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Previously on Harry the Reaper:

Swearing even louder than before, using words long forbidden by human kind, Dumbledore practically threw the rest of his body out of his bed and ran to his office. Reaching the offending item in record time, he swears again then runs to collect his wand from his bed side table.

Having successfully retrieved said wand he quickly conjures and puts on some robes. Then he races back into his office towards the fireplace. A quick incendio and a handful of Floo later and he was gone.

and now the continuation:

Harry the Reaper

Chapter 2

Welcome to Death

#Limbo, Somewhere between life and the next great adventure.

First there was nothingness, just the sheer black darkness of death. It seemed to last for an eternity but was probably much much shorter. Then slowly, ever so slowly, a small speck of light began to appear. This light was small at first, fuzzy and meek, barely visible, as if it was trying to hide. But then, just as suddenly, the light began to grow and expand, as if steadily gaining in confidence. Slowly at first, as if in slow motion, then faster, until it surrounded him from all sides. And then, just as suddenly... he was somewhere else.

It was only then that Harry first noticed that...

His body...

It didn't seem to obey him anymore.

No...that was not quite right.

It was more like...his body didn't exist anymore. It was missing.

'What the hell?...this can't be right,' he thought, surprised. Somehow he could still see his surrounding and understand what he was seeing. Yet...he didn't know how that was possible. Nothing made sense anymore.

Then, as if that wasn't enough cause for alarm, the next shock:

He suddenly realised that wasn't breathing anymore either. Or rather... it would be more accurate to say that he no longer needed to breath anymore.

Frozen, confused and afraid, Harry didn't know what to think anymore. How was this possible?

Nothing made sense anymore. He tried to think back. The last thing Harry could remember was pain. Pain and then getting swallowed by darkness. But mostly just pain. More than he was normally used to...and that was saying something as he was no stranger to pain. Not by a long shot.

Next, he could still clearly remember the fleeting image of his cupboard door closing behind him. The sound of multiple locks clicking into place, locking him in just like any other day. He remembered his most recent endeavor with his uncle and before that Dudley and his little gang of ruffians.

Above all, he could clearly remember how they would always hunt him...and hurt him...and how they always drove away the other kids at school.

He remembered how everybody would always turn a blind eye and never come to his rescue.

Harry vividly remembered the last 'Harry Hunting' session his cousin had forced him through and for a brief moment he wondered... if that was the case shouldn't he be feeling pain? There was no pain anymore. None. It was all gone. In fact he hadn't felt this good...well... since he could remember.

Strangely, the more Harry seemed to think about it, the more he found he didn't seem to care anymore. It was...as if it was no longer important. It was almost as if... Something was making him forget..or rather slowly dulling his memory. Making them unimportant.

Did it even matter anymore? he asked himself. He felt as if he no longer had any worries. It was bliss. He felt he could stay like this forever. For the first time in...forever, he felt truly at peace.




"There…the integration process should be complete…in just… about…right..." Suddenly he heard someone speak, shattering the peaceful moment.

"Now!" "Welcome! Welcome to Limbo, ... You're Harry James Potter, son of James Andrew Potter and Lily Marie Potter nee Evans, correct?" the voice asked.

Almost immediately after those words were said Harry suddenly found that he could move once again. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he suddenly had a body again...and with it came his emotions.

"What the hell?" he mumbled taking his first real look around. Harry saw numerous pure white walls. Even the floor and ceiling were white. He seemed to be in what looked like a simple waiting room, just like one of those rooms the Dursleys' begrudgingly took him to once in a while when visiting the local doctor, only it was much whiter….much, much whiter and... that couldn't be true, could it? Where the walls glowing? he asked himself.

'Walls didn't usually glow…did they? ' he wondered. Come to think of it...walls didn't usually look fluffy either. Sort of like clouds, but more solid.


"No, not hell, Mr Potter, Limbo" the same voice said.

"Not yet at least," it added with a chuckle.

"Afraid, Mr. Potter? Don't be, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid about. Not anymore, you're dead after all. Nothing to be afraid about at all any more. Well, at least not if you were a good boy in your last life. If not, then yes, you should worry," the voice from before said yet again, which prompted harry to look towards the origin of the voice nearby.

"However, judging by the fact that you died young there is very little chance for you to have to worry about that. Children don't usually have enough time to qualify for...'that' place," the voice added, trying to sound reassuring to the newly deceased person.

