and there but they don't come into play near the end. Ok, please comment, review, ask questions, follow, favorite, ect. Until next time! {Hugs} ~Vas Happenin Team