"Now please, if you would follow me we can get you processed and have you on your way to your next big adventure," said the man. At least Harry hoped it was a man. He wasn't sure. Problem was, he didn't really look like one at all anymore, but rather, more like a… well...it was hard to describe. In front of him was...some sort of deformed creature. A creature that was missing all of its hair and... was it sprouting three arms instead of two? Not to mention that he had a red skin colour instead of the normal pink kind. Needless to say, he wasn't really sure what to make of this...whatever it was in front of him.

"Er…is that a red…tail?," Harry asked, deeply fascinated and also a bit mortified, as he watched the extra body part wagging behind the man as he walked.

"What happened to you?" Harry asked next, mesmerized as he started to follow the 'man'; in wonder.

'I must be dreaming,' he thought. 'Yes..that's it…I'm only dreaming and I'll wake up in my cupboard soon enough,' he reassured himself. It was the first thing his stupefied mind could think of. It was hardly surprising really.

Meanwhile the person was busy answering Harry's earlier questions, while also giving him a general explanation of where he now was and what was going to happen to him, seemingly totally at ease with the topics. Or maybe he simply didn't care anymore.

"...pain tends to get rather unimportant when you can't feel any anymore and since you can't die again while you're here we tend to concentrate on the more important issues, like who your guide will be for the immediate future, where you will eventually end up and for how long, what faction you will join if any, what you will be expected to do or maybe when and where you can meet your ancestors. If you want to that is. Not everybody is happy with what they did in their past lives and some even want to hide away from those who left before them...or those who they leave behind, at least for a while. Sometimes we even have people who want to skip the after-life and be re-incarnated immediately. In this case we have to decide where to send them and in the rare event that it is to the same world as before, we have to decide just how much they can be allowed to remember from their previous lives. And yes, before you ask, mistakes do happen from time to time. That's when people tend to remember certain past events from their earlier re-incarnations. We had a real problem once. Caused a huge mess. The living are not supposed to know about the 'next great adventure' as it usually drastically increases the suicide rate of those not living in...favorable conditions. We had a case once a few millennia ago, had to send a whole squadron of mind adjusters that time to set things right...," the man continued to speak as he led Harry down a long white corridor.

Harry didn't know what to think. One moment he was alive, being beaten up by his cousin and uncle. Then...the next he was here being told that he was dead.

He felt like groaning. It had to be a dream. It just had to be. It was either that or he really was dead and... Oh no…he really was dead, wasn't he? He really had kicked the bucket, hadn't he? he thought, miserably.

He was finding it quite hard to keep calm at that moment. Only just a few moments ago from his perspective he had still been alive. To have this…'man'... tell him he had… died... was a shock. A big...no...not a big...it was larger, much larger...a great big shock. Surely he was way too young to die. Though the more he thought about it it was not really that unexpected either.

So, it had really happened. Vernon had finally succeeded after all, Harry thought, thinking about his beefy uncle. Well about time really. Good for him... and I guess also good for me too the more I think about it. At least my suffering is now over…and I won't have to listen to Mrs Horse Faced Tuny, I am as large as a Whale Verny, or I am as dumb as a door nail, Diddy Dumbkins anymore. Harry thought to himself, a small smile appearing on his face for the first time as he realized this. If this was the afterlife, then he'd gladly take it any day over a day with the Dursleys.

Little did he know at that point just how right...yet also just how very wrong he was.

"'Limbo Land' as I like to call it, is the small area in limbo before Purgatory, and the second to last stop to Valhalla, Elysium, Paradise…the big beautiful yet invisible place in the sky...or simply Heaven as you new age people like to call it…"

"Of course, on the other hand you could also go to Hell... if you have been well…you know...bad, as the case may be, in that case you have my greatest sympathies... though you probably wouldn't deserve them," said the man, as he continued to lead Harry into, under, over, around and through corridors of all shapes and sizes.

"In here please," he said as he suddenly led Harry into another much larger room filled with chairs and lines of waiting people which seemed to stretch on for miles. "Nearly there now. Here is where you will hopefully find out what you're doing here and why you have not gone straight to purgatory to be judged. That is, if you don't know it already…," said the man as he gave Harry a look as if to see if maybe he knew.

"Hopefully?" questioned Harry, ignoring the stare and trying his best to make sense of what his guide was telling him.

"Yes, hopefully. Some people have been known to be here for quite a while. You see that fellow over there," said the guide, pointing towards a floating half sleeping, half praying man on a bench nearby.

Harry looked then nodded.

"That poor fellow has been here for what must be about two thousand or so years by now. Ever since he was ejected from heaven...but also barred from hell."

Hearing this Harry eyes went wide. He wondered, what had that man done that he would have to wait for that long? What had he done to get kicked out of Heaven and get barred from Hell for that matter?

"What did he do?" he asked?

"Him...oh...nothing really. Just tried to start his own religion. Succeeded even, that's all, no real biggie," said the man with a chuckle.

"Holy...sh...er I mean...I'm definitely never going to try that, Harry swore to himself, taking a hurried step away from the man.

"Oh don't worry, it isn't that bad. Once you're dead, no one really cares anymore what you did in your life. Unless you're a judge of course. Usually we just tend to leave bygone be bygones. He is actually very liked and well treated here. We all are. See those two over there?" he asked, pointed to a couple who were laughing at jokes and busy playing an unknown game of cards with a few other beings at a near by table. Harry nodded.

"Those two used to be sworn enemies. Used to hate each others when they first arrived here. Both killed each others complete families, right down to the smallest child before finally dying in each others arms from fatal stab wounds. It was a rocky start at first, but after a few years they started to forgive and now they are the best of friends."

What? Really? That's incredible, Harry thought, surprised, but then became worried. Thinking of the Dursleys he wasn't sure if he could do the same. He really hoped it was not a requirement to move on. Could he possibly become great friends with Dudley...or his uncle? He was pretty sure that they would not if they were here right now. He really hoped he wouldn't have to wait for 'that' to happen before he could move on. Surely they wouldn't make him wait that long…would they? He seriously hoped not.

"Ah here we are, grand waiting hall number seven thousand, seven hundred, seventy seven...and... five eights of course...never forget the five eights, a really nice big hall with plenty of room for those of us born lucky enough to be born with magic or other mystical powers. One of the best waiting rooms and one of my favorites if I may say so. I'm sure you will be quite happy here. My own hall… well… room, when I first came here was much smaller than this, only had about fifty or so occupants at the time and we never even had entertainment options to keep us entertained while we waited. Then again those were simpler times back when the populations weren't that large yet...but...ah well, I'm rambling... it doesn't matter anymore," said the guide sighing slightly at the memory.

"Oh!..ok" said Harry, unsure how to answer to that. The current room was overfilled with people and there hardly was enough room to stand.

"So…what now?" asked Harry after a few seconds.

"What?...Oh!...er... now you take a number then sit down and wait for your number to be called," the guide said pointing towards a little box, one of many, which could be found all around the room.

"Oh…ok…" said Harry taking a step forward to do just that, only to halt a few seconds later when his brain caught up and he gasped in horror when he realized just what his guide had said. "YOU WHAT?" he practically screamed, completely horrified. There must have been what looked like over several million beings in this hall alone, it was that huge.

But the guide was already gone. Looking around the room Harry desperately wanted to find the man, but it was not to be.

"Oh come on...there must be some sort of mistake," Harry said horrified, desperately wishing for it not to be true and for everything to simply be a joke. However, all he got for his troubles were several sympathizing smiles and looks of consolation from others near by.

Sighing, knowing he had no other choice Harry turned to the ticket dispenser, then slowly, hesitantly, he pulled a ticket. He almost didn't want to look.

Number:1347985492059209587756 and five sixth... and underneath it a message stating: 'Please have a wonderful wait...it may take a while.' There even was a smiley face at the end of the message completing the message...as if mocking him.

Seeing this number in horror, Harry froze and stared disbelievingly at it. Slowly, greatly fearing what he might just be about to see, he looked up at a near by blinking notice board.

Now calling number: 134149025720705 and one thousandth.

Seeing this, Harry's eyes grew even wider then before and he cursed loudly, really loudly, earning himself a few shrugs, head-shakes and a few equally unhappy looks from several nearby beings, though quite a few others seemed to be smiling too and simply gave him sympathetic looks of understanding. Indeed, many of them looked like they had been already waiting for a VERY long time.

Harry grimaced and groaned pitifully. "I don't believe this...I really don't want to believe this. This can't be happening," he said. He felt like crying.

"Yea, I know," said a near by person, grinning, showing his teeth, which made Harry give him a fierce glare, a glare which strongly suggested imminent pain if one more word was said.

Getting the idea the person just nodded with an understanding smile then went back to staring at a nearby wall.

Screw Limbo… surely this had to be Hell, Harry thought miserably as he sat down for a long long wait.

#Meanwhile, back on earth, Privet drive.

Dumbledore, in his hurry, apparated right into the middle of the Dursleys' dining room during a 'late night' 12 O'clock Dursley meal. Expecting to appear in their bedroom, he was somewhat surprised to instead appear right onto their dining table with a loud crack like thunder, but hid it well. Spraying the Dursleys and Aunt Marge, who was presently staying at the Dursleys for the weekend, with food, he allowed himself a quick smug smirk but quickly hid it again.

He had better things to do right now than to bait the muggles, he reminded himself as he gave the Durselys the most angry glare he could muster.

Aunt Marge, who had taken great pleasure in tormenting Harry for the past few days, had been busy eating a chicken wing when it happened. Having never seen Dumbledore or indeed magic before, she screamed in alarm then promptly swallowed down the wrong way in her fright.

Ripper, her dog, aptly named for the fact as he truly lived up to his name - he had bitten Harry quite a few times in the past few days alone - yelped in panic and raced, or rather squeezed his over weight body out of the cat flap of the front door, nearly getting stuck in it on the way out, before running right onto the near by road. A loud squeal of a tire, followed by a crash and a high pitched yelp later everything was quiet once more.

Nobody in the Dursley house dared to speak. Only Aunt Marge's choking coughing sounds and a few alarmed shouts from outside could be heard as she desperately clutched at her throat to get some desperately needed air, but was failing at it miserably.

"Where is Harry?" asked Dumbledore with a menacing growl, completely ignoring Marge's plight, deeming it unimportant. It was completely unlike the old headmaster to act this way. At least to those who thought they knew him well. Little did anybody know that the kind old man was just a facade and that he had a much darker side. One which he was displaying in full right now.

Standing on the table he looked completely different than the normally benign wise old man most people knew him as. He was still grumpy from having been torn from his bed. It wasn't often that he could get an early night and that only made his temper even worse.

Too afraid to speak, completely frozen in shock at what had just happened, the Dursleys stayed quiet. For a second Vernon moved to try and help his sister, who was now sprawling on the ground, clutching her beefy neck with both hands purple in the face from the lack of oxygen, but a quick twitch of Dumbeldore's wand pulled him back into his seat. Vernon could do nothing else but watch horrified as his sister slowly choked to death in front of him while he was being held at wand-point, powerless to help.

Dumbledore sighed slightly before he briefly flicked his wand at the woman. Almost immediately a large piece of chicken flew out of her mouth in a high ark and hit Vernon square in the middle of his face, making him emit a loud yelp a second later.

"Now will you speak?" Dumbledore asked impatiently, still using a menacing voice. However, just like before the Dursleys didn't react. The sudden use of extra magic seemed to have petrified them even more.

Normally Dumbledore might have been amused. Normally he might even have taken some time to 'play' around with the muggles, but not today. Not when his pawn was in danger, even feared dead. True, truth be told he didn't particularly like the boy. In fact, if it wasn't for the prophesy he wouldn't have cared one little bit about what happened to the boy at all. However that time was not now. Not when said pawn could very well be dead. He wanted his relatives to abuse him. But NOT to kill him. Not yet at least.

Dumbledore knew quite well that his relatives hated magic, and therefore also him. But it was all for the greater good as he always liked to say. His greater good, to be precise, though nobody needed to know that last part, of course.

Usually he would allow, even encourage the Dursleys to abuse him unchecked and even help them cover up their more brutal 'play times' in the hope that when the time came for Harry to attend Hogwarts, he would be only too grateful to trust and obey him later on. Like a good pawn should. That was of course only after he, the great Albus Brian Wulfric Percival Dumbledore, greatest sorcerer to ever exist and future master of the world - not to forget; future weekly winner of the teen witch weekly's most wanted bachelor award - rescued him from his abusive relatives.


However, Harry dying, especially before he could complete the only task Dumbledore needed him to complete, before he secretly killed him later on himself - namely the defeat of the dark lord Voldemort - was not acceptable. For now he needed him to live and with this in mind he turned his attention back to the Dursleys.

"ANSWER ME! Where is Harry!" he roared. Too loudly and too fiercely it seemed, as the Dursleys, all four of them, Marge included, promptly fainted.

Massaging his face for a brief second, trying to ignore a steadily increasing headache, Dumbledore groaned. This could take a while. Perhaps some Veritaserum would do the trick. Yes…it would. All for the greater good of course, he thought as he pulled out a small flask he always kept with him from his pocket. After all, you never knew when you had to interrogate someone. Then he pointed his wand to revive them again.

#Meanwhile back in Limbo

Harry was not a happy dead boy. Not at all. The queue he was in was, in short, ludicrous. In a depressing sort of way. It was not showing any predictable end. At least not for the near future. In fact, if he thought it was even possible, Harry would have sworn it wasn't moving at all. But surely that couldn't be right... Could it?

Strangely, at least in his opinion, nobody really seemed to care about that around here.

Already after the first week of waiting he was already almost ready to crack and was showing considerable amounts of strain.

'How do they manage to remain so calm... so patient,' he asked himself for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day alone.

Harry wasn't sure how long he had been waiting so far but it must have been for quite a while. At least if the large oversized clock in the hall could be believed. If it was telling the truth and he had no reason to believe otherwise, then he had already been waiting for at least a week.

Now, Harry was usually a fairly patient lad, or so he thought. Being locked up in a cupboard all night and sometimes days on end with nothing to do but to count sheep and the few spiders on the wall could do that to you. Usually after a day or two he would be let out to do a few chores. But this! This was unlike anything he had ever witnessed, or indeed been forced to endure before. He simply couldn't comprehend how some of these other beings could handle it so well. But then again he guessed, they were probably all used to it by now.

How long have they been waiting, he wondered.

Well, they were all dead, like himself, so they did have a lot of time on their hands... or in some cases paws… or even tentacles, just to mention only a few of the more surreal individuals he had seen waiting so far.

Maybe in time he would too. What a truly depressing thought.

Taking another breath to calm his frayed impatient nerves, he settled down to wait once more.

#Meanwhile, some time later, in a near by room

"Impressive. I really expected a child like him to have cracked by now," a nearby being whispered to another. "They don't usually have so much patience."

"Yeah, I know, he does show great potential, doesn't he," said the other being. "Too bad he is already designated for the 'Reapers', otherwise I might just have recommended him for one of the Mortal Surveillance Teams (M.y.S.T. for short). It may be a tedious job, most of the time, but the perks, positions of power with the ability to be as corrupt as you want to be, within reason, and to get away with anything, as long as they don't overdo it too much, are quite nice I hear," he whispered back.

"Nah! I don't think so, the perks might be nice...most of the time...unless you get shot or worse that is... but I really can't see him joining that group. He's way too kind hearted for them," said a third being. "Besides, some of their jobs can take centuries before something of interest happens..." said the same voice.

"No matter, that's currently beside the point and a subject for a later discussion, said a forth and final voice. After all he has already been selected. So, shall we get him already? Death and the rest of the Gods have been getting a little impatient and they do have other better, far more important things to do than to wait for him to pass the greeting ceremony test," asked the first.

"It may be a bit unorthodox...but...considering the circumstances… sure!" said the second before he nodded and one of the four started to advance.

Harry was in the process of contemplating whether to take another nap or to start jumping around the room while imitating a donkey - hey he was a child so he could act like one, thank you very much - when suddenly a being dressed in the official glowing uniforms he had seen a few people wear, stepped in front of him. They seemed to be in charge of dealing with unruly people who got tired with waiting.

He raised an eyebrow. "Yes?" he asked somewhat timidly.

"Mr. Potter, congratulations... you pass. Please come with me. I have been told to escort you to your next destination ahead of schedule. If you could follow us please we would be much obliged."

As soon as those words were spoken everybody in the room started clapping and cheering before they all suddenly disappeared. Harry was suddenly left all alone with the glowing man.

Harry could only gape, his mouth wide open. "What the fuck!" he said loudly, unable to understand what had just happened.

"Yeah...we get that a lot," the man said with a chuckle.

Surprised, annoyed, not to mention confused... but other that that simply greatly relieved that someone was finally talking to him and that something was at last happening, Harry immediately perked up.

"Sure, lead the way!"

'Finally,' he thought, finally he would be able to do something else than simply waiting. He didn't really care what had just happened. All he cared about was that he was finally getting out of there.

Quickly, not giving the now empty room another glance, afraid that his glowing savior could somehow change his mind if he didn't move fast enough or that he was only dreaming - if that was even possible now that he was dead - Harry quickly got up and followed him out of the hall.

As soon as they left the hall Harry saw three other people, one other male and two females, all dressed in the glowing uniform clothes waiting for him. The second man turned to speak to him.

"We are sorry about having to cut your time here short... however, I'm sure you don't mind. Even if you were enjoying yourself," he said cheekily in an amused voice, earning a scowl from Harry, before continued to speak:... "However, the Collective Ethereal Council and the Gods do have other things to do than to wait for you to finally crack and complain about the never-ending, not-moving queue."

"Huh!" said Harry, confused. Then his escort began to smile and all suddenly became clear. "Wha…" Harry began to say but stopped. His eyes widened and then he groaned.

"You can't be serious," he said. "You're trying to tell me that this was all some sort of test?" he asked, half outraged, half exasperated.

"Hmm…interesting…that was faster than the others...yet still a bit slow. Your parents took much longer," said the third being.

"You knew my parents?" asked Harry, confusion and anger replaced with excitement.

"Yep, everybody goes through here during their journey into the great beyond...or the next great adventure as some like to call it. Some take longer than others, but all crack at some point. It's like a little initiation ceremony we make everybody go though. It helps some people calm down and gives them time to think and adjust while they begin to accept their deaths. Your father cracked before your mother did and actually started a fight...but that's neither here nor there... Fact is everybody goes through this...and little do they know that all they have to do is ask and we will help them. The numbers on the tickets are just for fun," said one of the three.

"Right!" said Harry. He still couldn't believe that it had all been a test. If he had known then...well... could have, would have, it didn't matter anymore. Besides, that had been the whole point of the test. He had not known.

Harry just shook his head in amazement. Taking another look at the number he had received he stared at it for a second or two, then he began to chuckle. He wasn't sure whether to be angry with them, amused, or to simply be happy that the ordeal was finally over. In the end he decided to simply enjoy his new found freedom.

Giving the number one last look he shook his head and threw it away, watching it disappear as soon as it touched the ground. If he thought about it, he was surprised just how long he had lasted...and it had been a good prank too. Two weeks and three days of doing nothing but waiting. 'Amazing how much dead people can endure, once they have the time and are forced to wait,' he told himself as he followed his guides.

For the next few minutes Harry followed his escorts down several halls, upside down several others, then up several hundred stairs. Harry didn't even blink. He was so glad to be doing something other than waiting that he would have gladly climbed the mount Everest, naked at that point. Being dead sure helped as there was no way for him to become exhausted anymore...nor indeed did he feel any cold anymore either.

Finally they stopped at a huge double door made of pure white marble, flawless pearls and perfect diamonds.

"Here we are, the Grand Council Chamber of the Ethereal Supreme Council, though you will find more than just the full council here today. I don't know what you did lad, but you really must have impressed somebody. The Gods themselves are here. You must be real special kid," said the first escort. He looked impressed.

"Huh….really? Why?" asked Harry surprised, horrified and really scared at the attention he was receiving. He couldn't understand why anybody, let alone a God of all beings…let alone a hall full of Gods for that matter, would want to see him. "Why would they… He was just Harry...wasn't he?"

"Shhh…don't worry, everything will be just fine. Just remember, you are in no trouble and all will be explained soon. It's all just a formality really seeing as you have already been chosen," said the third escort before Harry could finish his question.

'Chosen..for what?' Harry wondered, but didn't get a chance to ask.

"Run along now, time to face the music...or the torture...whatever they have in mind, said one the female guides, before she was lightly slapped by her female colleague.

"Now now, she's just joking. You really have nothing to worry about, trust us. Run along now, they are waiting for you, Harry, in the council chamber," said the last guide.

"Actually, don't run… just walk, they might smite you if you run," corrected the first, before he too received a slap and a stern scowl for his troubles which slowly turned back into a smile.

Harry laughed at first a small smile of his own on his face but then simply nodded nervously. He didn't really want to be here but something told him he didn't have a choice in the matter. A second later the huge double doors groaned and opened.

It was time to face the music…whatever that meant.